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IQdial Solutions for Predictive Outbound Dialing

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IQdial Solutions for Predictive Outbound Dialing

IQDIAL.COM  increase contact rates, enhance agent productivity and lower costs – all  while helping you comply with increasingly complex regulatory requirements like TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act).

Our cloud and on-premises outbound solutions are used by some of the largest enterprises and BPOs to efficiently manage high-volume automated dialing campaigns to:

Check Detect busy signals, fax machines, voicemail and no-answers with configurable reattempt and escalation rules
Check Create, modify, stop or start campaigns dynamically, through a single point of administration
Check Adjust campaign pacing for improved agent productivity, compliance with abandonment rate laws and effective use of your telephony resources
Check Easily manage Do Not Call (DNC) lists, time zones, number portability, attempts and state and local calling rules
Check Track and manage mobile numbers and consent
Check Provide personalized, proactive outreach via voice, email and SMS

Are You At Risk for TCPA Non-Compliance?

TCPA fines run $500-1500 per violation. Aspect leads the outbound dialing market with multichannel contact options and a full set of advanced list and campaign optimization capabilities that make it easier to comply with regulatory dialing requirements. Identify and manage wireless numbers, adopt strategies for capturing and maintaining consent, and improve efficiencies when dialing – all with a sharp focus on addressing regulatory restrictions.

Let  Aspect help you:

#1 Remove the capabilities that trigger the TCPA “autodial/auto-message capacity” criteria while maintaining the efficiencies lost when using other vendors’ manual dialing systems.

#2 Use advanced list and campaign management for precise routing control of consent vs. non-consent wireless numbers within the same record.

#3 Take full advantage of reporting, tracking and recording capabilities needed to meet TCPA legal requirements.

#4 Leverage self-service to automate your consent process.

Don’t take chances when it comes to TCPA compliance by opting for inefficient, costly systems that lack tracking features necessary to comply with regulatory requirements. Contact Aspect today.

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