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Looking for Probate or Trust Property Records in Amador County of California?

Inheritance Real Estate Property Leads for Realtors and Investors.

We are a national provider for Probate, Trust, and Inheritance Real Estate Property Records.

Each year 600,000+ inheritance properties are sold through living trusts.  These properties were transferred to a trust to avoid probate court/attorney’s costs, delays, and litigation. Trustors designate a trustee to sell/transfer their properties.

Every Friday, SuccessorsData.com compiles approximately 6,000 additional records of properties that have been inherited. Traditionally, Realtors and Investors would spend hundreds of hours going through obituary and probate court filings to find motivated heirs/sellers who need Real Estate services.

Today there is an easier, faster, and better way to search and select the type of properties you are looking for. We will help you design a marketing piece targeted to heirs that will produced the best results for you.

80% of our Properties Records will sell as standard sales.

What is a standard sale? It is a trust sales, a property owned in a living trust and sold by a trustee (usually a family member). A Trustee has a the power to sell the property with any need for probate court approval.


20% of our Properties Records will end up in probate courts.

WHAT IS PROBATE? After an individual dies, probate is the process of proving the written will or last testament of a deceased person is genuine and then following the deceased’s wishes in that document. Of course, if the deceased had a living trust, theassets can by-pass probate court costs and delays.

If the deceased died without a written will, called intestate succession, state probate law where the deceased was a resident determines who inherits the deceased’s assets. Often, no known relatives can be located so the deceased’s property “escheats” to the state and is sold for cash, which is then held by the state treasurer in case relatives are later found.

When assets of the deceased, such as a house, stocks and bonds, a car, bank accounts, and other personal property, are probated, the local probate court procedure gives creditors several months to file their unpaid claims against the deceased’s estate.

An advantage of probate court proceedings to distribute estate assets is creditors have a deadline to file their claims. Legitimate debts claims, such as unpaid income taxes, mortgages, credit card bills, etc., are paid from the estate assets.

To pay the deceased’s debts, before assets can be distributed to the heirs, estate assets such as the deceased’s home and other real estate must often be sold to raise cash if there were insufficient liquid assets left by the deceased. These probate sales frequently result in below-market bargain-priced property for the buyers.

Because probate courts and estate executors or administrators are usually not very good at marketing estate assets to obtain the highest possible price, bargain hunters often track probate properties for many months, sometimes years. But the result can be a probate property purchase at a far below market value price. And again, do not overlook “listed” probate homes – they can easily be as big a bargain as a regular probate with much quicker results.

HOW TO FIND AND PURCHASE PROFITABLE PROBATE PROPERTIES. Each probate property is unique. These properties are often fixer-upper houses because elderly homeowners usually don’t want to spend much money maintaining their residences.

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