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SuccessorsData.com is a National Provider of Inheritance Property Records to Realtors and Investors. Our Data consists of properties held in Living Trust, Joint Tenancy and those that need to initiate probate process to sell or transfer title. 

You can reach the heirs/successors by phone or direct mail using our website.

What is a successor?

What is a successor?


Use MOJO to contact the heirs.


How to contact the heirs to get the best results.

Quick Start Video

Quick start video

How To Add More Records to My Account

How to add more records to your data.

New Data

New Updates

My Data Folder

What data fields are available.


Master using hyperlinks. Analyse opportunities in seconds.

How To creat a list of your selected records

How to create group tags/lists.


Mail Merge your letters online in seconds

Advance Mailmerge

Advance Mail merge. Add logo or pictures to your mail merge letters.

Probate letters

Advance Mail merge. You can export you data from SuccessorsData and use Microsoft Words to mail merge your letter.


Upload you list of inheritance properties into Google Map and access them from anywhere. Great tool for driving by properties.

Probate Leads

11 Reasons why inheritance properties work.


We just had another call from a Realtor in Santa Monica, CA, who just cashed another commission check for $39,000 from a Trust Sale.

A wholesaler from Washington just sold his first wholesale.Contacting the heirs by phone to

purchase or list their properties should not be intimidating.

If you have never heard of Mojo Dialer, then this if for you.

Please do not get confused, “Mojo” is not a “Robo Calling” or “Voice Broadcasting”. That is against the Law.

Mojo Dialer is a web based platform that allows you to upload your list of properties records from SuccessorsData into their platform and it auto-dials the numbers for you. Basically, you just do the talking to the potential prospects.

What is outstanding about MOJO DIALER is their reverse directory feature. It can provide as many as 40% of the phone numbers directly into your list and auto dial as many as 300 numbers in one hour. Basically you sit by your computer with a pen an pencils and talk to potential prospects as they auto dial their number for you.

There is much to explain about the features of Mojo Dialer. But if you are interested you should attend one of their one hour online webinars that are offered twice a day and five days a week.

Click on this Text to be directed to Mojo Training Webinars.

Never, be intimidated by calling the heirs to list or purchase their properties. Fear comes from lack of knowledge. Lack of not knowing what to say when an opportunity opens itself up.

If you are Realtor use this script.

“Hi, my name is _____ I am in real estate. I’m calling around the neighborhood to see if anyone is interested in selling their property or would like to know what their property is worth? Are you folks in the market to sell your property or interested to know what your property is worth in today’s market?”

“You folks been there for a long time?”

“If you were to move, where would you move to next?”

“When would that be?”

 If you are an investor use this script.

Hi, my name is ___ I buy properties for CASH. Do you have a real estate property that you like to sell it for ALL CASH today?

Do you know of any one else who has a property and wants to sell it fast?

Notice how simple is our approach. In the examples above, we never mention the word “Probate” or “I am a probate specialist”. Follow our instructions, refrain from divulging too much information. There is a myth out there among many so called “Real Estate Probate Trainer Specialist” that you should write a letter saying…”I would like to talk to the executor of the estate or the person who is in charge of the estate of xyz.” PLEASE DO NOT DO THAT. Write a letter that you can send it to ANYONE!

Try our approach we have done it for 28 years and you will never get a bad phone call. 

Remember, heirs or successors we post their real estate property information on SuccessorsData are ordinary individuals just like ourselves who just happened to inherited a real estate property. They sell as early as the first month. Please be discreet about how you got their information. As a Realtor, come across to your potential prospects you find at SuccessorsData.com as if you are canvasing the entire neighborhood to find “Motivated Sellers” and they happened to be in your real estate farm area. Once again, read the script and see how simple it is.

Direct Mail approach:

Search, select and create your letters in seconds and put them in the mail today with letters like this, short, to the point and effective:

Dear Property Owner,

Would you consider selling your property located at: ________ in the City of _____?

If you are interested, please give me a call at…



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