Making Money from RETURNED MAIL!

Most realtors and investors undermine the value of returned mail. However, returned mail is a gold nugget when you understand how to evaluate it.

I asked one of our subscribers who mail thousands of letters to give us some of their returned mail so you can get an idea of the value and fortune that is lost, because many times this envelope is disposed. For the purposes of privacy, I have concealed the identity of the sender and the recipient.








This letter is a gold nugget. The property is vacant and there is no forwarding address.

Before disposing “returned mail”, here are some steps to follow:

  • Double check the property information and make sure it is not sold, in escrow, or on the market. You can check through your multiple listing service (MLS).
  • Who is the current owner?

If you do not have access to MLS:

  • Contact a Title company. Ask for customer service and inquire about the chain of title.
  • Ask for any recent transfers of ownership and inquire all the way to the last recorded “FULL VALUE DEED.”
  • Ask who is the current owner on the title after they examine the vesting.
  • Ask, if possible, for them to email you the documents showing the chain of title and new ownership or a forwarding address.

If you do not know of a title company, try First American

If you do not have access to MLS or Title Company:

  • You can check with the Recorders office.  You can access all vesting and transfer information here.

If you have no access to any of the above, as a quick reference, use zillow.  Below is an example of a property and its details. Check to see if you see a “green circle with a $ in it”. If you see this, it is reflecting a sale.














Finally, do what our subscribers have done. If the property is still owned by the person posted by, consider taking a drive by the property.

Ask the neighbors if they can help you to find the owner.

If you are a realtor, tell the neighbor you might have an interested party to purchase the property and if they can help you locate the owner?

If you are an investor, tell them you are looking to purchase a property in the area and want to know if they can help you to locate the owner?









Owner passed away and property is vacant with no forwarding address. After going through the check list above.

If it passed the criteria and the ownership is still in place go by the property.









Note, this one, it does not say the individual does not own the property, it just says, “The person does not live there and there is no forwarding address.” Solution, Check the owners information, if the owner still own it. It is worth driving by the property.









Again, it does not mean the individual does not own property, It only says “The person does not live there.”

I think by know you get the picture.

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