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Probate Leads offered by SuccessorsData.com

Probate Leads offered by SuccessorsData.com

Probate Leads

SuccessorsData.com offers a unique solution to finding motivated probate property sellers.

Inheritance property records have always been considered a goldmine for Realtors and Investors.

SuccessorsData.com has found a way to identify the real estate properties owned by the estates in a revolutionary way. It is all due to the advancements in data processing technology.

Here are some more good news for those Realtors and Real Estate Investors who always wished to find inheritance properties owned by Living Trust or remainder joint tenant.

Probate Leads

How it works:

Each Friday SuccessorsData.com’s researchers start our search by a list of about 50,000 names of the individual who have been deceased in the past couple of weeks in the entire U.S. It takes us about three weeks to connect those names to the properties they owned in all 50 states.

SuccessorsData.com search the estates of the individuals and connect their names to the properties they own statewide. Surprisingly, Probate properties are just one of the categories that are considered as inheritance properties. There are three categories of inheritance properties:

  • Living Trust Properties – Properties that are held in living trusts. In many zip codes such as Palo Alto or San Jose or Beverly Hills, you will notice over 80% of these Inheritance properties are held in living trusts. That means these group of properties will not go to probate. This properties are controlled by the trust and their Trustees who are usually family members have the power to sell or transfer the properties they control on behalf of the trust.
  • Joint Tenancy – This category of inheritance properties has never been identified before. It is when a joint tenant spouse passes away. The ownership shifts from two individual as a husband and wife to a widow or widower. About 20% of our properties records belong to this category and about 50% of this group of individuals sell their properties as a standard sales in the first year.
  • Probate properties – Properties of people who die without leaving a will or a living trust in place. These properties need to be sold through a probate court procedures. About 20% of Real Estate property records posted by SuccessorsData fall into this category of probate properties.

Let us give you an example of how you can identify this properties easily.

Example for the Inheritance property records that could sell or transfer title as Trust properties would be.

Steve Johnson Trustee

Steve Johnson & Maria Johnson Trust

Example for the Inheritance properties that would qualify as Joint Tenants would be:

Steve Johnson and Marian Johnson

Example of the Inheritance properties that would qualify as a potential probate is usually the properties with a single name as the owner of the property and without the designation of “Trust” or “Tr”.

Steve Johnson.

To learn more about probate properties or properties that sell through living trust or joint tenancy please give us a call at (909) 315-5330 and let us walk you through our data with an online demo of our research.

Probate Leads