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Florida Probate Leads

Probate properties/leads for Los Angeles and Orange Counties.

Probate leads for Los Angeles and Orange Counties by SuccessorsData.com.

Learn the secret of finding inheritance properties.


Many Realtors and Investors spend thousands of hours searching for Pre-Probate properties through obituary fillings on line or on the news papers.

What we post at SuccessorsData.com is a unique set of data that is not found anywhere else.

Find out if anyone posts 80% of the properties that are not sold through Probate.



US Probate Leads


These are the leads that the most astute investors in the country use to find pre-owned residential real … WHY PROBATE INVESTING real estate leads for sale.

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Probate Leads – BiggerPockets


May 30, 2012 – In my city, our probate leads are published in the newspaper at the same time each month. I am finding that even in some big cities, folks are …

Los Angeles Probate Leads


Because it is one of the most densely populated counties on the planet, Los Angeles County has consistently yielded the most probate leads out of 3,000+ …

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Probate Leads For Real Estate Investing. How To Get Started


I receive lots of questions on how to get started with probate leads. Here’s a list of what products I’ve used to generate real estate profits.

How to get FREE thats right FREE Probate Leads. – YouTube

Feb 11, 2013 – Uploaded by KLHomeSolutionsLLC

In this video I will show you how to get FREE that right FREEprobate leads. I will walk you through this simple …

Probate Leads: Home


Probate leads get you in front of motivated sellers that nearly always, want to liquidate the estate home. It’s a fact of life that people will pass in every season and …

The Probate Goldmine | The Investors Source For …


Well, I get the majority of my leads from a Private Probate Goldmine that I created to generate motivated seller leads on a monthly basis. The good news for you …

US Probate Leads | LinkedIn



Real Estate is the safest and most secure place to be in economic times like these. USProbate Leads now offers high quality real estate leads for Residential …

Than Merrill’s 6 Steps To Finding Probate Leads Easily and …

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All in all getting probate leads is a pretty simple process… but most investors just don’t know how to go about it… or they simply don’t want to put in the work to …

US Probate Leads with Leon McKenzie – Shows


Probate leads for real estate investors have always been thought to be a ‘Holy Grail’, but pulling good leads on your own may be as elusive as the White Whale.