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Probate Lead

Don’t Make These Common Mistakes When Subscribing to a Probate Lead Service:

Mistake #1: Thinking that all leads are basically the same. Ask any real estate agent or property investment expert and they’ll tell you that there are leads, and then there are the kind of leads that go someplace. It’s usually pretty early in the game when you discover that not all leads are created equally. If you’re looking for an agency that can help you find inheritance properties owned by motivated sellers, consider Successors Data. Spend a few minutes on their website to discover why their clients wouldn’t consider any other agency.

Mistake #2: Thinking that all inheritance properties are in probate. It’s an accepted fact that a high percentage of properties that have been inherited are sold through probate proceedings- the problem is, that doesn’t happen to be the case. With 20% of inherited homes being sold by widows and widowers, and a full 60% of the remaining inherited homes being sold by families through a trust, only 20% are left to be managed through probate. That piece of understanding should go a long way toward changing the way you think about your bottom line. Successors Data can help you connect with homeowners looking to get out from under the burden of homeownership via inheritance.

Mistake #3: Thinking that the more effort you put into finding leads, the better the leads will be. Technology and innovative changes bring about better ways to field leads, so that less legwork is required to obtain the same results. This is encouraging, since it means that with the same amount of effort, more leads of a higher quality can be obtained. Successors Data offers a much easier and faster way to spend less on each probate lead. Use their unique IQDealer to reach your prospects ten times faster. Think about what that would do for your marketing campaign!

Mistake #4: Thinking that the more money you spend on fielding leads, the better the leads are. Cost is not an indicator in the quality of a probate lead. The fact is, there are numerous agencies online that charge a wide range of price points. You simply cannot use cost as a factor in deciding which agency will deliver the best service. Research is key when looking into a service. Find out whether there are testimonials and reviews to look through in your endeavor to find the right agency. Successors Data will not only provide you with raw data, their service will help you determine which ones are for sale, pending, or sold, using their easy-to-implement Excel tool.

Get started with one of Successors Data’s services that are designed to custom fit your needs. Start with the Silver service plan at just $99, or upgrade to the most popular level: Gold service. For heavy-hitters, the Platinum service plan is just $499 per month and includes numerous amenities. You can see a complete list of what is included in each service when you visit the website.