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Probate Leads Wyoming, Washington County Ri 02898 + www.IQDial.com

Probate Leads Wyoming, Washington County Ri 02898 + www.IQDial.com

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SuccessorsData.com gives you the ability to contact thousands of probate/inheritance property records nationwide.

You have the ability to automate your “Customized Direct Mail Campaign” to the heirs of the probate properties for the best and fast result. We do it all, we write your letters/postcards to the heirs and mail them for you as soon as the new data is available. All you have to do is to take the calls!

For expert consultation and to get free counts in the areas you prospect, fill out your information below. Privacy is your right and our duty.

Probate and Trust Leads offered by SuccessorsData.com
Morry Eghbal, Founder and CEO of SuccessorsData.com

We are The Leading Real Estate Successors Data Company in the Nation with over 26 years of experience in the Real Estate Industry. We provide pre-probate leads or data. We strive to meet the needs of our clients in a professional manner, with a goal of generating updated Real Estate Inheritance Data for the realtors and investors who are looking for probate leads.

Everyday our experts research thousands of records throughout the nation to generate the best possible matches. We have tested our probate data to insure quality and accuracy for our clients. At SuccessorsData.com we provide services to some of the most seasoned and successful real estate professionals, investors, lenders who work the inheritance real estate niche. 

For example, a realtor interested in listing a property from a successor in his or her geographical area. Or an investor who makes a cash offer for a house in need of deferred maintenance, providing an immediate solution to a successor.

“Over 80% of the wealth in U.S. is owned by individuals over the age of 60.” Most of our records are connected to people over 60 years old who own or have owned Residential Real Estate properties recently and are thinking about their options.

We save you time and money…It would take you up to 3 months working 8 hours a day to produce the initial 1,000 records we provide you in a matter of a couple minutes. All research we perform is public information and anyone can obtain this information via newspapers, filings, internet, google, yahoo, real estate data basis, county assessors, hall of records, etc…

We make it simple for you… Providing you with a great competitive advantage by using our Data. All you have to do is simply produce your mailing piece or use any other methods you have found to be productive to you and implement your marketing campaign.

Access Inheritance Pre-Probate or Trust Property Records Instantly.

Real more about Successorsdata.com at Inman news.com or at The Wall Street Journal.

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