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US Probate Leads

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Every company has a story.

Sometimes miner set backs are foundations of major leaps. I was challenged by chasing probate properties in courts and getting out-bided most of the times.

Then one of my partners, Irma Nunez, who is a successful real Estate broker for 25 years asked if there is any way I could figure out a strategy of finding potential probate properties before anyone else would knew about them.

This little proposition took two solid years of my time and over $250K in investments and programming to map a never been done data in the History of Real Estate in this country.

Here is the result that astonishes Real Estate Pros.

No one really knew of such a statistics until we unveiled it.

We are on schedule to post over 600,000 properties on our website each year that belong to successors.

Only 120,000 possibly go to probate courts, and the other 480,000 can only be found through our website and they are What we call them “Standard Sale”. Sales or transfers without court approval. This is Trillions of dollars worth of sale or transfers.

Let me give you a sample of it. Please click on this post.

U.S. Probate Leads

Multi-Million Dollars Luxury Real Estate Leads!

Can you estimate the amount of wealth that is being sold or transferred, yet the whole real estate industry has had no clue as to how to find them.

We used some of the most sophisticated programmers and people who could understand data to compile our data. Especially thanks to “First American Title.” who worked tirelessly with us to help us to refine our process.

You can see the value that we provide to Realtors and Real Estate Investors to give them an edge.Morry Eghbal www.successorsdata.com

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Here is a map of US probate leads.

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U.S. Probate Leads

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    Dawn Snyder

    August 4, 2019 Reply
    How is your overall service different from ProbateData.com? From costs, data, resources, etc.