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SuccessorsData.com provides a unique service of finding motivated inheritance property owners in over 28,000 zip codes.

Florida Probate Leads

Twice a month we scrub the subscribers selected records and remove the sold properties from their account. We do this to ensure the accuracy of data and to save everyone time and effort.

7528 more inheritance properties we had posted for our subscribers are sold or transferred title from the time we posted them. These properties sell as early as the first month.

Why do Successors/Heirs sell the inheritance properties? The answer is simple, “They want their money now!” Many of these properties must be sold to divide the inheritance specially because so many of them were purchased 30-40 years ago and they are paid for. (TheĀ average age of the individuals who owned them was 77 years old.)

This is the old money in Real Estate!

Investors and Realtor offer their services to heirs/successors to get more deals.

We post as many as 10 properties owned by one estate and there are as many as 100 different properties types posted.

You may reach the heirs by phone or mail. We teach you how to do it, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel.