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Probate leads. provides a unique service of finding motivated inheritance property owners in over 28,000 zip codes. Twice a month we scrub the subscribers selected records and remove the sold properties from their account. We do this to ensure the accuracy of data and to save everyone time and effort. 7528 more in...

Probate Leads in Washington

Probate Leads in Washington provided by 80% of the inheritance properties do not go to probate. Questions is how you find them. We challenge you to contact the sites below and ask them if they offer Trust Sale properties.   View Pricing – US Probate Leads

Florida Probate Leads for Florida

Pre-Probate Properties/Leads for Florida is posted by 80% of the inheritance properties do not go to probate and the reality is no one likes the probate process any more than the court system and probate attorneys. 80% of the inheritance properties leads provided by could not be ...

Probate properties/leads for Los Angeles and Orange Counties.

Probate leads for Los Angeles and Orange Counties by Learn the secret of finding inheritance properties. Many Realtors and Investors spend thousands of hours searching for Pre-Probate properties through obituary fillings on line or on the news papers. What we post at is a unique...