6.435 properties owned by successors sold after we posted them.

Below is an actual list of 6,435 properties sold by the Successors/Heirs/Trustee/Executors of the Estates.

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  • 60% sell through Living Trusts, sold by the successors trustees as a “trust or standard sale”.
  • 20% sell as a remainder joint tenant becoming sole owner. Average age is 70+ “standard sale”.
  • 20% sell through probate. “probate sale”


The successors can sell without probate/court approval.


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List below is for states of:  AK, AL, AZ, CA, CO, DE, FL, MN, NJ, NM. Sorted by the State and the City for easy reference. Use Redfin.com to verify and you will notice, there is no mention of anyone’s passing away! 80% are sold as “standard sales”.

Please note all information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.


Id Status change Successors’ ownership as it was posted on SuccessorsData.com before any were LISTED OR SOLD) Property Address City State New Owners
543836 [SOLD] Ketcherside William Larry Sr & Ketcherside Esperanza 5841 E 6Th Ave #3 Anchorage AK Parker Brothers Group Llc
605669 [SOLD] Howarth Philip J Te & Howarth Phillip J 3801 Mccain Loop Anchorage AK Spenard Blue Llc
583768 [SOLD] Dow Dorothy Irene 836 M St #112 Anchorage AK Andersen Jeffrey D & Vicki L
608495 [SOLD] Hammond Donald L & Ila C 9401 Arlene Dr Anchorage AK Burrell Joshua L
608260 [SOLD] Mulanax Janice S & Mulanax Howard W 669 King Arthur Cir #1 Anchorage AK Constantini Christina M
608512 [SOLD] Donovan Cotrstees & Davis Charlotte M & Davis Richard C & Donovan Kristin C 14870 Snowshoe Ln Anchorage AK Davis Richard C / Davis Charlotte M
605838 [SOLD] Mlakar Florence M & Mlakar Louis E 2731 Cutwater Cir Anchorage AK Dorough Luke L & Darlene S
605707 [SOLD] Collins Kathleen A & Fleischer Nan E & Fleischer Hugh W & Fleischer Ia… 1359 W 11Th Ave Anchorage AK Fleischer Hugh W / Fleischer Nan E
544168 [SOLD] Brandon Curt M 8508 Boundary Ave #C2 Anchorage AK Harris Michael P / Bergmann Brittany
583656 [SOLD] Brennan Dennis P & Brennan Dagmar K 6401 E 9Th Ave Anchorage AK Hauenschild Veronica
608318 [SOLD] Carle Mary E 1038 Beech Ln Anchorage AK Hodgson Pamela J / Carle Mary E Living Trust
544042 [SOLD] Blomfield Charles A & Sandra I & Howell Elizabeth A 10400 Ridge Park Dr Anchorage AK Howell Elizabeth A / Blomfield Charles A
608526 [SOLD] Klein Gerald Jerry A & Klein Joyce M & Jj Klein 12311 Tracy Rd Anchorage AK Jj Klein / Klein Gerald Jerry A
605811 [SOLD] Wilson Jon C 1430 Bridgeway St #1 Anchorage AK Kaiser Larry R
608460 [SOLD] Agostigisler Tam Te & Agosti Lino 2324 Loussac Dr Anchorage AK Landes Cody / Gisler Genevieve S A
608498 [SOLD] Tatum Joan M 2215 Radiant Cir Anchorage AK Massengale William M & Frances E
583653 [SOLD] Moore Tom R & Maxwell Marilyn L 2628 Arlington Dr Anchorage AK Maxwell Marilyn L / Moore Tom R
544186 [SOLD] Edlefsen Moriah I & Edlefsen Carol L 2036 Brandilyn Cir Anchorage AK Mercereau Moriah I
583655 [SOLD] Sears Stanley E & Moore Tom R 2603 Blueberry Rd Anchorage AK Moore Tom R / Sears Stanley E
608274 [SOLD] Constantini Mark J & Constantini Christina M 7971 Snow View Dr Anchorage AK Paris Ioana
605703 [SOLD] Leeburg Donald & Leeburg Jean P 7410 Tikchik Cir Anchorage AK Prosise Amy
544268 [SOLD] Tito Annabell C Trust 11351 Discovery View Dr #106A Anchorage AK Reed Everett F & Carol S
608459 [SOLD] Agostigisler Tam Te & Agosti Lino 1901 W Tudor Rd Anchorage AK Refrigeration & Food Equipment
608394 [SOLD] Baisi Elizabeth & Rodriguez Manuel 900 Nelchina St Anchorage AK Rodriguez Manuel / Baisi Elizabeth
608395 [SOLD] Baisi Elizabeth & Rodriguez Manuel 934 Nelchina St Anchorage AK Rodriguez Manuel / Baisi Elizabeth
544147 [SOLD] Helgelien Clare Shelter & Helgelien Donna L & Swanson Nancy Ttees & Swanson Ttees 11535 Discovery Park Dr #73A Anchorage AK Rogers Cynthia L
608338 [SOLD] Felix Martha 8570 E 12Th Ct Anchorage AK Rojas Luis A
583677 [SOLD] Casner Craig L 1519 Atkinson Dr Anchorage AK Schmidt Abraham L / Johnson Erin K
605830 [SOLD] Ward Marguerite W 2101 E 66Th Ave Anchorage AK Shannon Tod K
608321 [SOLD] Rasmusson & Rasmusson Jack D (Te) 1932 S Salem Dr Anchorage AK Stelly Travis T
583739 [SOLD] Mcdowell Frances Trust 6109 Debarr Rd #C101 Anchorage AK Sullivan Faye W & Joseph R
608415 [SOLD] Mckenna Mary 1231 W 7Th Ave Anchorage AK Winchester Alaskae Inc Dbpp Of Tr
608501 [SOLD] Armitage Mary Diane 6340 Switzerland Dr Anchorage AK Wright Jonathan D & Margaret T
543962 [SOLD] Kennedy Carolyn M 22691 Needels Loop Chugiak AK Carnes Keith A & Katherine S
543956 [SOLD] Hall Frank M & Hall Vona L 20444 Mark Cir Chugiak AK Hay Daniel L
605783 [SOLD] Hansen Michael D & Hansen Bernadette J 20415 Stephen Cir Chugiak AK Welge Michael & Jacquelyn
544119 [SOLD] Houston Angela Marie 13300 Vasili Dr #10 Eagle River AK Wanamaker Jeffreye C & Shelli A
544208 [SOLD] Powers Anne M 329 Ketchikan Ave Fairbanks AK Baldwin Cynthia A
543904 [SOLD] Carter Caroline S 2209 Turner St Fairbanks AK Button Robin A
605730 [SOLD] Tanner Lynda S & Tanner Jon D 1305 21St Ave Fairbanks AK Jelinek Joan G B
608288 [SOLD] Alaska Railroad Corp & Thumma Karl I Karl 1805 Phillips Field Rd Fairbanks AK Thumma Karl I / Alaska Railroad Corp
608446 [SOLD] Fletcher Joann C 732 Old Steese Hwy #24 Fairbanks AK Turvey Marlyn
605808 [SOLD] Roberts Peter C & Hoyt Madrene R 57580 Reinhart Ln Homer AK Hoyt Madrene Rene / Roberts Peter C
608385 [SOLD] Tucker Ramona L & Rand Joe E Jr 4826 Ternview Pl Homer AK Rand Joe H
608384 [SOLD] Tucker Ramona L & Rand Joe H Jr 63422 Crossman Ridge Rd Homer AK Rand Joe H Jr / Tucker Ramona L
608541 [SOLD] Cabo Margaret A Te & Cabo Margaret A 2003 Tr 585 S Williwaw Dr Palmer AK Huddleston Mark A
605819 [SOLD] Golden Leo F & Golden Marilyn J 224 Marine St Sitka AK Mulligan Gary & Phyllis
608250 [SOLD] Mcevoy Mary Jean 11830 W Nikolai Dr Wasilla AK Cornelius Tim & Terri L
544211 [SOLD] Montgomery Donnie R 1731 W Harvest Loop Wasilla AK Jacobo Eric N / Flanagan Karen M
608299 [SOLD] Bennett Norman C & Bennett Jeanne R 511 S Willow St Wasilla AK Schaefer Jesse C
605886 [SOLD] Watenpaugh D M & Watenpaugh Jimmie A 5010 E Cox Ct Wasilla AK Schlichting Kyle J & Morgan P
543806 [SOLD] Littau Anton N & Littau Jeanine C 1325 W Sands Dr Wasilla AK Schoffstall Daniel
608273 [SOLD] Landry Leo J 4276 W Sunrise Rd Wasilla AK Spurgeon Melanie R / Landry Whitney L
544148 [SOLD] Haddix Brian J 5301 E Revolutionary Way Wasilla AK Veterans Admn
544014 [SOLD] Schafer Barbara E 9405 S Starlight Ln Wasilla AK Wells Fargo Bk Na
353816 [SOLD] Andress John E & Andress Lori S 16672 Mira Flores Rd Bay Minette AL Deutsche Bk Natl Trust C 2005-C
232144 [SOLD] Barbara A Life & Durant Joseph C Jr 41528 Joe Durant Rd Bay Minette AL Durant Joseph C Jr / Life Barbara A
232814 [SOLD] Harrington Linda W 704 W 8Th St Bay Minette AL Panter Raiford P
297322 [SOLD] Wright Carl E 18 S Bouler Ave Bay Minette AL Yarbrough Aubrey E & Lillie H
250671 [SOLD] Shadis Jan & Mccreary Joseph Monroe 36987 State Highway 59 Bay Minette AL Mccreary Joseph M
250687 [SOLD] Shadis Jan & Mccreary Joseph Monroe 36987 State Highway 59 Bay Minette AL Mccreary Joseph M
304314 [SOLD] Appleton Doris T 109 Kentwood Dr Daphne AL Friday Construction Llc
244149 [SOLD] Hairston Mary H & Hairston Hannon S 136 Pineridge Rd Daphne AL Mes Rentals Llc
244150 [SOLD] Hairston Mary H & Hairston Hannon S 134 Pineridge Rd Daphne AL Mes Rentals Llc
244151 [SOLD] Hairston Hannon S Bailey Miri Hairs 550 Stuart St Daphne AL Mes Rentals Llc
244152 [SOLD] Hairston Hannon S Bailey Miri Hairs 111 Brentwood Dr Daphne AL Mes Rentals Llc
244153 [SOLD] Hairston Hannon S Bailey Miri Hairs 122 Lancaster Way Daphne AL Mes Rentals Llc
295454 [SOLD] Tanner Thomas M & Tanner Roseita H 175 Richmond Rd Daphne AL Carley Ryan J
242814 [SOLD] King Patricia D & Denman Elaine C 1616 5Th St Daphne AL Denman Elaine C
301535 [SOLD] Hammond Charles Edward 7 Summer Oaks Dr Daphne AL Federal Natl Mtg Assn
231203 [SOLD] Westfall Richard G & Westfall Ila S 104 Broadmoor Dr Daphne AL Madison Dewayne & Joanie C
232157 [SOLD] Anderson Demaris L & Moses Edna H 1401 Main St Daphne AL Moses Edna H / Anderson Demaris L
246565 [SOLD] Street Clara S & Street Ross L 102 S Windgate Cir Daphne AL White Michele S & Steven O
301554 [SOLD] Barnes Ingrid K 27541 Tecumseh Ct Daphne AL Williams Living Trust
246564 [SOLD] Street Clara E & Street Ross L 613 Ridgewood Dr Daphne AL Wilson George Jr
352526 [SOLD] Butler Fawn Denise & Evans Terri Gail 112 Lewis Rd Deatsville AL Evans Terri Gail / Butler Fawn Denise
242694 [SOLD] Sanders John & Graham Genny L 295 Lane Dr Deatsville AL Graham Genny L / Sanders John
302012 [SOLD] Hall Virginia S & Hall William T Jr 32575 Bartel St Elberta AL Kichler Henry Albert / Kichler Tony
247035 [SOLD] Caldwell Patsy R & Caldwell John A Sr 11047 Mockingbird Ln Fairhope AL A & M Supply Llc
216721 [SOLD] Grissom Shirley S & Grissom Edwin C 19176 Quail Creek Dr Fairhope AL Bell Ashley T & Janet G
242163 [SOLD] Fst Long Roberta A De (Te) 204 Gaston Ave Fairhope AL Bishop Aubrey A & Martha F / Long Delbert H & Roberta A Trust
298340 [SOLD] Long Versia S 117 Spring Park Dr Fairhope AL Caldwell Linda
249892 [SOLD] Partridge Pritchard 211 Pecan Ave Fairhope AL Crocker Matthew R & Kara M
239145 [SOLD] Welch Radie M 6 Echo Ln Fairhope AL Douglas Timothy P / Green Leslie C
246476 [SOLD] Moulton Geri S & Fst Moulton Gordon 114 Fairhope Ave Fairhope AL Fst Moulton Gordon / Moulton Geri S
247036 [SOLD] Caldwell Patsy R & Caldwell John A Sr 11015 Mockingbird Ln Fairhope AL Hough Dennis & Mona
232860 [SOLD] Klumpp Phyllis B & Jackson Kathy K 20751 State Highway 181 Fairhope AL Jackson Kathy K / Klumpp Phyllis B
233261 [SOLD] Fst Montgomery Barbara Wiles 123 Kensington Ct Fairhope AL Mcintyre Frances / Montgomery Barbara W
233622 [SOLD] Pierce Arthur W & Pierce Genevieve L 219 Pecan Ave Fairhope AL Mcknight Robert G & Cynthia K
242164 [SOLD] Fst Long Roberta A De (Te) 651 Johnson Ave Fairhope AL Murphy Kevin D & Sanggul M / Ransom Marilee M
249893 [SOLD] Ollinger Mary & Partridge Pritchard 14715 Scenic Highway 98 Fairhope AL Partridge Pritchard / Ollinger Mary
306604 [SOLD] Nystrom John A Jr 209 Sagebrush Loop Fairhope AL Rehorn Jeffery L & Pamela
304225 [SOLD] Fst Adams Carl L 10527 S Side Loop Fairhope AL Federal Natl Mtg Assn
351735 [SOLD] Jacobssen Clarence K 117 Wedge Loop Fairhope AL Feldman Judy
232040 [SOLD] Johnston Marvin W Sr & Johnston Betty R 22555 County Road 12 Foley AL Alemond Michael R & Mitzi D
232112 [SOLD] Tyler Roy Robert & Tyler Diane Wetm 18961 Riverbend Loop Foley AL Beaird Gregory & Kimberly
241058 [SOLD] Randall Beverly L 23163 Dundee Cir Foley AL Blue Carolyn E
231458 [SOLD] Mcnair Donald W & Mcnair Rita H 133 Pennbrooke Loop Foley AL Courtney Michael / Alms Tracy
243884 [SOLD] Madie Ray Eg & Egebrecht Lawrence W 10295 Willis Rd Foley AL Egebrecht Lawrence W / Madie Ray Eg
243882 [SOLD] Wright Madie R & Egebrecht Lawrence W 10319 Willis Rd Foley AL Egebrecht Lawrence W / Wright Madie R
355088 [SOLD] Cupples Sylvia J 523 W Amanda Ave Foley AL Feliciano Nilsa
243189 [SOLD] Thomas Lucille Lewis 15350 Daugherty Rd Foley AL Frizzell Barbara Thomas
244991 [SOLD] Carolyn Murphy & Leonard L A 12275 Osborne Dr Foley AL Leonard L A / Carolyn Murphy
305367 [SOLD] Howard Martha H & Howard David C 9488 Lakeview Dr Foley AL Schell Robert F & Lou A R
299036 [SOLD] Blue John E Sr & Blue Carolyn E 9150 Lakeview Dr Foley AL Tuyo David L & Paulette K
306045 [SOLD] Epp Linda L & Epp Donald O Jr 501 Cotton Creek Dr Gulf Shores AL B & E Holdings Llc
306043 [SOLD] Epp Linda L & Epp Donald O Jr 18947 Boonie Ln Gulf Shores AL Bastin Leah M
298328 [SOLD] Boyce Gary E & Boyce Christine L 4049 Greenan Way Gulf Shores AL Cody Eugene J & Donna E
301863 [SOLD] Kahalley Parker N 1613 W Beach Blvd Gulf Shores AL Davis Joseph H
231321 [SOLD] Gregor Harold Thomas & Carol Russell 1660 Spanish Cove Dr Lillian AL Boggs Alice
307093 [SOLD] Higdon Charles H 9246 Soldier Creek Rd Lillian AL Cain Roy
232887 [SOLD] Heibult Gary E & Heibult Geraldine 12627 Saint Francis St Lillian AL Oconner Edmond J / Oconner Gloria G
232222 [SOLD] Heinecke Frederick W & Heinecke Betty L 2874 Avenida Alberto Lillian AL Rotonda Michael J & Deborah M
305761 [SOLD] Roberts Sheila & Covington Thomas J 436 Elberta Loop Lillian AL Scott James G & Carmen G
305763 [SOLD] Roberts Sheila & Covington Thomas J 435 Elberta Loop Lillian AL Scott James G & Carmen G
307159 [SOLD] Kellgren Howard C & Kellgren Mary Nell 12188 Fritz Ct Lillian AL Wiggins Frances R / Wiggins Ricky S
300717 [SOLD] Patricia Lynne M & Mitchem Willard R 13280 J B Williams Rd Loxley AL Mitchem Willard R / Patricia Lynne M
300718 [SOLD] Patricia Lynne M & Mitchem Willard R 13248 J B Williams Rd Loxley AL Mons Sherry L
306028 [SOLD] Parks Jerry L & Parks Deborah J 12407 Old Marlow Rd Magnolia Springs AL Jackson Charles A
304268 [SOLD] Harris Janice S & Smi Clarence & Hughes Marie 457 County Road 20 Marbury AL Hughes Marie / Harris Janice S
231931 [SOLD] Atkins Tracy D & Draughon Cynthia & Patrick H & Dour Richard H 23972 Perdido Beach Blvd #14 Orange Beach AL Dour Richard H / Dour Wanda Odom 1
355125 [SOLD] Vando Virginia K & Vando Humberto 25331 Windward Lakes Ave Orange Beach AL Patience Michael K & Pamela L
246465 [SOLD] Suddeth Lois O 63 CO Rd Plantersville AL Deason Doris
247537 [SOLD] Gibs Martha S & On & Moten Arthur A 3740 County Road 22 Plantersville AL Moten Arthur A / Gibs Martha S
306496 [SOLD] Adams Christopher N & Seale Dorothy S 212 Marian Dr Prattville AL Seale Dorothy S / Adams Christopher N
305505 [SOLD] Bland Mary L & Bland Welborn D 240 Rosemary Ln Prattville AL Venture Props
232680 [SOLD] Rose Richard N & Rose Christine E 22948 Joyce Ave Robertsdale AL Deutsche Bk Natl Trust 2007-Ch2
299625 [SOLD] Zyriek Bobby Jackson & Zyriek Karen 2 Village Main St Spanish Fort AL Smith Blanche R & William D
231358 [SOLD] Gibson Lois D & Williams Mary G 31304 Oakridge Ct Spanish Fort AL Walker John A & Ann S
301140 [SOLD] Bakich Michael A 500 County Road 558 Verbena AL Owen John M & Jennifer L
142416 [SOLD] Copeland Frank B & Copeland Wanda R 2268 N Sunset Ave Benson AZ Arnold Sarah
61457 [SOLD] Corbett Donald L & Corbett Barbara N 25265 E Apache Trl Benson AZ Lundberg Scott H
167491 [SOLD] Parfitt Todd & Maki Betsy 3133 W Verde Dr Benson AZ Maki Betsy / Parfitt Todd
132084 [SOLD] Richards Christina 801 S Hermosa Dr Benson AZ Tapia Cindy & Roy
133680 [SOLD] Bender Carl H & Bender Mary P 856 N Jesse St Chandler AZ Smith William & Gail
63569 [SOLD] Bostwick-Johnson Lisa B 315 N Valencia Dr Chandler AZ Al-Bayati Saba
129698 [SOLD] Chavarria Gronning Sonya M 4581 W Flint St Chandler AZ Goodman Arnold F / Goodman Michael S
145769 [SOLD] Black Alexander C 3105 E 9Th St Douglas AZ Wendt W J & D S Living Trust
121146 [SOLD] Clark James Taylor & Clark Dixie Lee 1851 N Laura Ave Douglas AZ Yanez Guadalupe / Yanez Martina
120802 [SOLD] Denton James N & Denton Mary M 118 Biscuit Canyon Rd Duncan AZ Galvin Bernadette S & Gregory J Jr
185087 [SOLD] Runcorn Clifford G Marie E 260 S Hamblin St Eagar AZ Emerald Jody & Darin
50467 [SOLD] Sickinger Michael R (Te) & Sickinger 4490 N Hamblin St Flagstaff AZ Bleekers Investments Llc
108297 [SOLD] Mulnix Martha Lou P 721 N Leroux St Flagstaff AZ Adams William P Jr
95640 [SOLD] Johnston Eileen R 3905 E Thrush Ln Flagstaff AZ Beke Stephen
96216 [SOLD] Johnston Eileen R 3905 E Thrush Ln Flagstaff AZ Beke Stephen
143429 [SOLD] Coons Margaret & Coons Pete & Coons Timothy 120 E Dupont Ave Flagstaff AZ Board Of Regents / Northern Arizona University
135188 [SOLD] Brazell Walter H & Brazell Shirleen 2476 W Coronado Ave Flagstaff AZ Brinkman Bjorn
143655 [SOLD] Schreiber Paul E 320 N Bonito St Flagstaff AZ Burton-Anderson Elisa
174746 [SOLD] Schreiber Paul E 320 N Bonito St Flagstaff AZ Burton-Anderson Elisa
131301 [SOLD] Kettela Peter P & Kettela Jill C 973 E Sterling Ln Flagstaff AZ Miller Cody D & Tiffany S
120080 [SOLD] Tuttle Patricia Ann 4843 E Halfmoon Dr Flagstaff AZ Pfeiffer Richard L
95744 [SOLD] Byrne Donald J (Te) & Byrne Charlotte L (Te) 2065 N Country Club Dr Flagstaff AZ Vossbrink R R Family Trust
131300 [SOLD] Kettela Peter P & Kettela Jill C 3860 S Brush Arbor Flagstaff AZ White Bob & Harriet
165868 [SOLD] Short Julia E 1616 N Izabel St Flagstaff AZ Worden James
62575 [SOLD] Coolum William M & Coolum Bonnie M 13130 N Northstar Dr Fountain Hills AZ Welch Patrick H & Linda M
133594 [SOLD] French Wilmer E 16734 E Bayfield Dr Fountain Hills AZ Onewest Bk
109869 [SOLD] Lannaghan Thomas J & Lannaghan Mary Ann 17538 E Hawley Dr Fountain Hills AZ Wonsettler Jane A & Charles R
63462 [SOLD] Minnier Jane D & Minnier Frank R 16314 E Arrow Dr #103 Fountain Hills AZ Mateski Joseph J & Kathleen M
107125 [SOLD] Wisniewski Steven J & Shannon 15865 E Eagle Rock Dr Fountain Hills AZ Danahy Robert F
132155 [SOLD] Allen Conrad K 1267 N Recker Rd Gilbert AZ Nelson Conrad Kay
136248 [SOLD] Mebane Donald 3668 E Feather Ave Gilbert AZ Rcd Properties Llc
185112 [SOLD] Arandjelovic Vladimir & Arandelovic Vera 14002 N 49Th Ave #1006 Glendale AZ Mccartney Nicole
121068 [SOLD] Bates Virginia M & Bates Brian A 6390 W Crocus Dr Glendale AZ Miller Kevin R C & Jennifer L / Miller Cora A
120544 [SOLD] Bayless Earl R & Bayless Dee R 4813 W Country Gables Dr Glendale AZ Preston David
136810 [SOLD] Benson Florence E 4839 W Topeka Dr Glendale AZ Snodgras Janice
120082 [SOLD] Emmett Harry Daniel & Emmett Stephanie Lynn 15607 N 58Th Ave Glendale AZ Easy Properties Llc
173662 [SOLD] Kriz Robert W & Kriz Rita M 6109 W Port Au Prince Ln Glendale AZ Johnson June A
165881 [SOLD] Sherman James V Jr & Sherman Estelle T 17204 N 52Nd Dr Glendale AZ Plute Richard S & Valerie D
145780 [SOLD] Jackson Ronald H 604 S Fegan St Globe AZ Generation Mtg Co
50444 [SOLD] Thomas Kenneth E & Thomas Ernestine E 4591 S Azurite Dr Globe AZ Mccurdy Rick Allen
119883 [SOLD] Orona Hilario L & Orona Guadalupe V 967 S 167Th Dr Goodyear AZ Trammell William & Sylvia
63421 [SOLD] Ropeter Phillip & Ropeter Christina A 15169 W Washington St Goodyear AZ Washington Property Llc
135105 [SOLD] Larson Brendan J & Larson Lauri Lea 6293 S DE Mello St Hereford AZ Kerr Floramae C & Jason
130834 [SOLD] Ackermann Kathleen F 436 S Desert Palm Mesa AZ Burton Tedy J
107205 [SOLD] Knutson Beverly A 530 S 77Th St Mesa AZ Drummond Rebecca J
173702 [SOLD] Napijalo Walter M 652 S Privet Way Mesa AZ Federal Natl Mtg Assn
167352 [SOLD] Gardner Afton P Family Trust 67 N Fraser Dr Mesa AZ Quezada Jorge L
134388 [SOLD] Shindledecker Mary F 9046 E Alder Ave Mesa AZ Rogers Emerson
129928 [SOLD] Leslie Arnett & Sezate Armando G 1101 E Lehi Rd Mesa AZ Sezate Family Trust
135109 [SOLD] Steiner Leslie T & Steiner Glen R 541 E Grandview St Mesa AZ Sturner Gene J
121176 [SOLD] Andresen Keith L & Andresen Alice D 1507 N Sinova Mesa AZ Jprae Llc
143670 [SOLD] Apuna Samuel K Jr & Apuna Sandi R 2107 S Lindenwood Mesa AZ Winkler Gary & Connie
136520 [SOLD] Backus Ronald J & Backus Beulah 3719 E Grove Ave Mesa AZ Anaya Ruben J
146404 [SOLD] Cairo Kathleen A 8515 E Navarro Cir Mesa AZ Kolacskovics Stephen & Sally
96209 [SOLD] Cole Darlene V & Heberling James D 1128 W 10Th St Mesa AZ Mckay Gunn B
173609 [SOLD] Coutu Elona E & Whisler Bobbi K 1941 N Robson Mesa AZ Whisler Bobbi K / Coutu Elona E
63659 [SOLD] Crouse Dean R & Crouse Melra L 5345 E Mclellan Rd #11 Mesa AZ Thompson Allan C
173610 [SOLD] Elona Eve & Coutu Michael L 1312 N 66Th St Mesa AZ Coutu Michael L / Elona Eve
174747 [SOLD] Foster Lora Linn & Foster Paul L 5314 E Elena Ave Mesa AZ Llf Trust
63583 [SOLD] Gonzalez Thelma R 6134 E Anaheim St Mesa AZ Johnson Gordon R
120736 [SOLD] Johnson Ann F & Johnson Ernest F Jr 4202 E Broadway Rd #219 Mesa AZ Hurm Terry B
141737 [SOLD] Kabat Thomas E 1350 S Greenfield Rd #2217 Mesa AZ Ded Homes Llc
142423 [SOLD] Kubousek Morris V 6305 E Des Moines St Mesa AZ Vanyo Gordon A & Carole L
134892 [SOLD] Lairson Geneva R & Robert L 6730 E Hermosa Vista Dr #58 Mesa AZ Merical Geneva R Trust
129929 [SOLD] Leslie Arnett & Sezate Armando G 1101 E Lehi Rd Mesa AZ Sezate Family Trust
62898 [SOLD] Marriott Kerry A & Marriott Marilyn R 9643 E Idaho Ave Mesa AZ Bobbitt Richard
120090 [SOLD] Miller Harold K & Miller Amrgie A 439 N 97Th St Mesa AZ Wursten Michael D
130841 [SOLD] Persinger Gerald W 5433 E Colby St Mesa AZ Smith Merilyn
120750 [SOLD] Peterson Clifford O & Peterson Ellen M 7813 E Meseto Ave Mesa AZ Ogg Dean
48622 [SOLD] Pitts Geraldine 7901 E Javelina Ave Mesa AZ Cammarato Thomas A
143762 [SOLD] Poole Helen J & Poole Ted F 4353 E Birchwood Cir Mesa AZ Parrotta Nicola
134849 [SOLD] Powell Donna J & Powell Kenneth E 2411 N Higley Rd Mesa AZ Ball Sharon K
120664 [SOLD] Quinn John E & Quinn Janet C 2428 N Barber Dr Mesa AZ Drake Dennis M / Phillips Bonnie A
143171 [SOLD] Redwine Thomas P & Redwine Juanita C 2133 S Copperwood Mesa AZ Perry Lisa M
63572 [SOLD] Steffey Lela G & Steffey Warren D 9435 E Hobart Cir Mesa AZ Hendershott Barry & Laura
135114 [SOLD] Steiner Leslie T & Steiner Glen R 541 E Grandview St Mesa AZ Sturner Gene J
128693 [SOLD] Toby Sue & Johnson Darrel D 522 N 96Th St Mesa AZ Johnson Darrel D / Toby Sue
132160 [SOLD] Vandehei Robin L & Vandehei Richard F 9545 E Hannibal Cir Mesa AZ Rosenau Willie
108268 [SOLD] Connor William D & Connor Anne 4737 E Valley Vista Ln Paradise Valley AZ Lackner Klaus S & Margaret S
174774 [SOLD] Jo B Tr & Casebolt Victor A 7201 N Cottontail Run Rd Paradise Valley AZ Casebolt Victor A / Jo B Tr
107180 [SOLD] North James E Sr & North Susan D 147 S Pleasant Ln Payson AZ Gunther Jeffrey L & Janet D
146849 [SOLD] Wilgus Robert A & Wilgus Ann F 600 N Hideaway Cir Payson AZ Johnson Robert E
121025 [SOLD] Crosby Billy J & Crosby June M 1108 S Sequoia Cir Payson AZ Mosier Kristin M Living Trust
137093 [SOLD] Hook Norman Franklin & Hook Janet Marie 408 S Cottonwood Ln Payson AZ Peek Terry M & Merrilou
185111 [SOLD] Mallory Tommye D Tdm-One 1211 N Carefree Cir Payson AZ Starr Dianna S / Malicoat Kathie
135836 [SOLD] Castaneda Patricia 7426 W Mission Ln Peoria AZ Bustamante Amy Victoria
145894 [SOLD] Hammig Lois L 10539 W Desert Star Ln Peoria AZ Bower Robert
49956 [SOLD] Hieb Caryl J 9655 W Cinnabar Ave #B Peoria AZ Romberger Terry
136854 [SOLD] Mcconnell Phyllis A 19122 N 90Th Dr Peoria AZ Riddiford Theodore Denis & Ar
132152 [SOLD] Shipley Donald E 7051 W Mountain View Rd Peoria AZ Perna Gregory W / Stanley Cristine N
95657 [SOLD] Spiess Lawrence D & Spiess Catherine M 8641 W Jenan Dr Peoria AZ Lupro Garrett Michael & Kathr / Lupro Kathryn
173883 [SOLD] Brown Linda J & Brown Arthur W 2859 N Greenfield Rd Phoenix AZ Cruz Castanedo Ents West Llc
174255 [SOLD] Warren William Earl & Warren Lois C 1124 W Myrtle Ave Phoenix AZ Jnl Homes Llc
95847 [SOLD] Tucker Patricia S Trust 7601 N Central Ave #10 Phoenix AZ Allen Mary Katherine
166063 [SOLD] Harkey Jerry W 8202 N 21St Dr #B201 Phoenix AZ Benac Marc
120913 [SOLD] Young Sandra Kissinger & Kissinger Geraldine 2448 N 22Nd Ave Phoenix AZ Bingham Brian P
62091 [SOLD] Gilson Gladys D 1718 E Campbell Ave #43 Phoenix AZ Cantin Marie France
120518 [SOLD] Reitmeyer Marion J 1924 E Indianola Ave Phoenix AZ Coleman Deshawn / Mobley Elaunda
143089 [SOLD] Schmit Dale Francis 2005 N 48Th St Phoenix AZ Dale Francis Schmit
109313 [SOLD] Varela Arnulfo P & Del Socorro Tellez L Maria 3621 W Hadley St Phoenix AZ Del Socorro Tellez L Maria / Varela Arnulfo P
185121 [SOLD] Fitch Donald W & Dorothy J Trust 942 W Augusta Ave Phoenix AZ Donald W Fitch / Dorothy J Fitch
167340 [SOLD] Urias Elodia G 3822 N 9Th St Phoenix AZ Ford Victor
142095 [SOLD] Siefkes Shau F 2202 E Fairmount Ave Phoenix AZ Geurts Tia S
135516 [SOLD] Webb Newell V & Webb Edna M 3231 E Almeria Rd Phoenix AZ Gonzalez Serafin Serna
121087 [SOLD] Bagwell Chester A & Bagwell Lois G 3429 E Granada Rd Phoenix AZ Guthrie Josiah
130490 [SOLD] Maack Barbara Lois 1713 W Clarendon Ave Phoenix AZ Houx Julie
142578 [SOLD] Hartnett Mary Catherine 1301 W Palmaire Ave Phoenix AZ Karlicek Brent & Mollie
50464 [SOLD] Carlin Thomas P 1040 E Palo Verde Dr Phoenix AZ Keenan Becky / Ende Eric
50462 [SOLD] Siroky Charles L & Siroky Gayle E 4328 E Rancho Dr Phoenix AZ Keogh Sean
109256 [SOLD] Fedotova Tatiana & Klinger Allen 1117 W Encanto Blvd Phoenix AZ Klinger Allen / Fedotova Tatiana
142610 [SOLD] Sanchez Virginia M 3710 E Meadowbrook Ave Phoenix AZ Martinez Susan J / Sanchez Richard J
96584 [SOLD] Schell Jacqueline & Schell Joseph & Mullins Helen B 2022 N 22Nd Pl Phoenix AZ Mullins Helen B / Schell Jacqueline
167341 [SOLD] Halle Robert G 1019 W Missouri Ave Phoenix AZ Murphy Bevin
143866 [SOLD] Booth Barbara R 2444 E Meadowbrook Ave Phoenix AZ Oslund Josiah C
135646 [SOLD] Verhoeven Evelyn & Frendberg Estelle G 1105 W Culver St Phoenix AZ Perez Joseph M
51285 [SOLD] Mitchell Roosevelt 2430 W Madison St Phoenix AZ Rodriguez Ramon
95842 [SOLD] Tannatt Sandi S & Tannatt G Darrell & Vicki A 6134 N 13Th St Phoenix AZ Sandi Sue Tannatt / G Darrell Tannatt
142110 [SOLD] Booth Margaret M 839 W Piccadilly Rd Phoenix AZ Sheets Karyn K
51248 [SOLD] Bagley Harry R 3321 W Solano Dr Phoenix AZ Shiya Vicky C
135545 [SOLD] Knowles Loraine 311 W Edgemont Ave Phoenix AZ Songer Nancy
174240 [SOLD] Valentine Jessie J 1515 W Rovey Ave Phoenix AZ Stewart Michelle
135439 [SOLD] Corrington Maurice K & Corrington Violet 3322 N 17Th Ave Phoenix AZ Van Winkle Edgar B
61408 [SOLD] Pressendo Robert L & Pressendo Nancy 3433 E Highland Ave Phoenix AZ Vanderhoff Vicki
143071 [SOLD] Mooney Billy Ray 2042 N 12Th St Phoenix AZ Zugor Barbara / Radvick Stephen
144119 [SOLD] Adams Geneva 7126 N 28Th Ave Phoenix AZ Knight Kent & Lori B
110144 [SOLD] Amey Omega 2137 W Pecan Rd Phoenix AZ Resendez Silvia
63142 [SOLD] Apodaca Henry David 8628 N 35Th Dr Phoenix AZ Arcangel M Llc
143939 [SOLD] Aycock Robert F 4133 E Charter Oak Rd Phoenix AZ Miller Stephen R & Lana M
135641 [SOLD] Balceris Rama D 9821 N 29Th Pl Phoenix AZ Young Gary E
175393 [SOLD] Barlow Brad E & Barlow Laura M 16036 N 11Th Ave #1024 Phoenix AZ Fernandez-Mansilla Cesar N
142439 [SOLD] Blackert Robert O 4033 E Sheena Dr Phoenix AZ Lewis Laressa A
120851 [SOLD] Carr Vernon D & Carr Barbara A 11610 N 41St Ln Phoenix AZ Mann Charles Randall
96319 [SOLD] Davis Delores H & Davis Wayne D 1702 E Carter Rd Phoenix AZ Inverclyde Llc
120939 [SOLD] Delaney David & Delaney Roberta 3737 E Mountain View Rd Phoenix AZ Wagnon Dean / Arnold Frank
120748 [SOLD] Duffy Jean M & Duffy Robert L 16004 N 36Th Dr Phoenix AZ Benjamin Jeffrey L
137109 [SOLD] Elder Sharon K Trust 3135 W Paradise Dr Phoenix AZ Luker David
135195 [SOLD] Ferentheil Donna M & Ferentheil Ernest J 15601 N 27Th St #2 Phoenix AZ Gerth Sue
143291 [SOLD] Groves Scott Lance 4317 E Redfield Rd Phoenix AZ Biliack Robyn
62826 [SOLD] Heskin Adrianne G 2221 W Carolina Dr Phoenix AZ Sahnan Ram
120437 [SOLD] Hubbell Mary J 214 E Betty Elyse Ln Phoenix AZ Bolen R Of E Invs Llc Invs
49973 [SOLD] Jackson Margit 2106 E Gretta Pl Phoenix AZ Trujillo Sam P & Julia L
121079 [SOLD] Jessie Donald Wayne 8811 N 39Th Ave Phoenix AZ Rasol Ahmad
142115 [SOLD] Jessie Donald Wayne 8811 N 39Th Ave Phoenix AZ Rasol Ahmad
62859 [SOLD] Kiekush Lorne & Kiekush Joan M 2520 E Dahlia Dr Phoenix AZ Beck Joan M / Leverett Hilarie
167354 [SOLD] Kiraly Dwight P & Kiraly Cindy A 2814 E Darrow St Phoenix AZ Arp 2014-1 Borrower Llc
63267 [SOLD] Kravetz John A 3043 W Juniper Ave Phoenix AZ Hengesbach Jeffrey & Bonnie
130442 [SOLD] Madsen Lawrence S 15638 N 22Nd Ave Phoenix AZ Sparks Jerry J / Hugh Julie A
131155 [SOLD] Marcus Lee H & Marcus Margaret Ann 1829 E Berridge Ln Phoenix AZ
62830 [SOLD] Marquez Edward 13410 N 47Th Pl Phoenix AZ Golshan Shahram & Mojgan
108090 [SOLD] Miller Jerome E 4725 E Bighorn Ave Phoenix AZ Barr Jennifer R
132585 [SOLD] Mitchell Roosevelt 2430 W Madison St Phoenix AZ Rodriguez Ramon
135212 [SOLD] Murphy Sandra L & Murphy Roger W 121 E Kathleen Rd Phoenix AZ Cerracchio Gaetano & Linda
107078 [SOLD] Nelson Chad N 1321 W Vogel Ave Phoenix AZ Simon Maria L
96605 [SOLD] Nutaro Josephine R 11249 N 23Rd St Phoenix AZ Adams Jennifer M
61646 [SOLD] Olnhausen Kris O 3705 W Port Royale Ln Phoenix AZ Baisset Lucile
133629 [SOLD] Pepler Richard A 13028 S 46Th St Phoenix AZ Bracken Sara E
133684 [SOLD] Pettengill Edward W & Pettengill Masako N 7709 N 38Th Dr Phoenix AZ Khup Silas Tial Len / Hnem Grace T Z
109889 [SOLD] Ramirez Mary Candy 733 W Southgate Ave Phoenix AZ Olmos Efrain
110211 [SOLD] Riggle Samuel E & Riggle Virginia M 13801 N Canterbury Dr Phoenix AZ Ready List Llc
131440 [SOLD] Riggle Virginia M & Riggle Samuel E 13801 N Canterbury Dr Phoenix AZ Ready List Llc
62827 [SOLD] Rosenlof Ardella S 7508 N 17Th Ave Phoenix AZ Barnard Brandon Johnson
173693 [SOLD] Schmidt Terry L & Jones Deianna L 18810 N 7Th Pl Phoenix AZ Jones Deianna L / Schmidt Terry L
143090 [SOLD] Schmit Dale Francis 2005 N 48Th St Phoenix AZ Dale Francis Schmit
143091 [SOLD] Schmit Dale Francis 2005 N 48Th St Phoenix AZ Dale Francis Schmit
143092 [SOLD] Schmit Dale Francis 2005 N 48Th St Phoenix AZ Dale Francis Schmit
107508 [SOLD] Starr Billy J Living Trust 2435 E South Mountain Ave Phoenix AZ Boyd Debra Starr
107509 [SOLD] Starr Billy J Living Trust 2409 E South Mountain Ave Phoenix AZ Hughes David A
131131 [SOLD] Stevenson Donald E Sr 2702 W Ruth Ave Phoenix AZ Parker Christopher & Latisha
128712 [SOLD] Sutton Marie J & Sutton Thomas J 17211 N 35Th Ave #2013 Phoenix AZ Cornienco Andrei / Topilina Svetlana
120761 [SOLD] Tash Dennis V Family Trust 3604 W Kings Ave Phoenix AZ Adams Joshua J
143663 [SOLD] Thomas Ruth D 14826 N 36Th Pl Phoenix AZ Davidson Joy / Picklesimer Matthew
137216 [SOLD] West C Keith & Charles K Ii 4490 E Horseshoe Rd Phoenix AZ Siele John Trust / Siele Maria E Trust
137313 [SOLD] Wingert Margaret A 621 W Bob O Link Ln Phoenix AZ Wyckmans Ronald J & Maria Has
61157 [SOLD] Wuerfel Donald J & Wuerfel Linda K 3316 E Bloomfield Rd Phoenix AZ Inverclyde Llc
135475 [SOLD] Zavala Brenda & Marquez Jose A 6441 S 16Th Way Phoenix AZ Marquez Jose Antonio / Zavala Brenda
142948 [SOLD] Kingsbury Homer C & Kingsbury Jean 268 E Dove Dr Roosevelt AZ Makowski Dareck
146744 [SOLD] Vasquez Gilbert M Bd 1019 Santa Fe St Safford AZ Romero Teresa R
173421 [SOLD] Reed Delbert A & Reed Jessie E 3494 N Reed Ln Safford AZ Despain Dorothy R / Reed Steven E
233717 [SOLD] Arters William R 474 E Dragoon Vista Ln Saint David AZ Sachs Robert C / Gruetzke Janis J
132566 [SOLD] Achtzehn Janet L 7287 E Sand Hills Rd Scottsdale AZ Faer & Brennan Family Trust
135490 [SOLD] Allen James F 11554 N 83Rd Pl Scottsdale AZ Renard Family Trust
120171 [SOLD] Backhus Charles H & Backhus Ruth A 6609 E Phelps Rd Scottsdale AZ Winning Catherine
128555 [SOLD] Backhus Charles H & Backhus Ruth A 6609 E Phelps Rd Scottsdale AZ Winning Catherine
63334 [SOLD] Balcer Charles I & Jean Van Etten 7652 E Thornwood Dr Scottsdale AZ Pier Donald L
131143 [SOLD] Bartley Charles E & Bartley Helen H 6520 E Exeter Blvd Scottsdale AZ Lea Susan M Trust / Bartley Jack A Trust
108055 [SOLD] Buckley Ann M & Buckley Kevin J 13440 N 103Rd Pl Scottsdale AZ Williams George L
131709 [SOLD] Cozens Deborah J 10249 E Karen Dr Scottsdale AZ Smith Kyle & Christine
142091 [SOLD] Dehaven Janelle B 7914 E Via Linda Scottsdale AZ Atlas Corp Of Az Of Az
167191 [SOLD] Durack Gordon J 8208 E Highland Ave Scottsdale AZ Matthews Kurt / Matthews Meghan
96591 [SOLD] Fishman Roy H & Fishman Geraldine R 8520 E San Lucas Dr Scottsdale AZ Carter Cameron & Robyn
174020 [SOLD] Gannis John N & Gannis Shirley C 11435 E Sweetwater Ave Scottsdale AZ Fisher William A & Karen A
143591 [SOLD] Heaton Carolyn M & Heaton John W Jr 12000 N 144Th Way Scottsdale AZ Hazinski Richard J
63266 [SOLD] Hodak Nancy K & Hodak John A 7634 E Vista Dr Scottsdale AZ Smith Paul G
145903 [SOLD] Howell Wilhelmina M & Howell Robert E 5939 E Thomas Rd Scottsdale AZ Sola Joanne E & William E
107346 [SOLD] Howlett Nellie F 8205 E Jenan Dr Scottsdale AZ Adams Nancy L
132918 [SOLD] Jensen Randall D & Jensen Belva M 7757 E Bowie Rd Scottsdale AZ Flamm Steven M Living Trust / Flamm Marlene Living Trust
133136 [SOLD] Jensen Randall D & Jensen Belva M 7757 E Bowie Rd Scottsdale AZ Flamm Steven M Living Trust / Flamm Marlene Living Trust
120254 [SOLD] Kauffman David E 11374 N 78Th St Scottsdale AZ Van Epps Norma J Trust
50791 [SOLD] Kaufmann Donald Ormand (Te) & Kaufmann Margaret May (Te) 8222 E Angus Dr Scottsdale AZ Hamilton Doreen D
121042 [SOLD] Lupton Lynn C 7406 E Beryl Ave Scottsdale AZ Higgins Charles R
174230 [SOLD] Macholl Roger W & Macholl Helen 5039 E Sunnyside Dr Scottsdale AZ Jacques Jenna & Marc R
120931 [SOLD] Martha W Lease & Wersel Thomas B 4525 N 66Th St #120 Scottsdale AZ Burton James & Ronelle J
173619 [SOLD] Maxine Tankersley & Wick James A 6910 E Exeter Blvd Scottsdale AZ Wick James A / Maxine Tankersley
175389 [SOLD] Micena John & Micena Joan L 5019 N 77Th Pl Scottsdale AZ Eichman Nina F Family Trust
135484 [SOLD] Nelson Edwin E 7119 E Buena Terra Way Scottsdale AZ Terrazas Deanne
137126 [SOLD] Pasley Maggie A & Pasley Jason 8245 E Bell Rd Scottsdale AZ Halvorson Karen A
142412 [SOLD] Petit L Jeanne 7228 E Garfield St Scottsdale AZ Mathis Mark / Sheehan-Mathis Carol
131169 [SOLD] Poling Philip Eugene & Poling Norma 10411 E Pine Valley Dr Scottsdale AZ Brosh Rafael & Tali
143525 [SOLD] Quigley Mary Patricia 9676 E Sutton Dr Scottsdale AZ Bigler Catherine / Richman Laetitia
143526 [SOLD] Quigley Mary Patricia E 9460 E Mission Ln Scottsdale AZ Schumacher Shila
107415 [SOLD] Robison Dan R 8237 E Wilshire Dr Scottsdale AZ Van De Graaff Nathan & Alliso
86962 [SOLD] Romero Richard A & Firminger Barbara L 12340 E Mountain View Rd Scottsdale AZ Firminger Barbara L / Romero Richard A
62944 [SOLD] Schatz Eleanor Z 7910 E Camelback Rd #301 Scottsdale AZ Monashkin Suzanne
107534 [SOLD] Servoss-Kief Tiffanie & Kief George P Iii 8201 E Del Cadena Dr Scottsdale AZ Kief George P Iii / Servoss-Kief Tiffanie
143822 [SOLD] Willard Kenneth H & Wood Diane M 9708 E Via Linda #1357 Scottsdale AZ Bank Of The West
143363 [SOLD] Greenberg Coleman M (Te) & Greenberg The 20 Sage Dr Sedona AZ Neale Robert R & Susan E
120385 [SOLD] Rousseau James T & Rousseau Chung Y 2515 E Kiowa St Sierra Vista AZ Baker William J
119992 [SOLD] Spring James R 2851 Fairmeade Cir Sierra Vista AZ Bank Of America
175369 [SOLD] Downs John Allen & Downs Alice W U & A & D 5510 S Osage Ave Sierra Vista AZ Bourlier Elizabeth L / Bourlier Christopher C
48694 [SOLD] Holter Thomas G 4397 Corte Brumoso Sierra Vista AZ Cooper Wesley
61523 [SOLD] Skaggs Paul F & Skaggs Bertha J 133 W Brown Dr Sierra Vista AZ Skubna Marcelle
107044 [SOLD] Shelander Charles H & Shelander Phyllis E 3101 Nichols Dr Sierra Vista AZ Williams John T & Amy
61390 [SOLD] Bartinoski Anna C 11838 N Sun Valley Dr Sun City AZ Lloyd & Lee Living Trust
120499 [SOLD] Bartlett Margaret A 13804 N 108Th Dr Sun City AZ Cuthbert Pamela A / Bartlett James R
48770 [SOLD] Chlarson Kenneth Floyd 23105 N 122Nd Ave Sun City AZ Pezely Michael Brandon & Dani
134828 [SOLD] Cline Carol A & Cline Ralph E 11103 W Venturi Dr Sun City AZ Hamilton Robert / Martin-Hamilton Gail
142094 [SOLD] Cogdill Russell E 11024 W Windsor Dr Sun City AZ Clark Melbourne B & Ramona
135618 [SOLD] Densmore Frank F & Densmore Fay C 10330 W Thunderbird Blvd #C311 Sun City AZ Holiday Family Living Trust
174009 [SOLD] Farris Victoria & Farris John 10435 W Kelso Dr Sun City AZ Mergen Paul M / Mergen Joy E
107790 [SOLD] Foley Ruth J 14230 N Thunderbird Blvd Sun City AZ Scholz Paula & Harry
135248 [SOLD] Holm Mary Lou & Holm Martin F 14311 W Sky Hawk Dr Sun City AZ Violette Consuelo U
120087 [SOLD] Huro Lawrence J 11402 N Floral Ct Sun City AZ Hargreaves Ernest H
121067 [SOLD] Mayes Stanley M & Mayes June S 12040 N Hacienda Dr Sun City AZ Goldstein Lee Edward
109908 [SOLD] Mcdonald Mark J 17823 N Boswell Blvd Sun City AZ Housler Charley
173656 [SOLD] Nedella Matthew G & E I Trust 11002 W Thunderbird Blvd Sun City AZ Esther Matthew G / Esther Nedella
128706 [SOLD] Randel Mary G 9113 W Long Hills Dr Sun City AZ Eure Peggy A
142957 [SOLD] Reed Laura L 10152 W Loma Blanca Dr Sun City AZ Trainor James P
174000 [SOLD] Reichstein D Lee (Te) & Reichstein Mary B (Te) 20021 N 101St Ave Sun City AZ Wold Leonard & Linda
143810 [SOLD] Tribbey James D & Tribbey Anna L 10816 N 110Th Dr Sun City AZ Camelot One Llc
107378 [SOLD] Weinberger F Richard 10330 W Thunderbird Blvd #A102 Sun City AZ Riley Lilas V & John L / Riley John L
131721 [SOLD] Cooper Lucille P 13514 W Spanish Garden Dr Sun City West AZ Gimple James J / Schrein Joanne C
173585 [SOLD] Douglas Janice A & Douglas Allen M 13311 W Meeker Blvd Sun City West AZ Martin Allen & Douglas J A Trust
128708 [SOLD] Holmes David H 21636 N 155Th Dr Sun City West AZ Crooker Mark
63632 [SOLD] Karnuth Donald E & Karnuth Anita C 14227 W Parkland Dr Sun City West AZ Brady Kevin Q & Barbara E
145239 [SOLD] Kimble Richard D & Kimble Joan D 18435 N 137Th Dr Sun City West AZ Mackowiak Anita F
145902 [SOLD] Kimble Richard D & Kimble Joan D 18435 N 137Th Dr Sun City West AZ Mackowiak Anita F
109784 [SOLD] Nessa Donald A & Hiatt Ardith A 15535 W Sky Hawk Dr Sun City West AZ Von Tersch Timothy
137304 [SOLD] Reynolds Faith O & Reynolds Charles A 19846 N Greenview Dr Sun City West AZ Morrow Jo Ann & John W
131173 [SOLD] Rowan Robert G & Rowan Grace C 12942 W Prospect Dr Sun City West AZ Gonzales Nellie
145899 [SOLD] Travers Patsy R 12519 W Prospect Dr Sun City West AZ Balley Earl P Trust
143658 [SOLD] Doty Quetzal & Doty Sandra L 10401 E Flintlock Dr Sun Lakes AZ Paul Bert Howard & Shery
96332 [SOLD] Hay Darlene A & Hay Robert E 10410 E Chestnut Dr Sun Lakes AZ Jaynes Rodney C
175112 [SOLD] Bower Paul C & Bower Libertie A 17828 W Mariposa Dr Surprise AZ Appolonia Louis E & Chong H
143148 [SOLD] Fultz Nancy Jo 15702 W Cottonwood St Surprise AZ Calabrese Olivia
173567 [SOLD] Stack George A & Stack Raquel C 16774 W Weymouth Rd Surprise AZ Kilwine Phil
62680 [SOLD] Vincent Donald James & Patricia Ann Bb 16234 W Cactus Valley Ln Surprise AZ Harris Janet S
173566 [SOLD] Witt Billy J & Witt Willi 16995 W Windermere Way Surprise AZ Hubbard William
143064 [SOLD] Beagle Margaret M 6820 S Snyder Ln Tempe AZ Nesbitt Ashba N
146398 [SOLD] Duncan Harold E 2121 S Sierra Vista Dr Tempe AZ Mccabe Christopher A & Sarah
62802 [SOLD] Juanita Law & Harelson James E 627 W Manhatton Dr Tempe AZ Harelson James E & J L Trust
135177 [SOLD] Krell Mary C & Snyder Susan J 1932 E La Jolla Dr Tempe AZ Arnone Charles & Brooke
136518 [SOLD] Mccue Monica C & Mccue Michelle J 7411 S Rita Ln Tempe AZ Allan William L & Lanelle
131435 [SOLD] Medeiros Patricia M 2521 E Wesleyan Dr Tempe AZ Federal Natl Mtg Assn
132164 [SOLD] Medeiros Patricia M 2521 E Wesleyan Dr Tempe AZ Federal Natl Mtg Assn
135614 [SOLD] Nicole Rosa Renee & Elley George Dale 1853 E Dava Dr Tempe AZ Elley George Dale / Nicole Rosa Renee
61409 [SOLD] Robinson Christy D & Robinson Zita E 1117 W Carson Dr Tempe AZ Hughes Christopher J & Hannah R
135357 [SOLD] Slifer Gilbert W & Slifer Thelma C 3245 S Lebanon Ln Tempe AZ Stardon Investments Llc
107202 [SOLD] Stanton Jeffrey T 5524 S Waverly Way Tempe AZ Telekey Ii Invs Llc Invs Ll
121003 [SOLD] Galvez Frank F & Galvez Sara P 532 E Mohave Rd Tucson AZ Diamondhead Estates Llc
110234 [SOLD] Strader William R 3150 W Jusnic Cir Tucson AZ Cheng Holdings
120853 [SOLD] Lucile E & Grove Fred H & Grove William R & Grove Lucile E 2809 W Sahara St Tucson AZ Grove William R / Grove Fred H
48784 [SOLD] Petra Maria Q & Quiroga Orlando A 210 W Adams St Tucson AZ Quiroga Orlando A / Petra Maria Q
142882 [SOLD] Gama Maria M & Trujillo Joe M 323 E Mohave Rd Tucson AZ Trujillo Joe M / Gama Maria M
49377 [SOLD] Poirier Daniel Edgar & Poirier Mary Linda 2441 W Kimberley Pl Tucson AZ Valencia Maria T H
853074 [SOLD] Barba Isabel M  1403 W Beacon Ave  Anaheim CA
853497 [SOLD] Gammalo Salvatore Tr  4941 E Holbrook St  Anaheim CA
853498 [SOLD] Gammalo Salvatore Tr  4941 E Holbrook St  Anaheim CA
852484 [SOLD] Lynch Mary Ann  941 N Iroquois Ave  Anaheim CA
853876 [SOLD] Owens Jim C & Carole J  3247 W Faircrest Dr  Anaheim CA
853496 [SOLD] Sanders Gary E & Helen  9622 Guinida Ln  Anaheim CA
853191 [SOLD] Schmitt Rudolph H Tr  515 N Manor St  Anaheim CA
853192 [SOLD] Schmitt Rudolph H Tr  1820 W Westmont Dr  Anaheim CA
853193 [SOLD] Schmitt Rudolph H Tr  520 N Parkwood St  Anaheim CA
853989 [SOLD] Dasilva Jose M & Silvina F Tre, Nunes Mary N  301 W 7Th St  Antioch CA
852785 [SOLD] Grillo Elizabeth M Tre, Meadows Earl P  3112 Mountaire Dr  Antioch CA
854013 [SOLD] Waters Robert R & Carole A  8185 4Th Ave  Blythe CA
854103 [SOLD] Holling Allen L & Shirley Tre  555 Canyonwood Dr  Brentwood CA
854104 [SOLD] Holling Allen L & Shirley Tre  1001 Orchid Dr  Brentwood CA
853636 [SOLD] Samford Lloyd H & Melissa J  1805 Sauternes Ct  Brentwood CA
853657 [SOLD] Joseph Alfred G & Laura Trs & Edmond & Marie M Trs  117 Park Rd  Burlingame CA
853507 [SOLD] Alvarado Edward & Lydia  22917 Serra Dr  Carson CA
853508 [SOLD] Pantaleon Imelda P, Imelda P Pantaleon Trust  18703 Ambler Ave  Carson CA
853509 [SOLD] Pantaleon Imelda P, Pantaleon Trust  24405 Marbella Ave  Carson CA
852506 [SOLD] Taylor Norma C Tr  1845 Anaheim Ave 67  Costa Mesa CA
853513 [SOLD] Trottier Mary Anne Tr  2121 Aster Pl  Costa Mesa CA
853199 [SOLD] Sheridan Stephen R Co Tr, Sheridan Family Trust  4834 Hollow Corner Rd 403  Culver City CA
851768 [SOLD] Ballweber Laverne, Laverne Ballweber Trust  7747 Adwen St  Downey CA
851861 [SOLD] Hoeschen Raoul J, Bixler Sanra  9715 Pomering Rd  Downey CA
851960 [SOLD] Kakuk Steve J & Helen E, Kakuk Trust  11736 Lakewood Blvd  Downey CA
851961 [SOLD] Kakuk Steve J & Helen E, Kakuk Trust  11742 Lakewood Blvd  Downey CA
852368 [SOLD] Doty Charles H & Kathleen E  1104 Coulter Ct  Fairfield CA
852873 [SOLD] Ray Richard & Betty Jean  1725 Catlin Dr  Fairfield CA
852515 [SOLD] Acker David C  18584 Redwood Cir  Fountain Valley CA
853463 [SOLD] Hardesty Richard L & Paula T  17141 Los Robles Cir  Fountain Valley CA
853525 [SOLD] Mcgowan Robert L 2Nd & Dolores Trs  41131 Denise St  Fremont CA
853891 [SOLD] Mcgowan Robert L 2Nd & Dolores Trs  41131 Denise St  Fremont CA
852522 [SOLD] Bauer Edwin J Tr  825 Vista Verde Dr  Fullerton CA
853735 [SOLD] Marino August J Tr, Marino Living Tr  604 S Washington Ave  Fullerton CA
852842 [SOLD] Ferguson Leslie Roy 2Nd & Peggy M  6612 Pickett Ave  Garden Grove CA
852376 [SOLD] Hill Steve & Paula  12051 Loraleen St  Garden Grove CA
852078 [SOLD] Ruppel Jacqueline C Tr  9621 Crosby Ave  Garden Grove CA
852858 [SOLD] Choi Chang W & Nam S  13852 Moonstone Way  Gardena CA
851748 [SOLD] Inabu Thomas T & Chizuko  1646 W 168Th St  Gardena CA
852037 [SOLD] Santiago Manuel & Angelina  15403 S Catalina Ave  Gardena CA
853234 [SOLD] Tate David C, Tate Rodney D  13908 Purche Ave  Gardena CA
851814 [SOLD] Henkel Mary L, Mary L Henkel Trust  23757 Pasatiempo Ln  Harbor City CA
852527 [SOLD] Acevedo Gilbert & Helen  4508 W 142Nd St  Hawthorne CA
853226 [SOLD] Bergersen Bruce A & Karen  5468 W 120Th St  Hawthorne CA
851634 [SOLD] Camorlinga Antonio E & Blanca D  5111 W 139Th St  Hawthorne CA
853485 [SOLD] Allen William W & Jacqueline M Trs  3708 Roxbury Ln  Hayward CA
851636 [SOLD] Peterson Steven & Angela, Peterson Trust  2460 Myrtle Ave  Hermosa Beach CA
851637 [SOLD] Peterson Steven P & Angela A  2432 Silverstrand Ave  Hermosa Beach CA
852019 [SOLD] Schenker Steven V & Christine P  1509 Silver St  Hermosa Beach CA
852546 [SOLD] Aars Mary L, Mary L Aars Trust  3818 Camerino St  Lakewood CA
854079 [SOLD] Macias Robert J & Acela H  5743 Coke Ave  Lakewood CA
852654 [SOLD] Jauker Peter & Bridget, Jauker Family Trust  2028 240Th St  Lomita CA
852033 [SOLD] Bridi George & Anahid, Bridi Family Trust  12521 Nedra Dr  Los Angeles CA
851732 [SOLD] Gan Antonio L & Jessica, Antonio And Jessica Gan Trust  11956 El Oro Way  Los Angeles CA
852390 [SOLD] Goldfarb Anne & Jack  11930 Lawler St  Los Angeles CA
853209 [SOLD] Gross Vivian, S And V Gross Trust  12499 Rubens Ave  Los Angeles CA
851934 [SOLD] Holden Carol W  10866 White Oak Ave  Los Angeles CA
854166 [SOLD] Kligman Irving & Shirley R, Kligman Trust  2012 Hillsboro Ave  Los Angeles CA
851687 [SOLD] Lavette William M & Mary, W And M Lavette Trust  8640 Gulana Ave J1011  Los Angeles CA
853146 [SOLD] Miller Emily K & Nathan  3733 Ocean View Ave  Los Angeles CA
853479 [SOLD] Saks Gerald L & Sue A, Saks Family Trust  7742 Redlands St H3033  Los Angeles CA
852815 [SOLD] Mcelroy Henry J & Leona Tre  711 Shady Glen  Martinez CA
853957 [SOLD] Mun Weiland & Rebecca R  392 Holiday Hills Dr  Martinez CA
852400 [SOLD] Sculley Andrew G Jr & Elaine  260 Briar Dr  Martinez CA
853691 [SOLD] Bornhop Rodney E Jr & Mary Therese  4073 N Ramona St  Orange CA
853690 [SOLD] Martinez Herman Tr  2034 W Orchard Ave  Orange CA
853288 [SOLD] Miscovich John A Tr J A, & M Miscovich Revoc Tr  1093 N Greengrove St  Orange CA
853495 [SOLD] Sanders Gary E & Helen  223 W Walnut Ave  Orange CA
852825 [SOLD] Carlson John D Tr  2412 Berkshire Way  Placentia CA
852044 [SOLD] Corral Victor & Eva L, Corral Family Trust  713 Beryl St  Redondo Beach CA
853587 [SOLD] Miller William & Nelly, Miller Family Trust  2202 Pullman Ln B  Redondo Beach CA
852676 [SOLD] Robinson Ila M, Robinson Trust  838 Avenue C  Redondo Beach CA
854258 [SOLD] Bush Ronald A Tr, Bush Trust  70 Nueva Ave  Redwood City CA
853837 [SOLD] Novik Lillian S Tr, Novik Lillian S Trust  1671 Sierra St  Redwood City CA
851466 [SOLD] Okamura Minoru Tr, Okamura Minoru Trust  216 Kingsford Ln  Redwood City CA
853342 [SOLD] Lang Aileen Living Trust  2841 Murray Ridge Rd  San Diego CA
853319 [SOLD] Obrien Patrick G  15926 Via Marlin  San Lorenzo CA
853831 [SOLD] Gilsdorf Linda Jean Tr, Gilsdorf Linda Jean Trust  87 Lodato Ave  San Mateo CA
853410 [SOLD] Indart John P  479 22Nd Ave  San Mateo CA
853411 [SOLD] Indart John P  310 E 40Th Ave  San Mateo CA
853736 [SOLD] Marino August J Tr Et Al, Marino Mae M  1058 Bermuda Dr  San Mateo CA
852449 [SOLD] Brown George H Tr  1122 W St Gertrude Pl  Santa Ana CA
854140 [SOLD] Castrejon Felix, Gonzalez Edith  2960 Bradford Pl E  Santa Ana CA
853835 [SOLD] De Godfrey Rosalia Quintana  1011 Westwood Ave  Santa Ana CA
852096 [SOLD] Dean Warren C Jr & Susan M  10501 Easter Hill Dr  Santa Ana CA
852321 [SOLD] Sheeter Gerald A & Rebecca J  1014 W Santa Clara Ave  Santa Ana CA
852026 [SOLD] Guegel Sandra K Tr  148 College Park Dr  Seal Beach CA
852906 [SOLD] Asato Noboru, Asato Linda H  22715 Eriel Ave  Torrance CA
854091 [SOLD] Jett Raymond R & Mary A  3905 W 187Th St  Torrance CA
851971 [SOLD] Larson Axel R & Phyllis A, Larson Trust  4527 Halison St  Torrance CA
852724 [SOLD] Rockwood Norma L, Lippert Nancy  4702 W Carson St  Torrance CA
853260 [SOLD] Salmen Frederick & Jeanne, Salmen Trust  252 Via Buena Ventura  Torrance CA
852046 [SOLD] Sawin Sidney O & Linda L, S And L Sawin Trust  390 Palos Verdes Blvd  Torrance CA
852045 [SOLD] Sawin Sidney O & Linda, Sidney And Linda Sawin Trust  640 Calle Miramar  Torrance CA
853892 [SOLD] Semark Edward & Sandra  17645 Cranbrook Ave  Torrance CA
851991 [SOLD] Williams Roger E & Phyllis, Williams Family Trust  5128 Emerald St  Torrance CA
853302 [SOLD] Moore Joyce A Tr  1188 E 1St St  Tustin CA
853128 [SOLD] Tobon Luis Marvin  13561 Dean St  Tustin CA
852472 [SOLD] Caliz Pamela S & Hector M  137 Lexington Ct  Vacaville CA
851614 [SOLD] Mendez Terry A & Patricia A  1126 Cinnabar Way  Vacaville CA
853973 [SOLD] Simoni Ronda B  125 White Sands Dr  Vacaville CA
851852 [SOLD] Terry Jackson D & Elizabeth  1655 California Dr  Vacaville CA
9283 [SOLD] Kondro Bernice L Bernice L Kondro Trust Vic Hubbard Rd/Bahmer Ra Acton CA Lee David D (Te) / Byong Wha E (Te)
19639 [SOLD] Kerr Richard 1420 Mountain Springs Rd Acton CA Medina Jesus
8455 [SOLD] Brown Alvin L 45285 Highway 371 Aguanga CA Martin Teri L B
852797 [SOLD] Lynn Genevieve R Tr  1 Redondo Ct Alameda CA Austin Barbara
852952 [SOLD] Monsef Hadi  333 Laguna Vis Alameda CA Hadi Monsef
12367 [SOLD] Roubos Frederick D & Adriana Trs 717 Haight Ave Alameda CA Haight Avenue Properties Llc
2643 [SOLD] Kriss Mary J 1531 SHERMAN ST ALAMEDA CA Van Selow Jonathan C / Reenvision Real Estate Llc
2685 [SOLD] Mattson Edwin T Tr 1001 SHORE LINE DR 106 ALAMEDA CA Weberaw Llc
2679 [SOLD] Lee Herbert R Tr 3112 EL PASEO ALAMEDA CA Acay Marjorie & Eric J
2677 [SOLD] Rudge Mary R Tr 532 HAIGHT AVE ALAMEDA CA Baldi Kyle / Molina Lani
2559 [SOLD] Spingola Salvatore A & Betty A Trs 1353 EASTSHORE DR ALAMEDA CA Bucholz Nathan & Anna
18973 [SOLD] Maslonkowski Irene A Trust & Cappa Paul F 313 Spruce St Alameda CA Cappa Paul F Living Trust
2681 [SOLD] Landis Kathleen R & Thompson Thomas E 1125 BISMARCK LN ALAMEDA CA Choi Dae Y / Yun Yeon
9473 [SOLD] Foe Beverly M & Davis Courtenay Trs 1106 Bay St Alameda CA Davis Courtenay
23741 [SOLD] Dorough Diana G 1919 ALAMEDA AVE ALAMEDA CA Desruisseaux George L & Ellen J K
15337 [SOLD] Owen Joseph A & John A Trs 1727 Encinal Ave Alameda CA Dunn Chris E & Amy R
456837 [SOLD] Lawson Diane W & James R Trs 452 Centre Ct Alameda CA Goldman Doris S Trust
2688 [SOLD] Huddleson Jacqueline C Tr 9 PALM BEACH LN ALAMEDA CA Haas Christopher P & Julie A
103217 [SOLD] Gaul Ray A Tr 1813 High St Alameda CA Haleynelson Margaret & Chelsea / Haley Dan
2607 [SOLD] Coustier Florence L Tr 2105 PACIFIC AVE ALAMEDA CA Lachelt Russell D 2005 Trust
12366 [SOLD] Roubos Frederick D & Adriana Trs 1544 Sherman St Alameda CA Levenson Carole S Trust
25525 [SOLD] Ice Richard E Tr 107 Anderson Rd Alameda CA Lu Kun / Baker Kevin P
2562 [SOLD] Kennedy Mary M Tr 1622 VERSAILLES AVE ALAMEDA CA Mall Blane M / Mooney Deirdre
23254 [SOLD] NELSON ROBERT W & RHEA C TRS 1170 PARK AVE ALAMEDA CA Mclens John P / Nelson Dana R
23255 [SOLD] NELSON ROBERT W & RHEA C TRS 1170 PARK AVE ALAMEDA CA Mclens John P / Nelson Dana R
2639 [SOLD] Dutra Victoria M & Morris Jeanne 921 UNION ST ALAMEDA CA Morris Jeanne
463094 [SOLD] Crowley Kenneth G & Josephine M Trs 910 Regent St Alameda CA Nelson Patricia L
102820 [SOLD] Trombetta Denisia G Tr 2809 Bayview Dr Alameda CA Picetti Denise
12368 [SOLD] Roubos Frederick D & Adriana Trs 958 Park St Alameda CA Shih Of Wang Family Trust
2687 [SOLD] Mayer Frederick C Tr 146 PURCELL DR ALAMEDA CA Spiteri Benjamin
2640 [SOLD] Suba Dominador T Tr 1620 BUENA VISTA AVE ALAMEDA CA Stonebloom Solomon / Chen Ingrid
2689 [SOLD] Shepherd Patricia A Tr 43 SHEPARDSON LN ALAMEDA CA Sytsma Evans Living Trust
2682 [SOLD] Keitges John C Tr 3211 FIR AVE ALAMEDA CA Tatco Maricel L
2684 [SOLD] Doan Thomas W & Benone John Heirs Of Estate 2917 WATERTON ST ALAMEDA CA Wong Matthew W & Julie V
455099 [SOLD] Coffer Forrest W Tr 1157 Admiralty Ln Alameda CA Yeh Tak W / Ren Jing
806961 [SOLD] Alcontin Aurelia Tr & Alcontin Josefa Tr Etal 1825 Everett St Alameda CA Small Steven P
1167377 [SOLD] Couch Joe H Te & Couch Jo B (Te) & Bowen Katherine Te 359 Robert Louis Stevenson Ave Alameda CA Bowen Katherine / Couch Joe H
799820 [SOLD] Eltringham Norman P & Edna L 470 Cola Ballena E Alameda CA Dutra Donald L (Te) / Parker Andrea L (Te)
805012 [SOLD] George William F & Judith A 1207 Union St Alameda CA Nationwide Lending Partners In
1095110 [SOLD] Monk Lewis H 420 Sand Beach Rd Alameda CA Hanson Janice K
795812 [SOLD] Navas John T Tr 2807 Marina Dr Alameda CA Fisher Adam C & Kirsten A / Fisher J H & J Y Living Trust
17076 [SOLD] Velasco Margaret M R D And M M Velasco Trust 1108 S Valencia St Alhambra CA Kwan Steven M / Ma Vivian
18233 [SOLD] Mcdonagh Michael T Co Tr Mcdonagh Family Trust 2311 W Grand Ave Alhambra CA Rubino John J Jr & Noreen M
803632 [SOLD] Philpott Bruce W, Bruce W Philpott Trust 300 N Primrose Ave Alhambra CA Sturgeon Kelly J
801810 [SOLD] Bria Jimmie & Robert T 1824 S Valencia St Alhambra CA Next Level Property Investment
17757 [SOLD] Klingenhofer Henry W & Mary E Marital One Trust 2840 Olive View Rd Alpine CA Knight Family Trust
7204 [SOLD] Lombardero David A 430 DEVONWOOD RD ALTADENA CA Dash Sean C & Michelle A
451784 [SOLD] Rodstrom Mildred E & Mildred E Rodstrom Trust 1940 Skyview Dr Altadena CA Dassimon Inc
452634 [SOLD] Harder Robert L & Arlene F 2522 Boulder Rd Altadena CA Rich Patricia D Trust
1087734 [SOLD] Lilly Frederick J & Frederick J Lilly Family Trust 928 Shelly St Altadena CA Bernath Daniel A
463737 [SOLD] Biebelberg Warren P Tr 1192 N Dresden St 43 Anaheim CA
800437 [SOLD] Casey Marguerite K Tr 705 S Janss St Anaheim CA Pinto Franklin & Carla
104344 [SOLD] Caudillo Margarita B Tr 615 S Bronwyn Dr Anaheim CA Han Kwangsik
5504 [SOLD] Coffman Edith May Tr 406 N REDROCK ST ANAHEIM CA Van Buskirk Patricia A & William R
2656 [SOLD] Conner Katherine M Tr 1215 N HOLLY ST ANAHEIM CA Varela Roberto & Laura
102544 [SOLD] Cowser Everett Brant Tr 1148 W Park Ave Anaheim CA Roberts Ricki L
4845 [SOLD] Dahl Henry S & Dorothy P 716 N WESTWOOD PL ANAHEIM CA Anderson Wynn W Trust / Ehrke John C Trust
17572 [SOLD] Duquette Martha G Tr 5504 E Vista Del Rio Anaheim CA Mcguffin Ryan W & Courtney A
458932 [SOLD] Ehrlich Ann Tr 1304 W Laster Ave Anaheim CA Yager Robert & Leslie
17786 [SOLD] Forsyth Mary F Tr 3138 W Del Monte Dr Anaheim CA Phan Chanh T
23145 [SOLD] GONZALES RACHEL N 10781 HARCOURT AVE ANAHEIM CA Lamas Barbara C / Ontiveros Ray G
23156 [SOLD] GONZALES RACHEL N 10942 HARCOURT AVE ANAHEIM CA Lamas Barbara C / Ontiveros Ray G
463501 [SOLD] Henderson Louie V Tr 1427 W Damon Ave Anaheim CA Gutierrez Lucio M / Diaz Jennifer
461423 [SOLD] Holloway Dan Tr 4361 E Valley Gate Dr Anaheim CA Rach John / Kushner Marcia
801899 [SOLD] Hoover Esther K Tr 2421 W Greenacre Ave Anaheim CA Corona Justin M / Sandoval Marisela E
454812 [SOLD] Jennie Winifred Vellotti Trustee 1919 W Coronet Ave 152 Anaheim CA Burtner
26707 [SOLD] Kirby Sterling & Edna 1400 S Sunkist St Anaheim CA Sunkist Gardens Llc
104157 [SOLD] Knipp Nancy A Tr 635 S Gilbuck Dr Anaheim CA Terry Christopher J
3686 [SOLD] Lutman Charles A Jr 9691 BANTA AVE ANAHEIM CA Chen David & Wendy
1092578 [SOLD] Montoya Rose E 783 S Camino Grande #6 Anaheim CA Hernandez Charles A & Abigel M
18267 [SOLD] Nakawatase-Rivas Michiko Tr Nakawatase-Rivas Living Tr 620 S Marjan St Anaheim CA Rivas Ricardo N
5508 [SOLD] Nowak Alexander J Tr 433 N RONI LN ANAHEIM CA Mejia Daniel / Hsu Wendy
4964 [SOLD] Perez Margaret J Tr 1161 N CROWN ST ANAHEIM CA Lara Jose & Martina
8271 [SOLD] Ruckert Patricia Lee 1089 S DAYBREAK CT ANAHEIM CA Dancey Dawn M / Dancey Timothy J
457896 [SOLD] Rudolph Gary Dean & Kathy Jo 602 S Sherrill St Anaheim CA Perez Gustavo E
798819 [SOLD] Sakioka Sidney L 2578 W Rome Ave Anaheim CA Tran Tom
1086438 [SOLD] Schafer Henry Nicholas Tr 1780 W Orange Ave Anaheim CA Grierson Raphael F Jr & Elizabeth
26667 [SOLD] Takai Donald T Tr 3174 W Rome Ave Anaheim CA Inagi Julianne
103291 [SOLD] Webber Teresa L Tr  Robert Dean Stuflick Trust 1544 W Edithia Ave Anaheim CA Estigoy Alann C / Cayton Victoria
454027 [SOLD] Webster Megan E & Frederic A 5815 E La Palma Ave Anaheim CA Pietrock Pam
10706 [SOLD] Wells David M 1201 W North St Anaheim CA Tesoriero Sergio & Gabriela / Tesoriero Asiel
453324 [SOLD] West Sandra M 10902 Garza St Anaheim CA De La Cruz Alfred
13187 [SOLD] White Helen E Tr 1232 E South St Anaheim CA Alexander Marianne
453923 [SOLD] Wise Leroy & Gladys A 2221 S Atlanta St Anaheim CA Gladys Arlene Wise Estate Plan Trust
8230 [SOLD] Young Donald E & Mary Ann 235 S BEACH BLVD ANAHEIM CA Martinez Lisa A / Martinez Richard A
15348 [SOLD] Ambrulevich Joseph D & B T Tre 3145 G St Antioch CA Angers Glenn W
15349 [SOLD] Ambrulevich Joseph D & B T Tre 3400 Blythe Dr Antioch CA Angers Glenn W
2621 [SOLD] Buffo Woodrow W Sr Tre 2808 EL REY ST ANTIOCH CA Singh Amandeep
797266 [SOLD] Ebel Iris D Tre 1303 B St Antioch CA Lemberger Philip J
1086183 [SOLD] Farias Bonnie E 1706 Taft Ct Antioch CA Lajeunesse Evelyn J / Coats Nancy Y
2083 [SOLD] Faulkner Thomas R 2811 ALMONDRIDGE DR ANTIOCH CA Mendoza Sergio E
459311 [SOLD] Fitzgerald Beulah L Tre 3047 Greenhall Way Antioch CA Venegas-Maciel Jesus
459422 [SOLD] Fitzgerald Beulah L Tre 3047 Greenhall Way Antioch CA Venegas-Maciel Jesus
9664 [SOLD] Fong Calvin & Luisa 3900 Cobblestone Dr Antioch CA Mcknight Julie
796863 [SOLD] Gallegos Hazel M Tre 1401 St Frances Dr Antioch CA Velasco Carlos
451993 [SOLD] George Cornelia A Tre 2316 Lafayette Dr Antioch CA Guyton Benjamin
1088552 [SOLD] Greenhouse Alex G & Eva C Tre 1401 Poppy Way Antioch CA Shaffer Sofia R
1088330 [SOLD] Hughes George T Tre 3310 G St Antioch CA Bay Area Metro Investments Inc
2627 [SOLD] Isenbarger Forest M & Lucille 113 CLEARBROOK RD ANTIOCH CA Matteson Nicholas R / Wang Nazz
2759 [SOLD] Jordan Shirley Tre 2005 SAN JOSE DR #127 ANTIOCH CA Korkut Cemale O
463138 [SOLD] Lamendola Michael A & D J Tre 1204 Marcus Ct Antioch CA Phoenix Living Trust
454502 [SOLD] Lent Susan M Tre 3021 Greenhall Way Antioch CA Walker Andrew & Sarah
456254 [SOLD] Lent Susan M Tre 3021 Greenhall Way Antioch CA Walker Andrew & Sarah
451855 [SOLD] Marques Doris A & Clites Phyllis 1319 August Way Antioch CA Misquez Antonio F
463899 [SOLD] Noon Reginald J & Ramona L Tre 331 W Madill St Antioch CA Dodd Family Trust
15628 [SOLD] Paulovic Julia Tre 58 Leo Ln Antioch CA Annuzzi Lylian / Blanco Juana Ines
2078 [SOLD] Rogalsky Henry D 1649 SOMERSET PL ANTIOCH CA Federal Natl Mtg Assn Fnma
2626 [SOLD] Rooney Henry J & Blanche U 3419 CAMBY RD ANTIOCH CA Carranza Emigdio F Jr / Carranza Hilda & Emigdio G Sr
2497 [SOLD] Ross Roderic D & Marian Tre 5 ALHAMBRA CT ANTIOCH CA Salvador Gilmar R
453644 [SOLD] Shepard Jack R Tre 34 W 16Th St Antioch CA Wilcox William / Mccraney Stacy
25678 [SOLD] Skinner Jimmie & Georgia Tre 2712 Cortez Ct Antioch CA Doan Hanh M
2615 [SOLD] Steele Natalie H Tre 2720 BAUTISTA ST ANTIOCH CA Li Jian F / Kuang Hui Q
451598 [SOLD] Storey Douglas J Tre 1525 Lipton St Antioch CA Martin Kelli U F & James
18599 [SOLD] Turnage Nina Tre 1930 Glenwood Dr Antioch CA Valencia Armando A
2077 [SOLD] Wecker David D 1728 SOMERSET PL ANTIOCH CA Purifoy Charise
7175 [SOLD] Miller Elizabeth L Elizabeth L Miller Trust 1311 OAK MEADOW RD ARCADIA CA 1311 Oak Grove Road Llc
459899 [SOLD] Kimball Hugh R & Hugh R Kimball Trust 136 Loralyn Dr Arcadia CA Run Group Llc
102940 [SOLD] Lindsey Patricia F   Patricia F Lindsey Trust 2432 S 6Th Ave Arcadia CA Bodkin Family Trust
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Joyce Ly & Ly Joyce S Te & Joyce Don & Ly Don L Te 347 California St Arcadia CA Ly Don L (Te) / Ly Joyce S (Te)
457750 [SOLD] Thompson Martha T & Martha T Thompson Trust 1943 Wilson Ave Arcadia CA Truong Thanh C & Hong Z
456147 [SOLD] Morgan Joan G & Joan G Morgan Trust 1000 W Huntington Dr D Arcadia CA Wei Kai M & May L
70 [SOLD] Heiss Martin H & Georgia A 2335 PALM AVE ATWATER CA Miller Anita
3945 [SOLD] Martin Annie J 3183 BEECH DR ATWATER CA Zamarripa Rayce M
4390 [SOLD] Pereira Tim & Mello Mary Rose 3126 STATION AVE ATWATER CA Mello Maria R
54 [SOLD] Pickney Leroy 1270 BELLEVUE RD ATWATER CA Cupa Rodrigo C
2327 [SOLD] Sarkesian Edward & Christine E 1705 N BUHACH RD ATWATER CA Cheng Sung Kuo Dbp Of Tr & Trust
25745 [SOLD] Belden Richard & Dione Trustees 39855 Jose Basin Rd Auberry CA Hight Linnaia J
16201 [SOLD] Sarkisian Lee Trustee 41798 Marmot Ln Auberry CA Crownover Cindy R
16666 [SOLD] Supernaw Louise Revocable Trust 220 E Monterey St Avenal CA Bernal Ignacio & Mayela
24312 [SOLD] Woolley William L & Glenda R 316 E ALPINE ST AVENAL CA Robnett-Woolley Living Trust
24313 [SOLD] Woolley William L & Glenda R 316 E ALPINE ST AVENAL CA Robnett-Woolley Living Trust
103783 [SOLD] Grebing Mildred N   Mildred N Grebing Trust 1014 N Enid Ave Azusa CA Bowers Virginia A & Gerald D
17257 [SOLD] Aginiga Enrique Acosta Maria G 306 N Soldano Ave Azusa CA Du Julie
12080 [SOLD] Sanchez Fidel Fidel Sanchez Trust 341 S Angeleno Ave Azusa CA Foley Brian J & Katrina A
458296 [SOLD] Miller Morris M & Morris M Miller Trust 1336 N Tam O Shanter Dr Azusa CA Travis Carl W & Therese M
8031 [SOLD] Amaya Ernesto & Ana 4024 BIG DALTON AVE BALDWIN PARK CA Garcia Guillermo & Margarita
453975 [SOLD] Jayme Gladys M 3800 W Wilson St #35 Banning CA Antista Timothy C & Cecilia L
21414 [SOLD] Havacko Stephen 1613 Fairway Oaks Ave Banning CA Delis Arthur & Diane Trust
19703 [SOLD] Norton Richard A 5384 Breckenridge Ave Banning CA Eichel George N & Irene
804289 [SOLD] Irwin Vern F & Della M 5340 W Pinehurst Dr Banning CA Grinceri Grace
457184 [SOLD] Fawcett Marion C 4881 Rolling Hills Ave Banning CA Herring Family Trust
464204 [SOLD] Waugaman Leroy G & Waugaman Dorothy E 1333 Allin Ln Banning CA Hollabaugh Warren R & Johanna N
452261 [SOLD] Brown Bobby D & Elena C 760 W Williams St Banning CA Hoxie Gordon B
21647 [SOLD] Filas Allan H & Teresa 1091 Cypress Point Dr Banning CA Hud-Housing Of Urban Dev
6948 [SOLD] Jones Lawrence W & Freida B 286 S 23RD ST BANNING CA Jacobs Jeanell L
803486 [SOLD] Wilson Yolanda O 1241 Fairway Oaks Ave Banning CA Jordan Susan M
9654 [SOLD] Walling Byrna Deane 2874 Summer Set Cir Banning CA Mitchell Teresa L
6001 [SOLD] Woods Anne G 6287 TUCKAWAY AVE BANNING CA Munson Pamela D
26748 [SOLD] Curtis Carl Harold 706 W Nicolet St Banning CA Saule Carol
5998 [SOLD] Nyswonger Marvin W 5055 W OLYMPIC AVE BANNING CA Wilson Lucille S Living Trust
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Mclean Paula L 1158 Oregon Trl Banning CA Zhang Yizhi / Wang Guoling
1166356 [SOLD] Pace Emma Carmella 1509 Archer Ave Banning CA Dishman Bennie L
1094280 [SOLD] Stoltman Dorothy J & Szynkowski Julia M 150 N Woodland Ave Banning CA Szynkowski Julia M / Stoltman Dorothy J
12128 [SOLD] Salinas William & Donicia Frances 1207 Palm Ave Beaumont CA Flores Jose M / Ramsey Allyson M
103619 [SOLD] Aulwes Bonnie Guzman Rene D 1143 Polyanthus Ln Beaumont CA Guzman Korrie Family Trust
15875 [SOLD] Marks Kenneth A & Pearl E 40815 Oregon Trl Beaumont CA Hartmann William R & Maureen D
5890 [SOLD] Campbell William Estate Of 1109 HIGHLAND CT BEAUMONT CA Hem Paul / Heng Sokthavy
26811 [SOLD] Mcelroy Fred E Gier Annette 1459 Sundance Dr Beaumont CA Josker Angelena
17931 [SOLD] Nelson Mary V 649 Chestnut Ave Beaumont CA Mendoza Anthony
11979 [SOLD] Nuss Eva 1156 Edgar Ave Beaumont CA Rodriguez Jose I O / Alvarez Maria D G
21605 [SOLD] Bender Deborra J Tarr Sylvia A 1672 Scottsdale Rd Beaumont CA Shinn Dennis M & Pearl G
801367 [SOLD] Wickham June Laverne 40912 Cheyenne Trl Beaumont CA Welker Dale A / Stevens Rachelle E W
21219 [SOLD] Lindsay Shelva G 613 Cypress St Beaumont CA Ziino Jannifer M
19704 [SOLD] Norton Richard A 671 E 3Rd St #C1 Beaumont CA Metzger Andre G
1085206 [SOLD] Cantrell Oliver & Jessie & O W And J I Cantrell Trust 10402 Faywood St Bellflower CA Singh Harbinder R & Marcela
20463 [SOLD] Christensen Robert R 10236 Muroc St Bellflower CA Lay K & Ly N K 1999 Living Trust
805731 [SOLD] Day Alpha L, Alpha L Day Trust 9641 Walnut St Bellflower CA Quicano Adriana / Pineda Norma L
7377 [SOLD] Hall Benjamin R Abd Bonnie L Hall Family Trust 9111 ALGEROMA ST BELLFLOWER CA Champion Mtg
453248 [SOLD] Kline Gordon J & Jeanette 10276 Destino St Bellflower CA Flietstra Darren J & Marybeth L
800029 [SOLD] Kroese Johanna, Johanna Kroese Trust 10509 Acoro St Bellflower CA Struiksma Brett / Struiksma Shea
26398 [SOLD] Raleigh Dorothy M Raleigh Family Trust 13729 Ardis Ave Bellflower CA Robles Maribel
26399 [SOLD] Ray Marie A B And M Ray Trust 13910 Faust Ave Bellflower CA Larsen Aaron / Larsen Wesley J
14291 [SOLD] Tippett Jerry W & Ramona J Tippett Family Trust 9241 Cedar St Bellflower CA Luna Hugo P
17827 [SOLD] Welty Mary J Welty Trust 10303 Faywood St Bellflower CA Parker Demetrius / Moore-Parker Yvonne M
21509 [SOLD] Babaian Sultana Babaian Family Trust 116 N Swall Dr 302 Beverly Hills CA Hong Thomas & Paulin
6173 [SOLD] Biren John & Deena Biren Family Trust 211 S SPALDING DR 303 BEVERLY HILLS CA
1092285 [SOLD] Koran Frank (Te) & Koran Pearl (Te) & Pearl Frank & Pearl Koran 1608 San Ysidro Dr Beverly Hills CA Godwin Marsha L
18962 [SOLD] Roth Paul Paul Roth Trust 431 S Clark Dr Beverly Hills CA Borenstein Henry
18959 [SOLD] Roth Paul Paul Roth Trust 212 S Maple Dr Beverly Hills CA Walsh Eileen
1101544 [SOLD] S Safaradi & Safaradi Shahin Te & I & Safaradi Ismael Te 2141 Trently Ln Beverly Hills CA Safaradi Ismael (Te) / Safaradi Shahin (Te)
17812 [SOLD] Cox Mary Jane 15480 16Th Ave Blythe CA Cormell Leland T Jr & Devonda M
17811 [SOLD] Cox Mary Jane 1020 N Lovekin Blvd #40 Blythe CA Johnson Richard E & Adrianna M
454494 [SOLD] Damien Ruby Ruth 130 E Juniper Trl Blythe CA Henderson Gigi M
1165368 [SOLD] Dusky Sean & Bearbower Anita 2354 Florence Blvd Blythe CA Bearbower Anita / Dusky Sean
8034 [SOLD] Guilin Lydia 373 N 2ND ST BLYTHE CA Enayati Rebecca / Guillin Salvador & Leticia
464026 [SOLD] Gault Pernell J Tr 751 Archwood Ave Brea CA Gatica Patricia C
21851 [SOLD] Smoot Susan & Thomas 439 Sievers Ave Brea CA Christensen Kirstin D & Teryll A / Christense Terylla
13916 [SOLD] Sterling James F Tr 103 S Poplar Ave 42 Brea CA
805023 [SOLD] Weilenman James A Tr 215 Camphor Cir Brea CA Mooschekian J Terrence
806719 [SOLD] Weilenman James A Tr 215 Camphor Cir Brea CA Mooschekian J Terrence
459 [SOLD] Arata A Gene Tre 2940 CONCORD AVE BRENTWOOD CA Wolfe P A & J S Family Trust / Arata M T & J L Living Trust
479 [SOLD] Bacciocco Thomas D & Vicki E 980 JERICHO CT BRENTWOOD CA Henry Joshua M
461171 [SOLD] Barone Carol Ann Tre 391 Earlham Way Brentwood CA Alfano Lynne A
462711 [SOLD] Birchfield Ralph E & Riemenschneider Dineen A 248 Broderick Dr Brentwood CA Riemenschneider Dineen A
103029 [SOLD] Block David A & Debra V Tre 1841 Barolo Ct Brentwood CA Franklin W E & P M Trust
9702 [SOLD] Colombo Carl J Tre 654 Prince Albert Way Brentwood CA Lowy Family Trust
984 [SOLD] Covaia Alfred Tre 381 GRAVENSTEIN TER BRENTWOOD CA Wolff Larry L & Arden D Trust
11347 [SOLD] Eckrote Earle L 1314 Bonum Way Brentwood CA Hunt Barbara
19779 [SOLD] Eichner Richard Henry 1270 Fairview Ave Brentwood CA Bigotti Marcello & Shirley
486 [SOLD] Favalora Gus A & Marian P Tre 321 UPTON PYNE DR BRENTWOOD CA Bidowski Lisa
21197 [SOLD] Haworth Marvin H & Sharon L 2040 Great Meadow Ln Brentwood CA Inman Living 1995 Trust
755 [SOLD] Horton Paul & Virginia M Tre 1691 EDEN PLAINS RD BRENTWOOD CA Orozco Diane
22725 [SOLD] Iwamoto William T Tre 375 Winesap Dr Brentwood CA Frumenti Christopher S Trust
463643 [SOLD] Kavanaugh Kristina 873 Larkspur Ln Brentwood CA Haymond Jaime M
24701 [SOLD] Mcgrath Ethel Anne Tre 470 WINESAP DR BRENTWOOD CA Mcnamee Jean
452116 [SOLD] Olsen Audrey E 1871 Jubilee Dr Brentwood CA Thompson Roger K & Maureen P
988 [SOLD] Pacheco Frank & Lorraine R 60 WINESAP DR BRENTWOOD CA Haavisto Theodore U Jr & Nora L
454166 [SOLD] Palomar James Vincent 1725 Ethan Allen Dr Brentwood CA Bush Bruce & Gayle
9645 [SOLD] Roofe Bryan L Tre 522 2Nd St Brentwood CA Dejesus Anthony N
452371 [SOLD] Scarfo Rilda M Tre 412 Pippo Ave Brentwood CA Arteaga Family Trust
452372 [SOLD] Scarfo Rilda M Tre 895 Fieldstone Ct Brentwood CA Rincon Shiran & Adrian
21290 [SOLD] Shiroyama Shizuko Tre 360 Dante Ct Brentwood CA Dutra Edward M & Margie A
451596 [SOLD] Storey Douglas J & Titone Joseph N 858 Dainty Ave Brentwood CA Titone Joseph N & Ann S
451597 [SOLD] Storey Douglas J Tre 1918 Las Montanas Ct Brentwood CA Titone Ann S & Joseph N
485 [SOLD] Visconti Joseph & Diana 1660 KENT DR BRENTWOOD CA Vance Philip A & Kathryn A
959 [SOLD] Workman Quanah K Tre 2064 HEARTLAND CT BRENTWOOD CA Arteaga Family Trust
10079 [SOLD] Wright George M & Charlotte M Marsh Creek Rd Brentwood CA East Bay Regional Park Dist
25197 [SOLD] Baker Sarena M Tr 8238 BALDWIN CIR BUENA PARK CA Koch Susan A & Franz E
800509 [SOLD] Galas Alexander Tr 5927 Los Angeles Way Buena Park CA Ausilio Patricia
17556 [SOLD] Hank Marsha L Tr Hank Tr 7525 El Escorial Way Buena Park CA Rhey Timothy C & Maria I
20643 [SOLD] Marsh Ronald D & Gloria 8025 Canterbury Way Buena Park CA Kaur Ranjeet
10020 [SOLD] Martin Charles M Tr 2012 Tr 6912 San Adriano Way Buena Park CA Mendez Lucia Living Trust
20415 [SOLD] Miller Robert Lee & Tammy Lynn 7480 El Cortez Cir Buena Park CA Oaktree Invs Llc
102452 [SOLD] Reilly Joan T Tr 5541 Rockledge Dr Buena Park CA Tabello Omar
3808 [SOLD] Thompson Russell C 7621 EL CANEY DR BUENA PARK CA Pakula Lukasz & Rachel
3778 [SOLD] Trible Sharon L Tr 10365 DIANE AVE BUENA PARK CA Kim Young C / Choi Yeon H
4775 [SOLD] Hudson Betty L Betty L Hudson Trust 1333 N PASS AVE BURBANK CA Pass Avenue Llc
102713 [SOLD] Needham Hal & Ellyn 151 N Beachwood Dr Burbank CA Brown Barbara (Te) / Brown Ray (Te) / Brown Trust
26433 [SOLD] Moffitt Virginia E Moffitt And Baldwin Trust 2045 N Buena Vista St Burbank CA Gentile Richard P / Powell Tiffney L
4772 [SOLD] Schlupp Hazel A Hazel A Schlupp Trust 2300 N KEYSTONE ST BURBANK CA Gonzalez Mary A Living Trust
21222 [SOLD] Lannen Sheridan C Sheridan C Lannen Trust 3200 W Riverside Dr F Burbank CA Hammel Janne K
4755 [SOLD] Hanson Shirley Shirley Hanson Trust 440 ANDOVER DR BURBANK CA Hawa Tarik K / Vargas Diana E
9282 [SOLD] Kondro Bernice L Bernice L Kondro Trust 419 Cambridge Dr Burbank CA Kim Karen W & Princeton H
4777 [SOLD] Pastor Cozette V 1118 N CATALINA ST BURBANK CA Lao Grant C & Kristin M E
21830 [SOLD] Medley Thomas J Tom Medley Trust 3316 W Verdugo Ave Burbank CA Long Patrick / Long Kevin
23930 [SOLD] Kelly Gloria J Kelly John E 230 BETHANY RD 334 BURBANK CA Macdonald Doug P & Eva
17022 [SOLD] Rudas Margaret Margaret Rudas Trust 316 S Beachwood Dr Burbank CA Quinn Timothy F & Gloria T
4766 [SOLD] Zwicker Keith M Keith M Zwicker Trust 1904 N NIAGARA ST BURBANK CA Stephenson Terence / Lopez Lorencita
4763 [SOLD] Sokol Eva M Smith Patricia A 1225 N LAMER ST BURBANK CA Young Sharon / Smith Patricia Ann
4756 [SOLD] Finance Maria M Tr Finance Family Trust 300 BETHANY RD A BURBANK CA Zohrabyan Vanik / Aghazaryan Armine
8430 [SOLD] Dossin Allison F Allison F Dossin Trust 2428 N Orchard Dr Burbank CA Zoradi Mark & Cathy 1996 Trust / Rush Blaine & Kathleen
13193 [SOLD] Crom Howard R Tr Crom Helen H Tr 2812 Mariposa Dr Burlingame CA Fung Lai K / Li Yingying
22970 [SOLD] Kapkin Albert & Santina Trs 110 Park Rd Burlingame CA Collis Beatrice / Zakula Millie
3347 [SOLD] Lowenstein Margit Tr Et Al Arjm Llc 345 LORTON AVE #303 BURLINGAME CA Hillair Properties Llc
461456 [SOLD] Mainini John L Tr 937 Larkspur Dr Burlingame CA Mctigue Casey J / Shmygol Tatyana A
14045 [SOLD] Mannion James T 33 Park Rd #5 Burlingame CA Wong Cindy W
464504 [SOLD] Olwell Quentin M & Linda M Trs 1122 Cambridge Rd Burlingame CA Mccrea Janet O
1254 [SOLD] Rickson Edmund W Tr Rickson Elaine L Tr 197 LOS ROBLES DR BURLINGAME CA Alhorn William & Vivian
803458 [SOLD] Strauss Gerald H Tr, Strauss Gerald H Trust 525 Almer Rd Burlingame CA Henig Dan A / Rice Jamie
1087119 [SOLD] Wedel Joy M Tr & Wedel Joy M Trust 1739 Sequoia Ave Burlingame CA Macdonald Laurene M / Rally Tami
23530 [SOLD] Weiner Jon & Gerald H 1515 FLORIBUNDA AVE BURLINGAME CA Bertram Joanne G / Bertram Trust
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Klok Louis J & Rose Vic 178 Ste/Ave K13 Butte Valley CA Falkenstrom Erik & Kellee
5379 [SOLD] Lebeuf Margaret E VIC AVE I/250 STE BUTTE VALLEY CA Taylor David M / Taylor Robin L
5382 [SOLD] Palmer Donald G & Betty M VIC LARGO VISTA RD/AVE L BUTTE VALLEY CA Taylor David M / Taylor Robin L
17119 [SOLD] Watt Robert & Marguerite Watt Family Trust Vic Ave I12/211 Ste Butte Valley CA Taylor David M / Taylor Robin L
797751 [SOLD] Reich Wilson D Co Tr, Fucci Michael L 175Th Ste/Vic Ave H12 Butte Valley CA Taylor David M / Taylor Robin L
796880 [SOLD] Hirose William Y & May B Vic Ave L14/215 Ste Butte Valley CA Taylor David M / Taylor Robin L
9280 [SOLD] Webber Charles & Bernice 43993 Pine Flat Dr California Hot Springs CA Austin Patrick
1091789 [SOLD] Graham Dana & Rector Diana & Palmer Robert D 9425 Sharondale Rd Calimesa CA Palmer Robert D / Graham Dana
1164587 [SOLD] Graham Dana & Rector Diana & Palmer Robert D 9425 Sharondale Rd Calimesa CA Palmer Robert D / Graham Dana
26820 [SOLD] Mcphail Donald C 9677 Terra Linda Way Calimesa CA Us Bank Na Trust 2011-1
457772 [SOLD] Little Penny J 14267 Sequoia Rd Canyon Country CA Harutunian Siran D
408 [SOLD] Stanton Beverly J 24623 UPPER TRL CARMEL CA Bechtold Loye D & Ann R
808 [SOLD] Hanson Eleanor 44 DEL MESA CARMEL CARMEL CA Fergusson Carroll A Trust
12397 [SOLD] Peak Gale L 25395 Outlook Dr Carmel CA Gomez Javier V / Bean Patricia A
22621 [SOLD] Fischer William J & Negrady-Fischer Lisette S 89 Hacienda Carmel Carmel CA Keene Peter R & Joyce H
104094 [SOLD] Hobar Ruth E 24895 Outlook Dr Carmel CA Mornhinweg Shanon & Regan
809 [SOLD] Gartland Lorene Scala Shekita 52 DEL MESA CARMEL CARMEL CA Reid Sherri S
10131 [SOLD] Judson Christina H 24953 Outlook Ln Carmel CA Superko Harold R Jr Trust / Garrett Brenda C Trust
17941 [SOLD] Haskins Maryanna 6 Hacienda Carmel Carmel CA Williams Trust
1085424 [SOLD] Walthour Robert H Iii 24770 Handley Dr Carmel CA Furbee Kristina W / Walthour Kelly
26312 [SOLD] Baker Fred P Baker Family Trust 327 W Carson St Carson CA Jade Stone Properties Llc
466217 [SOLD] Baldwin Rose M 22723 Ravenna Ave Carson CA Adoptante Manny & Riah
453427 [SOLD] Crotinger Lela M & Lela M Crotinger Trust 307 E Javelin St Carson CA Pyles Sean A & Jamie D
13351 [SOLD] Decastro Herminio L & Evelyn F 903 E Joel St Carson CA De Castro Evelyn 2014 Trust
7775 [SOLD] Liwanag Patricia Liwanag Family Trust 23035 MEHDEN AVE CARSON CA Neri Philip J
456520 [SOLD] Mcclain Thomas & Margaret & Mcclain Family Trust 17515 Scudder Ct Carson CA Mathews Lteenia A
26343 [SOLD] Opsahl Brenda M Opsahl Family Trust 17007 S Broadway St Carson CA Jorgenson Thomas A & Linda A
1094424 [SOLD] Snow Trust & Snow Luella 24410 Fries Ave Carson CA Perry Ronald W
1783 [SOLD] Dillahunty Roy F & June A Trustees 11561 S HUGHES AVE CARUTHERS CA Sandridge Ptrs
15686 [SOLD] Dillahunty Roy F & June A Trustees 11561 S Hughes Ave Caruthers CA Sandridge Ptrs
8458 [SOLD] Gomes Alvin P & Irene L Trustees Carter Linda Ann 3841 W Stroud Ave Caruthers CA Carter Linda Ann (Te) / Gomes Irene L (Te)
8459 [SOLD] Gomes Alvin P And Irene L Trustees Carter Linda Ann 3841 W Stroud Ave Caruthers CA Carter Linda Ann (Te) / Gomes Irene L (Te)
1810 [SOLD] Nakashima Shoji & Doris Sayeko Trustees 14032 S HUGHES AVE CARUTHERS CA Singh Paul Family Trust
1821 [SOLD] Nakashima Shoji & Doris Sayeko Trustees 2276 W KAMM CARUTHERS CA Singh Paul Family Trust
2919 [SOLD] Baroni Dorothy E Tr 5058 RAHLVES DR CASTRO VALLEY CA Chen Bayman Y & Jingwen
14673 [SOLD] Canestro John C & Patricia D Trs 4747 Mira Vista Dr Castro Valley CA Couch David N & Dawn M
21268 [SOLD] Abraham Jack W Jr & Shirley E Trs 21861 Redwood Rd Castro Valley CA Craig Bonita J
2922 [SOLD] Laird Mary S & Englebach Jean S 18488 CENTER ST CASTRO VALLEY CA Englebach Jean S
23840 [SOLD] Harris Robert & Hauber Kim A 21186 FRANCIS ST CASTRO VALLEY CA Hauber Kim A
2920 [SOLD] Silva Melford E & Vera A 18144 REDWOOD RD CASTRO VALLEY CA Kaeley Kuljit S & Preetinder K
104215 [SOLD] Mcmurtrey Muriel R Tr 19136 Mayberry Dr Castro Valley CA Landon Thomas W Jr
9725 [SOLD] Vigano Carlo J & R V 4125 David St Castro Valley CA Lyons Carol / Thomas Penny
104271 [SOLD] Alires Dema Tr 4854 James Ave Castro Valley CA Nguyen Vinh H & Jessica C
2914 [SOLD] Tingley Larna E & Smith Michael R Trs 3165 BRENT CT CASTRO VALLEY CA Smith Carole A
5918 [SOLD] Hagin Michael P & Brigitte C 2513 LESSLEY AVE CASTRO VALLEY CA Soares Tiffany
25549 [SOLD] Lee Mamie W Tr 20110 Glenwood Dr Castro Valley CA Taghavi-Zargar Farahnaz
2913 [SOLD] Lee George S & Tomlee Mary C Trs 2721 JENNIFER DR CASTRO VALLEY CA Tomlee Mary C
2924 [SOLD] Diehl Jean M 5224 PROCTOR RD CASTRO VALLEY CA Walker Patrick / Dilk Rachel
2927 [SOLD] Allen Lois E 4307 WATTERS CT CASTRO VALLEY CA Williams Eleanor S A
452695 [SOLD] Bowens David L & Cheryl A 68320 Estio Rd Cathedral City CA Lazar Theresa P / Moulin Alirio & Maria T
1092209 [SOLD] Drake Kristine K 33089 Shifting Sands Trl Cathedral City CA Trnd Llc
1164681 [SOLD] Drake Kristine K 33089 Shifting Sands Trl Cathedral City CA Trnd Llc
796240 [SOLD] Foster Roberta F 69411 Ramon Rd #550 Cathedral City CA Cadwell Deborah A
1096600 [SOLD] Wagener Edith & Wilson Magdalena 1032 Via Grande Cathedral City CA Wilson Magdalena / Wagener Edith
1547 [SOLD] Campbell William 22011 CREST FOREST DR CEDARPINES PARK CA Cardinal Timothy S
7662 [SOLD] Gaffaney Donald & Vaudeene D And V Gaffaney Trust 19318 TRENTHAM AVE CERRITOS CA Patel Amar & Jessal
7665 [SOLD] Mcdonald Laura R Laura R Mcdonald Trust 11921 BOS ST CERRITOS CA Kakita Richard Trust
7656 [SOLD] Tanaka Carl & Kiyoko Tanaka Family Trust 18744 GODINHO AVE CERRITOS CA Lee Family Trust
23264 [SOLD] Torres Fortunata B Fortunata B Torres Trust 11821 JACKSON ST 203 CERRITOS CA Delos Reyes Family Trust
3231 [SOLD] Lewis Robert Sr And Linda Rev Trust 13386 YORBA AVE CHINO CA Rodriguez Santiago
3232 [SOLD] Lewis Robert Sr And Linda Rev Trust 4150 SCHAEFER AVE CHINO CA Shao Chia Yu / Yamasaki Robert
3226 [SOLD] Sawyer Hazel F Tr 12757 18TH ST CHINO CA Tan Baozhu / Leung Chee K
3248 [SOLD] Pinter Rudolph J & Nancy 15111 PIPELINE AVE SP 268 CHINO HILLS CA Chisholm Dorothy K
454333 [SOLD] Guerrero Wilfredo G & Vesta L 1547 Rancho Hills Dr Chino Hills CA Mak Jason
27019 [SOLD] Madeline Kreiger Living Trust 15111 Pipeline Ave Sp 297 Chino Hills CA Polcyn John / Polcyn Marilyn
22758 [SOLD] Ardery Wilma F Etal 904 Kings Ave Chowchilla CA Vega Luis H
22764 [SOLD] Ardery Wilma F Etal 904 Kings Ave Chowchilla CA Vega Luis H
74 [SOLD] Calley Jonathan L & Dawn C 24599 ROAD 16 CHOWCHILLA CA Turner Steven R
26464 [SOLD] Lane Jack & Imogene Tr 305 S 15Th St Chowchilla CA Absher Steven Jr / Ward Cristi
26465 [SOLD] Lane Jack & Imogene Tr 305 S 15Th St Chowchilla CA Absher Steven Jr / Ward Cristi
14859 [SOLD] Mcdermott John J John J Mcdermott Trust 4220 Piedmont Mesa Dr Claremont CA Caravalho Randall R / Roberts-Caravalho Theresa M
452111 [SOLD] Bennett Chittenden W & Chittenden W Bennett Trust 883 W 10Th St Claremont CA Miller Clayton M & Lisa A
803056 [SOLD] Dormer Lore M, Lore M Dormer Trust 392 Taylor Dr Claremont CA Mills Johnathan
8089 [SOLD] Young Howard T & Edra L Howard And Edra Young Trust 447 REDLANDS AVE CLAREMONT CA Pecharich Jeremy L & Blerta S
7998 [SOLD] Demasi Georgette M Demasi Trust 3414 DUKE AVE CLAREMONT CA Smith David J / Macaulay Anna V
7994 [SOLD] Pierce Lorraine S Audra A Oleson Trust 439 WILLAMETTE LN CLAREMONT CA Zink Robert & Clara Trust
6617 [SOLD] Avakian Mary Ruth Trustee 1645 TOLLHOUSE LN CLOVIS CA Clifton Connie
6618 [SOLD] Avakian Mary Ruth Trustee 1652 TOLLHOUSE LN CLOVIS CA Clifton Connie
454889 [SOLD] Bortisser William H Trustee 7870 E Alluvial Ave Clovis CA Wilson Steve & Robin
23820 [SOLD] Brazeal James R & Sharon K Trustees 2074 FAIRMONT AVE CLOVIS CA Nelson Kenneth N & Gina R
23656 [SOLD] Bush Henrietta 1724 MINNEWAWA AVE CLOVIS CA W & C Llc
6637 [SOLD] Butcher Darlene J Trustee 1472 BARSTOW AVE CLOVIS CA Raab George & A Family Trust
23959 [SOLD] Davis Andree R Trustee 2344 FINE AVE CLOVIS CA Blinsmon Curtis R
18220 [SOLD] Deans Michael R & Gloria S 2135 Lester Ave Clovis CA Henderson Family Trust
7042 [SOLD] Downs Edward J Jr & Anita L 2433 SIERRA MADRE AVE CLOVIS CA Ogram Brian R / Park Yeounkyoung
3939 [SOLD] Ford Eugene M & Evelyn I Trs 14901 TOLLHOUSE RD CLOVIS CA Rogers Casey S
23657 [SOLD] Gottfried James W Or Joann 1724 MINNEWAWA AVE CLOVIS CA W & C Llc
16674 [SOLD] Granum Louise V Sawatzky Renona J 2883 Homsy Ave Clovis CA Sawatzky Renona J / Wong Renee
21928 [SOLD] Grissom Travis T Trustee 1676 N Dara Ln Clovis CA Kirk Douglas S & Velma J
25730 [SOLD] Guerrero Raymond Sr Trustee 108 Russell Ave Clovis CA Martinez Rosemary
25731 [SOLD] Guerrero Raymond Sr Trustee 201 Osmun Ave Clovis CA Martinez Rosemary
7096 [SOLD] Hanson Jeanne 252 W BEDFORD AVE CLOVIS CA Nason Wanda J 2003 Trust
455374 [SOLD] Heidel Carol R 2009 Sample Ave Clovis CA Johnson Cole W / Walker Kandice
18341 [SOLD] Jamison Minnie Trustee 304 W Chennault Ave Clovis CA Muccianti Linda Trust
18342 [SOLD] Jamison Minnie Trustee 394 W Ashcroft Ave Clovis CA Summers Gene Trust
458348 [SOLD] Kelly Thomas Trustee 594 W Muncie Ave Clovis CA Gillams Teri / Kelly-Wright Sandra
7103 [SOLD] Kemp Merlin W & Lillian M 685 N CLAREMONT AVE CLOVIS CA Gonzales Andrew O
103955 [SOLD] Kumpe Gary L & Patricia M Trustees 7730 N Madsen Ave Clovis CA
15568 [SOLD] Lemaster Juanita Trustee 2636 Applegate Ave Clovis CA Ronat Ethan
14318 [SOLD] Lima Jesuina P 916 W Holland Ave Clovis CA Sun Xiu Y
14321 [SOLD] Lima Jesuina P 916 W Holland Ave Clovis CA Sun Xiu Y
22803 [SOLD] Mgrdichian Yevkine Life Estate 834 W Euclid Ave Clovis CA Singh Sukhdarshan / Kaur Kulwinder
7016 [SOLD] Middleton Sherron J Trustee 2412 VARTIKIAN AVE CLOVIS CA Tran Hung D
7026 [SOLD] Morelock Gale F & Joanne 2592 LINCOLN AVE CLOVIS CA Colby Ronald E / Arnold-Colby Debora D
6615 [SOLD] Morgan Edna Faye 62 N WOODWORTH AVE CLOVIS CA Farley David & R 2009 Trust
20826 [SOLD] Moring Ross A & Beverly 2553 Applegate Ave Clovis CA Salinas Roel
7104 [SOLD] Ormsby Doris Marie 1849 ATHENS AVE CLOVIS CA Condley W L & N A Living Trust
23473 [SOLD] Qualls Bobby Joyce Qualls Bobby J 14409 AUBERRY RD CLOVIS CA Mccauley Phyllis
24436 [SOLD] Resweber Harris A Trustee 364 W CHENNAULT AVE CLOVIS CA Alvarez Allison L
5977 [SOLD] Shuman William E & Ruth E 558 W TWAIN AVE CLOVIS CA Smith Rochelle K & Kellyann E
7093 [SOLD] Tiscareno Jesus & Silvina Trustees 638 W MADRID LN CLOVIS CA Padgett Christine M
454769 [SOLD] Turner Cecile L Trustee 1143 Jefferson Ave Clovis CA Mccurley Richard J
7063 [SOLD] Wilcox Jackson B Trustee 2778 SANTA ANA AVE CLOVIS CA Mccoy Heather J
11238 [SOLD] Wilson Dorothy J Trustee 126 Santa Ana Ave Clovis CA Berryhill Phillip & Viridiana
19676 [SOLD] Yegan Richard & Marcia R Crew Trustees 545 Jordan Ave Clovis CA Crew Marcia R
7256 [SOLD] Foote George M 85317 AVENUE 44 COACHELLA CA Garcia Sharon S & Manuel S
2623 [SOLD] Baker David Lee 177 LINCOLN ST COALINGA CA Gutierrez Rito
16231 [SOLD] Clarke Lenora A Etal 44674 N Person N Loop Coarse Gold CA
2187 [SOLD] Favalora Dominic J & Jackie R Tr 47678 DELAWARE CT COARSE GOLD CA
2014 [SOLD] Kiddy Allen L & Elaine S 43427 PATRICK AVE COARSE GOLD CA
14034 [SOLD] Meacham James R & Karyl P Trustee 43879 W Wells W Rd Coarse Gold CA
2016 [SOLD] Murphy James Michael Tr 28616 PATRICK CT COARSE GOLD CA
2182 [SOLD] Niell Billie W & Sandra M 44900 DOUGLAS RD COARSE GOLD CA
26456 [SOLD] Robinson Gerald L 46041 Road 415 116 Coarse Gold CA
103461 [SOLD] Robinson Gerald L 46041 Road 415 116 Coarse Gold CA
1461 [SOLD] Singleton Jeff D & Denise L 2009 ESTES AVE CORCORAN CA Vargas Daniel
1456 [SOLD] Webb Evelyn G 1710 VAN DORSTEN AVE CORCORAN CA Best Clayton M
9394 [SOLD] Moody Betty L 804 W Citron St Corona CA Cortez Moses D & Julie
23783 [SOLD] Hagensieker Brian K 20112 WINTON ST CORONA CA Fuentes John J
456375 [SOLD] Richter Pamela J 3671 Brentridge Dr Corona CA Kaefer S & N Family Trust
24433 [SOLD] Beaudette Brett A 3621 CORBETT ST CORONA CA Khairullah Zahid Y & Durriya Z
103048 [SOLD] Nepomuceno Flaviano Z & Maria 1215 Conestoga St Corona CA Locker Jason & Amanda / Locker Nell
23753 [SOLD] Jager Ruth C 19380 QUEBEC AVE CORONA CA Lopez Jose & Lilia
806735 [SOLD] Ferguson Andrew W, Myers Wanda M 3927 Pine Valley Way Corona CA Lowe Tommy R
3398 [SOLD] DAVIS MILTON & JETTA A 909 LORNA ST CORONA CA Mechling John B & Samantha M
452801 [SOLD] Seymour Robert R & Dolores 4089 Moody St Corona CA Ramirez Hector G
3355 [SOLD] Harris Roger Wayne & Kathleen M 1760 CINDY CT CORONA CA Federal Natl Mtg Assn Fnma
466393 [SOLD] Kampling Leona M 2660 Condor Cir Corona CA Sarkis Rosemarie / Scholberg Dianna
466392 [SOLD] Kampling Robert J & Leona M 953 Mathews Pl Corona CA Degrood Patricia J / Degrood Philip W
466395 [SOLD] Kampling Robert J & Leona M 405 Corona Mall Corona CA Lipari John Jr
466394 [SOLD] Kampling Robert J & Leona M 555 Corona Mall Corona CA West Jeanette
460240 [SOLD] Bowman Don Leroy Tr 2366 Orange Ave Costa Mesa CA Kings Road Partners Llc
103024 [SOLD] Dietze Carroll L 2211 Rutgers Dr Costa Mesa CA Iveson Family Trust
21100 [SOLD] Hylkema Sarie Sachie Tr 235 Fairway Pl Costa Mesa CA Carr Timothy W Trust
26648 [SOLD] Jeffery Ronald T 422 Walnut Pl Costa Mesa CA Weiss Catherine M
798164 [SOLD] Larsen Karl C 2180 Maple St Costa Mesa CA Bekemeyer Leonard G
5961 [SOLD] Mello Louis Tr Mello Family Tr 2136 THURIN AVE COSTA MESA CA Cefalia Family Trust
8268 [SOLD] Moninger William D & Rozann 2200 CANYON DR 18 COSTA MESA CA
1086517 [SOLD] Ochsner Virginia A Tr & Oftrust #1 349 Walnut St Costa Mesa CA Flathers Nancy L
14075 [SOLD] Walker James W Tr 806 Towne St Costa Mesa CA Marshall Thomas
8022 [SOLD] Lee Doris R Doris R Lee Trust 372 N GREER AVE COVINA CA Ting Real Estate Llc
457597 [SOLD] Gilmore Robert G & Robert G Gilmore Trust 154 E Hurst St Covina CA Miller Charles L
8028 [SOLD] Ullom William C William C Ullom Trust 124 N HOUSER DR COVINA CA Ngo Alvin / Chhuor Cynthia
8023 [SOLD] Rought Richard A Richard A Rought Trust 1674 E EDGECOMB ST COVINA CA Ung Nick N
15786 [SOLD] Adams Kathleen Anne Living Tr 614 Arosa Dr Crestline CA Jengs Family Trust
1530 [SOLD] Graves Dennis R & Joann M 695 ROCKY LOOP CRESTLINE CA Leahy Paul J & Judy E
20222 [SOLD] Russell Robert E & Vera M 23982 Pioneer Camp Rd Crestline CA Thomas Doris Y
1033 [SOLD] Goalby Donald L Tr 7895 CALLE CASINO CUCAMONGA CA Fisher Rebecca G
1035 [SOLD] Enneking Lorraine M Rev Liv Tr 6/1 7425 CARNELIAN ST CUCAMONGA CA Sordo Jose A / Magana Maria L
1098991 [SOLD] D Gorman & Gorman Darla & R E & Gorman Ronald E 4133 Sepulveda Blvd Culver City CA Gorman Ronald E
1098993 [SOLD] D Gorman & Gorman Darla & R E & Gorman Ronald E 4133 Sepulveda Blvd Culver City CA Gorman Ronald E
1165370 [SOLD] D Gorman & Gorman Darla & R E & Gorman Ronald E 4133 Sepulveda Blvd Culver City CA Gorman Ronald E
1165372 [SOLD] D Gorman & Gorman Darla & R E & Gorman Ronald E 4133 Sepulveda Blvd Culver City CA Gorman Ronald E
1098992 [SOLD] D Gorman & Gorman Darla & R E & Gorman Ronald E 4137 Tuller Ave Culver City CA Gorman Ronald E / Gorman Darla
1165371 [SOLD] D Gorman & Gorman Darla & R E & Gorman Ronald E 4137 Tuller Ave Culver City CA Gorman Ronald E / Gorman Darla
6128 [SOLD] Herbst Harry H Herbst Trust 4921 INDIAN WOOD RD 387 CULVER CITY CA Kishan Amar / Bose Namrata
6129 [SOLD] Hess Sandra R Hess Trust 8309 SUMMERTIME LN CULVER CITY CA Bose Swaraj & Shikha
103614 [SOLD] Howlett Floyd M & Mary A  Howlett Trust 11120 Orville St Culver City CA Taylor Molly / Bellows Earl
5875 [SOLD] Mercer Barrie G 5674 WINDSOR WAY 306 CULVER CITY CA Abajian Tiffany A
460126 [SOLD] Richardson Maria B & Maria B Richardson Trust 4077 Globe Ave Culver City CA Fought Carmen
21282 [SOLD] Rocha Shirley M Shirley M Rocha Trust 10746 Braddock Dr Culver City CA Wang Tao / Han Jinping
803186 [SOLD] Brewer Edward W Tr 5652 Myra Ave Cypress CA Baitoo Robert & Maryam
102869 [SOLD] Broekema Morris G Tr 5837 La Jolla Way Cypress CA Bergner Lorraine G
461680 [SOLD] Centeno Levy T Tr 9451 Moody St Cypress CA
4736 [SOLD] Hunter Virginia D Tr 5247 VISTA DEL MAR CYPRESS CA Munoz Walter & Fabiola
4550 [SOLD] Smith Kenneth Edward Tr 6317 SOMBRERO AVE CYPRESS CA Baldwin Angelica L
103056 [SOLD] Wycoff Stanley V Tr 4423 Larwin Ave Cypress CA Liu Ying
22334 [SOLD] Broering Warren Tr 33905 Manta Ct Dana Point CA Affuso Anthoney J & L P Trust
20595 [SOLD] Jacobsen Roger Tr 33521 Seawind Ct 45 Dana Point CA Frimodig Ida & Mark
8168 [SOLD] Norman Frank & Dorsey 137 INNER CIR DAVIS CA Ambrosia Julie K / Konnerth Karl L
8198 [SOLD] Carlson Stephen & Eileen Tr 175 INNER CIR DAVIS CA Ambrosia Julie K / Konnerth Karl L
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Foytik Margaret Dorot & Foytik Margaret Dorothy 1712 Madrone Ln Davis CA Braden Kimberly
806313 [SOLD] Nageley Nancy D 1156 Villaverde Ln Davis CA Lin Su-Shein & Min-Mei Trust
5119 [SOLD] Brockett Sheldon I & Helen E Family Survivors Trust 2004 OCEAN FRONT DEL MAR CA 2004 Ocean Front Lane Llc
466620 [SOLD] Gamson Mitchell L & Joan J 1420 Ocean Ave Del Mar CA
465511 [SOLD] Ramirez Georgina & Taylor John M Trust 12-19-88 14949 Tercer Verde Del Mar CA Taylor John M Trust
18170 [SOLD] Castle Michael J Ave H12/Vic 53 Stw Del Sur CA Ponce Manuel A / Ponce Violeta
10233 [SOLD] Cole Clyde & Dolores 16067 Acacia St Delhi CA Blocher Patty J
8097 [SOLD] Hernandez Estela Estela Hernandez Trust 1522 DEER CROSSING DR DIAMOND BAR CA Li Hui
103855 [SOLD] Christensen Lyle E & Patsy J 1078 N Villa Ave Dinuba CA Aleman Horacio Jr
895 [SOLD] Guzman Elia R 412 S M ST DINUBA CA Trujillo Jessie
717 [SOLD] Mullen Jack K & Sundyl K 1067 N CEDAR LN DINUBA CA Moreno Carlos & Maria G
13414 [SOLD] Kinney Hugh E & Phyllis R 19764 Center Ave Dos Palos CA Rolfes John F
18850 [SOLD] Stocking Robert A & Patricia E 1325 E Blossom St Dos Palos CA Tolbert Desiree N / Bryant Michael S
7393 [SOLD] Albertson Sandra B Sandra B Albertson Trust 10851 CASANES AVE DOWNEY CA Navar Family Trust
11387 [SOLD] Cruz Edmundo & Norma 10227 Newville Ave Downey CA Talwar Varun & Sheetal
1093954 [SOLD] Elmquist Joan L & Elmquist Joan L (Te) Te 7823 Coolgrove Dr Downey CA Lopez Ricardo T & Gricelda
103172 [SOLD] Freyre Elmer G & Doris A  Freyre Family Trust 13450 Barlin Ave Downey CA Thananantanak Pimjai / Thananantanak Thanakit
462636 [SOLD] Hiveley John A & Barbara & Hiveley Family Trust 10844 Casanes Ave Downey CA Vazquez Jose & Elizabeth
7362 [SOLD] Wendell Paul A & Wanda L Wendell Family Trust 10402 POMERING RD DOWNEY CA Reddix Cresandra
7363 [SOLD] Ybarra Barbara M & Diane E 7418 QUINN ST DOWNEY CA Patel Girish D & Vidya G
8062 [SOLD] Castro Doris S Doris S Castro Trust 3328 ELDA ST DUARTE CA Beleidy Karim E / Aragon Nora
8055 [SOLD] Boye Hans A Jr Boye Phyllis J 2022 ATLIN ST DUARTE CA Mata Julio C
27899 [SOLD] Castro Joaquin M & Margaret L 665 Market Rd Earlimart CA Ortiz Victoria
3317 [SOLD] Bartholf Melba Nadine Trustee 3895 HIGHWAY 147 EAST SHORE CA
3315 [SOLD] Bolton Edward Earl & Barbara Rose Trustee Etal 5264 HIGHWAY 147 EAST SHORE CA
3316 [SOLD] Bolton Edward Earl & Barbara Rose Trustee Etal 5207 QUARRY RD EAST SHORE CA
8124 [SOLD] Plaisted David B Baliton Plaisted Lillian T 4800 DALEVIEW AVE SP 42 EL MONTE CA Dayz Holdings Llc & / Mmlb Assoc
8125 [SOLD] Plaisted David B Plaisted Lillian T 4800 DALEVIEW AVE SP 106 EL MONTE CA Dayz Holdings Llc & / Mmlb Assoc
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Sanders Frankie M 12033 Klingerman St El Monte CA Myers Beverly A
8058 [SOLD] Hightower Robert & Huyen T 9921 CEDAR LN EL MONTE CA Nguyen Phuong L
5876 [SOLD] Hambright Ben D Hambright B 231 SIERRA ST EL SEGUNDO CA Simone 1996 Family Trust
5879 [SOLD] Hambright Ben D Hambright Family Trust 1510 E SYCAMORE AVE EL SEGUNDO CA Vezuv Invest Llc
9327 [SOLD] Meschuk Betty Steve Meschuk Trust 428 Main St El Segundo CA Goldman Trust
458161 [SOLD] Morell James D 831 Bungalow Dr El Segundo CA Clark Hillberg Family Trust
5872 [SOLD] Short Naomi J Naomi J Short Trust 625 LOMITA ST EL SEGUNDO CA Lynch Matthew & Shari G
3804 [SOLD] Eddy Doris A 127 BRYANT CT EXETER CA Goeman Michelle
453405 [SOLD] Martin Harold H & Louise 613 Pheasant Ct Exeter CA Hall Bradley L & Deanne L
17044 [SOLD] Porter Melvin & Margaret 31570 Blair Rd Exeter CA Lyons Matthew W
457383 [SOLD] Quilla Michael Jan(Tr)(Liv Tr) 175 N Cornucopia Rd Exeter CA Watkins Garth N
3820 [SOLD] Thompson Frances D 311 PEACH DR EXETER CA Chambers Joyce D / Mc Phetridge Jessica D
463244 [SOLD] Beals Oliver P & Nettie V 485 Americano Way Fairfield CA Camacho Saul & Mercedes
27687 [SOLD] Cain Emma Jean 2292 Woolner Ave Fairfield CA Mcquitta Madeline
878 [SOLD] Dame Christina M 719 NIGHTINGALE DR FAIRFIELD CA Rodgers Sherry L
119 [SOLD] Dudley Edward & Alice 2036 SAN LUIS ST FAIRFIELD CA Trias Julie / Bordon Ramesh
87 [SOLD] Engell Iris J 354 ARIZONA ST FAIRFIELD CA Mccormick Lynn M
1095008 [SOLD] Flammang Lila D 1994 Cardinal Way Fairfield CA Pineda Jose
21927 [SOLD] Grant Travis W 506 Gregory St Fairfield CA 439 S Fourth St Llc
24321 [SOLD] Green Gerald D 319 DAPHNE DR FAIRFIELD CA Hale Lawrence & Christine
17571 [SOLD] Humma Martha E 235 Lawrence Ct Fairfield CA Nolen Ricky & Laura
20780 [SOLD] Landier Rose Marie 2856 Sundown Cir Fairfield CA Bridges Armentha
855 [SOLD] Malit Umeyo Nakamura 2806 MARIGOLD DR FAIRFIELD CA Lam Peter S B & Ying W
27692 [SOLD] Mashburn Jack L & Margie J 231 E Utah St Fairfield CA Us Bank Na Trust 2011-1
452740 [SOLD] Mueller Loraine Hill 355 San Andreas St Fairfield CA Hill Family Trust
100 [SOLD] Owens Mary D 1724 YORK ST FAIRFIELD CA Jimizzy Llc
457099 [SOLD] Portlock Evelyn 506 San Rafael St Fairfield CA Federal Natl Mtg Assn Fnma
13050 [SOLD] Pryor Harold 423 Gregory St 0030 Fairfield CA Community Fund Llc
131 [SOLD] Sellers Rosie M 1672 DOVER AVE FAIRFIELD CA Fuller Sonya
454269 [SOLD] Toon Charlotte M 301 Wisconsin St Fairfield CA Nourot Pamela K
9257 [SOLD] Trudeau Bernard L & P H 3262 Avenido Del Lago Way Fairfield CA Herrera David A & Lauren G
117 [SOLD] Ward Ilena 504 PACIFIC AVE FAIRFIELD CA Maro Family Trust
452973 [SOLD] Wehrly William P & F A 2024 Oriole Ct Fairfield CA Nelson Anthony
3710 [SOLD] Davenport Harley E & Marjorie 652 ROSE FARMERSVILLE CA Galindo Jose L / Martinez Veronica
9936 [SOLD] Goldsmith Leona Charlene 820 N Farmersville Blvd Farmersville CA Lankton Leslie
14217 [SOLD] Brungess Jeanette J 1501 O St Firebaugh CA Esparza Ramon & Maria E
8467 [SOLD] Ferreira Amalia Ferreira Celia 1570 Indart St Firebaugh CA Lawson Sarah M / Ferreira Celia
452701 [SOLD] Ronald Dale/Darlene Lucille Bryte Revocable Trust 200 Lost Creek Dr Folsom CA Bryte Ronald D & D L Trust
453490 [SOLD] Ronald Dale/Darlene Lucille Bryte Revocable Trust 200 Lost Creek Dr Folsom CA Bryte Ronald D & D L Trust
4438 [SOLD] John L/Mozel M Jones Family Living Trust 7256 PINEGROVE WAY FOLSOM CA Jones John L / Jones Mozel M
9712 [SOLD] Carla J Larson Trust 141 Bitter Creek Dr Folsom CA Larson Carla J
9713 [SOLD] Carl/Karon Larson Family Trust 141 Grey Canyon Dr Folsom CA Larson Karon Living Trust
800856 [SOLD] Doyle/Jeannette Poteet Family Trust 103 Doubletree Ct Folsom CA Poteet Doyle / Poteet Jeannette
16133 [SOLD] Lawrence H/Patricia L Bullivant Rev Family Trust 303 Dean Way Folsom CA Powell Douglas
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Bailey Gene E Jr & Bailey Georgia G 404 Turn Pike Dr Folsom CA Prater Georgia G Trust
454354 [SOLD] Charles C/Susan G Regan Revocable Trust 620 Plum Creek Ct Folsom CA Regan Susan G
455249 [SOLD] Charles C/Susan G Regan Revocable Trust 620 Plum Creek Ct Folsom CA Regan Susan G
103636 [SOLD] Phyllis A Sockel Trust 106 Mcnamee Dr Folsom CA Robbins Dorrita K
2620 [SOLD] Widder Scott K & Karen L 149 KELLER CIR FOLSOM CA St Dennis Thomas & Stephanie
796361 [SOLD] Berg Lorraine Irene/Tr 840 School St Folsom CA Agheli Asghar
796362 [SOLD] Berg Lorraine Irene/Tr 880 School St Folsom CA Knight Ronald & Tina
451997 [SOLD] Bernal William Jr 9735 Kempster Ave Fontana CA Claasic Llc
455682 [SOLD] Boswell Jane A 17535 Anastasia Ave Fontana CA North American Assets Llc
986 [SOLD] Farkas Mary C Living Trust 17630 SEVILLE CT FONTANA CA Chadwick Eileen
460344 [SOLD] Fill Michael P Sr Liv Tr 11/18/10 16311 Athol St Fontana CA Dietz David & Kristen
3371 [SOLD] Barnes Bessie M 13653 KINGS CANYON CT FONTANA CA Donaldson Willie J Jr & Chiharu
16691 [SOLD] Martinez Luciano V & Linda 9998 Calabash Ave Fontana CA Federal Natl Mtg Assn Fnma
983 [SOLD] Thornbrugh Ramona F Tr 17445 VINE ST FONTANA CA Griffin Carl P
1139 [SOLD] Peace Andrew B & Delores L 15561 EL MOLINO ST FONTANA CA House Trust
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Lehouillier Lisa A 7161 Niagra Dr Fontana CA Norwood Randy & Maryan
20674 [SOLD] Yeager Ronald L 6175 N Kingsmill Ct Fontana CA Suntrust Mtg Inc
11732 [SOLD] Doerrie Elsie A Tr 16092 Challis St Fountain Valley CA Muttalib Majid & Bisma
5434 [SOLD] Gonzales Frank C & Irene A Trustees 799 ESRAELIAN AVE FOWLER CA Us Bank Na Trust 2011-1
5441 [SOLD] Horomian Harry Trustee Gill Barbara & Robept 5699 E MANNING AVE FOWLER CA Gill Barbara / Gill Robert
13123 [SOLD] Ii Haruo K 4198 E Manning Ave Fowler CA Haruo K Ii
13013 [SOLD] Tatsumura Jim Hajime & Ryuko Trustees Tatsumura Harvey Makoto Trustee 7715 E American Ave Fowler CA Seoul Trading Inc
25868 [SOLD] Torres Aurelio Tapia & Marina 112 Bonita Ave Fowler CA Putnam Patricia T / Putnam Monica
6873 [SOLD] Mcguire Maxine E Tr 41593 SHERWOOD ST FREMONT CA Awatiger Family Trust
24533 [SOLD] RUMPER VIOLA H TR 40234 CROCKETT ST FREMONT CA Baek Junho & Younghee / Baek Eun H
6821 [SOLD] Stofle Kenneth W 185 MOHAVE CM FREMONT CA Bapna Shweta
10243 [SOLD] Hobbs Clyde & Edwina Union St Fremont CA Betchart Joe & P Living Trust
25498 [SOLD] Campbell Douglas C & Helen B Preston Ct Fremont CA Bui Kacee C
6668 [SOLD] Mickelson Jack E & Rosa M 2520 PARKSIDE DR FREMONT CA Crockett Lucille
453057 [SOLD] Murguia Jeffrey A & Delores L 38277 Dorsey Ct Fremont CA Engelhardt John / Madrid Alexis
6820 [SOLD] Sullivant William 48006 CHANN CT FREMONT CA Ghanta Vijay / Kollipara Varalakshmi
18490 [SOLD] Seuferer Richard A & Naomi E 37218 Yolo Ter Fremont CA Gheran Tamim
24624 [SOLD] Rippee Garland F & Laura P Trs 42938 HOMEWOOD ST FREMONT CA Jkl Fund Inc
6871 [SOLD] Duron Bonnie M 40108 CROCKETT ST FREMONT CA Khara Harpartap S / Brar Simran K
25573 [SOLD] Chiapetto Donna M 5782 Ring Ct Fremont CA Kim Dararith
20819 [SOLD] Deocampo Rosita P Tr 42350 Gatewood St Fremont CA Koti Aneel V K / Murra Kavitha
21693 [SOLD] Jones Terry L 48401 Craycroft Ct Fremont CA Lewis Valerie / Whitaker Cheryl
6657 [SOLD] Jackson John W & Mary E Trs 4962 RICHMOND AVE FREMONT CA Niles Mary S
6866 [SOLD] Frawley Allen J & Sakai Evelyn Trs 42849 CASTILLEJO CT FREMONT CA Ramisetty Mary K / Bhashyakarla Anil K
10242 [SOLD] Hobbs Clyde & Edwina Oliveria Pl Fremont CA Rezaiepay Khadijeh
457254 [SOLD] Ishiguro Yoshihide & Linda 38660 Canyon Heights Dr Fremont CA Salehi Ahmad / Moghadam Sarah
6670 [SOLD] Cosgrove Daniel A & Rosita B Trs 35625 BALLANTINE PL FREMONT CA Savella Gregory M
6669 [SOLD] Carter Sadako M Tr 35665 BALLANTINE PL FREMONT CA Shi Lili / Zhang Bowei
6789 [SOLD] Leggett Paul L Tr 42754 PALM AVE FREMONT CA Singh K & Kaur A Family Trust
17019 [SOLD] Reiner Margaret Tr 4396 Dorsey Ave Fremont CA Singleterry Robert & M Trust
17020 [SOLD] Reiner Margaret Tr 4396 Dorsey Ave Fremont CA Singleterry Robert & M Trust
25552 [SOLD] Shaner Carl R & Marilyn K 38627 Cherry Ln Fremont CA Stewart Vivian M
452439 [SOLD] Castoe Kenneth D Tr 35422 Ardo Ct Fremont CA Wang Guozhang / Duan Xiaonan
13059 [SOLD] Anderson Harold D & Constance J Trs 39516 Benavente Pl Fremont CA Wang Song / Lu Elaine Y
6870 [SOLD] Jesus Jerilyn A Tr 4485 CAHILL ST FREMONT CA Wei Ping
6659 [SOLD] Roberts Joan K Tr 38607 LOGAN DR FREMONT CA Worthley-Robert Trust
20781 [SOLD] Mack Rose M 46317 Paseo Padre Pkwy Fremont CA Zhang Ming & Zishu
1100222 [SOLD] Allen Charlotte D & Knight Paul L 41436 Timber Creek Ter Fremont CA Knight Paul L / Allen Charlotte D
454418 [SOLD] Li Jixin & Zhang Yanting 725 Towhee Ct Fremont CA Tung Lung-Chih / Tsai Pei-Ling
19189 [SOLD] Abston Phillip E 3617 E Saginaw Way Fresno CA Ocampo-Albarran Gonzalo / Mercado-Velazquez Fanisenia
8643 [SOLD] Agajanian Ann R 3523 E Lowe Ave Fresno CA Meza Misael
8644 [SOLD] Agajanian Ann R 3523 E Lowe Ave Fresno CA Meza Misael
5782 [SOLD] Allred Joan L Trustee 6087 N HAZEL AVE FRESNO CA Borec Donna L
18882 [SOLD] Ambrose Patricia M 1294 E Loma Linda Ave Fresno CA All Valley Real Estate Inc
18883 [SOLD] Ambrose Patricia M 1294 E Loma Linda Ave Fresno CA All Valley Real Estate Inc
11309 [SOLD] Anderson Duane S & Harriet L Trustees 1030 W Indianapolis Ave Fresno CA Davis Stephen
15406 [SOLD] Anselmo Joseph T & Selah R Trustees 7405 N Charles Ave Fresno CA Zuber Darin A & Debra A
18861 [SOLD] Benincosa Frank A & Patricia J 8588 N Calaveras St Fresno CA Wilson Steve & Linda B Trust
12411 [SOLD] Brassfield Garnet A Trustee 677 W Paul Ave Fresno CA Lev Linda / Robertson Karen
12413 [SOLD] Brassfield Garnet A Trustee 677 W Paul Ave Fresno CA Lev Linda / Robertson Karen
464856 [SOLD] Bressler Jeane L 2614 E Michigan Ave Fresno CA Sanders Steven G Living Trust
6676 [SOLD] CAIRE JOHN JR & ELEANOR P 3865 W LOCUST AVE FRESNO CA Etherton William L & Shellie A
6506 [SOLD] Calamerica Properties Inc Sakai Robert S & Toshioko 1110 C ST FRESNO CA Sakai Toshi
6348 [SOLD] Carlson Joan Lewis 1816 N WOODROW AVE FRESNO CA Federal Natl Mtg Assn Fnma
8825 [SOLD] Carollo Sam A & Antonia 2745 E Garland Ave Fresno CA Henderson Landon E
8829 [SOLD] Carollo Sam A & Antonia 2745 E Garland Ave Fresno CA Henderson Landon E
15179 [SOLD] Carungcong Leonita A & Jose B 7380 N Van Ness Blvd Fresno CA Davis Carissa
25733 [SOLD] Casanova Ruben Poblano Debbie 3134 E Home Ave Fresno CA Poblano Debbie
22181 [SOLD] Caton Richard & Virginia 3032 E Paul Ave Fresno CA Bowlen Emily N
19528 [SOLD] Celaya Raymundo T & Martha A 5588 N Millbrook Ave Fresno CA Wilson Jason & Leslie
6649 [SOLD] Chadwick Jerry Lee & Bonnie Lou 3197 W LA COSTA AVE FRESNO CA Mcclelland Scott D & Michelle R
104276 [SOLD] Chisholm Donald W 643 W Fountain Way Fresno CA Federal Natl Mtg Assn Fnma
458287 [SOLD] Cobb Melvin T & Virginia Life Est 5335 E Belmont Ave Fresno CA Escobedo Pedro
465375 [SOLD] Cordisco Angelo D Trustee 450 S Argyle Ave Fresno CA Petz Joseph Robert
465376 [SOLD] Cordisco Angelo D Trustee 2213 E Eclipse Ave Fresno CA Odonnell-Cordisco Margaret
6048 [SOLD] Costis Harry G & Paula Ann 4924 N THORNE AVE FRESNO CA Dolarian A H & R Living Trust
6049 [SOLD] Costis Harry G & Paula Ann 4928 N THORNE AVE FRESNO CA Dolarian A H & R Living Trust
458930 [SOLD] Cross Alta Mae & Thompson Darnisha 2322 S Poppy Ave Fresno CA Quiroz-Gutierrez Martin / Pena-Carillo Evelia
10628 [SOLD] Crozier David F 1921 S Woodrow Ave Fresno CA Jamke
463763 [SOLD] Cruz Florencio R & Carmen Chavez 26 E Grove Ave Fresno CA Gutierrez Mary T
19771 [SOLD] Cruz Richard F & Yolanda M 3135 E Tulare St Fresno CA Surabian Richard
454323 [SOLD] Cuevas Pedro Life Estate 143 E Robinson Ave Fresno CA Walker Family Trust
10841 [SOLD] Danell Dennis L 2929 E Joaquin Pl Fresno CA Gonzalez Debbie L
6343 [SOLD] Daniels Albert 4728 E VASSAR AVE FRESNO CA Marin Afinqueno
24103 [SOLD] Dassori Ann B 2616 N ARCHIE AVE FRESNO CA Cruz-Reyes Digna
6079 [SOLD] Dow Ellsworth R & Imagene Trustees 3883 E ACACIA AVE FRESNO CA Holmgren Robert L Living Trust
23983 [SOLD] Downing Ada Emily Hampton John R 2377 S LILY AVE FRESNO CA Hampton Jimmie L
6345 [SOLD] Drews Alfred J Jr Trustee 4446 E BRENTWOOD AVE FRESNO CA Dumax Properties Llc
6541 [SOLD] Duncan Charles A & Helen E Trustees 2021 S COUNTRY CLUB LN FRESNO CA Hardy Cecil C Jr Living Trust
21910 [SOLD] Edwards Tom J Morgan Connie J 2710 N Dearing Ave Fresno CA Cuevas Susana
21911 [SOLD] Edwards Tom J Morgan Connie J 2710 N Dearing Ave Fresno CA Cuevas Susana
5730 [SOLD] Emerian Katherine R Trustee 1184 E NEWHALL DR FRESNO CA Mesler Lori L
21885 [SOLD] Essman Thurman J & Dorothy O 2131 E Lamona Ave Fresno CA Mad-Bum Properties Llc
6314 [SOLD] Etchegoin Florence Trustee Castello Jo Ann 2105 E TERRACE AVE FRESNO CA Espudo Guadalupe M
6083 [SOLD] Eten Jean C Trustee 3809 E PICO AVE FRESNO CA Strachan Barbara H / Harmon Donald R
17530 [SOLD] Ferry Mark William & Shelly M S Greaves 4728 N Pacific Ave Fresno CA Greaves Shelly-May S
17545 [SOLD] Ferry Mark William & Shelly M S Greaves 4728 N Pacific Ave Fresno CA Greaves Shelly-May S
16099 [SOLD] Frank Laura I Smith Donald J 4435 E Home Ave Fresno CA Trinidad Imelda V
5781 [SOLD] Fries Shirley Adine Trustee 2982 W WELLINGTON LN FRESNO CA Merrill Diane E
19343 [SOLD] Gant Ralph R 3700 W Barstow Ave #131 Fresno CA Gutierrez Andrew
7165 [SOLD] Ginsburg Brian J & Myrna N 525 E MALLARD CIR FRESNO CA Moadab Anoosh / Rupley Kathryne
25098 [SOLD] GREEN CLYDE 739 E SAMSON AVE FRESNO CA Chiligerian A / Chiligerian Diana
6032 [SOLD] Haire Florence C Trustee 1780 W SANTA ANA AVE #101 FRESNO CA Swartz Sadia M & Paul R
6464 [SOLD] Haley Stanley E & Patricia A 4745 E NEVADA AVE FRESNO CA Potluck Investments Llc
15904 [SOLD] Hall Kenneth M 1118 E Shields Ave Fresno CA Corona David
13184 [SOLD] Hance Berton E Barnes Helen E Trustee 508 S Chestnut Ave Fresno CA Nichols Family Trust / Sunderland Dorothy
22223 [SOLD] Hardwick Thomas Robert & Vivian E 5720 N Bond St Fresno CA Tuck David W
103131 [SOLD] Haupt Peter Jr Trustee 4164 W Magill Ave Fresno CA Matthews Family Trust / Johnson Family Trust
6381 [SOLD] Hedstrom Clyde Trustee 1476 N SAN PABLO AVE FRESNO CA Solorio Robert
25866 [SOLD] Held William E 2845 N Chance Ave Fresno CA Iglesias Jacqueline
6686 [SOLD] Henderson Mary Louise Schaaf Trustee 7251 N KATY AVE FRESNO CA Mayer Douglas W & Jennifer M
22549 [SOLD] Henderson William D 5396 E Huffman Ave Fresno CA Xiong Chai E / Yang Vince V
6452 [SOLD] Hernandez Frank & Bessie 3015 E GRANT AVE FRESNO CA Jeronimo-Herrer Juan C / Delatorre-Corrales Cynthia
6195 [SOLD] Hill Velma A 1006 W DAKOTA AVE FRESNO CA Hadley Thurston Jr
12337 [SOLD] Hobbs Fred Lee Jr 1349 N Willow Ave Fresno CA Romero Thelma
12353 [SOLD] Hobbs Fred Lee Jr 1349 N Willow Ave Fresno CA Romero Thelma
12354 [SOLD] Hobbs Fred Lee Jr 1349 N Willow Ave Fresno CA Romero Thelma
103934 [SOLD] Hofer Edward & Martha  Hofer Kristine 245 W Clayton Ave Fresno CA Jacobsen Timothy K & Mollie J
24210 [SOLD] Holston Howard V & Patricia R Trustees 2927 E GETTYSBURG AVE FRESNO CA Carpenter 2014 Trust
5250 [SOLD] Hood Ralph E & Mildred Virginia Trs 8299 E SANDERS CT FRESNO CA Callahan Mary Ann
451688 [SOLD] Hoover Jack P Trustee & Mcneil Oran 3074 E Saginaw Way Fresno CA Paulantonio Eric T & Kristina A
463031 [SOLD] Horn Chris Wesley Trustee 2496 W Roberts Ave Fresno CA Wells Fargo Series 2004-Ffh1
463794 [SOLD] Horning Genevieve Trustee & Horning Barbara J 2835 N Fruit Ave Fresno CA Hollingshead Family Trust
16408 [SOLD] Howell Linda A Trustee 7446 N Hayston Ave Fresno CA Nguyen Binh T
25085 [SOLD] Hutchins Daniel W & Lorene F Trustees 727 W UNIVERSITY AVE FRESNO CA Cherry Carmen M
6037 [SOLD] Inglis Carol E 3177 W PICO AVE FRESNO CA Us Bank Na 2011-1
104675 [SOLD] Irise Arthur T  Irise Sandy 336 E Alluvial Ave Fresno CA Alluvial Limited Partnership
13457 [SOLD] Jackson Ida L Jackson Willie James 1233 Cobb Ave Fresno CA Sanchez Belen
18003 [SOLD] Jackson Maxine S Trustee 2980 W Canterbury Ct Fresno CA Thompson Judy A Trust
18339 [SOLD] Jamison Minnie Trustee 2657 E Waterford Ave Fresno CA Sidhu Jugshir S & Simran K
8818 [SOLD] Jerkovich Antoinette Trustee 2795 N Monroe Ave Fresno CA Mazzei Mary J
103493 [SOLD] Jones Kay L 3607 E Pico Ave Fresno CA Mcdermott Bettyee H
7789 [SOLD] Kellos Robert H Or Larae 9360 N BLACKSTONE AVE FRESNO CA Woodward Bluffs Mhp Llc
6075 [SOLD] Kenefick Thomas E & Karen M Trustees 4249 N WISHON AVE FRESNO CA Carter Tenesha / Olsen Erma
6350 [SOLD] Kennedy Kathryn J Trustee 4318 KENMORE DR FRESNO CA Munoz Kelly
22881 [SOLD] Kimyai Abbas Harris Laleh M Kimyai 6024 W Fallon Ave Fresno CA Harris K & L Living Trust
5819 [SOLD] Kloose Gisela Trustee 1294 E VARTIKIAN AVE FRESNO CA Shacklett Aaron R & Brianna
458823 [SOLD] Kovack Larry & Betty 2035 E Harvard Ave Fresno CA De La Torre Luis / De La Torre Miguel
464410 [SOLD] Kovalinskiy Ivan & Tatyana 455 E Escalon Ave Fresno CA Iest Liliya I
18991 [SOLD] Lande Paul L Trustee 580 W San Jose Ave Fresno CA Albertson J Living 2006 Trust
462332 [SOLD] Le Count Adna Marion Trustee & Luthardt Laura J 405 E Lansing Way Fresno CA Onkka Toni M Trust
452977 [SOLD] Leal Alfred & Jo Ann 1304 E Fedora Ave Fresno CA Cvi Group Llc
452976 [SOLD] Leal Alfred L & Jo Ann A 1169 E Wathen Ave Fresno CA Bacus Thorincio G / Vieira-Bacus Erin
22902 [SOLD] Lehman Adam Life Estate 1406 S Locan Ave Fresno CA Showalter John / Showalter Loretta
14317 [SOLD] Lima Jesuina 910 N Van Ness Ave Fresno CA Milam Jeffrey
14320 [SOLD] Lima Jesuina 910 N Van Ness Ave Fresno CA Milam Jeffrey
14316 [SOLD] Lima Jesuina P 4459 N Benedict Ave Fresno CA Reyna Jennifer M & Raul Iii
14319 [SOLD] Lima Jesuina P 4459 N Benedict Ave Fresno CA Reyna Jennifer M & Raul Iii
464743 [SOLD] Madden Laura Mae Trustee 1013 E Garrett Ave Fresno CA Alewine James R Jr / Alewine-Williams Leisa N
457542 [SOLD] Madrigal Joaquin Jr & Louise A 2735 W San Bruno Ave Fresno CA Oddo Michael L & Kimberly A
451535 [SOLD] Martinez Elvira L 4474 E Ball Ave Fresno CA Partida Eva N
25843 [SOLD] Mason Beverly C Trustee 1229 W Bullard Ave #126 Fresno CA Picotti Cathy
6418 [SOLD] Mcguire Bruce W Trustee 4409 E BELMONT AVE FRESNO CA Salazar Pedro A
13109 [SOLD] Mestjian Harry & Francine A 2142 E Niles Ave Fresno CA Atkisson Phillip G & Roberta L
18320 [SOLD] Morales Reynold Edward Morales Milton Jr 2346 W Fountain Way Fresno CA Gutierrez Raul & Lorena
21922 [SOLD] Morales Tony Silvano & Jessie Marie Trs 1443 N Helm Ave Fresno CA Tarvin Dorothy J
24675 [SOLD] Morris Clyde B 4530 N LORNA AVE FRESNO CA Hall Derrick L
102882 [SOLD] Murrieta Isabel G & Manuel M 3215 E Washington Ave Fresno CA Saavedra Alejandro V
21739 [SOLD] Nave Ernest L & Theresa M Trustees 1164 E San Ramon Ave Fresno CA Gaddini Susan M
6375 [SOLD] Neumann Benjamin Trustee 1581 N SAFFORD AVE FRESNO CA Grawey Michelle D / Neumann Mark D
6300 [SOLD] Neumann Benjamin Trustee 540 W UNIVERSITY AVE FRESNO CA Two Trees Construction Llc
5265 [SOLD] Nieto Delores S Ramos Frances 6686 E EL MONTE WAY FRESNO CA Ramos Frances / Hernandez Jo Ann
5903 [SOLD] Oppelt John Joseph & Bonnie Jean Trs 5284 N PLEASANT AVE FRESNO CA Karabian Timothy & Amanda M
21985 [SOLD] Ortiz Paul B & Vera U 4469 N Winery Ave Fresno CA Galvante Vincent & Ruth
21994 [SOLD] Ortiz Paul B & Vera U 4469 N Winery Ave Fresno CA Galvante Vincent & Ruth
6585 [SOLD] Paredez Michael 5212 E HOXIE AVE FRESNO CA Tfs Invs Llc
10231 [SOLD] Patterson John Russell & Clorinda H Green Sharon L 3422 E Lansing Way Fresno CA Saenz Domingo & Kathy E
10232 [SOLD] Patterson John Russell & Clorinda H Green Sharon L 3422 E Lansing Way Fresno CA Saenz Domingo & Kathy E
8431 [SOLD] Peterson Ally O Trustee 811 E Cambridge Ave Fresno CA Assemi Amir R
454403 [SOLD] Phillips Jacqueline C Trustee 454 W San Ramon Ave Fresno CA Mitchell Blanche E (Te) / Mitchell Thomas Russell (Te)
103406 [SOLD] Pierson Myron & Josephine L Trustees 1783 E Sawgrass Ave Fresno CA Ugwu Don E
6453 [SOLD] Pineda John M Sandoval John R 248 N FERGER AVE FRESNO CA Sandoval John R
462923 [SOLD] Pinion Walter & Evelyn J Trustees 6269 N Cedar Ave Fresno CA Delgado John R & Juanita A
13098 [SOLD] Price Harold M Trustee 7510 N Tahan Ave Fresno CA Taylor Jonathan
466643 [SOLD] Price Harold M Trustee 7510 N Tahan Ave Fresno CA Taylor Jonathan
11980 [SOLD] Prince Eva 345 W Valencia Ave Fresno CA Obenauf Jason & Marya
838 [SOLD] Rebensdorf Elsie Trustee 4280 N DOWER AVE FRESNO CA Riley Tammie L S
9624 [SOLD] Regadanz Bruce E & Carol J Trustees 1542 E Alluvial Ave #140 Fresno CA Federal Natl Mtg Assn Fnma
6463 [SOLD] Rhodes Albert K Jr & Dorothy Trustees 4677 E NEVADA AVE FRESNO CA Lillian Carolyn L
6389 [SOLD] Rice Steven F 1031 N FERGER AVE FRESNO CA Cvi Group Llc
22165 [SOLD] Ripley Virginia Biddle Patricia L 4614 E Cornell Ave Fresno CA Stout Kevin
17537 [SOLD] Rocha Emily Rocha Mark Anthony 4682 E Lowe Ave Fresno CA Halterman Deborah T / Rocha-Lee Elizabeth D
103371 [SOLD] Rodgers Addie Trustee 25 E Oleander Ave Fresno CA White Safiya F M
103372 [SOLD] Rodgers Addie Trustee 239 E Kearney Blvd Fresno CA White Safiya F M
6304 [SOLD] Sandoval Richard J & Patricia R 836 E WELDON AVE FRESNO CA Davis Arthur L
16202 [SOLD] Sarkisian Lee Ray Trustee 8266 N College Ave Fresno CA Crownover Cindy R
25844 [SOLD] Satterberg Lois M Trustee 3117 E Sample Ave Fresno CA Kerber Sabrina C
5791 [SOLD] Schaad Raymond E Trustee 1540 W FREMONT AVE FRESNO CA Bonanza Creek Land Co Llc
459662 [SOLD] Schaeffer Marion Albert 6445 N Lafayette Ave Fresno CA Verwer Jequita M
11972 [SOLD] Schoemaker Eulalie H Trustee 2758 W San Jose Ave Fresno CA Quinn Paul E
458340 [SOLD] Schrenker Sheila M Trustee 1218 W Twain Ave Fresno CA Lopez Celia / Gutierrez Luis A Jr
104192 [SOLD] Senter Mardell Trustee 2086 E Palo Alto Ave Fresno CA Pizzo Michael R
21845 [SOLD] Shelton Thomas L 4721 W Norwich Ave Fresno CA Higginson Cherlyn
15713 [SOLD] Siongco Juscelino M & Evangeline D 2356 S Walling Ave Fresno CA Gill Tirath S
6135 [SOLD] Slot W Grace Life Estate 4503 N GARDEN AVE FRESNO CA Landeros Yesenia
464875 [SOLD] Smith Irene D Trustee 6795 N Backer Ave Fresno CA Govette Janet L
25852 [SOLD] Smith Raymond E Or Mildred L 6494 N Blackstone Ave Fresno CA Santana Jerry J (Te)
6031 [SOLD] Smothers Velma L Trustee 2678 W SAN GABRIEL AVE FRESNO CA Liu Jun Q
6188 [SOLD] Solom Richard J & Alice Pina Trustees 4049 N RICEWOOD AVE FRESNO CA Pine-Solom Alice
22117 [SOLD] Souza Viola F Trustee 3657 W Olive Ave Fresno CA Munoz Maria
8392 [SOLD] Sparks Alice Joan Trustee 5260 N Pacific Ave Fresno CA Parker Steven C
5926 [SOLD] Stafford Glenn E & Linda M Trustees 1706 W WRENWOOD LN FRESNO CA Quiring John E
5838 [SOLD] Steffensen Charoletta Jean 3292 E LOS ALTOS AVE FRESNO CA Frnzyan Gayane
5837 [SOLD] Stevenson Iriz R Bunyard Debra Iriz 6589 N CHANCE AVE FRESNO CA Tiftick Kiah
102486 [SOLD] Summers Zella Norine Trustee 5592 N El Adobe Dr Fresno CA Higton Investment Group Llc
20787 [SOLD] Terzian Rose M Trustee 407 N Chestnut Ave Fresno CA Walker Harland W & Janice G
20788 [SOLD] Terzian Rose M Trustee 425 N Chestnut Ave Fresno CA Walker Harland W & Janice G
10191 [SOLD] Thomas Clarence Sr 1548 W Normal Ave Fresno CA Reynoso Sulma
6317 [SOLD] Thompson Arlene E Trustee 3416 E HARVARD AVE FRESNO CA Jones Adrian
21599 [SOLD] Thompson Herschel E & Sydney J Trs 2555 W Bluff Ave #136 Fresno CA Wukits Richard P / Nordstrom Diana M
5958 [SOLD] Tillman Jerry L & Louise E 5650 N AUGUSTA ST FRESNO CA Gong Paul & Sherry
454178 [SOLD] Townsend Judith A Life Estate 3911 E Mc Kinley Fresno CA Lindsey Charles L
6522 [SOLD] Vincent Louise Trustee 3533 E ALTA AVE FRESNO CA Reed Lois A Trust
6301 [SOLD] Warner Warren E & Frances J 537 W UNIVERSITY AVE FRESNO CA Central Valley Capital Iv Lp
453279 [SOLD] Weber Lydia Spomer Trustee 6443 N Flora Ave Fresno CA Orozco Veronica / Navarrete Hugo L A
453280 [SOLD] Weber Lydia Spomer Trustee & Hinton Kathleen E 5308 W King Fisher Ln Fresno CA Hinton Family Trust
5787 [SOLD] Weigant Dorothy L 362 W STUART AVE FRESNO CA Pollan Elsa S
12325 [SOLD] Willems Franklin J & Betty Trustees 4325 N Harrison Ave Fresno CA Schulze Family Trust
7127 [SOLD] Willis Florence Frances Trustee 9264 N WHITNEY AVE FRESNO CA Goswami Amitabh
12561 [SOLD] Winterberg George D Trustee 920 E Sierra Madre Ave Fresno CA Potluck Investments Llc
5261 [SOLD] Worona John & Ruby L Life Estate 5945 E MADISON AVE FRESNO CA Wilhite Family Living Trust
16524 [SOLD] Yearout Lois Evelyn Trs 6260 N Palm Ave #117 Fresno CA Bedrossian Haroutioun G / Rush-Bedrossian Yvette R
21001 [SOLD] Yomogida Sam I 5771 N Callisch Ave Fresno CA Vang Roger & Na L
21002 [SOLD] Yomogida Sam I 5771 N Callisch Ave Fresno CA Vang Roger & Na L
15841 [SOLD] Yoshioka Katsumi & Shizuko Trustees 11842 S Walnut Ave Fresno CA Mccutcheon M D Living Trust
20619 [SOLD] Zochil Romano & Marija Trustees 1925 S Price Ave Fresno CA Cazares Juan H
2636 [SOLD] Bowen L Arlene Tr 2006 W HOUSTON AVE FULLERTON CA Fladd Mark A & Stephanie J
457294 [SOLD] Braune Evelyn Louise Tr 320 N Basque Ave Fullerton CA Green Jeremy N & Rachel E
10081 [SOLD] Campbell Charlyne Tr 3339 Topaz Ln Fullerton CA Miraldi Matthew D / Ancheta Jose L Jr
462415 [SOLD] Emmel Harriett Tr 1730 W Southgate Ave Fullerton CA Hunter Sheryl L
8272 [SOLD] Fernanders Marie L Mageno Mary Rose 1408 PINON PL 7 FULLERTON CA Nance Scott & Betty Trust
807258 [SOLD] Fritsche Mavis L 127 Magnolia Ave Fullerton CA Villa Juan C / Gutierrez Monica
1512 [SOLD] Houston Wade Jr 518 S BALCOM AVE FULLERTON CA Robinson Jermaine & Elizabeth
13450 [SOLD] Kim Jun Hyung 1213 Olson Dr Fullerton CA Suh Sean
807024 [SOLD] Lampe Wanda L 1201 W Valencia Dr Fullerton CA Nicolas Family Llc
455585 [SOLD] Moon Nancy A 507 W Maxzim Ave Fullerton CA Newell Brian & Heidi
5097 [SOLD] MOUDY LAVADA A 2830 MADONNA DR FULLERTON CA Smith Richard G & Claudia M
1096101 [SOLD] Neptune Homer E 2851 Rolling Hills Dr #91 Fullerton CA Yu Hui-Mei
1483 [SOLD] Perry Ina J Tr 433 E AMERIGE AVE FULLERTON CA Gliffe William E & Bette E Trust
1480 [SOLD] Rios Johnny Tr 201 E ROSSLYNN AVE FULLERTON CA Bushala Anthony
15402 [SOLD] Roberts Joseph Sydney Tr 1556 Shadow Ln Fullerton CA Roussillon Matthieu F & Jennifer C
1417 [SOLD] Schenk Henry Tr The Henry Schenk Living Tr 405 N MICHAEL AVE FULLERTON CA Toerck Margaret
5016 [SOLD] Seaman Peggie P Tr 846 W GLENWOOD CIR FULLERTON CA Smith John L
1166174 [SOLD] Shell Lois A 1461 Skyline Dr Fullerton CA First American Trust Fsb
2653 [SOLD] Shelters Vernon B Jr Tr 1406 W GAGE AVE FULLERTON CA Glover Michelle L
18812 [SOLD] Teal Patricia A Tr 2036 Vista Del Rosa Fullerton CA Hispalan Dev Inc
8257 [SOLD] Trent Suzanne 2900 WELLESLEY CT FULLERTON CA Donaldson Robert
19857 [SOLD] Vermillion Richard Lee Tr 2785 Quail Ridge Cir 11 Fullerton CA
22208 [SOLD] Wilbur Virginia M Tr 337 W Southgate Ave Fullerton CA Rosales Jesus A & Liliana A T
4634 [SOLD] Bachmann Margaret E Tr 11943 BUCKINGHAM CIR GARDEN GROVE CA Ograttis Patricia E Trust
1094550 [SOLD] Brown Winifred Helen 5701 Ludlow Ave Garden Grove CA Holloway Jeri A / Nelson Robert H
3026 [SOLD] Cangson Dorothy Ann M Tr 10821 VICKERS DR GARDEN GROVE CA Pahuyo Reynaldo L & Maria N D
455138 [SOLD] Florer Ardice Laverne Tr 12831 Bailey St Garden Grove CA Mulligan Brian M & Pilar S
22257 [SOLD] Gavin Wallace E Tr 8581 Barr Ln Garden Grove CA Davis Kimberly K
3028 [SOLD] Gill Rosa E Tr 10891 PATRICIA DR GARDEN GROVE CA Mceldowney Katherine S
3136 [SOLD] Gingerelli Patricia Ruthtr 13542 PURDY ST GARDEN GROVE CA Bean Ronald L & Teri L
26641 [SOLD] Hubbard Alice June Tr 11901 Waverly Dr Garden Grove CA Tran Kelly / Ngo Phillip
18998 [SOLD] Hutton Paul M Tr 12152 Homestead Pl Garden Grove CA Nguyen Theresa / Vu Vanessa
18409 [SOLD] Johnson Myra B 9822 Stanford Ave Garden Grove CA Chu Paul V / Tran John N
18413 [SOLD] Kelly Myrna L Tr 10912 Vickers Dr Garden Grove CA De Vrieze Karen L
3759 [SOLD] Main Robert H Tr 12662 LANAKILA LN GARDEN GROVE CA Cashman Family Trust / Main Robert T Family Trust
3164 [SOLD] Molzahn Emalyne E Tr 9631 CENTRAL AVE GARDEN GROVE CA Beerer Janet S
3027 [SOLD] Nessar Una Anne Tr 10892 DANBERRY DR GARDEN GROVE CA Lewis Michael T
3184 [SOLD] Nguyen Tung Van 10691 KEEL AVE GARDEN GROVE CA Trieu Quoi T / Tran Anh
26701 [SOLD] Perry Constance V Tr 12211 Emerald St Garden Grove CA Hartsell Lisa D Trust
3730 [SOLD] Pinchut Siegfried J Tr 12842 TOPAZ ST GARDEN GROVE CA Cooper Bradley S & Wendy M
1092649 [SOLD] Quach Cathy Cathy & Nguyen Tri Cao 10612 Stern Ave Garden Grove CA Nguyen Tri Cao / Quach Cathy
1090612 [SOLD] Riggs Margaret E 11142 Gilbert St Garden Grove CA Nationwide Cap Grp Inc
804332 [SOLD] Ruppel Jacqueline C Tr 9621 Crosby Ave Garden Grove CA Ngo Jason / Khong Tan V
14219 [SOLD] Scheu Jeanette R Tr 11671 Mac Duff St Garden Grove CA Winemiller Daniel G & Pamela J
3041 [SOLD] Schultz Mary Frances Tr 11812 BROOKSHIRE AVE GARDEN GROVE CA Russell Dan N / Thai Michelle T
21637 [SOLD] Sisson Ted R Tr 10342 Central Ave Garden Grove CA Kitchell Christina L
8108 [SOLD] Tigrett Winifred A 8111 STANFORD AVE 105 GARDEN GROVE CA Truong Tuan Anh / Ngo Loan
12434 [SOLD] Wright Gary E Tr Gary E Wright Revoc Tr 13061 Rainbow St Garden Grove CA Vu Kady H
456430 [SOLD] Ayala John & Tima & John And Tima Ayala Trust 1216 W 166Th St Gardena CA Fernandez Bonnie D Trust
11213 [SOLD] Dempster Dorothy D Dempster Trust 3362 W 152Nd St Gardena CA Morgan Raelyn
803603 [SOLD] Kawasaki Kimie, Kimie Kawasaki Trust 15512 S Harvard Blvd Gardena CA Nguyen Stacy
13939 [SOLD] Nakayama James I James I Nakayama Trust 31 Merit Park Dr Gardena CA Onishi Ryan T & Denise A
797826 [SOLD] Osako Setsu, Yamashita Minori 1432 W 152Nd St Gardena CA Davalos Alexander / Valle Kennya
16180 [SOLD] Hagemeyer Leah A Leah A Hagemeyer Trust 828 Monterey Rd Glendale CA Anouchian Vasken & Zela
20906 [SOLD] Eller Ruth A Eller Family Trust 1368 Raymond Ave Glendale CA Arakelyan Hayk
24346 [SOLD] Woodruff Helen Woodruff Family Trust 330 BURCHETT ST 304 GLENDALE CA Ayvazyan Hovhannes / Azizyan Lusine
7109 [SOLD] Cannon Howard R Howard R Cannon Trust 336 N LOUISE ST 14 GLENDALE CA Chu Michael S
8405 [SOLD] Prow Alice R Clyde L Prow Trust 1945 Calafia St Glendale CA Gavgavyan Margarit
7108 [SOLD] Gasparian Shaken M Grigorian Hartoun 520 N ISABEL ST B GLENDALE CA Grigorian Hartoun H
458322 [SOLD] Knoll Robert E & Robert E Knoll Trust 365 Burchett St 207 Glendale CA Hacopian Glady / Baghdasarians Vahik
455320 [SOLD] Cook Roger D & Roger D Cook Trust 1330 Hillside Dr Glendale CA Kennedy Richard J
7115 [SOLD] Cummings Maryhelen Cummings Family Trust 1919 VERDUGO LOMA DR GLENDALE CA Sahakyan Hamlet
457414 [SOLD] Simonian Vicken I 1021 Calle Sonrisa Glendale CA Salek Mirhamid / Rezvan Azita
102980 [SOLD] Meyers Mary A 531 N Louise St 101 Glendale CA Spencer Sean & Joyleen
7119 [SOLD] Carne Marjorie H Marjorie H Carne Trust 693 ATKINS DR GLENDALE CA Tong Peter K
26434 [SOLD] Service Donna J Donna J Service Trust 307 S Burnaby Dr Glendora CA Aragon Kevin & Thelma L L
8066 [SOLD] Grim Worth S Jr & Ida A Grim Family Trust 1314 DELAY AVE GLENDORA CA Barcena Adalberto / Barcena Adalberto
1.00E+06 [SOLD] G & R Caprilli & Caprilli Geofredo R (Te) Te 1325 Sierra View Dr Glendora CA Caprilli Geofredo R (Te) / G
1.00E+06 [SOLD] E Caprilli & Caprilli Geofredo R (Te) Te 1020 Ivy St Glendora CA Caprilli Geofredo R (Te) / R E Caprilli
19141 [SOLD] Welsing Peter R Peter R Welsing Trust 211 S Country Club Rd Glendora CA Gayatrie Endang R Living Trust
21991 [SOLD] Yaeger Max & Vera Yaeger Trust 653 S Glendora Ave Glendora CA Gorden Judith M
25268 [SOLD] Brines Dorothy J Brines Family Trust 901 FUCHSIA AVE GLENDORA CA Herrera Cliff / Soto-Herrera Nancy
8072 [SOLD] Scotti Vincenzo Vincenzo Scotti Trust 726 S WASHINGTON AVE GLENDORA CA Mccarthy Maria
104334 [SOLD] Mendolia Theresa   Theresa Mendolia Trust 330 W Payson St Glendora CA Medolia N & K Family Trust
8085 [SOLD] Estrada Catherine H Estrada Family Trust 221 ENCANTO DR GLENDORA CA Millar Elaine / Estrada Ronald L
103846 [SOLD] Sigurdson Victoria   Sigurdson Family Trust 2208 E Baseline Rd Glendora CA Partida Antonio & Maritza / Panameno Gladys
20909 [SOLD] Cannon Ruth E Ruth E Cannon Trust 1819 E Poppy Ln Glendora CA Pellow Aaron D
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Ring Steven I & Steven I Ring Trust 109 W Haltern Ave Glendora CA Rdt Management Corp
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Nemeth Dale J & Dale J Nemeth Trust 341 W Leadora Ave Glendora CA Smith Joel A & Karley A
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Lusk Norman M 1413 S Dodsworth Ave Glendora CA Smith Kathy
8076 [SOLD] Wadham Shirley Wadham Family Trust 618 N PASADENA AVE GLENDORA CA To Brandon & Jeanny
460257 [SOLD] Razook George E & Nancy L 1034 Coronet St Glendora CA Tonkinson Family Trust
22227 [SOLD] Battles Volene Battles Family Trust 220 S Wabash Ave Glendora CA Way Matthew & Jennifer
2735 [SOLD] Kelley Betty Yvonne 7092 AVE 308 GOSHEN CA Mota Luis
13302 [SOLD] Montoya Henry L 30559 Robinson Rd Goshen CA Ramirez Sara Maria
13303 [SOLD] Montoya Henry L 30827 Juniper Rd Goshen CA
9303 [SOLD] King Residuary Trust King Bette Lou Tr 775 S Eliseo Dr Greenbrae CA Callahan-Dee Family / Dee David D
103916 [SOLD] Caldwell Helen P Tr 60 Corte Baristo Greenbrae CA Mulholland Scott & Amanda
1004 [SOLD] Freitas Olivia 500 SYCAMORE AVE GUSTINE CA Souza Virginia
1005 [SOLD] Freitas Olivia 456 SYCAMORE AVE GUSTINE CA Wheeler Delores M Family Trust
1014 [SOLD] Freitas Olivia 927 RAILROAD AVE GUSTINE CA Wheeler Delores M Family Trust
2595 [SOLD] Schluter Maurice Ray & Lenora Ester 11086 INGOMAR RD GUSTINE CA Pallan Aleta J / Schluter Mary A
8152 [SOLD] Victor John R & Christina L 1400 MEREDITH AVE SPC #2 GUSTINE CA Friddle Kathleen / Medley Gail
7990 [SOLD] Gamba Ruby G Ruby G Gamba Family Trust 15466 DEL PRADO DR HACIENDA HEIGHTS CA Kim Youngmi / Kwak Yangsun
797824 [SOLD] Ogami Tsuneo & Yuko 14545 Langhill Dr Hacienda Heights CA Lemus James A & Leticia
1.00E+06 [SOLD] R Vargas & Vargas Jose A Jr (Te) Te 1115 Folkstone Ave Hacienda Heights CA Vargas Jose A Jr (Te) / F R Vargas
17880 [SOLD] Chapman Mary M Living Trust 705 E Myrtle St Hanford CA Ceja Elizabet
103889 [SOLD] Craft Robert V Revoc Trust 400 W Cortner St Hanford CA Draxler Land Co
462 [SOLD] Dean Jack 412 W CAMERON ST HANFORD CA Contreras Ricardo P / Dean Jennifer
452720 [SOLD] Eusebio Angelito J & Corazon E 1389 Cornell Pl Hanford CA Bradley Gabriel L
525 [SOLD] Federer Ronald L 1142 S 11 1/2 AVE HANFORD CA Baez Nelly V C
586 [SOLD] Gibson Jonathan E & Masa 901 MANOR AVE HANFORD CA Ahmed Wahb A / Saleh Nabeelah A
14504 [SOLD] Hamilton Joe D Revocable Trust 412 E 9Th St Hanford CA Gonzales Alinda
466052 [SOLD] Hamilton Joe D Revocable Trust 412 E 9Th St Hanford CA Gonzales Alinda
14503 [SOLD] Hamilton Joe D Revocable Trust 410 E 9Th St Hanford CA Gonzales Alinda
466053 [SOLD] Hamilton Joe D Revocable Trust 410 E 9Th St Hanford CA Gonzales Alinda
11567 [SOLD] Krieger Elaine L Revocable Trust 233 E Leland Way Hanford CA Yelton-Curtis Karen E
741 [SOLD] Ponce Jose F & Ana M 1016 SUMMER FIELD DR HANFORD CA Champion Mtg
26033 [SOLD] Raviscioni Opal Family Trust 745 Laura Ln Hanford CA Goodwin Denna A / Mcwells Donny R
476 [SOLD] Sanchez Alice L 513 W IVY ST HANFORD CA Ramos Angela K
722 [SOLD] Smith Agnes L Family Trust 1275 LASSEN DR HANFORD CA Jamke
465 [SOLD] Stewart Sylvia Living Trust 416 E FLORINDA ST HANFORD CA Towey Michael E
382 [SOLD] Tarin Edmund 1726 EASY ST HANFORD CA Lippincott David / Stewart Marilynn
102380 [SOLD] Webb Donald E & Roberta 1124 Wren Dr Hanford CA Federal Natl Mtg Assn
373 [SOLD] Wright May Trust 1932 N KENSINGTON WAY HANFORD CA Marquez Patsy R
801966 [SOLD] Henkel Mary L, Mary L Henkel Trust 23757 Pasatiempo Ln Harbor City CA Rickard Jerrod & Elizabeth
1093200 [SOLD] Carney Gail E Trust 13317 Glasgow Pl Hawthorne CA Franco Ben G Jr
8943 [SOLD] Espinosa Arnolfo C & Cecilia C 14073 Lemoli Ave Hawthorne CA Steinway Donald E
801886 [SOLD] Gallegos Daniel J, Daniel J Gallegos Trust 4854 W 134Th St Hawthorne CA Merino Isaac A & Yuki S
5892 [SOLD] Smith Barbara J Barbara J Smith Trust 13329 HANSWORTH AVE HAWTHORNE CA Vuona Robert P & Jacqueline Y M
6246 [SOLD] Weiss Andrew & Judith R Trs 3890 DEPOT RD HAYWARD CA S & A Investment Holdings Llc
6063 [SOLD] Enos Alice F Tr 24140 ZORRO CT HAYWARD CA Chao Vivian / Chao Henry & Lena
5895 [SOLD] Perschonok Tedd R & Bonnie L Trs 21411 GARY DR 8 HAYWARD CA Chauhan Raj B / Singh Raj K
10056 [SOLD] Crane Charles W & S J Trs 2022 Oak Creek Pl Hayward CA Duckworth George
6429 [SOLD] Eberstein Arnold Tr 28325 CAPITOLA ST HAYWARD CA Fajardo Roderick L & Rosaremo B
5881 [SOLD] Shoop Steven A & Kathryn F 1106 GROVE WAY HAYWARD CA Foerster-Shoop Kathryn
25543 [SOLD] Rizzo Louis & Marie L Trs 21172 Hathaway Ave Hayward CA Ho Kam C / Yiu Yuet H
2807 [SOLD] Bagley Barbara L Tr 31516 BURNHAM WAY HAYWARD CA Lam Man / Ng Tina
6062 [SOLD] Chavez Claudia A Tr 3096 RANDALL WAY HAYWARD CA Licea Ezequiel & Palmira / Ramirez Bertha A
16360 [SOLD] Martinez Frank Jr & Lillian M Trs 22674 Sonoma St Hayward CA Mao Zhongping / Li Hanbin
6408 [SOLD] Rudy George J & Patricia C Trs 26992 GADING RD HAYWARD CA Meadows Donovan
6398 [SOLD] Clevenger Harry & Bonnie Trs 946 SAINT BEDE LN HAYWARD CA Moreno Vicente
6493 [SOLD] Chin David L & Betsy J Trs 568 CELIA ST HAYWARD CA Niederbrach R J 2014 Trust
22723 [SOLD] Hubbard William T & Dorothy A Trs 1287 C St Hayward CA Rufino Darlene & Robin
13085 [SOLD] Warren Harold J & Smith E J Etal 24763 Kay Ave Hayward CA Smith E James / Cheney Patricia R
25538 [SOLD] Creech Norma J Tr 24461 Willimet Way Hayward CA Washington Mickeala
795681 [SOLD] Allen William W & Jacqueline M Trs 3708 Roxbury Ln Hayward CA Mack Donald J / Purnell Rogeair D
452065 [SOLD] Dejesus Alba R & Flora T Trs 27904 Farm Hill Dr Hayward CA Calderon Margaret
465956 [SOLD] Gonsalves William C Tr – Survivors Trust 19101 Hathaway Ave Hayward CA Domingo Erik / Bolognese Victoria
1937 [SOLD] Lewis Miles Kinyon Trust 4/23/10 25802 LEWIS RD HELENDALE CA Ahlport Randall C
1935 [SOLD] Laughlin Willis A Sanford Paul & Linda Trust IRONSIDES LN HELENDALE CA Jacobs Patricia L
14381 [SOLD] Ferrera Jewell D Jenkins Robert W 14736 Chaparral Ln #6 Helendale CA Jenkins Robert W Trust
14382 [SOLD] Ferrera Jewell D Jenkins Robert W 14948 Tournament Dr Helendale CA Jenkins Robert W Trust
6341 [SOLD] Tindel Benjamin T & Yvonne Marie 1299 VAL VERDE DR HEMET CA Fresh Start Homes Llc
16399 [SOLD] Seymour Glen W & Linda S 1415 Santa Susana Dr Hemet CA Arauza Jose
805697 [SOLD] Dasilva Timothy M 7701 Armour Dr Hemet CA Da Silva Family Trust
6379 [SOLD] Reed Patsy Lee 601 BERMUDA DR HEMET CA Dean Randall
6367 [SOLD] Mccall Bob J 41130 COLLEGIAN WAY HEMET CA Garcia Maximiliano
452325 [SOLD] Lemons Robert L & Myrl R 772 La Morena Dr Hemet CA Gilbert Gale
19318 [SOLD] Thomas Ralph W & Regina E 664 Goldenrod St Hemet CA Goode Joshua W & Keia L
21833 [SOLD] Pendergrass Thomas J 43079 Quincy Ct Hemet CA Hamlin Donald G & Amy N
6491 [SOLD] Justsen Betty 1352 LIMONITE ST HEMET CA Kovacic Living Trust
803017 [SOLD] Wahlert Gwyn E 1295 S Cawston Ave #2 Hemet CA Lack Glenda L
104100 [SOLD] Holcomb Mabel L 40631 Malibar Ave Hemet CA Lynch Rachel M
6277 [SOLD] Bedard Maurice C & Germaine T 1625 SANTA SUSANA DR HEMET CA Mejia Eusebio & Doris L
6433 [SOLD] Tirado Alex E 2590 CYPRESS ST HEMET CA Mercado Benito C / Rivas Edna M
6243 [SOLD] Sammons Tommy C & Ruth W 3998 BORDEAUX LN HEMET CA Mesaris Nikilos K
6366 [SOLD] Barnett Glenn C & Connie M 26636 CHESTNUT DR HEMET CA Nguyen David
11314 [SOLD] Swendler Duane E 42092 Levi Ct Hemet CA Peddicord Wilma J
806449 [SOLD] Graves Richard A 25320 W Posey Dr Hemet CA Redline Investments
26873 [SOLD] Ravenscroft Myrna L 2123 San Arturo Ave Hemet CA Rexford David N
23422 [SOLD] CALINSKY MATTIE G 135 MCCARRON WAY HEMET CA Ruppert Herbert E Jr & Diana L
21976 [SOLD] Vaught Kendall 254 Orchard Ave Hemet CA Saiz Brenda
14593 [SOLD] Leis John Carl 3064 Del Flora Dr Hemet CA Shephard Dwight
6436 [SOLD] Scott Jack N 2237 SNAPDRAGON CT HEMET CA Sines Lisa A
456521 [SOLD] Mccoy Stanley Paul 808 San Francisco Dr Hemet CA Sorbello Anthony J
7033 [SOLD] Dencklau Marvin Edwin & Alma Anna 802 PIKE DR HEMET CA Stevens Jason T & Natalie M
464096 [SOLD] Danneman Herbert J & Danneman Frances C 2866 Oradon Way Hemet CA Tsang Simon & J Family Trust
26751 [SOLD] Martin Edwin Willard & Rebecca Jo 3241 Bellwood St Hemet CA Welte Jessenia G & Bradley B
6462 [SOLD] Warren Billy James 4077 COUGAR CANYON RD HEMET CA Zimmer Clarence
1168560 [SOLD] Jones Rosie B Trust 380 Olympia Way Hemet CA Hewitt Randi L / Larimore Charles R
464090 [SOLD] Medina Ernest & Rosemarie & E Adn R Medina Trust 1420 Bonnie Brae St Hermosa Beach CA Richland Associates Llc
1094105 [SOLD] Warnholz Betty R & Warnholz Trust 1312 Owosso Ave Hermosa Beach CA Heinz Roger & K Living Trust
1721 [SOLD] Hoffman Peggy Mae Young Nee 7811 CALPELLA AVE HESPERIA CA Champion Mtg
1751 [SOLD] Conner Frances E Trust 9-27-02 10321 HEMLOCK AVE HESPERIA CA Hansen Linda C
1723 [SOLD] Callen Carol Ann Revocable Tr 2/23 19010 LINDSAY ST HESPERIA CA Lane Julie M / Gertz Laura M
1718 [SOLD] Webb Delbert E Tr & Norma M Tr 8282 WINDSOR AVE HESPERIA CA Thomas Kent I & Rachel I
25361 [SOLD] Uyeki Mitsugi R & Fumiko Uyeki Family Trust AVE G/VIC 195 STE HI VISTA CA Euonymus Llc
802281 [SOLD] Corpuz Camilo G And Irene S 190 Ste/Vic Ave F12 Hi Vista CA Ira Services Trust Company Cstdn / Lee Jenne Y
23778 [SOLD] Mccroskey Myrtle M Mccroskey Trust 200 STE(DRT)/VIC AVE C8 HI VISTA CA Lam Annie H / Lam Frederick / Preferred Trust Co Llc Cstdn
102714 [SOLD] Needham Hal & Ellyn 200 Ste(Drt)/Vic Ave E6 Hi Vista CA Lam Annie H / Lam Frederick / Preferred Trust Co Llc Cstdn
13364 [SOLD] Shida Hiroko Hiroko Shida Trust Vic Ave C6/253 Ste Hi Vista CA Rahim Yaghoubzar
1289 [SOLD] Gingland Harriette Revocable Tr 10 26208 EDGEMONT DR HIGHLAND CA Ericson Randall A & Mary E
452282 [SOLD] Einfeldt George J & Jean E 29311 Henderson Ln Highland CA Salvation Army
26508 [SOLD] Humphrey Justin W & Robin L 10589 Golf Link Rd Hilmar CA White Brenda R (Te) / White Robert R Jr (Te)
8989 [SOLD] Leonard Audery L & Norma 19960 American Ave Spc 37 Hilmar CA Country Mhp Inc
8990 [SOLD] Leonard Audery L & Norma 19960 American Ave Spc 37 Hilmar CA Country Mhp Inc
793 [SOLD] Mason Bill 20305 AMETHYST DR HILMAR CA Orozco Helena
7420 [SOLD] Hunt Kathy C 75751 CAMINO DE PLATA INDIAN WELLS CA Bahnernan Bruce M / Bielen Diane L
462063 [SOLD] Hewitt Paul J & Hewitt Barrie L 74963 Chateau Cir Indian Wells CA Duffy Lisa
7423 [SOLD] Hughes Charles M & Eleanor Anderson 75762 VISTA DEL REY DR INDIAN WELLS CA Gedak Florian & Darlynne
7371 [SOLD] Stutzman Sandilee 44067 ERIE CT INDIAN WELLS CA Hastings Wallace H Jr & Maida B
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Wilner Sylvia 75321 Spyglass Dr Indian Wells CA Kosher Helene J
7424 [SOLD] Graves Gertrude I 75284 SAINT ANDREWS CT INDIAN WELLS CA Weil Richard & Carole / Weil Troy & Naomi
13348 [SOLD] Nieto Ernest & Hermine J 82723 Doctor Carreon Blvd Indio CA Cepeda Jesus A A
7275 [SOLD] Thomasson Betty J Colby Barbara D 45576 WHISTLER CT INDIO CA Colby Living Trust
462505 [SOLD] Zeimis Vincent Stanley & Zeimis Carol Suzanne 41143 Doak St Indio CA Dean Donald L & Patricia L
803158 [SOLD] Garber Terry L, Lucas Thomas J 40823 Fortunato Ct Indio CA Gustafson Conrad L / Loeffler Virginia E
7259 [SOLD] Grant Jill C 84499 ONDA DR INDIO CA Hsbc Bank Usa Na Series 2007-6
7292 [SOLD] Ortega Nick L & Adela F 43451 ARABIA ST INDIO CA Payan Arturo / Saldivar Manuela
7296 [SOLD] Rivera Grace V 45741 SMURR ST INDIO CA Rodriguez Karen
8563 [SOLD] Gonzales Angela A 79948 Bethpage Ave Indio CA Tafoya Joseph D
1085205 [SOLD] Barfknecht William H 45216 Paseo Cielo Indio CA Hernandez Gerardo F / Guadarrama Mayra A
1091116 [SOLD] Barfknecht William H 45216 Paseo Cielo Indio CA Hernandez Gerardo F / Guadarrama Mayra A
25167 [SOLD] Garza Phillip A & Dorothy A 80747 COLUMBIA AVE INDIO CA Zamora Leandro
17524 [SOLD] Smith Travis D & Marjorie M 31991 Rd 160 Ivanhoe CA
10219 [SOLD] Gammel Clifford E Gammel Michael 3903 N Howard Ave Kerman CA Yraceburu Robert M & Cathy J
103129 [SOLD] Haupt Peter Jr Trustee 16736 W Shields Ave Kerman CA Matthews Family Trust / Johnson Family Trust
25902 [SOLD] Nichols Karen M Trustee 1801 Riverside St Kingsburg CA Schuil Richard E & Necia L
23020 [SOLD] Michelson Alberta R Trust 30211 Plasse Rd Kirkwood CA Gelatos Living Trust
453729 [SOLD] Jones Thera J & Thera J Jones Trust 2955 Community Ave La Crescenta CA Eatherton Susan L & Jones W L
457268 [SOLD] Mccarthy Ann M & Ann M Mccarthy Trust 2752 Alabama St La Crescenta CA Molina Anthony D & Denise E
8254 [SOLD] Day Robert O 955 LAS LOMAS DR 10 LA HABRA CA
452646 [SOLD] Mandir Jennie Tr 1081 Tropicana Way La Habra CA Carpenter Carol A
452773 [SOLD] Newland Wayne & Nadine 1000 W Lambert Rd 169 La Habra CA Orange County Transit District
452662 [SOLD] Ruhe Thomas A & Ping Ya Pan 1050 E Avocado Crest Rd La Habra Heights CA Pan Ping Y Trust
27258 [SOLD] Pierce Ursula M Trust 03-05-98 1001 Genter St #5G La Jolla CA Exeter 14212 De Llc
462392 [SOLD] Tavares Marjorie C Family Trust 07-27-77 1542 Copa DE Oro Dr La Jolla CA Brown John W
5452 [SOLD] Benzi Alberto 1999 Trust 09-22-99 800 PROSPECT ST #3A LA JOLLA CA Brunswick Rhonda M
11530 [SOLD] Boyd Edwin C Separate Property Trust 02-07-13 2872 Torrey Pines Rd La Jolla CA Fuentes Frank Trust
5498 [SOLD] Clark Ernest P & Elizabeth A 1986 Trust 5461 BAHIA LN LA JOLLA CA Kim Alexander Y & Megan M
798727 [SOLD] Bottomley John H & Constance C Trust 04-05-00 3375 Caminito Gandara La Jolla CA Ly Tiffany & Toan V
454070 [SOLD] Rinaker Samuel M Jr Tr 5935 Rutgers Rd La Jolla CA Oruc Arman Y / Smek Dagmar
462336 [SOLD] Mckellar James A Family Trust 8272 El Paseo Grande La Jolla CA Wood Christopher & G Trust
462528 [SOLD] Bale Barbara J 12035 Mayes Dr La Mirada CA Bertoldi John P
7911 [SOLD] Sell Robert B Robert B Sell Trust 14723 CALPELLA ST LA MIRADA CA Guy-Sell Mary J
7912 [SOLD] Toyota Tatsuo Tatsuo Toyota Trust 15323 STANTON AVE LA MIRADA CA Izaguirre Francisco & Viviana
12719 [SOLD] Lavorin Geraldine Geraldine Lavorin Trust 15245 Elmbrook Dr La Mirada CA Longworth Theodore J & Alyson A
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Riehl Mafalda & C M & M Riehl 14944 Badlona Dr La Mirada CA Mitchell Michael
461887 [SOLD] Alessandro Sebastian S Co Tr & Alessandro Family Trust 14926 Biola Ave La Mirada CA Pierno Catherine R / Alessandro Joseph M
465221 [SOLD] Gonzalez Fernando & Ruelas Magdalena 12816 El Moro Ave La Mirada CA Ruelas Magdalena
21322 [SOLD] Velasquez Socorro T 374 Cadbrook Dr La Puente CA Bank Of America
7977 [SOLD] Labbe Gerard A & Antonia G G And A Labbe Trust 810 N NANTES AVE LA PUENTE CA Cheng Huihua
17609 [SOLD] Aguilar Mary M Schoenen Teresa 635 Marston Ave La Puente CA Escobar Teofilo A / Escobar Miguel A
7976 [SOLD] Bonillas Elodia G Elodia G Bonillas Trust 521 LEAGUE AVE LA PUENTE CA Leung Chi F K
13593 [SOLD] Solis Ivon 1271 Foxworth Ave La Puente CA Ruiz Eloy & Mariana A
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Barber Gaynell & Barber Gaynell G 18203 Renault St La Puente CA Smith Shirley M
26159 [SOLD] Tucker Barbara H Co Tr Tucker Family Trust 933 N Orange Ave La Puente CA Nguyen Kiet H / Bui Chau H
454184 [SOLD] Campagna Louis S & Sandra L & Merten Lisa 60661 Juniper Ln La Quinta CA Ocean Ridge Equities Llc
805162 [SOLD] Chartrand Victor 76891 Calle Mazatlan La Quinta CA 1855465 Alberta Ltd
13380 [SOLD] Fritz Horace H & Maxine J 54815 Shoal Crk La Quinta CA Applegate Kimi & Gary
452744 [SOLD] Hoesman Bruce Jon & Suzann 54075 Southern Hls La Quinta CA Cennon Terry
10621 [SOLD] Holmstrom David E A & B Elaine 47845 Via Trieste La Quinta CA Kert Carolyn
7884 [SOLD] Reavill Albert E & Brenda D 79400 AZAHAR LA QUINTA CA Poore Vernon E / Koorda Francine
12692 [SOLD] Madigan Gerald E & Beverly A 77777 Calle Arroba La Quinta CA Simpson Family Trust
7471 [SOLD] Knoblauch Mary Louise 48605 VISTA TIERRA LA QUINTA CA Stewart Reilly
7291 [SOLD] Slomczewski Adeline Mary 79789 PARKWAY ESPLANADE LA QUINTA CA Wade Marlon A & Rachel
22919 [SOLD] Slomczewski Adeline Mary 79789 Parkway Esplanade La Quinta CA Wade Marlon A & Rachel
454314 [SOLD] Gower M E & Maxine Eloise 47760 Eisenhower Dr La Quinta CA Wilson Harold E / Eckinger William C
13216 [SOLD] Herbst Helen M Helen M Herbst Trust 2731 D St La Verne CA Rodriguez Paul L / Mcelwain Lindsay A
11243 [SOLD] Douglass Dorothy Tr Douglass Family Survivors 1165 Gaviota Dr Laguna Beach CA T & J Ents Llc
21179 [SOLD] Burnham Sharon L 31076 Flying Cloud Dr Laguna Beach CA Erickson R L & L C Living Trust
807429 [SOLD] Sbordone Robert J Tr 31261 Brooks St Laguna Beach CA First American Trust Fsb
13506 [SOLD] Arnold Irene Alice Tr 23912 Estacia Ave Laguna Beach CA Koleas Family Trust
7468 [SOLD] Dept Of Vets Affairs Of State Of Cal Verdugo Dorothy E Tr 270 OAK ST LAGUNA BEACH CA Lanning Toni J
26639 [SOLD] Shammas Jeanette H Tr 2639 Riviera Dr Laguna Beach CA White Tiger Trust
795091 [SOLD] Pollyea Robert W 611 S Coast Hwy Laguna Beach CA
795092 [SOLD] Pollyea Robert W 611 S Coast Hwy Laguna Beach CA
795093 [SOLD] Pollyea Robert W 611 S Coast Hwy Laguna Beach CA
7505 [SOLD] Dambroski Elizabeth Marguerite Tr 20 BELCREST LAGUNA NIGUEL CA Andraszczyk Catherine J
7484 [SOLD] Perry Sara J Tr 28 VIENNA ST LAGUNA NIGUEL CA Boegler Matthew & Kristie L
19921 [SOLD] Estep Rita E 25 Fleurance St Laguna Niguel CA Hu Yuanyang / Bao Jinyan
461490 [SOLD] Zarutskie Michael A Tr 29872 White Otter Ln Laguna Niguel CA Lagouros John
15089 [SOLD] Brooks Joli Marta 46 Son Bon Laguna Niguel CA Ransford Jane
23071 [SOLD] Stormer Thomas S & Gayla S 1 VIEWPOINT DR LAGUNA NIGUEL CA Roberto Nicholas & Christine
451846 [SOLD] Gormley William C Tr 24621 La Hermosa Ave Laguna Niguel CA Rogers John
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Ventura Beverly Ann Tr 27891 Ave Armijo Laguna Niguel CA Rourke Mary Ellen
455076 [SOLD] Berryman Edward P Tr 24662 Steffy Dr Laguna Niguel CA Weston Christopher & Amanda / Weston John
8282 [SOLD] Champlin Bettyjane Tr 27341 YOUNG DR LAGUNA NIGUEL CA Zarerenani Nematollah / Renani Akram S
1522 [SOLD] Kenz Raymond A And Wilma L Trs 173 ROCKY POINT WAY LAKE ARROWHEAD CA Ghastin Robert W 6-29
453746 [SOLD] Maitland Chase Beverly 3492 Cherry Blossom Ln Lake Elsinore CA Carey Todd W & Christine
796534 [SOLD] Madrigal Joe B 32175 Lakeview Ter Lake Elsinore CA Walters Vivian K / Madrigal Olivia
796535 [SOLD] Madrigal Joe B 32185 Lakeview Ter Lake Elsinore CA Walters Vivian K / Madrigal Olivia
795934 [SOLD] Moore Albert J & Ernestine A 29056 Palm View St Lake Elsinore CA Paddock Ellen L
5346 [SOLD] Lewellen Paul J Paul J Lewellen Trust DEVERE CT/VIC LK HUGHES LAKE HUGHES CA Fletcher Janet L / Fletcher William W
5345 [SOLD] Lewellen Paul J Paul J Lewellen Trust 43775 LAKE HUGHES RD LAKE HUGHES CA Konorosky S A & L V Trust
5171 [SOLD] Martin Steven R Steven Martin Trust 17227 QUEENSGLEN AVE LAKE LOS ANGELES CA Boonenberg Margaret
26346 [SOLD] Ellingsen Harold Harold Ellingsen Family Trust 5873 Daneland St Lakewood CA Vanosse Jeffery D & Stacey J
454917 [SOLD] Hazelton Robert K & Robert K Hazelton Trust 4759 Maybank Ave Lakewood CA Maamoun Mona M / El Abyad Abdelwahab M
1090486 [SOLD] Knapp Harold C (Te) & Knapp Dorothy U (Te) & Knapp 3538 Arbor Rd Lakewood CA Marcus David A & Caitlin M
7667 [SOLD] Lively J G & Betty L J G And Betty Lively Trust 4563 SHADEWAY RD LAKEWOOD CA Hansen Lars R / Matten Kelly L
8480 [SOLD] Ota Seiichi & Amy E Ota Family Trust 5059 Premiere Ave Lakewood CA Connell James J / Fan Yunyi C
806899 [SOLD] Reeves Eloda G, Eloda G Reeves Trust 5843 Dagwood Ave Lakewood CA Carabes Oscar R
7707 [SOLD] Shubin Rose Rose Shubin Trust 4103 FAUST AVE LAKEWOOD CA Bassett Andrea C
5268 [SOLD] Filich Joseph & Flora E 643 E AVENUE J5 LANCASTER CA Bank Of America
452126 [SOLD] Byrd James W 1421 W Avenue H14 Lancaster CA Brinson Mary K
19929 [SOLD] Morrill Robby 43801 70Th St W Lancaster CA Castlestone Investment Corp
5227 [SOLD] Slade Harley A Slade Family Trust 3312 MONTE CARLO CT LANCASTER CA Dodson Barbara J
5157 [SOLD] Dahl Gary W & Barbara J FORT TEJON RD/VIC 106TH LANCASTER CA Dolbakian Antoine T (Te)
5236 [SOLD] Inman Maurice C Jr Co Tr Inman Family Trust VIC AVE E8/41ST STW LANCASTER CA Hart Jean T (Te) / Hart Jon A (Te) / Hart Trust
5267 [SOLD] Sierer Joseph B & June E 43908 3RD ST E LANCASTER CA Holden Pamela K
23094 [SOLD] Lefevre Katherine J Katherine J Lefevre Trust 1022 E NORBERRY ST LANCASTER CA Martinez Eric W & Zoila E
455530 [SOLD] Quantz Anna L & Anna L Quantz Trust 44621 Benald St Lancaster CA Martinez Eric W & Zoila E
5226 [SOLD] Vavrick Edward A & Gladys M 3108 MILDWOOD CT LANCASTER CA Milroy Aaron & Breanne
455339 [SOLD] Maston Samuel E & Barbara K 44262 Division St Lancaster CA Porras Fred / Groff Jeannie
805538 [SOLD] Obrien Martha A, Martha A Obrien Trust 44321 12Th St E Lancaster CA Swift Cynthia A / Byers Melinda M
12114 [SOLD] Adams Floyd R Jr 44226 Heaton Ave Lancaster CA Woods Raymond & Yavonne A
5242 [SOLD] Proffitt Billie J Billie J Proffitt Trust 1103 W AVENUE J9 LANCASTER CA Woods Yavonne & Raymond
11306 [SOLD] Sibbald Douglas & Marlene Sibbald Family Trust 3826 Spice St Lancaster CA Mills David & Lynda
795558 [SOLD] Wiegand Raymond & Carmen, R And C Wiegand Trust Ave H4(Drt)/Vic 34Th Ste Lancaster CA Newman Chris / Newman Vanessa L
2248 [SOLD] Coelho Frank A & Sybil A Life Estate 7032 E DE WOODY LATON CA Bergstrom Danny A & Ellen M
5793 [SOLD] Tyson John A John A Tyson Trust 4727 W 147TH ST 245 LAWNDALE CA Chipana Uriel W & Azucena
3448 [SOLD] Almanza Jose Ines & Enriqueta 31449 RD 226 LEMON COVE CA
457569 [SOLD] Boyce Milton L Living Trust 19682 Park Ln Lemoore CA Garman Linda Trust
1018 [SOLD] Braden Peter D 15 ELM DR LEMOORE CA Oneth Kevin A & Saori
1017 [SOLD] Brady Betty J 1462 MULBERRY LN LEMOORE CA Federal Natl Mtg Assn
11733 [SOLD] Gomes Elsie 2009 Revocable Trust 8841 20 1/2 Ave Lemoore CA Souza Family Trust
20219 [SOLD] Phillips Robert E & Ellen K 1505 Cypress Ln Lemoore CA Barnhill Devon R
16707 [SOLD] Haines Lue 742 Hamlin Way Lindsay CA Ortiz Victor
5152 [SOLD] Baggao Marino B Bides Juan VIC PEARBLOSSOM HWY/89TH LITTLEROCK CA Lee Cara G / Lee Won T
11700 [SOLD] Harrison Robert R & Ellen B Trs Paseo Laguna Seco Livermore CA Autumn Springs Re Investors
3179 [SOLD] Brewer Thomas A & Patricia A Trs 1221 SANTORINO CT LIVERMORE CA Clements Tyler & C Trust
3175 [SOLD] Bennett Susan L Tr Survivor Trust & Bennett S Etal 825 POLARIS WAY LIVERMORE CA Johnson Lee T B & Noelle D F
3178 [SOLD] Watt Kathryn A Tr 488 WINDERMERE CIR LIVERMORE CA Jost Wesley J & Laura A
11549 [SOLD] Anderson Eileen C & Mitchell Norma C & Marcie A 1382 Lillian St Livermore CA Mitchell Norma C / Mitchell Marcie A
3186 [SOLD] Noyes Patricia R Tr 771 HAZEL ST LIVERMORE CA Pereyda Jeffrey B & Jennifer L
3187 [SOLD] Macur Randall A & Janet L Trs 763 ALISON CIR LIVERMORE CA Pluta Steven M / Pluta Marilyn A
21271 [SOLD] Hegarty James A Shirley G Trs 4229 Pomona Way Livermore CA Revak Stuart M & Bernadette M
23696 [SOLD] MERCER KENNETH R TR 1826 PARK ST LIVERMORE CA Schmidt David / Nunes Michele
23190 [SOLD] Maynard Louis A & Evelyn K Trs 1120 BLUEBELL DR LIVERMORE CA Schmitz Catherine K
17697 [SOLD] Cochrane Mary A Rev Trust 5-19-04 10674 Amapolas St Loma Linda CA Oram Hugh E
7782 [SOLD] Benson George F Jr George F Benson Jr Trust 24900 PENNSYLVANIA AVE LOMITA CA Cortez Lucille / Barraza Vincent
1166786 [SOLD] Capolungo Paul A Trust 2066 240Th St Lomita CA Penaloza Elizabeth
451840 [SOLD] Gamache Alfred W & Alfred W Gamache Trust 24400 Alliene Ave Lomita CA Garcia Ellen M
451839 [SOLD] Gamache Alfred W & Gamache Family Trust 24507 Cadiz Dr Lomita CA Garcia Ellen M
7781 [SOLD] Redmond Donna M Redmond Trust 24122 ESHELMAN AVE LOMITA CA Inscore Michael G / Rubinfeld Amy L
17870 [SOLD] Riley Mary L Mary L Riley Trust 1911 E Bermuda St Long Beach CA Adok Llc
464423 [SOLD] Baca Joe R 525 E 25Th St Long Beach CA Bengal Housing Investments Llc
464425 [SOLD] Baca Joe R 521 E Rhea St Long Beach CA Bengal Housing Investments Llc
464427 [SOLD] Baca Joe R 1841 Pasadena Ave Long Beach CA Bengal Housing Investments Llc
23193 [SOLD] Thompson Johnnie L Johnnie L Thompson Trust 1121 E HELLMAN ST LONG BEACH CA Carlstrom Investment Group Llc
19925 [SOLD] Cain Rita P Cain Rita P 35 61St Pl Long Beach CA Kasmer Properties Llc
464426 [SOLD] Baca Joe R 519 E Dayman St Long Beach CA Valdez Bros Llc
8123 [SOLD] Danner Harry Elmer Willa Jean 6261 PACIFIC COAST HWY SP 347 LONG BEACH CA Alamitos Bay Partnership
460824 [SOLD] Gerber Frank & Gerber Helen Jtrs 6261 Pacific Coast Hwy Sp 100 Long Beach CA Alamitos Bay Partnership
7691 [SOLD] Newton Bertha L Bertha Newton Trust 4620 FALCON AVE LONG BEACH CA Alatorre Merced & Maria
7671 [SOLD] Perkins Ida F Ida F Perkins Trust 3760 VOLK AVE LONG BEACH CA Alvarez Family Trust
7732 [SOLD] Pascua James C 5585 E PACIFIC COAST HWY 273 LONG BEACH CA Angulo Family Living Trust
804786 [SOLD] Rogers Mamie S, Mamie S Rogers Trust 3723 Iroquois Ave Long Beach CA Atwood Jacob
462468 [SOLD] Cowan Janice D & Janice D Cowan Trust 3156 Marwick Ave Long Beach CA Brady Ronell D Living Trust
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Wojtyniak Stella C 1957 Golden Ave Long Beach CA Bulauan Adelfina T
464569 [SOLD] Fite Lee A & India 5535 Ackerfield Ave 8 Long Beach CA Butler Marlon L & Y L Trust
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Conrad Stanley T & Conrad Family Trust 5902 E Pavo St Long Beach CA California Foreclosure Prevent
14306 [SOLD] Swaim Jesse O Jesse O Swaim Trust 726 W 31St St Long Beach CA Camarillo Raymond M
26419 [SOLD] Binyon William K Foland Binyon Deborah 2131 E 1St St Long Beach CA Cassidy Cathleen F / Cassidy David L / Roy Erin E / Roy Grant M
7712 [SOLD] Sneary Gertrude V Gertrude V Sneary Trust 3145 CHARLEMAGNE AVE LONG BEACH CA Charlemagne 3145 Trust
24410 [SOLD] Harada Masashi & Hiroko 3549 LADOGA AVE LONG BEACH CA Clemente Alex & Isaura
458228 [SOLD] Weintraub Frederick & Cook Lynne 6233 Napoli Ct Long Beach CA Cook Weintraub Family Trust A
7743 [SOLD] Gomez Olga D Olga D Gomez Trust 4129 E 3RD ST LONG BEACH CA Cordova Heidi
1.00E+06 [SOLD] I Cristiano & Cristiano Inge Te & V & Cristiano Vincenzo Te 3855 Atlantic Ave Long Beach CA Cristiano Vincenzo (Te) / Cristiano Inge (Te)
1.00E+06 [SOLD] I Cristiano & Cristiano Inge Te & V & Cristiano Vincenzo Te 3849 Atlantic Ave Long Beach CA Cristiano Vincenzo (Te) / Cristiano Inge (Te)
1.00E+06 [SOLD] I Cristiano & Cristiano Inge Te & V & Cristiano Vincenzo Te 3855 Atlantic Ave Long Beach CA Cristiano Vincenzo (Te) / Cristiano Inge (Te)
1.00E+06 [SOLD] I Cristiano & Cristiano Inge Te & V & Cristiano Vincenzo Te 3849 Atlantic Ave Long Beach CA Cristiano Vincenzo (Te) / Cristiano Inge (Te)
20366 [SOLD] Arthur Robert L Robert L Arthur Trust 3122 E 8Th St Long Beach CA Degrasse Jessica M
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Patricia Denny & Denny Patricia A Te & Denny Paul C Te & Patricia Paul 4141 N Virginia Rd Long Beach CA Denny Paul & P 2001 Trust
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Patricia Denny & Denny Patricia A Te & Denny Paul C Te & Patricia Paul 4141 N Virginia Rd Long Beach CA Denny Paul & P 2001 Trust
26315 [SOLD] Latzsch Karen R Karen R Latzsch Trust 3039 Rutgers Ave Long Beach CA Durham Teresa L
7701 [SOLD] Ruston Catherine 3813 E LA JARA ST LONG BEACH CA Federal Natl Mtg Assn Fnma
7811 [SOLD] Powell Pauline 2011 FASHION AVE LONG BEACH CA Federal Natl Mtg Assn Fnma
8397 [SOLD] Griffith Alice M Griffith Family Trust 4424 E Vermont St Long Beach CA Ferrera Peter P
453589 [SOLD] Mclennan Jeanne E & Jeanne E Mclennan Trust 430 Chestnut Ave 103 Long Beach CA Fishering Jeffrey A
454379 [SOLD] Sanders Richard & Ernestine L 1721 W 32Nd St Long Beach CA Fountain Of Life Covenant Church
460752 [SOLD] Mattei John P & Joan P & John And Joan Mattei Trust 2906 N Greenbrier Rd Long Beach CA Green Edgar C Iii & Cristina M
7709 [SOLD] Barney Betty Barney Family Trust 3661 CHARLEMAGNE AVE LONG BEACH CA Griffo Paul / Teague Carol
7715 [SOLD] Price Raymond S 2545 OREGON AVE LONG BEACH CA Guarino John J
23927 [SOLD] Marks Beverly M Marks Family Trust 2295 SAN VICENTE AVE LONG BEACH CA Hansberry Family Trust
16778 [SOLD] Hatfield Lula Hatfield Family Trust 5526 Azure Way Long Beach CA Istwan Kristine
798336 [SOLD] Dion Amy H, Dion Trust 4725 Hersholt Ave Long Beach CA Kem Seyha N & Sokvylay A
7676 [SOLD] Womack Almeta R Womack Family Trust 3491 FELA AVE LONG BEACH CA Kopec Craig W & Patricia
12192 [SOLD] Quiambao Francisco Sr Co Tr Quiambao Family Trust 2932 Chestnut Ave Long Beach CA Lomeli Pablo
9297 [SOLD] Shishim Walter & Bessie Shishim Trust 2276 Senasac Ave Long Beach CA May Michael & Sarah
454006 [SOLD] Branson Lynn E & Lynn E Branson Trust 2859 Fidler Ave Long Beach CA Mendoza Rhonda L
454007 [SOLD] Branson Lynn E & Lynn E Branson Trust 5835 E Oakbrook St Long Beach CA Mendoza Rhonda L
7726 [SOLD] Wheaton Joseph C & Evelyn Wheaton Trust 2537 VUELTA GRANDE AVE LONG BEACH CA Nour George A
18155 [SOLD] Oconnor Michael D & Ruth N O Connor Trust 8370 E Blithedale St Long Beach CA O Connor Michael D (Te) / O Connor Ruth N (Te)
24556 [SOLD] LAWSON PETER A 41 HERMOSA AVE LONG BEACH CA Pertel Joseph A / Tan Hongying T
10573 [SOLD] Bauer David A David A Bauer Trust 317 N Colorado Pl Long Beach CA Pinckney Patricia L
7757 [SOLD] Abatiell Florence J 3565 EASY AVE LONG BEACH CA Piras Claudia
461431 [SOLD] Qualls Dorothea C & Qualls Family Trust 3176 Carfax Ave Long Beach CA Redic Raina A & Rickey L Jr
24001 [SOLD] Taylor Gregory P Sanchez Albert M 2410 MAINE AVE LONG BEACH CA Sanchez Albert M
7750 [SOLD] Wood Rupert W Jr 262 FALCON AVE LONG BEACH CA Sandoval Jose L
7723 [SOLD] Daly Jean A Daly Family Trust 5241 E WILLOW ST LONG BEACH CA Sauerheber Neil D
24728 [SOLD] Ahle Robert H & Vivian M Ahle Trust 4819 HERSHOLT AVE LONG BEACH CA Silva Jose R & Magali
806430 [SOLD] Feller Merilyn E, Feller Family Trust 5113 E Carita St Long Beach CA Small Brian & Kristen
19924 [SOLD] Cain Rita P Cain Trust 3042 E 3Rd St 19 Long Beach CA Smart Karen K
7736 [SOLD] Arnold Pauline L Pauline L Arnold Trust 143 RAVENNA DR LONG BEACH CA Stagner Family Trust
21273 [SOLD] Lind Shirley G Lind Family Trust 5958 Gaviota Ave Long Beach CA Stills Misty M / Stills Tanisha F
10946 [SOLD] Deleon Domingo & Celia Deleon Family Trust 3721 Stevely Ave Long Beach CA Traboulsi Ray
7729 [SOLD] Connelley D Jeanne D Jeanne Connelley Trust 2121 PETALUMA AVE LONG BEACH CA Weiss Ryan M & Bonnie M
14305 [SOLD] Swaim Jesse O Jesse O Swaim Trust 640 E Carson St 4 Long Beach CA Wiley E A & X M Family Trust
7744 [SOLD] Gershuny Diane & William 790 ORIZABA AVE LONG BEACH CA Williams Lauren A / Vives Ruben
26281 [SOLD] Freeman Jean G Jean G Freeman Trust 6402 E Pageantry St Long Beach CA Ruffin Angela
24009 [SOLD] LAWSON PETER A 2425 E 2ND ST LONG BEACH CA Lindero & Second Llc
1090655 [SOLD] Pratt Patricia G 127 Rivo Alto Canal Long Beach CA Merrill Lynch Trust Co / Piltz Paula
466130 [SOLD] Todd William H 4015 N Virginia Rd 7 Long Beach CA Karpuhov Andrew / Zahedin-Labbaf Golnar
795627 [SOLD] Toy Charles A & Velma M 3101 E 2Nd St 7 Long Beach CA Romero Juana
22858 [SOLD] Adler Yvonne M 1718 Roxbury Dr Los Angeles CA 1718 South Roxbury Drive Llc
6261 [SOLD] Stark Mildred Stark Family Trust 221 S CLIFFWOOD AVE LOS ANGELES CA 221 S Cliffwood Llc
6029 [SOLD] Ball Theola G Theola G Ball Trust 890 COMMONWEALTH AVE LOS ANGELES CA 2418 31St Street Llc
6262 [SOLD] Naar Joseph T 244 S MEDIO DR LOS ANGELES CA 244 Medio Drive Llc
26414 [SOLD] Hudosh David & Sylvia Hudosh Family Trust 534 N La Jolla Ave Los Angeles CA 534 La Jolla Llc
10942 [SOLD] Melvin Dolores R Melvin Trust 12061 Foothill Blvd Los Angeles CA Alas Co Industrial Llc
805164 [SOLD] Lindholm Dwight & Loretta, Lindholm Family Trust 514 S Mariposa Ave Los Angeles CA Apm Apartments Llc
16699 [SOLD] Sheng Lucille Lucille Sheng Trust 10430 Wilshire Blvd 801 Los Angeles CA Bay Dev I Llc
7072 [SOLD] Hansen Donald C Donald C Hansen Trust 6374 MACAL PL LOS ANGELES CA Drail Investments Llc
6239 [SOLD] Glaser Jack & Dora Glaser J 11750 WETHERBY LN LOS ANGELES CA Lane Wetherby Llc
21937 [SOLD] Levine Monnes & Trudi Levine Family Trust 538 N Fuller Ave Los Angeles CA Modern L A Dwelling Llc
6227 [SOLD] Dayton Elizabeth P Dayton Family Trust 10542 FONTENELLE WAY LOS ANGELES CA Pfp Residential Vii Llc
16686 [SOLD] Domingo Luciana B 1454 Logan St Los Angeles CA Post & Beam Llc
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Wachsner Trust & Wachsner Trixie 2822 Westbrook Ave Los Angeles CA Signature Estates Llc
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Wachsner Trust & Wachsner Trixie 2822 Westbrook Ave Los Angeles CA Signature Estates Llc
9058 [SOLD] Grossman Barbara Grossman Steven D 11579 Riverside Dr Los Angeles CA Silverside Properties Llc
9059 [SOLD] Grossman Barbara A Grossman Steven D 1217 Westerly Ter Los Angeles CA Silverside Properties Llc
20966 [SOLD] Williams Kenneth O & Sally B 1916 Micheltorena St Los Angeles CA T Bayles & Co Llc
7060 [SOLD] Menasce Rachel Rachel Menasce Trust 7135 HOLLYWOOD BLVD 908 LOS ANGELES CA Tab Investment Group Llc
14836 [SOLD] Agoglia John J Agoglia Trust 2521 Pesquera Dr Los Angeles CA Tjmm Properties Llc
460146 [SOLD] Herman Max & Ida S & Herman Family Trust 3561 Valley Meadow Rd Los Angeles CA Valley Meadow Estate Llc
26397 [SOLD] Sendowski Sali Sali Sendowski Trust 6343 Colgate Ave Los Angeles CA Wystein Opportunity Fund Llc
16331 [SOLD] Stavis Lewis D & Harilyn Lewis D Stavis Trust 3036 Danalda Dr Los Angeles CA 3036 Danalda Drive Trust
6222 [SOLD] Kierulff Charles T Kierulff Trust 358 S BENTLEY AVE LOS ANGELES CA Adell Nikolas Trust
25198 [SOLD] Nelson Ella M Ella M Nelson Trust 8250 SAINT CLAIR AVE LOS ANGELES CA Agesyan Armen / Mousisyan Anzhela
22074 [SOLD] Moore Victoria C & Guy H Moore Trust 806 S Detroit St Los Angeles CA Alter Family Trust
4624 [SOLD] Westover William B Westover Trust 7900 BAKMAN AVE LOS ANGELES CA Alvarado Emiliano V Trust
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Jane Anderson & Anderson Jane K Te & Jane Loren & Anderson Loren H Te 1621 Westerly Ter Los Angeles CA Anderson Loren H (Te) / Anderson Jane K (Te)
26429 [SOLD] Crosby Francis & Lorena Crosby Family Trust 8626 Remick Ave Los Angeles CA Anderson Sharon A / Crosby Larry G
26425 [SOLD] Kaiser Jack E Jack E Kaiser Trust 4411 Los Feliz Blvd 305 Los Angeles CA Applebaum Family Trust
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Wink Rebecca M & Barnes Thomas C 1084 Queen Anne Pl Los Angeles CA Barnes Thomas C / Wink Rebecca M
6800 [SOLD] Dumayas Esperanza L Esperanza L Dumayas Trust 338 N LA FAYETTE PARK PL LOS ANGELES CA Bearden Keith A / Nelson David
4637 [SOLD] Zapata Carmen Carmen Zapata Trust 6107 ETHEL AVE LOS ANGELES CA Becker Margarita Family Trust
4661 [SOLD] BRAVERMAN ADELINE 13140 MARGATE ST LOS ANGELES CA Benadon Jeme & Erica E / Edelman-Benadon Erica
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Steinehart William Jr & Stinehart W 340 S Mccadden Pl Los Angeles CA Bills Trust / Stinehart W Iii Living Trust
6212 [SOLD] Friedman Saul & Bella Saul And Bella Friedman Trust 841 WARNER AVE LOS ANGELES CA Bina Pedram & Nancy
803617 [SOLD] Nicoletti Nicholas E, Nicholas E Nicoletti Trust 2324 S Beverly Glen Blvd 208 Los Angeles CA Bronstein Family Trust
797467 [SOLD] Wentworth David S 11138 Aqua Vista St 23 Los Angeles CA Bunn Nancy A
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Skinner Carol E 1806 Hollyvista Ave Los Angeles CA Camus Domitille
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Linda Carlson & Carlson Linda K Te & Linda Edmund & Carlson Edmund A Te 2810 Butler Ave Los Angeles CA Carlson Edmund A (Te) / Carlson Linda K (Te)
7045 [SOLD] Mintz Sadie Mintz Family Trust 858 N MANSFIELD AVE LOS ANGELES CA Cohen Menachem & Chaya
16054 [SOLD] Michels Laraine B Laraine B Michels Trust 8210 W 4Th St Los Angeles CA Cohen Toni Trust
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Talbot Robert A & Cole Peter A 8066 Woodland Ln Los Angeles CA Cole Peter A / Talbot Robert A
4815 [SOLD] Lopez Lorenzo Valero Estela 11715 GLENOAKS BLVD LOS ANGELES CA Danielyan Ovsep
18714 [SOLD] Alva Yolanda Olivia E Aleman Trust 4015 Sinova St Los Angeles CA Davis Scott G / Chan Stephanie S
4599 [SOLD] Svidler Mariano Svidler Elbio & Irene S 4771 PARK ENCINO LN 136 LOS ANGELES CA Dorfman Gerald E / Dorfman Sandra T
458284 [SOLD] Riehmann Mary E 11824 Moorpark St C Los Angeles CA Dubchansky H & M (Te) / Dubchansky Trust
24158 [SOLD] Schneppershoff Lynda G 2753 COOLIDGE AVE LOS ANGELES CA Dykes Carol R
6184 [SOLD] Berman Brian & Kate 1135 S SHENANDOAH ST 403 LOS ANGELES CA Feigen Alan M
6259 [SOLD] Nevil Irene Irene Nevil Trust 12062 ROSE MARIE LN LOS ANGELES CA Franks Of Hazelbaker Trust
20333 [SOLD] Elstad Karen S Robert And Karen Elstad Trust 926 Hanley Ave Los Angeles CA Ganapathy Shankar & Shobana
21737 [SOLD] Valenzuela Paul & Theresa Valenzuela Family Trust 14775 Chatsworth Dr Los Angeles CA Genao Nelson & Vanessa
16032 [SOLD] Sehwani Bhagwani J & Lachmi B Mayani Ricky T & Joy R 1554 Glen Aylsa Ave Los Angeles CA Geraldez Kimberly A J / Geraldez Roberto Z
802893 [SOLD] Sonneville Alice M, Alice M Sonneville Trust 4811 Frieda Dr Los Angeles CA Gharst Terry & Janice / Gharst Danielle
462892 [SOLD] Lutwen Albert E & Rose A & Lutwen Family Trust 5178 Caspar Ave Los Angeles CA Ghazarian Nahreen
459746 [SOLD] Ciochon Joanne M 2906 Asbury St Los Angeles CA Glickman Dineen / Clochon Rickey
8609 [SOLD] Davidson Ann B Goldfein Linda P 10433 Wilshire Blvd 401 Los Angeles CA Golbidi Mitra
452182 [SOLD] Burke Clare & Clare Burke Trust 6360 Drexel Ave Los Angeles CA Goldner Maxine C / Marion Arnold Living Trust
21736 [SOLD] Valenzuela Paul & Theresa Valenzuela Family Trust 14062 La Rue St Los Angeles CA Gonzalez Paul / Ruiz Enma
6076 [SOLD] Hall Olive A Olive A Hall Trust 11668 DARLINGTON AVE LOS ANGELES CA Guma Anthony
456344 [SOLD] Leist David E 1853 Lemoyne St Los Angeles CA Hale Robert J
14701 [SOLD] Holland John C Jr 10831 Magnolia Blvd Los Angeles CA Hamedisangsari Hamid Trust / Hamedi Lili B Trust
463861 [SOLD] Wedner Marc R & Pamela G & Wedner Family Trust 4527 Morella Ave Los Angeles CA Haneyan Sarkis
6742 [SOLD] Knecht Manuela U Manuela U Knecht Trust 1445 S OGDEN DR LOS ANGELES CA Harounian S & E Family Trust
452850 [SOLD] Dubins Annetta R 10707 Esther Ave Los Angeles CA Hausman Family Trust
462758 [SOLD] Yokote Toshiko & Toshiko Yokote Trust 914 S Tremaine Ave Los Angeles CA Hayden Jonathan & Nicole
8399 [SOLD] Mac Alice M Alice M Mac Trust 3516 Verdugo Vista Ter Los Angeles CA Heiden Kristen
6157 [SOLD] Batcho John A John A Batcho Trust 2333 SELBY AVE LOS ANGELES CA Henshel Marcey Living Trust
455564 [SOLD] Steinhardt Jean J 4918 Valjean Ave Los Angeles CA Hopkins Hamid & Anna G
456458 [SOLD] Chapman Julia M & Chapman Julian M Trust 1230 Carmona Ave Los Angeles CA Iturralde Michelle E
6026 [SOLD] Rodriguez Jesus & Pomposa J And P Rodriguez Trust 614 5TH AVE LOS ANGELES CA J / P Rodriguez / Rodriguez Jesus (Te) / Rodriguez Pomposa (Te)
7073 [SOLD] Russo Joseph D Russo Trust 6523 LAKERIDGE RD LOS ANGELES CA Jensen Todd L
6223 [SOLD] Marrone Tony & Veneice Marrone Family Trust 224 S BENTLEY AVE LOS ANGELES CA Jrt Family Trust
14179 [SOLD] Middleton Jean Jean Middleton Trust 337 S Medio Dr Los Angeles CA Kathrein Michael & Elizabeth
4576 [SOLD] Hwang Chong H & Moon H Hwang Trust 5200 WHITE OAK AVE 7 LOS ANGELES CA Kaur Gurpreet / Vijayvargiya Piyush
6257 [SOLD] Belurs Stephen A Mosher Beluris Terese A 150 S KENTER AVE LOS ANGELES CA Keep Smiling Trust
11880 [SOLD] Samoza Fredora G & Ernesto 525 S Ardmore Ave 215 Los Angeles CA Kim So Y
15339 [SOLD] Reilly Joseph A 11027 Kling St Los Angeles CA Kling Trust 11027
7065 [SOLD] Dockson Robert R R R And K Dockson Trust 1301 COLLINGWOOD PL LOS ANGELES CA Kmn 2012 Trust
12348 [SOLD] Kimura Fred I & Yoshiko T Kimura Family Trust 1342 Killarney Ave Los Angeles CA Knight John M / Chowsanitphon Joyce
102679 [SOLD] Altoonian Edward H   Edward H Altoonian Trust 6842 Mammoth Ave Los Angeles CA Kodzic Murisa
19906 [SOLD] Schuur Richard W Schuur Trust 13120 Nimrod Pl Los Angeles CA Kolahi Family Living Trust
4557 [SOLD] Hannon Forrest & Linda Johnstone Virginia H 5411 TYRONE AVE 302 LOS ANGELES CA Korechoff Norma
8983 [SOLD] Booras Steven Kitchens Aspasia 317 N Gower St Los Angeles CA Kp Residential Lp
26123 [SOLD] Minken Herman R H R And F M Minken Trust 3020 W Sunset Blvd Los Angeles CA Kuhn Ava K
26124 [SOLD] Minken Herman R Herman And Fawn Minken Trust 3246 Colony Cir Los Angeles CA Kuhn Ava K
457490 [SOLD] Targan Felton P & Siffra & Targan Family Trust 10326 Almayo Ave 102 Los Angeles CA Kumm James / Kim Carolyn
452706 [SOLD] Carlson Gloria & Carlson Trust 2940 Club Dr Los Angeles CA Kwak Karen J
1.00E+06 [SOLD] 1631 Beverly Blvd & Labowe Trana Te & 1631 Labowe & Labowe Ronald B Te 1618 Rockwood St Los Angeles CA Labowe Ronald B (Te) / Labowe Trana (Te)
1.00E+06 [SOLD] 1631 Beverly Blvd & Labowe Trana Te & 1631 Labowe & Labowe Ronald B Te 1631 Beverly Blvd #2FLR Los Angeles CA Labowe Ronald B (Te) / Labowe Trana (Te)
1.00E+06 [SOLD] 1631 Beverly Blvd & Labowe Trana Te & 1631 Labowe & Labowe Ronald B Te 1618 Rockwood St Los Angeles CA Labowe Ronald B (Te) / Labowe Trana (Te)
1.00E+06 [SOLD] 1631 Beverly Blvd & Labowe Trana Te & 1631 Labowe & Labowe Ronald B Te 1631 Beverly Blvd #2FLR Los Angeles CA Labowe Ronald B (Te) / Labowe Trana (Te)
7008 [SOLD] Comer June M Comer Trust 1041 N AVENUE 63 LOS ANGELES CA Lacroix Suzanne P & Adam R
6826 [SOLD] Boye Hans A Jr Boye Phyllis J 2820 ALTURA ST LOS ANGELES CA Lay Family Trust
6971 [SOLD] Burke Alberta B Besirof I 1833 EDGECLIFFE DR LOS ANGELES CA League Family Trust
6972 [SOLD] Burke Alberta B Co Tr Burke Family Trust 1860 MALTMAN AVE LOS ANGELES CA League Family Trust
452067 [SOLD] Russell James E 1262 3Rd Ave Los Angeles CA Lee Chung I & Eun M
807072 [SOLD] Etkins Audrey G, Audrey G Etkins Trust 10590 Wilshire Blvd 702 Los Angeles CA Lee Wang-Chui / Lee Rani
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Etkins Audrey G & Audrey G Etkins Trust 10590 Wilshire Blvd 702 Los Angeles CA Lee Wang-Chui / Lee Rani
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Levinsky Pearl & Levinsky Family Trust 424 N La Jolla Ave Los Angeles CA Leib Yoran
19173 [SOLD] Luppi Philip M Philip M Luppi Trust 3305 Wood Ter Los Angeles CA Leigh Zachary
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Tim Leimert & Leimert Judith H 503 N Larchmont Blvd Los Angeles CA Leimert Judith H / Tim Leimert
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Tim Leimert & Leimert Judith H 444 N Larchmont Blvd Los Angeles CA Leimert Judith H / Tim Leimert
456219 [SOLD] Wurtzel Paul & Paul Wurtzel Trust 1688 Sunset Plaza Dr Los Angeles CA Levy Daniel / Lv Home Investments
807068 [SOLD] Hoffman Judith 10445 Wilshire Blvd Pnthse Los Angeles CA Mahbouba-Al-Daher Family Trust
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Hoffman Judith 10445 Wilshire Blvd Pnthse Los Angeles CA Mahbouba-Al-Daher Family Trust
452412 [SOLD] Yoshida Kayo 5445 Corteen Pl 3 Los Angeles CA Mascaro Tatyana
10578 [SOLD] Berman David A Co Tr Berman Family Trust 3304 Scadlock Ln Los Angeles CA Mccleese Judith B
4537 [SOLD] Naar Joseph T Joseph T Naar Trust 6433 FORBES AVE LOS ANGELES CA Miller Sharman E
6210 [SOLD] Shifman Herman & Suzanne Shifman Trust 10751 WILSHIRE BLVD 501 LOS ANGELES CA Mirhosseini Homa / Nikbakht Hootan
6982 [SOLD] Mark Priscilla Mark Trust 2228 MICHELTORENA ST LOS ANGELES CA Monda Beth & Keith
4517 [SOLD] Blanchette Joseph R Joseph R Blanchette Trust 14821 SHERMAN WAY 3 LOS ANGELES CA Montesdeoca Alice / Montesdeoca Luis
6182 [SOLD] Weiss Henry & Goldine Weiss Family Trust 1245 PECK DR LOS ANGELES CA Morgen Suzanne W
805867 [SOLD] Weiss Henry & Goldine, Weiss Family Trust 1245 Peck Dr Los Angeles CA Morgen Suzanne W
9813 [SOLD] Mike Carol J 2018 Canyon Dr Los Angeles CA Morris Gregory
26122 [SOLD] Schemmerling Carl 1521 S Holt Ave Los Angeles CA Murray Linda L
16695 [SOLD] Kendall Lucille C Lucille C Kendall Trust 5202 Vincent Ave Los Angeles CA Mussa Roger Living Trust
4578 [SOLD] Herskovic Otto Otto Herskovic Trust 4907 VALJEAN AVE LOS ANGELES CA Nafari Atiyeh
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Yokoyama Kazuo & Kazuo Yokoyama Trust 938 S Plymouth Blvd Los Angeles CA Nakamoto Family Trust
797823 [SOLD] Narikawa Kyoyo, Kyoko Narikawa Trust 939 S Muirfield Rd Los Angeles CA Namba Michael / Yoo Jenny
463582 [SOLD] Burns Bruce A 9651 Sunland Pl Los Angeles CA Namkung Moon J
4659 [SOLD] Raudaskoski Vieno M Vieno Raudaskoski Trust 5529 BUFFALO AVE LOS ANGELES CA Nazinyan Narine
13145 [SOLD] Mcintosh Hazel Hazel Mcintosh Trust 4358 Troost Ave Los Angeles CA Neckels 2004 Family Trust
462775 [SOLD] Siegal Zola 800 S Ridgeley Dr Los Angeles CA Nguyen Tien N / Bui Hoa T Q
806923 [SOLD] Berlfein Harold M, Berlfein Trust 551 S Beverly Glen Blvd Los Angeles CA Nkab-Iii Lp
1.00E+06 [SOLD] June Norman & Norman June H Te & June Gerald & Norman Gerald F Te 400 N Tigertail Rd Los Angeles CA Norman G F & J H Trust
803227 [SOLD] Sheldon Zena, Harel David 8903 Alden Dr Los Angeles CA Nuni Susan
7081 [SOLD] Colflesh Paul W P W Colflesh Trust 2308 NOTTINGHAM AVE LOS ANGELES CA Ob Capital Homes 1 Lp
12518 [SOLD] Tigner George A George A Tigner Trust 11970 Montana Ave 214 Los Angeles CA O-Brien-Tigner Family Trust
7130 [SOLD] Ranson William A William A Ranson Trust 2785 FYLER PL LOS ANGELES CA Osepans Edna / Osepans Edmond
26328 [SOLD] Koshak Richard D Richard Koshak Trust 7772 Via Catalina Los Angeles CA Pareja Sergio E & Mary L
16868 [SOLD] Unsinn Mabel K Unsinn Trust 11693 Sheldon St 4 Los Angeles CA Parker / Parker James (Te) / Parker Roberta (Te)
6979 [SOLD] Miyagi Asako A Paul Jevon M & Rene A 4117 CUMBERLAND AVE LOS ANGELES CA Paul Rene
6757 [SOLD] Evans Theresa P Porche Otis R & Verline E 1258 KENISTON AVE LOS ANGELES CA Porche Verline E / Porche Otis R & V E Trust
1.00E+06 [SOLD] C Poyourow & Poyourow Carole Te & R & Poyourow Richard Te 4401 Beverly Blvd Los Angeles CA Poyourow Carole
25058 [SOLD] Hettrick Clyde M Iii 7009 SENALDA RD LOS ANGELES CA Pro Value Properties
4617 [SOLD] Sills Michael J Michael J Sills Trust 11926 ELKWOOD ST LOS ANGELES CA Quiroga Kendra / Sills Karen
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Toby Rapport & Rapport Toby Te & Toby Jerome & Rapport Jerome Te 516 Moreno Ave Los Angeles CA Rapport Jerome & Toby Trust
6190 [SOLD] Knittle Mary L Knittle Family Trust 128 S LA PEER DR LOS ANGELES CA Razi Shawn & Farah
6225 [SOLD] Anderson Howard & Midene Anderson Family Trust 10855 PORTOFINO PL LOS ANGELES CA Redman 2012 Trust
15491 [SOLD] Cowan Joyce L Joyce L Cowan Trust 14120 Sayre St Los Angeles CA Richel Roberta J
4712 [SOLD] Esterkin Jerome B Co Tr Esterkin Family Trust 10629 WOODBRIDGE ST 208 LOS ANGELES CA Rico Mara / Rico Phillip
4713 [SOLD] Esterkin Jerome B Co Tr Esterkin Family Trust 10629 WOODBRIDGE ST 209 LOS ANGELES CA Rico Mara / Rico Phillip
4714 [SOLD] Esterkin Jerome B Co Tr Esterkin Family Trust 10629 WOODBRIDGE ST 210 LOS ANGELES CA Rico Mara / Rico Phillip
4715 [SOLD] Esterkin Jerome B & Carol Esterkin Family Trust 10629 WOODBRIDGE ST 211 LOS ANGELES CA Rico Mara / Rico Phillip
23172 [SOLD] Garcia Jeannie Jeannie Garcia Trust 11045 HATTERAS ST LOS ANGELES CA Rivera Christine / Garcia Jeannie
458333 [SOLD] Jasiukonis Romas 612 Westminster Ave Los Angeles CA Romas Jasiukonis
7075 [SOLD] Smollen William J & Helen Smollen Family Trust 3044 ARROWHEAD DR LOS ANGELES CA Rominske Michael / Leonard Wayne A
804434 [SOLD] Paule Sally, Rosefelt William K 8712 Gregory Way 405 Los Angeles CA Rosefelt William K Trust
1.00E+06 [SOLD] D Rosenthal & Rosenthal Deana Te & A & Rosenthal Alvin Te 9750 Cashio St Los Angeles CA Rosenthal Deana
4844 [SOLD] Panton Paul 8242 GROVE ST LOS ANGELES CA Rossmoyne Investments Inc
458921 [SOLD] Lebe Selene 1167 Roxbury Dr 305 Los Angeles CA Saghian Soleiman
457114 [SOLD] Murgida Irene O & Murgida Trust 8416 Petaluma Dr Los Angeles CA Sarkisian Ara
6213 [SOLD] Cooper Helga M Helga M Cooper Trust 10485 LINDBROOK DR LOS ANGELES CA Schiffman F M Family Trust
6987 [SOLD] Castiglione Alice Alice Castiglione Trust 2303 HIDALGO AVE LOS ANGELES CA Schneider Murray
806635 [SOLD] Kenny Joseph F, Joseph F Kenny Trust 12065 Rose Marie Ln Los Angeles CA Schuman Family Trust
12113 [SOLD] Adams Floyd R Jr 1621 Ellsmere Ave Los Angeles CA Schwartz Eric B & Parisa A
7062 [SOLD] Colton Helen Helen Colton Trust 1539 COURTNEY AVE LOS ANGELES CA Seixas Roberto C
462201 [SOLD] Alcouloumre Zella & Zella Alcouloumre Trust 2347 Selby Ave Los Angeles CA Senteno Marcia S
102785 [SOLD] Jahn Norma Jean Norma Jean Jahn Trust 5126 Riverton Ave Los Angeles CA Shabtay Tamir
4583 [SOLD] Draper Iva J Iva J Draper Trust 4707 COLUMBUS AVE LOS ANGELES CA Shahar Nir & Karen
6258 [SOLD] Green Celia J Guy And Celia J Green Trust 11950 FOXBORO DR LOS ANGELES CA Shaye Omid S & Fargol L
26279 [SOLD] Birch Dixie L Birch Family Trust 346 Canyon Vista Dr Los Angeles CA Shepherd Christopher & Cynthia
6153 [SOLD] Robbins Fred Robbins Trust 3001 DANNYHILL DR LOS ANGELES CA Skibinski Family Trust
6220 [SOLD] Cohn Seymour B & Florence S B And F Cohn Trust 300 S GLENROY AVE LOS ANGELES CA Snyder Nathan & Cambrien
16403 [SOLD] Tuch Richard & Linda Tuch Familiy Trust 4915 Tyrone Ave 306 Los Angeles CA Soffran Beth
4584 [SOLD] Weisman Myra 4611 VISTA DEL MONTE AVE 205 LOS ANGELES CA Spero Lorelei
4651 [SOLD] Stragas William & Mary Stragas Family Trust 6450 FAIR AVE LOS ANGELES CA Stambulyan Arshavir A / Kourinian Hasmik
6840 [SOLD] Ginoza Kiyoshi & Peter 1980 BARNETT WAY LOS ANGELES CA Stavoestrand Tor M / Meekins Michelle
14987 [SOLD] Gonzalez John R Gonzalez Trust 829 Rose Ave Los Angeles CA Stout Joan Ellen M
6170 [SOLD] Weisz Sylvia Sylvia Weisz Trust 10580 WILSHIRE BLVD 83 LOS ANGELES CA Taban Asher & Manij Trust
7077 [SOLD] Wollan Dennis E & Judith B 5740 SPRING OAK TER LOS ANGELES CA Taylor Jake A / Silvaggi Michael A Trust
4598 [SOLD] Connolly Joseph Marie B Kibbee Trust 3815 VALLEY MEADOW RD LOS ANGELES CA Thomas James Capital Inc
14835 [SOLD] Agoglia John J John J Agoglia Trust 2513 Pesquera Dr Los Angeles CA Tjc Real Estate Fund I Lp
458967 [SOLD] Miyake Michael M & Doris S & Miyake Family Trust 2801 Colby Ave Los Angeles CA Transform Lp
15486 [SOLD] Gertz Joyce H Gertz Trust 10794 Wilkins Ave 303 Los Angeles CA Trenhoime Stefanie / Parra Clayton
452200 [SOLD] Leve George V 611 N Martel Ave Los Angeles CA Triwest Homes Ii Lp
6150 [SOLD] Leonetti Frank M Leonetti Family Trust 2226 KERWOOD AVE LOS ANGELES CA Usoro Emem N
454257 [SOLD] Fraser William R & Kimbrough Rachel N 2813 Military Ave Los Angeles CA Van Dorn Belinda Trust
4555 [SOLD] Zuber Charles O Zuber Trust 6263 SALOMA AVE LOS ANGELES CA Walsh Patrick M
16178 [SOLD] Lenski Leah H Leah W Lenski Trust 10671 Holman Ave 203 Los Angeles CA Watson Valerie
16867 [SOLD] Unsinn Mabel K Unsinn Trust 11121 Saticoy St Los Angeles CA Wells Susan
7121 [SOLD] Mushinski Joseph F 2230 HILL DR LOS ANGELES CA Westbrook William G & Frances D
9161 [SOLD] Lazar Barry J Barry And Rochelle Lazar Trust 2704 Monte Mar Ter Los Angeles CA Westside Affiliated Holdings I
1.00E+06 [SOLD] I Wong & Wong Irene S Te & M & Wong Myron N Te 1108 West Blvd Los Angeles CA Wong Myron N (Te) / Wong Irene S (Te)
8384 [SOLD] Witt Peter A & Alice E Witt Trust 4515 Berkshire Ave Los Angeles CA Woodsmall Mark & Eva
4647 [SOLD] Dahlquist Winonah J G H And W J Dahlquist Trust 11448 VICTORY BLVD LOS ANGELES CA Yh Family Trust
16179 [SOLD] Lenski Leah W Leah W Lenski Trust 222 N Glenroy Ave Los Angeles CA Zadeh Andrew A / Mehrinfar-Zadeh Ramona
15442 [SOLD] Webber Josephine A Webber Trust 8038 Morse Ave Los Angeles CA Zambrana Celso L & Priscilla
6020 [SOLD] Engler Pamela Zeidman Lee 3001 SANBORN AVE LOS ANGELES CA Zeidman Lee Trust
22857 [SOLD] Adler Yvonne 10210 Woodbine St Los Angeles CA Blue Angel Motel Inc
7795 [SOLD] Alonge Frances A Frances A Alonge Trust 1641 255TH ST LOS ANGELES CA Guy Victoria Ann Trust
15443 [SOLD] Amato Josephine A Amato Leonard M 4350 Via Dolce 308 Los Angeles CA Presnell Suzanne Living Trust
1094484 [SOLD] Amparo Alcala & Alcala Amparo Te & Amparo Nestor & Alcala Nestor Te 12463 Walsh Ave Los Angeles CA Saucedo Tomas
466186 [SOLD] Anayah Stephanie L & Joan R Plotin Decd Trust 13620 Delano St Los Angeles CA Shell Olga / Bochin Dimitry
104615 [SOLD] Blancett Gloria N  Gloria N Blancett Trust 8174 Manitoba St 5 Los Angeles CA Cohen-Steinberg Jaclyn M / Steinberg Jordan A
20255 [SOLD] Bleier Robert G Bleier Family Trust 19452 Superior St Los Angeles CA Jacques Family Trust
6710 [SOLD] Blocker Rita Ann Rita A Blocker Trust 3794 S HARVARD BLVD LOS ANGELES CA Abdou Oziris T
6707 [SOLD] Burke Clive S & Jean S 3745 6TH AVE LOS ANGELES CA Hasuike Donald T
6740 [SOLD] Bush Margaret Jr Coby Levy 8512 HARGIS ST LOS ANGELES CA Panahi Saeed
796401 [SOLD] Byers Nina, Milhaupt Byers Family Trust 521 N East Channel Rd Los Angeles CA Bright & Beautiful Trust
9862 [SOLD] Collazo Juan P & Catalina P 1434 Ronan Ave Los Angeles CA Us Bank Na Series 2011-1
9247 [SOLD] Cott Bernard & Lorraine Cott Family Trust 11341 Rose Ave Los Angeles CA Ray Michael R & Hallman G
457467 [SOLD] Demarinis Daniel A & Yan Jun Hu 17425 Los Alimos St Los Angeles CA Hu Yan J
1098292 [SOLD] E Ruhman & Ruhman Emma Y Te & M & Ruhman Meir Te 10777 National Pl Los Angeles CA Ruhman Meir (Te) / Ruhman Emma Y (Te)
19207 [SOLD] Fliegel Martin & Phyllis M S And P E Fliegel Trust 13226 Admiral Ave H Los Angeles CA Diiorio Trust
803472 [SOLD] Flint Vilda J, Flint Trust 8701 Delgany Ave 118 Los Angeles CA Behrouz Esfandiar
799581 [SOLD] Goldenberg Surica, Surica Goldenberg Trust 10750 Wilshire Blvd 1504 Los Angeles CA Vang Choua
806768 [SOLD] Goldstein Miriam, Goldstein Family Trust 2408 Castle Heights Ave Los Angeles CA South Beach Capital Llc
802324 [SOLD] Gonzales Carlota, Murillo Miguel & Emilia 1139 Sanford Ave Los Angeles CA Murillo Miguel Living Trust
6124 [SOLD] Hahalis Anastasia G 4600 VIA DOLCE 2104 LOS ANGELES CA Jameson / Jameson Jerry J (Te) / Jameson Sally C (Te)
803952 [SOLD] Holden Carol W 10866 White Oak Ave Los Angeles CA Dio Nicolas D Jr / Runke Lauren E
458332 [SOLD] Jasiukonis Romas 8445 Melvin Ave Los Angeles CA Romas Jasiukonis
453925 [SOLD] Jesberg Robert & Robert Jesberg Trust 12016 Washington Pl 115 Los Angeles CA Carmody Michael J Trust
4965 [SOLD] Katona Joseph Joseph Katona Trust 11009 ENCINO AVE LOS ANGELES CA Gonzalez Daniel
22848 [SOLD] Kwon Young S 9708 Amigo Ave 107 Los Angeles CA Armen Ad Seda Gregorian / Gregorian Armen (Te) / Gregorian Seda (Te)
6141 [SOLD] Labinger Harry Labinger Trust 9626 BOLTON RD LOS ANGELES CA Platt Liatte / Roseman Aaron
795402 [SOLD] Landsman Abraham & Bernice, Landsman Trust 15147 Burton St Los Angeles CA Fasanella Fran L
795403 [SOLD] Landsman Abraham & Bernice, Landsman Trust 5253 Saloma Ave Los Angeles CA Lechleidner John
4949 [SOLD] Loatman Dennis A Sr 10824 PETIT AVE LOS ANGELES CA Tahmasian Vrej / Tarvirdi Janet
6019 [SOLD] Mayeda James H & Akimi Mayeda Trust 12950 RUBENS AVE LOS ANGELES CA Schaefer Ann M
10627 [SOLD] Monnin David E David E Monnin Trust 13218 Fiji Way K Los Angeles CA Felsenfeld Alan L / Felsenfeld Alan L & S E Trust / Felsenfeld Shirley
6125 [SOLD] Nadlman Sanford A Nadlman Barbara J 4600 VIA DOLCE 2301 LOS ANGELES CA Jameson / Jameson Jerry J (Te) / Jameson Sally C (Te)
15853 [SOLD] Ojiro Kazutoshi Ojiro Family Trust 3420 W Washington Blvd Los Angeles CA Cha Basilio S
7808 [SOLD] Pacheco Jacinto G J And E Pacheco Trust 1005 E ROBIDOUX ST LOS ANGELES CA Jorge Bernard S & D M Trust
7815 [SOLD] Posey Marie J & James L Posey Trust 1560 238TH ST LOS ANGELES CA Baby Nintoo / Jacob Elizabeth
6142 [SOLD] Praw Maurice & Tamara Maurice And Tamara Praw Trust 2146 GUTHRIE DR LOS ANGELES CA Mittman J & R Family Trust
6011 [SOLD] Reel Beverly J & Roger R 4733 CAMPBELL DR LOS ANGELES CA Ostendorf Henry T / Ostendorf Jan R
9200 [SOLD] Rubinstein Sol & Bella Rubinstein Family Trust 1911 Chariton St Los Angeles CA Rafaeloff Mojgan
6015 [SOLD] Sakamoto Margaret K Margaret K Sakamoto Trust 4940 1/2 MCCONNELL AVE LOS ANGELES CA
103803 [SOLD] Sarafian Theodore C & Richard C 11901 W Sunset Blvd 105 Los Angeles CA Stevens Leslie H
6039 [SOLD] Schiess Winifred M Winifred M Schiess Trust 3272 GRAND VIEW BLVD LOS ANGELES CA Villas At Franklin Llc
19313 [SOLD] Schifberg Ralph Ralph Schifberg Trust 815 S Manhattan Pl Los Angeles CA San Vicente Partners Llc
1094531 [SOLD] Sylvia Harold & Sylvia Rubin & Rubin Sylvia 3105 Barry Ave Los Angeles CA Rubin Sylvia / Sylvia Harold
17776 [SOLD] Toyoda Bob T & Mary E Toyoda Family Trust 12045 Juniette St Los Angeles CA Golaboski Jason & Madeleine
26430 [SOLD] Trickett Eleanor L 3573 Kelton Ave Los Angeles CA Tjc Opportunity Fund Ii Lp
7043 [SOLD] Trindade Margaret Margaret Trindade Trust 647 N GOWER ST LOS ANGELES CA Barreto Antonio Jr
801386 [SOLD] Ulis Raymond S, Ulis Family Trust 4023 Moore St Los Angeles CA Moore Trust 4023
460002 [SOLD] Uyechi Tak & Toshiko & Uyechi Family Trust 2020 6Th Ave Los Angeles CA Onishi Family Trust
26313 [SOLD] Uyeda Fumiye Fumiye Uyeda Trust 4048 Michael Ave Los Angeles CA Mckinnon Shannon R
21822 [SOLD] Wales Thomas F & Patsy J Wales Family Trust 1221 N Banning Blvd Los Angeles CA Trujillo Alfredo & Cynthia
1092962 [SOLD] Weinstein Evelyn R Trust 9026 W 25Th St Los Angeles CA Onkin Iris C & Ronald H Trust
458227 [SOLD] Weintraub Frederick J Co Tr & Cook Weintraub Family Trust 3753 Wade St Los Angeles CA Wong Jonathan C & Oi
9476 [SOLD] Whitman George & Beverly J Whitman Family Trust 18632 Nordhoff St Los Angeles CA Mission Ents Group Llc
802018 [SOLD] Wright Antonia D & Ward F, Ward And Antonia Wright Trust 8114 Manitoba St 201 Los Angeles CA Marsan Francine
1237 [SOLD] Costa Ronald L & Hedra A 1005 TENTH ST LOS BANOS CA Brown Eleus
6146 [SOLD] Lee Brett L & Susan J 895 KATHY CT LOS BANOS CA Ingram Lee V & Gerrel D
1236 [SOLD] Mooney John Burch & Donna 1009 ADAMS AVE LOS BANOS CA Orr Kimberly / Orr Kimberly
102443 [SOLD] Peugh Everett Ray & Norma Beatrice 638 Meadowlark Ave Los Banos CA Jandir Rajpreet
12450 [SOLD] Rogers Gary W & Wedny J 1869 Riverside Way Los Banos CA Anaya-Flores Jesus
15439 [SOLD] Sergi Josephine 1215 Arizona Ave Los Banos CA Strauss Anna M
2889 [SOLD] Spencer Dennis Patrick & Maureen C 223 CITRUS AVE LOS BANOS CA Ortiz Pedro A
26505 [SOLD] Stanfill Peggy V 713 Olivewood Dr Los Banos CA Mcclendon Jason & Alyssha
455906 [SOLD] Aguilar Rudolph M & Eleanor R Trustee 200 N P St Madera CA Gonzales Rosemary
456755 [SOLD] Aguilar Rudolph M & Eleanor R Trustee 200 N P St Madera CA Gonzales Rosemary
463 [SOLD] Bell Juanita Ann 1001 W 6TH ST MADERA CA Barriga Luis H
19226 [SOLD] Bravo Gabino & Pomposa C 16701 Daley Rd Madera CA Dominguez Andres & Martha A
1735 [SOLD] BURSEY WALTER D & IRENE R TRS 6492 ROAD 22 MADERA CA Mary Nicholas / Nicholas Ranch Llc
453388 [SOLD] Calvillo Esperanza Cisneros 18876 Rhine Dr Madera CA Garcia Andres / Calvillo Norma
150 [SOLD] Cameron Bessie J 1005 AUSTIN AVE MADERA CA Bank Of America
1613 [SOLD] Cavazos Robert G & Martha V Tr 26681 CLUB DR MADERA CA Arballo Gary / Arballo Joseph Sr
457287 [SOLD] Cowger Robert L & Dorothy G Trs 29490 Avenue 15 1/2 #1/2 Madera CA Phillips Chrystal & Christopher
457847 [SOLD] Cowger Robert L & Dorothy G Trs 29490 Avenue 15 1/2 #1/2 Madera CA Phillips Chrystal & Christopher
9797 [SOLD] Gary Adams J & Carol Ann Trustee 515 Sunset Ave Madera CA Adams J Gary
22445 [SOLD] Hammond William J & Cora May Trustee 14520 Road 35 Madera CA Messner Timothy P / Jacobson-Messner Kristin M
456809 [SOLD] Hass Wilbur Samuel Jr Tr 100 E Dunham Ave Madera CA Federal Natl Mtg Assn
9568 [SOLD] Hubbard Boyd Lee & Jane Madewell 300 Washington Ct Madera CA Chorbadjian Hagop
23343 [SOLD] Hutchinson Olive V Tr 127 QUEEN LN MADERA CA Varela Jesus I
23344 [SOLD] Hutchinson Olive V Tr 127 QUEEN LN MADERA CA Varela Jesus I
11291 [SOLD] Kelly Douglas D & Gloria Mary Tr 724 W Yosemite Ave Madera CA Richardson Joan
11290 [SOLD] Kelly Douglas D & Gloria Mary Tr 18792 Shore Dr Madera CA Zandate Jaqueline
12379 [SOLD] Kirks Fronie L Trustee 25709 Ellis St Madera CA King Alvis R Trust
12381 [SOLD] Kirks Fronie L Trustee 25709 Ellis St Madera CA King Alvis R Trust
15826 [SOLD] Long Kathryne 1218 E Cleveland Ave 141 Madera CA Bell Ann
251 [SOLD] Mccuan Lynelle D Trustee 1400 RIVERVIEW DR MADERA CA Andrade Tiffanie
1886 [SOLD] Toschi Ronald Gene Trustee Etal 13696 ROAD 23 1/2 #1/2 MADERA CA Nufer Paula S K
1576 [SOLD] Tune Gerald & Rubie 28611 AVENUE 15 MADERA CA
6334 [SOLD] Hunt Valerie V Hunt Trust 6360 GAYTON PL MALIBU CA 6360 Gayton Place Llc
26415 [SOLD] Smith Vera K Vk Smith Realty Llc 25316 Malibu Rd Malibu CA Indie Properties Llc
11888 [SOLD] Limberg Eunice M Estella K Ash Decd Trust 20644 Big Rock Dr Malibu CA Dworak-Peck Suzanne
6336 [SOLD] Giordano Anthony & Dotty Giordano Family Trust 31579 SEA LEVEL DR MALIBU CA Spencer Clark
5942 [SOLD] Baca Susan A Baca Family Trust 2409 N POINSETTIA AVE MANHATTAN BEACH CA Paseo Verde Llc
5937 [SOLD] Berouty Mary L Mary L Berouty Trust 1221 11TH ST MANHATTAN BEACH CA Leslie Todd & Amy
1101255 [SOLD] C L Koeller & Koeller Claire L Te & F B & Koeller Fred B Te 3001 Elm Ave Manhattan Beach CA Koeller Fred B (Te) / Koeller Claire L (Te)
1101256 [SOLD] C L Koeller & Koeller Claire L Te & F B & Koeller Fred B Te 2216 Grandview Ave Manhattan Beach CA Koeller Fred B (Te) / Koeller Claire L (Te)
1166078 [SOLD] C L Koeller & Koeller Claire L Te & F B & Koeller Fred B Te 3001 Elm Ave Manhattan Beach CA Koeller Fred B (Te) / Koeller Claire L (Te)
1166079 [SOLD] C L Koeller & Koeller Claire L Te & F B & Koeller Fred B Te 2216 Grandview Ave Manhattan Beach CA Koeller Fred B (Te) / Koeller Claire L (Te)
1167319 [SOLD] C L Koeller & Koeller Claire L Te & F B & Koeller Fred B Te 3001 Elm Ave Manhattan Beach CA Koeller Fred B (Te) / Koeller Claire L (Te)
1167320 [SOLD] C L Koeller & Koeller Claire L Te & F B & Koeller Fred B Te 2216 Grandview Ave Manhattan Beach CA Koeller Fred B (Te) / Koeller Claire L (Te)
461725 [SOLD] Chaplin Patrick J & P J And S Y Chaplin Trust 400 16Th St Manhattan Beach CA Ken Johnson Dev Inc
5946 [SOLD] Christensen Marjorie A Christensen Trust 2906 PINE AVE MANHATTAN BEACH CA Oceanus Trust
5936 [SOLD] Darby Sophie L & Dea M 1450 19TH ST MANHATTAN BEACH CA Kaminsky Edward C
5934 [SOLD] Forrest John E & Luella M Forrest Trust 1617 22ND ST MANHATTAN BEACH CA Vancura John Of S Living Trust
103679 [SOLD] Garbett Lon J & Mary P  Garbett Family Trust 401 5Th St Manhattan Beach CA Sdb 401 5Th Street Llc
5878 [SOLD] Hodge Mary E Mary E Hodge Trust 200 40TH ST MANHATTAN BEACH CA Fnh Investments Llc
26235 [SOLD] Mancuso Michael J Mancuso Trust 3301 Palm Ave Manhattan Beach CA Harley Gcs Llc
26236 [SOLD] Mancuso Michael J Mancuso Trust 756 36Th St Manhattan Beach CA Lnt Investments 756 Llc
5932 [SOLD] Mason Walter & Marcelle W L And M L Mason Trust 1602 10TH ST MANHATTAN BEACH CA Hossain Zunaid & Nahia
25278 [SOLD] Medlicott Jane W Medlicott Janetr Medlictt Trust 915 DUNCAN AVE MANHATTAN BEACH CA Bissell Family Trust
796543 [SOLD] Meistrell Dorothy L, Meistrell Family Trust 516 12Th St Manhattan Beach CA King Alison G
5933 [SOLD] Schwartz Jerry M & Ingrid Schwartz Trust 1550 21ST ST MANHATTAN BEACH CA Shetty Kanaka / Pillutla Priya
454252 [SOLD] Stephens Thomas J Jr 422 Marine Ave Manhattan Beach CA Ross-Clunis Millicent M
26333 [SOLD] Terrano Carl B & Louise S Terrano Family Trust 825 N Dianthus St Manhattan Beach CA Fein Howard / Luu Jenna M
103299 [SOLD] Trimm John E  Trimm Trust 657 13Th St Manhattan Beach CA Quante Eve / Quante H B & S M Trust
5588 [SOLD] Arata A Gene Tre 1207 COURT ST MARTINEZ CA Wolfe P A & J S Family Trust
463614 [SOLD] Barlettani Evelyn K Tre 525 Green St Martinez CA Washburn B D & N B 1997 Trust
463613 [SOLD] Barlettani Evelyn K Tre 1026 Arlington Way Martinez CA Washburn Nancy K B / Barlettani Gary A
5539 [SOLD] Duarte Henry F Tre 5765 ALHAMBRA VALLEY RD MARTINEZ CA Duncan Linda S / Duarte Michael L
5540 [SOLD] Duarte Henry F Tre 5889 ALHAMBRA VALLEY RD MARTINEZ CA Duncan Linda S / Duarte Michael L
461830 [SOLD] Farizell Genevieve Tre 469 Palm Ave Martinez CA Reilly Michael
5570 [SOLD] Graham Rosalie Tre 1148 HILLSIDE DR MARTINEZ CA Miller Peter D / Stout Cameron R
1097909 [SOLD] Komor Leonard A (Te) & Komor Jane L (Te) 6380 Chattswood Dr Martinez CA Culp Drew & Grace E
5564 [SOLD] Mcclure Henry A Tre 604 E ST MARTINEZ CA Roe Sherry L
25671 [SOLD] Morley Eva Tre 738 Ulfinian Way Martinez CA Edmondson Mark A & Tara H
103020 [SOLD] Oneill James Patrick Tre 232 Riverwood Cir Martinez CA Reynoso Sergio O / Batsell Jessica J
5602 [SOLD] Richardson Lorene M Tre 800 PALM AVE MARTINEZ CA Yaeger Charles E / Monteiro Blanch L
25025 [SOLD] Vejar Mavis L Tre 665 CENTER AVE MARTINEZ CA Fischer Charles E
5560 [SOLD] Weltz Johanna Helena Tre 3936 EUCLID AVE MARTINEZ CA Albano Nathaniel M & Kimberly
805496 [SOLD] Woods James H 1270 Monte Vista Ct Martinez CA Sandoval Santos A & Bertha A
459866 [SOLD] Valdez Luis & Eleanor Melgoza 29189 W Whitesbridge Ave Mendota CA Garcia Christopher R / Garcia Maria G
5537 [SOLD] Lopez Victor V & Consuelo G 28933 REVIERE DR MENIFEE CA Brown Lance W & Peggy L
5492 [SOLD] Conn Anna M 25891 ROLLING HILLS DR MENIFEE CA Fragoso Silverio & Mayra
12732 [SOLD] Wrigley Allan R & Geraldine M 28058 Palm Villa Dr Menifee CA Gamble Hope R Trust
805052 [SOLD] Komadina Brenda Lee 30247 Tattersail Way Menifee CA Holbrook Mark V & Kathleen M
14560 [SOLD] Croall John & Helen M 29763 Mirasol Cir Menifee CA Lenhard Lori R
798031 [SOLD] Stratford Robert K 30152 Shoreline Dr Menifee CA Luangsuwan Pawana
458649 [SOLD] Sakai Sadamu & Grace Tatsuko 28920 Via Marsala Menifee CA Manriquez Bonnie & Bruce
806392 [SOLD] Maxton Wilma H 28304 Palm Villa Dr Menifee CA Enos John S
1486 [SOLD] Angle Earl J 1720 E 26TH ST MERCED CA Us Bank Na Series 2011-1
24029 [SOLD] ARCEO GAIL ANN 2453 WOLF ST MERCED CA Pennymac Ln Svcs Llc
24469 [SOLD] Blair Alvin J 3779 NOTRE DAME AVE MERCED CA Mackay Joseph R & Helen L
12005 [SOLD] Eagleton Evelyn A 1278 Carolina Dr Merced CA Metcalf Marcus & Karen
247 [SOLD] Flickner Rosemarie 3267 SHAMROCK AVE MERCED CA Lawry John Trust
1354 [SOLD] Hannah John A & Betsy M 636 W 26TH ST MERCED CA Macedo-Shafer Rosemary
19464 [SOLD] Harris Ray E 949 Sydney Ln Merced CA Brock Investments Llc
1504 [SOLD] Hovey Wendell H & Ayotte Sydney A 1370 E SOUTH BEAR CREEK DR MERCED CA Ayotte Sydney A Trust
240 [SOLD] Hunt Betty Jane Allyn 551 BROOKDALE DR MERCED CA Flores Marcos S
26497 [SOLD] Macasieb Rolando L & Marilyn L 1437 San Simeon Ct Merced CA Liang Alan / Sun Yu C
2256 [SOLD] Martignoni Adriana M 2691 LOBO AVE MERCED CA Stollings Darlene M
22929 [SOLD] Martignoni Adriana M 2691 Lobo Ave Merced CA Stollings Darlene M
2330 [SOLD] Mello Frank M & Alice 5496 W BROOKS RD MERCED CA Matos Larry A (Te)
11234 [SOLD] Muratore Dorothy 1267 W North Bear Creek Dr Merced CA Pecinovsky Sylvester
9964 [SOLD] Padilla Charles P 1625 Shirley St Merced CA Treat 2008 Family Living Trust
18790 [SOLD] Parrott Pamela L 1165 Granite Ct Merced CA Pedretti Deborah
462653 [SOLD] Pauletti Leonard J 3732 Marlyn Ct Merced CA King Ryan C & Kelli A
11762 [SOLD] Peterson Emma K 107 E Main St Merced CA Espinoza Juan / Espinoza Joaquin V
102873 [SOLD] Pouncey Margarita 4121 Kansas St Merced CA Landmark Hill Investments Llc
102874 [SOLD] Pouncey Margarita 4121 Kansas St Merced CA Landmark Hill Investments Llc
18857 [SOLD] Rodrigues Patricia G 1213 Glacier Point Ct Merced CA Haynes Richard & Susan Trust
11400 [SOLD] Rogers Edna S 545 Q St Merced CA Us Bank Na Series 2011-1
1501 [SOLD] Ruiz Jose & Gloria P 2168 GETTYSBURG AVE MERCED CA Kajornklin Thanakorn M / Saosavang Orathai
1472 [SOLD] Sabo Joseph F 568 E 27TH ST MERCED CA Dekker Jesse A & Jessica R
17515 [SOLD] Webber Marjorie C 562 Spalding Ct Merced CA Martinez Enrique
8053 [SOLD] Perrault Paul C & Orla J 225 PARKROSE AVE MONROVIA CA Altounian Nicolas & Bryce
10492 [SOLD] Kenyon Darrell W 538 Ranchito Rd Monrovia CA Barron Nick & Shirley
104452 [SOLD] Johnson Harold V & Opal L   Johnson Family Trust 125 Spanner St Monrovia CA Hwang Orson / Hwang Eric & Chris
15494 [SOLD] Fritz David T & Joye V Fritz Family Trust 814 Ocean View Ave Monrovia CA Jin Yan / Wu Jiaying
8052 [SOLD] Laufer Albert & Margarete 364 MELROSE AVE MONROVIA CA Lyman John R / Viele-Lyman Joan
9869 [SOLD] Grichar Catherine A Catherine A Grichar Trust 615 E Foothill Blvd Monrovia CA Moen Gregory L & Diane K Trust
14550 [SOLD] Bonaparte John & Elaine B Bonaparte Trust 848 El Dorado St Monrovia CA Rossatty Viridiana
8050 [SOLD] Scarff Mark 220 S HELIOTROPE AVE MONROVIA CA Sakaoghli Harout Trust
799920 [SOLD] Williams A J & Leona M, William Family Trust 474 Monrovista Ave Monrovia CA Weatherly Evelyn
26329 [SOLD] Thedinga Henry & Lucille Thedinga Trust 136 Fowler Dr Monrovia CA Weseloh George
18621 [SOLD] Founten Norma Norma Founten Trust 2456 W Via Acosta Montebello CA Escarsega Edward R / Kitagawa Satsuki
7434 [SOLD] Alderete Rose M Rose M Alderete Trust 816 S MONTEBELLO BLVD MONTEBELLO CA Gonzalez Frank
6890 [SOLD] Kajiyama Kazuo & Mary K 1637 FIRVALE AVE MONTEBELLO CA Kwan Kin W / Lui Sandi Y
797810 [SOLD] Kajiyama Kazuo & Mary K 1637 Firvale Ave Montebello CA Kwan Kin W / Lui Sandi Y
803487 [SOLD] Wilson Yolanda O, Yolanda O Wilson Trust 909 N Doner Dr Montebello CA Sanchez Barbara
16804 [SOLD] Rodriguez Lupe Q Rodriguez Family Trust 300 N 7Th St Montebello CA Sarabia Cristina C
1174089 [SOLD] Castro Connie B & Betancourt Jennie L 518 N 18Th St Montebello CA Betancourt Jennie L / Castro Connie B
104559 [SOLD] Chavez Arturo J 744 Hendricks St Montebello CA Hendricks Trust
805441 [SOLD] Morales Dora, Morales Family Trust 120 N Moore Ave 7 Monterey Park CA Cabral Mark A / Cheung Teresa W
6880 [SOLD] Sanchez Arthur & Christine 1295 DORNER DR MONTEREY PARK CA Chavez Alfred M & Rosemarie T / Chavez Salvador T
104222 [SOLD] Mauch Aloys B Mauch Trust 1807 Cielito Ave Monterey Park CA Chung Sandy P
21732 [SOLD] Munoz Theodore & Eleanor Munoz Family Trust 2406 Foxglove Dr Monterey Park CA Zhang Jing W / Huang Fionne X
10495 [SOLD] Thomas Darryl W 12165 Lasselle St Moreno Valley CA White Mapple Llc
17989 [SOLD] Howze Maxine 10030 Cartagena Dr Moreno Valley CA Briggs Margaret J & Benjamin F Jr
12741 [SOLD] Bettinger Gertrude 11965 Weller Pl Moreno Valley CA Crook Alice
453567 [SOLD] Jerla Paul Jeffrey & Jill Lynn 16855 Lake Victoria Dr Moreno Valley CA Galvez Jorge A
798716 [SOLD] Arena Patricia R Trust 15348 Theresa Ave Moreno Valley CA Gate Kurt
19856 [SOLD] Vermillion Richard Lee & Ann Myrta 26010 Eliot Ave Moreno Valley CA Lindgren Summer
798717 [SOLD] Arena Patricia R Trust 25875 Harriet Ave Moreno Valley CA Ma Gloria
17841 [SOLD] Chavez Catarino Romo & Mary Lou 25417 Brodiaea Ave Moreno Valley CA Manzo Jesus C & Adelina / Arresola Rafael & Maricarmen
464305 [SOLD] Clark David A & Clark Sharon A 26315 Elder Ave Moreno Valley CA Marshall Daniel J & Sharon L
9825 [SOLD] Hartell Carole A 23938 Gamma St Moreno Valley CA Miller Warren L & Marcena M
22041 [SOLD] Gasca Victor G 24314 Kurt Ct Moreno Valley CA Ramos Diana / Blanco Richard
798715 [SOLD] Arena Patricia R Trust 25856 Parsley Ave Moreno Valley CA Kapolei Medical Park Ventures / Dhandho Residential Rental Fun
8224 [SOLD] Hamilton Esther O 38637 VIA AZUL MURRIETA CA Nanced Llc
18735 [SOLD] Loveless Ortha F 26384 Arboretum Way #702 Murrieta CA Brandley Brenda K
8226 [SOLD] Munoz Frank J & Anna T 39740 BONAIRE WAY MURRIETA CA Brown Gary & Delores D
457574 [SOLD] Johnson Nina K 38075 Via Majorca Murrieta CA Calle Coral Investments Lp
16117 [SOLD] Rouse Joe M & Laurie M 39522 Via Montalvo Murrieta CA Clugston Benjamin & Erin M
11292 [SOLD] Norman Douglas D 23676 Ballestros Rd Murrieta CA Cortez Jesus & Augustina L
8329 [SOLD] Curle David F 40672 CORTE ALBARA MURRIETA CA Federal Home Loan Mtg Corp
8237 [SOLD] Ellison Brian L Curran Dorothy A 30040 KORBEL CIR MURRIETA CA Howard Living Trust
464492 [SOLD] Carraway Michael Christopher 39628 Wild Flower Dr Murrieta CA Ion Home Solutions Inc
8223 [SOLD] Haak Walter E 28700 VIA PLAYA DEL REY MURRIETA CA La Paglia Salvatore & Cynthia
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Phelps Donna May 23234 Single Oak Way Murrieta CA Liesenfelt David W & S M Trust
8324 [SOLD] Mcadoo Jackie A & Patricia A 40085 MALACCA WAY MURRIETA CA Ramirez Deanna
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Chapman Perry T 39370 Via Montero Murrieta CA Rider Cheryl C / Tardiff Marcia C
26874 [SOLD] Tetzlaff Barbara E 41809 Pioneer St Murrieta CA Thompson Ronald J & Denise E
452515 [SOLD] Mattox Daniel Lee & Jodi 40636 Corte Albara Murrieta CA Ward Randal L & Martha M
8325 [SOLD] Byrd Clyde J 24132 CORTE VALENTE MURRIETA CA Wener Maureen / Reed Natasha
26875 [SOLD] Black Leroy A 42105 Manista Way Murrieta CA Whittelsey Joy Trust
17085 [SOLD] Radford Margaret R Daggett Daniel P 38080 Via La Colina Murrieta CA Willrodt Diana Mary
8323 [SOLD] Paxton Marlene L 24169 CORTE CORDOBA MURRIETA CA Gutierrez Maria D / Mejia Claudia
26650 [SOLD] Kanouse Charles R Tr 244 Catalina Dr Newport Beach CA Fox Jason M / Dean Leslie H
804931 [SOLD] Miller Henry J Tr 206 29Th St Newport Beach CA Shirley Bryan C / Windmuller June V
1994 [SOLD] Kochnuk Alex J Tr 2431 CRESTVIEW DR NEWPORT BEACH CA Spratlin Billy W
24917 [SOLD] BALDWIN PATRICIA A TR 59969 CASCADEL DR NORTH FORK CA Englehart Mary A / Englehart Mary A Living Trust
1090824 [SOLD] Passanante Rocco V 11157 Kling St North Hollywood CA Lee Jason C H K
7909 [SOLD] Iwasiwka Anna Iwasiwka Family Trust 11028 BORSON ST NORWALK CA Kim David H & Sunny S
465220 [SOLD] Gonzalez Fernando & Ruelas Magdalena 12012 Graystone Ave Norwalk CA Ruelas Magdalena
26459 [SOLD] Culver Richard D Trustee 40920 Ely Way Oakhurst CA Mizuno Nicole
14035 [SOLD] Meacham James R & Karyl P Tr 51759 Road 426 Oakhurst CA Devonshire George W & Diana R
2211 [SOLD] Schnyder Sonja Tr 45466 S OAKVIEW DR OAKHURST CA Den Beste Family Trust
26462 [SOLD] Ungerer Robert Erwin & Noraline Helen Trustee 42912 Highway 41 Oakhurst CA Barber Steven M & Laura N
102989 [SOLD] Bleeker Simon P & Cornelia M 427 E 6Th St Ontario CA El Shaddai Properties Llc
3296 [SOLD] Almanza Consuelo S Almanza Jose Alfredo Sr 1027 S BON VIEW AVE ONTARIO CA Axis Finl Grp
457464 [SOLD] Reyes Conrad S Rev Liv Tr 5/2/08 709 E Philadelphia St Ontario CA Federal Natl Mtg Assn Fnma
16352 [SOLD] Swager Lillian & Steve J 1175 E Elma St Ontario CA Guzman Alejandro L
512 [SOLD] Felix Gustavo Tr & Petra F Tr 1002 N MERCED AVE ONTARIO CA Quirarte Javier & Claudia
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Barron Ella R Tr 6-25-13 934 E Rosewood Ct Ontario CA Teeravatya Suvimol
24460 [SOLD] Perez Frank James 3727 STRAWBERRY CREEK WAY ONTARIO CA Us Bank Na Series 2006-Bc4
796497 [SOLD] Cross Robert D & Patricia C 228 S Grove Ave Ontario CA City Of Ontario
798714 [SOLD] Apodaca Federico V & Ilse E 2525 N Bourbon St Orange CA Devoid Neal E
798713 [SOLD] Apodaca Federico V & Ilse E 1800 E Heim Ave 65 Orange CA Valadez Raul & Susana
454741 [SOLD] Berube Richard K Tr 3637 W Park Central Ave Orange CA Corente Natalie
8105 [SOLD] Brasket Clyde N & Susan J 5215 E CHAPMAN AVE ORANGE CA P V C Properties
18514 [SOLD] Brines Nedra M Tr 2697 N Kennedy St Orange CA Jankowski David A & Michelle M
5514 [SOLD] Calcara John Jr Tr 1528 E SUNVIEW DR ORANGE CA Bergener Jennifer L / Mccoy Nancy H
15332 [SOLD] Canale Joseph A Tr 1440 E Madison Ave Orange CA Blum Edward J / Hariri Laleh
458809 [SOLD] Carlson Helen Marie Tr 20611 Amapola Ave Orange CA Coombs Heidi B
8244 [SOLD] Cummings Joseph P & Blanche T 177 N SINGINGWOOD ST 132 ORANGE CA
24052 [SOLD] Dischner Paul Murray 2516 N RIVER TRAIL RD ORANGE CA River Trail Trust 2516
453828 [SOLD] Dowdy Betty Ann Tr A 1036 E Wilson Ave Orange CA Gallegly Oscar A & P K Trust
24870 [SOLD] Garcia Rafaela N Tr 569 N CYPRESS ST ORANGE CA Rubio Mary H N
8285 [SOLD] Greer Eddie James Jr 448 N LONDONDERRY LN C ORANGE CA Purushothaman Srikumar / Mani Suganthi
800881 [SOLD] Harris Gertrude E Tr 2428 E Jackson Ave Orange CA Baker Miles D
802407 [SOLD] Hill Edmund A Tr 571 N Espanita St Orange CA Parusnik Llc
11951 [SOLD] Knutzen Eugene D Tr 3921 E Sycamore Ave Orange CA Jays Family Lp
5591 [SOLD] Lane Gary J Tr 801 E GLENDALE AVE ORANGE CA Stewart Gregory
22541 [SOLD] Mcintyre William C Tr 304 S Calle Baja Orange CA Graham Robert / Krick Robert
5578 [SOLD] Megrund Eunice A Tr #A 2211 E GROVE AVE ORANGE CA Sullivan Karen
5644 [SOLD] Poepl Ramona L 1511 E EVERETT PL ORANGE CA Sherburn Rebecca S
20247 [SOLD] Purcell Robert F Tr Survivors Tr 2801 E Lakeside Ave Orange CA Berge Robert & Susan
453064 [SOLD] Scott Joyce M Tr 1910 W Palmyra Ave Orange CA Greathouse Charlotte M
17503 [SOLD] Thurston Archie E & Marion P 3218 N Pinewood St Orange CA Radulescu Eliade & Juliet
15604 [SOLD] Whittaker Keola Tr Judith Gail Whittaker Supp Tr 1606 E Palmyra Ave Orange CA Pavkov Zachary & Katherine / Huber Joseph & Susan
25006 [SOLD] Winger Louise A Tr 656 N BIRCHWOOD RD ORANGE CA Porter Nancy L
5613 [SOLD] Lawson Ruth Ann 1057 CENTER ST ORANGE COVE CA Mcginnis Lia N
1938 [SOLD] Mucci Richard V & Norma J 22175 NATIONAL TRAILS HWY ORO GRANDE CA Dezotell Brenda
24420 [SOLD] Jensen Xuyen Thi 359 GRAN VIA PALM DESERT CA Nicomac Properties Llc
7411 [SOLD] Hays Joyce S 94 PALOMINO CIR PALM DESERT CA Rosales & Rosales Llc
7418 [SOLD] Richman Fredric N White Cynthia J 851 MESA GRANDE DR PALM DESERT CA Baker Darrell & Maureen
7828 [SOLD] Kent Jack 37439 PURPLE SHADOW RD PALM DESERT CA Bienstock Amir & Esther
25145 [SOLD] Thomason Sheila K 78682 MORNING STAR PALM DESERT CA Boggs Steven M
7408 [SOLD] Chiupka Donald & Sandra 77635 WOODHAVEN DR PALM DESERT CA Bourgeois Steven A / Cunningham Rita J
7447 [SOLD] Holmes Evelyn A 43871 VIA GRANADA PALM DESERT CA Boyce Neil C & Melissa A
459365 [SOLD] Timmons Delores Brownstein 73894 Cezanne Dr Palm Desert CA Brownstein Michael L Trust
458781 [SOLD] Gross Linda 78862 Canyon Vis Palm Desert CA Cannon Family Trust
13640 [SOLD] Harrington Jack G 17 Camino Arroyo Pl Palm Desert CA Davis Family 1991 Trust
455864 [SOLD] Carlson David H & Dedarrecamp Thierry 73535 Joshua Tree St Palm Desert CA De Darrecamp Therry
26830 [SOLD] Winer Seymour M & Arlene P 78557 Bougainvillea Dr Palm Desert CA Fisher John C Jr / Bell-Simmonds Helen L
20916 [SOLD] Erickson Robert N & Ruth G 39786 Moronga Canyon Dr Palm Desert CA Gargan Family Trust
459366 [SOLD] Branneman Maxine L & Shopbell Gerald A 39660 Desert Greens Dr Palm Desert CA Garland Gail M
462323 [SOLD] Larue Lois G 75226 La Cresta Dr Palm Desert CA Hachey Norman & Holly
806158 [SOLD] Lewis William R & Margaret 253 Santa Barbara Cir Palm Desert CA Hoffman Debora
7348 [SOLD] Schumacher William J 189 CAMINO ARROYO PALM DESERT CA Hogan Kevin J & Patti C
103453 [SOLD] Ringness Curtis W & H G 78207 Vinewood Dr Palm Desert CA Jackson David G & Deborah L
460754 [SOLD] Coult George E & Coult Marlene J 38 Camino Arroyo Pl Palm Desert CA Kelsey Warren H
7359 [SOLD] Avriette Margaret V 74842 VELIE WAY PALM DESERT CA Majid Family Lp
7324 [SOLD] Light Everett H & Virginia J 38371 FAWN SPRINGS DR PALM DESERT CA Mccann Steven & Patricia
7356 [SOLD] Neudecker Rolland P & Brenda K 8 LA JOLLA DR PALM DESERT CA Mitchell Edwin W / Bejcar Cheryl C
103664 [SOLD] Brock Robert L & Marilu M 403 Bouquet Canyon Dr Palm Desert CA Monaghan Family Trust
7428 [SOLD] Dreher Tina A 75419 LA SIERRA DR PALM DESERT CA Mulhern Ralph E
7376 [SOLD] Guyovich Raymond R & Donna L 76805 ASCOT CIR PALM DESERT CA Oriel G R & Guyovich D L Trust
7375 [SOLD] Sinaguglia John A 76067 PALM VALLEY DR PALM DESERT CA Pollock Clayton R & Cecilia L
7494 [SOLD] Lyons Gerald J 73408 POINCIANA PL PALM DESERT CA Priebe Richard F & Barbara R
7407 [SOLD] Hunt Frank L 41220 WOODHAVEN DR PALM DESERT CA Spigel Teresa
800565 [SOLD] Orlin Gerald I, Wanger Richard E 72534 Edgehill Dr #1 Palm Desert CA Taylor Jeff & S Family Trust
7343 [SOLD] Smaldino Shirley L 336 PASEO PRIMAVERA PALM DESERT CA Tran Tuyet T
7391 [SOLD] Wheeler Robert O Trist Dennis M 72685 SOMERA RD PALM DESERT CA Trist Dennis M Living Trust
7326 [SOLD] Cobler Shirley A 39880 PALM GREENS PKWY PALM DESERT CA Von Cheryl A
797015 [SOLD] Bridges Catherine B 163 Madrid Ave Palm Desert CA Walker Linda K B
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Stein Linda 45790 Abronia Trl Palm Desert CA Weisberg Peter B
7365 [SOLD] Arce Gregory & Olivia 74130 EL CORTEZ WAY PALM DESERT CA Wilson Dianna L
800564 [SOLD] Wanger Richard E 46172 Verba Santa Dr Palm Desert CA Zambon Brent A
1100976 [SOLD] Evanoff Michael John & Evanoff Jeanne M 311 Tava Ln Palm Desert CA Chesler Joseph
1166208 [SOLD] Evanoff Michael John & Evanoff Jeanne M 311 Tava Ln Palm Desert CA Chesler Joseph
452834 [SOLD] Bosworth Juanita M 303 E Laurel Cir Palm Springs CA 303 Laurel Circle Llc
6715 [SOLD] Smithern Claude H 2285 N JANIS DR PALM SPRINGS CA 5 Monkeys Inc
6730 [SOLD] Scales John S 247 W STEVENS RD #11 PALM SPRINGS CA Adamski Lorraine D
6683 [SOLD] Canada Alice M Norman Joan L 400 N SUNRISE WAY #116 PALM SPRINGS CA Agrawal Prashant & Shilpi
26808 [SOLD] Crawford Ophelia G Jackson Robert J 320 W Palm Vista Dr Palm Springs CA Archuleta John
421 [SOLD] Plachta Beatriz 1636 AUGUSTA PLZ PALM SPRINGS CA Arms Williams S / Mora Dawn
7530 [SOLD] Zollars Richard D Rev Living Trust Zollars Richard D 749 ALTA RIDGE PALM SPRINGS CA Baltaian Gabriel & Angelika
457274 [SOLD] Haas Eugene E & Billie Jean Trust & Haas Billie Jean 3622 E Paseo Barbara Palm Springs CA Belle Rose Industries Llc / Greene Real Estate Corp
6777 [SOLD] Pinegar Carl Bruce Bradley Louis Benjamin 1550 S LA VERNE WAY PALM SPRINGS CA Bradley Louis B
6731 [SOLD] Steen Ernest M 247 W VEREDA SUR PALM SPRINGS CA Brazeel Steve & Casey
13214 [SOLD] Stoddard Helen L Family Trust 1322 Primavera Dr Palm Springs CA Burris Laorange Investments Ll
7582 [SOLD] Radke Kenneth W & Lucille M 163 YUCCA DR PALM SPRINGS CA Davidson Jack Living Trust
6753 [SOLD] Lovett Michael L & Juanice F 1070 E DEEPAK RD PALM SPRINGS CA Davis Jerome E / Reese-Davis Caroline E
24089 [SOLD] FLEMING JOHN H 2601 S BROADMOOR DR #8 PALM SPRINGS CA Federal Natl Mtg Assn Fnma
453874 [SOLD] Mills Pauline B 60271 Holly Dr Palm Springs CA Federal Natl Mtg Assn Fnma
11171 [SOLD] Gardner Doris S 2118 S Gene Autry Trl Palm Springs CA Gene Autry Ptshp
14020 [SOLD] Bronkema James R & Sharon E 464 E San Jose Rd Palm Springs CA Hart Harrison J & C L Trust
452832 [SOLD] Boden Theodore Neal 421 W Mariscal Rd Palm Springs CA Hayes Therese / Tysen Frank
13611 [SOLD] Conover Jack Hickok Robert E 2200 E Amarillo Way Palm Springs CA Hickok Robert E
6675 [SOLD] Rodermel Donald M 483 E VIA ESCUELA #712 PALM SPRINGS CA Ivany Daniel E / Malone Vance L
800883 [SOLD] Good Jerry L & Margaret K 1258 Montalvo Way Palm Springs CA Jones Doug & Terrence
7576 [SOLD] Kuecks Jordin 4348 E CAMINO PAROCELA PALM SPRINGS CA Jordin Kuecks
13086 [SOLD] White Harold James 2210 S Calle Palo Fierro #32 Palm Springs CA Lacerenza Angela
460591 [SOLD] Walton Daniel E 2489 Silver Oak Cir Palm Springs CA Lincoln Crew Inc
24866 [SOLD] Harris Pearl Barnes 562 SKYLAR LN PALM SPRINGS CA Markari William
19755 [SOLD] Greenlaw Richard E 1578 Toledo Cir Palm Springs CA Martin John R Living Trust
103949 [SOLD] Hinrichs Joe H & Beatrice L 1603 Augusta Plz Palm Springs CA Mcmullin David William
455531 [SOLD] Price Arnold J 680 Quincy Way Palm Springs CA Montanari Giancarlo
457648 [SOLD] Medbery Bruce W & Pinney Steven J 3556 Serenity Trl Palm Springs CA Pinney Steven J
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Wills Rosalyn Lorraine 2800 E Los Felices Cir #105 Palm Springs CA Radan Michelle M
458940 [SOLD] Castro Bernard J & Field Robert S 593 N Calle Rolph Palm Springs CA Ramirez Francisco / Singer Michael B
453976 [SOLD] Baldwin Gloria & G 1175 Camino Mirasol Palm Springs CA Raphael Blythe K
17029 [SOLD] Hill Walter Lambert & Margaret A 1077 E Deepwell Rd Palm Springs CA Steer Sean G / Jewell James A Jr
800685 [SOLD] Ransom Harold Eugene & Nancy Carol, Freeman Steven 250 E San Jose Rd #59 Palm Springs CA Turrone Dennis
423 [SOLD] Gansberg Seymour & Selma 554 W SUNSHINE CIR PALM SPRINGS CA Verdugo 1990 Trust
455070 [SOLD] Springall Peter S & Bean Gregory D 1044 E Marion Way Palm Springs CA Wisely Jonathan S
6684 [SOLD] Lee Ronald C 407 N ORCHID TREE LN PALM SPRINGS CA Wolfe David E Living Trust
1171519 [SOLD] Cruzen William J & Catching Steven J & Catching S & Cruzen W 2612 Canyon South Dr Palm Springs CA Catching Steven J
465536 [SOLD] Maas Michael J 3035 N Sequoia Dr Palm Springs CA Jbx Group Llc
1166278 [SOLD] Schnepf Russell W & Hall Solomon Edward 866 E Louise Dr Palm Springs CA Hall Solomon Edward / Schnepf Russell W
5128 [SOLD] Howard Margaret L Petty Lorretta 2145 W AVENUE P8 PALMDALE CA Arlp Trust 2
5223 [SOLD] Detjen Walter A & Patricia A 41621 25TH ST WEST PALMDALE CA Beech Stanley H & Donna L
458918 [SOLD] Rasori Karen L & Karen L Rasori Trust 2001 Morisan Ave Palmdale CA Gutierrez Jose L & Sandra L
15008 [SOLD] Peak John R & Sally A 38331 La Loma Ave Palmdale CA House Sally A P Trust
457423 [SOLD] Knowles Jessie L & Ortega Richard 38739 Sumac Ave Palmdale CA Ortega Richard
5156 [SOLD] Mccool Frederick W & Rita Mccool Trust VIC ANA VERDE DR/FARNBOR PALMDALE CA Rahim Yaghoubzar
17306 [SOLD] Huang Maria K Huang Mark Sierra Hwy/Vic Avenue P3 Palmdale CA Standing Joan C
465338 [SOLD] Love Charle R & Charles R Love Trust 37515 37Th St E Palmdale CA Debusk Donavan M
465337 [SOLD] Love Charles R & Charles R Love Trust 37626 Dalzell St Palmdale CA Torres Rubi A / Cedano Maria G V
3680 [SOLD] Hornbeck Douglas R And Marjorie B Trustee 728 SEMINOLE WAY PALO ALTO CA Hsu Samuel C C & Vicky L
14528 [SOLD] Brinkley Joel And Chartrand Sabra 744 Rosewood Dr Palo Alto CA Jgb Familye Trust
13548 [SOLD] Arrabal Isabel C Trustee & Et Al 2762 Ross Rd Palo Alto CA Li Fang / Jin Lihua
13563 [SOLD] Arrabal Isabel C Trustee & Et Al 2762 Ross Rd Palo Alto CA Li Fang / Jin Lihua
125 [SOLD] Stura Albert P And Claudia A Trustee 1751 NEWELL RD PALO ALTO CA Xiao Deming / Chu Quyue
1097880 [SOLD] Key George G Jr (Te) & Key Olena L (Te) & Key Trust 4129 Via Solano Palos Verdes Peninsula CA Tanji Susan C
5471 [SOLD] Tovar Esther M Trustee Delgado Mary Ellen 855 I ST PARLIER CA Delgado Mary E
5474 [SOLD] Tovar Esther M Trustee Delgado Mary Ellen 13491 E PARLIER AVE PARLIER CA Delgado Mary E
103662 [SOLD] Tyson Richard P & Mary W   Tyson Family Trust 303 Markham Pl Pasadena CA Cheetah Family Trust
1.00E+06 [SOLD] K L Dawley & Dawley Kathryn Te & G G & Dawley George G Te 1011 Hillside Ter Pasadena CA Dawley George G (Te) / Dawley Kathryn (Te)
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Harper Amanda F 2410 Vista Laguna Ter Pasadena CA Johns Sandra H
7157 [SOLD] Gertmenian Seb A Seb And Alice Gertmenian Trust 2565 LAS LUNAS ST PASADENA CA Lopez Gregory & Linda T
455868 [SOLD] Horowitz Sylvia T & Horowitz Family Trust 800 Fairfield Cir Pasadena CA Reddy Family Trust
457312 [SOLD] Hancock Janet C & Janet C Hancock Trust 1115 S Orange Grove Blvd Pasadena CA Robles Raul
7160 [SOLD] Kosty Catherine Catherine Kosty Trust 323 SANTA PAULA AVE PASADENA CA Staebler Ronald M & L A Trust
7146 [SOLD] Benedict Helen M Benedict Family Trust 408 S ORANGE GROVE BLVD PASADENA CA Verbeck Trust
798920 [SOLD] Crowhurst Frank & Janis, F And J Crowhurst Trust 1585 Riviera Dr Pasadena CA Wedel Collin & Sarah
452435 [SOLD] Bursch Roger G & Roger G Bursch Trust 3595 Greenhill Rd Pasadena CA Wehrly Lou A / Johnson Sandra L
803633 [SOLD] Philpott Bruce W, Bruce W Philpott Trust 707 S Orange Grove Blvd D Pasadena CA West Family Trust
805866 [SOLD] Walsh Robert L, Robert L Walsh Trust 300 S Orange Grove Blvd 5 Pasadena CA Winckler Ava H G / Walsh William
19175 [SOLD] Luppi Philip M Phillip M Luppi Trust Cor 133 Ste/133 Ste Pearblossom CA Advincula Cris P (Te) / Pastrana Joseline M
22317 [SOLD] Ong Waltman Cor 133 Ste/Ave V Pearblossom CA Advincula Cris P (Te) / Pastrana Joseline M
14307 [SOLD] Swaim Jesse O Jesse O Swaim Trust Vic 104Th Ste/Ave V8 Pearblossom CA Karimi Ardeshir / Mathoni Anita
17007 [SOLD] Granados Marcial A 8459 Dalebury Dr Pico Rivera CA Bribiesca Ricardo & Maria
24604 [SOLD] Palacio Gloria B Gloria B Palacio Trust 4222 DELAND AVE PICO RIVERA CA Cruz Alejandro / Moreno Sandra
19482 [SOLD] Casanova Raymond Andhelen 4660 Paramount Blvd Pico Rivera CA Davalos Lola A
19483 [SOLD] Casanova Raymond & Helen 8719 Olympic Blvd Pico Rivera CA Davalos Lola A
19484 [SOLD] Casanova Raymond & Helen 8742 Olympic Blvd Pico Rivera CA Davalos Lola A
7940 [SOLD] Mcevers Jack & Catherine E J And C Mcevers Trust 4223 LINDSEY AVE PICO RIVERA CA Lopez Sylvia / Arellano Silvia
16449 [SOLD] Castillo Salvador R & Linda R 8321 Culp Dr Pico Rivera CA Munshi Mohammed B / Baten Mohammed S
7444 [SOLD] Camarillo William & Alice Camarillo Family Trust 5403 ZOLA AVE PICO RIVERA CA Najera Matthew / Angelo Carol L
7456 [SOLD] Largent Ella D Ella D Largent Trust 9421 CALL ST PICO RIVERA CA Ramirez Javier
104304 [SOLD] Quesada Tony C & Annie C   Quesada Trust 5220 Los Toros Ave Pico Rivera CA Salazar Madeline
1099085 [SOLD] Meza Lucille 4517 Los Toros Ave Pico Rivera CA Nava Robert J / Soto Josefina
26714 [SOLD] Deterding Mary D Tr 2320 Teton Cir Placentia CA Guillen Cheryl
1165535 [SOLD] Eckerlin Jack A 314 Ruby Dr Placentia CA Behrens Robert
5418 [SOLD] Jones Lois M Tr 1130 WOODSIDE DR PLACENTIA CA Boxdorfer Suzanne
804499 [SOLD] Mitchel Eleni Tr 624 Valley Forge Dr Placentia CA Smith Daphne U M
5401 [SOLD] Root Joyce I Tr 2424 CHINOOK DR PLACENTIA CA Zambrano Brian / Abeyta-Zambrano Lesliean
5420 [SOLD] Shefts Jeffrey David Tr 860 NEWTON LN PLACENTIA CA Harich Katrin R / Jeremiah Maryalyce
5421 [SOLD] Turina Charles A Tr 832 JENSEN PL PLACENTIA CA Whan Daniel & Choi Priscila Trust
805204 [SOLD] Wallace Arnold F Tr, Surviving Spouses Tr A 1256 Venice Ave Placentia CA Weddle Diana F
18000 [SOLD] Wilcox Maxine R Tr 419 Via De Leon Placentia CA Hess Patricia / Sanford Lynda
25051 [SOLD] Robison Clair A & G D Trs 6900 KOLL CENTER PKWY PLEASANTON CA North Creek 2 & 8 L Fremont 4175 Llc
8310 [SOLD] Mcnees Hubert K Jr & Jody M Trs 495 ADAMS WAY PLEASANTON CA Joyce Brian P
11145 [SOLD] Sandvig Doras N Tr 5481 Ridgevale Rd Pleasanton CA Kiehle Richard W & Eloisa F
8317 [SOLD] Pacheco Onita I Tr 2344 VIA ESPADA PLEASANTON CA Low Raymond K / Pacheco-Low Lisa A
8313 [SOLD] Roberts Charles R Tr 2434 SANDERLING DR PLEASANTON CA Nayak Sundeep & Surekha
25545 [SOLD] Ornellas Paul & Karen 2802 Calle Reynoso Pleasanton CA Yu Zhong / Liu Yafang
8314 [SOLD] Sprenkel Pollyanna Tr 4531 EULL CT PLEASANTON CA Zhang Jian / Ma Yan
459024 [SOLD] Saiz Joe 220 Palm Pl Pomona CA Bishay Basem P / Henry Dina
19140 [SOLD] Welsing Peter R Peter R Welsing Trust 1145 E Columbia Ave Pomona CA Gayatrie Endang R Living Trust
20731 [SOLD] Stroup Rosalind F Kling Stroup Family Trust 2186 Saticoy St Pomona CA Guerrero Emmanuel
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Wildasin Earl M & Wildasin Family Trust 1687 Farnam Pl Pomona CA Simmons Constance
8006 [SOLD] Olson Jeffrey K Jeffrey K Olson Trust 1768 TERRACE LN POMONA CA Tsai Chen-Chen / Tsang Dai W
23064 [SOLD] Rosales Alfonso C 1059 Murray Ave Pomona CA Ramirez Omar
4910 [SOLD] ANDERSON TOMMY D & JUDY K 1467 E ROBY AVE PORTERVILLE CA Alcantar Jose R T / Torres Emelda T
4722 [SOLD] Bratcher Garland O & Dorothy R 2199 LINDA VISTA AVE PORTERVILLE CA Roberts Jason D
4885 [SOLD] CRUZ PHILLIP M 379 B ST PORTERVILLE CA Alvarez Elizabeth
27884 [SOLD] Esquivel Roman & Eulalia 219 Mathew St Porterville CA Ojeda Rachel / Esquivel Rene
103110 [SOLD] Fallert Arthur E 465 N Murry St Porterville CA Clements Diana L
4727 [SOLD] Gobel John & Mary Ann 18058 ORANGE BELT DR PORTERVILLE CA Salter Steven L
4728 [SOLD] Gobel Mary Ann 18020 ORANGE BELT DR PORTERVILLE CA Moreno Arturo
13121 [SOLD] Hallman Harry W & Patricia A 1201 E Putnam Ave #A Porterville CA Schambaugh Susan Lynn M
18720 [SOLD] Hodge Opal V & Olga 255 N Belmont St Porterville CA Chavez Gabriel
21275 [SOLD] Hyde Shirley J 758 W Belleview Ave Porterville CA Jimenez Nancy M
4748 [SOLD] Ibarra Miguel C Jr & Margaret L 890 SALISBURY ST PORTERVILLE CA Auchard Maria Y
460182 [SOLD] Lehman Thelma A (Tr) 669 N G St Porterville CA Milan Daniel K & Debra
11536 [SOLD] Lewis Edythe L 1646 Bel Aire Ave Porterville CA Grimsley Norman L & Debra L
462891 [SOLD] Loyola Frank V(Tr)(Sep Prop Tr) 12511 Orange Belt Dr Porterville CA Coastal Management Co
462890 [SOLD] Loyola Frank V(Tr)(Sep Prop Tr) 362 S Jaye St Porterville CA Rodriguez Melanie
16550 [SOLD] Myers Lola Jane 2080 W Harrison Ave Porterville CA Lujan David & Amanda
11152 [SOLD] Pritchett J C & Doris 843 S Prospect St Porterville CA Hays Jeanette
8432 [SOLD] Romans Alma G 1336 W Roby Ave Porterville CA Fabela Daniel A
15599 [SOLD] Ross Judith A 33500 Success Valley Dr Porterville CA Levy Joel
4805 [SOLD] Valine Marie A 137 N BEVERLY ST PORTERVILLE CA Mccuen Carolyn
12804 [SOLD] Whitworth Glendon R & Sandra 883 Cleo Ave Porterville CA Ortega Jesus Jr / Ortega Sandre L
17957 [SOLD] Van Bebber Diane L Shelton Matthew 6487 Aleatico Pl Rancho Cucamonga CA Shelton & Van Bebber Living Trust
21359 [SOLD] Mattox Stanley E & Mary Lou 49 Lincoln Pl Rancho Mirage CA Carnevale William G / Seiple Bradley D
797194 [SOLD] Goldberg Marvin & Harriet 41 Princeton Dr Rancho Mirage CA Cius Steven J / Cius Julius J & Peggy E
798134 [SOLD] Goldberg Marvin & Harriet 41 Princeton Dr Rancho Mirage CA Cius Steven J / Cius Julius J & Peggy E
7553 [SOLD] Page Byron W Fletcher Gregory W 70881 WINDSOR CIR RANCHO MIRAGE CA Fletcher Gregory W
459383 [SOLD] Quinn Charles A & Dawn M 58 Sierra Madre Rancho Mirage CA Fox K & G Family Trust
7562 [SOLD] Guyovich Raymond R & Donna L 12 BUCKINGHAM WAY RANCHO MIRAGE CA Gerada Rey C & Nida J
9152 [SOLD] Hanson Barbara N 71035 Cypress Dr Rancho Mirage CA Jessup Daniel B & Ashleigh M
7595 [SOLD] Scott Saul & Sylvia 165 KAVENISH DR RANCHO MIRAGE CA Kenworthy Paul A
104253 [SOLD] Rands Charlene R 3 Trafalgar Sq Rancho Mirage CA Koegle Lila E
457676 [SOLD] Collins Frances Blair 22 La Ronda Dr Rancho Mirage CA Silvestri Corey / Silvestri Sean
7610 [SOLD] Sopwith Irena 38775 PETERSON RD RANCHO MIRAGE CA Tjt Trust / Tjt & Mtt Trust
17875 [SOLD] Wolff Mary Lou 71501 Gardess Rd Rancho Mirage CA Towery-Septien Devonne Trust
17876 [SOLD] Wolff Mary Lou 71501 Gardess Rd Rancho Mirage CA Towery-Septien Devonne Trust
19336 [SOLD] Kiner Ralph M Thunderbird Terrace Inc 40120 Paseo Oro Rancho Mirage CA Alpine A Dean & Katina
1099381 [SOLD] Dudley Mary V 1852 Homeworth Dr Rancho Palos Verdes CA Ramasamy Elangkowan
24150 [SOLD] Lepisto Lourdes T Lourdes T Lepisto Trust 27138 INDIAN PEAK RD RANCHO PALOS VERDES CA Cruz Michael C / Lepisto Lourdes T
916 [SOLD] Blakley Richard S & Kathleen N 1330 S CENTER ST REDLANDS CA Coy Family Trust
453870 [SOLD] Rhodes Neil & Mckeehan Julie D 124 S San Mateo St Redlands CA Mcguire Cesar & Zulma
891 [SOLD] Blandford Richard P Blandford Jeanette M 510 E STATE ST REDLANDS CA Rizik Shefik & Sonya
27011 [SOLD] Huffman Mary L Family Trust 7/12/10 1122 W Olive Ave Redlands CA Schneider Jonathan K / Troesh Brooke L
909 [SOLD] Stevenson Rosemary C 1329 E PALM AVE REDLANDS CA Shook James E & Brenda
1341 [SOLD] Williams Edward K Tr & Phyllis F Tr 31416 HIGHVIEW DR REDLANDS CA Douglas Dennis E & Jennifer C
458182 [SOLD] Cederholm Betty L & Betty L Cederholm Trust 1708 Spreckels Ln Redondo Beach CA May Jason / Baker Rebecca
1101444 [SOLD] Colbert Nancy L & Wheeler William F 611 Phelan Ln Redondo Beach CA Wheeler William F / Colbert Nancy L
1101445 [SOLD] Colbert Nancy L & Wheeler William F 1901 190Th St Redondo Beach CA Wheeler William F / Colbert Nancy L
1101446 [SOLD] Colbert Nancy L & Wheeler William F 1822 Havemeyer Ln Redondo Beach CA Wheeler William F / Colbert Nancy L
795385 [SOLD] Cortez Raul V & Hortensia 2213 Robinson St Redondo Beach CA Simons Ella D
7837 [SOLD] Cunningham Adolphine R Adolphine R Cunningham Tru 1400 S CATALINA AVE 105 REDONDO BEACH CA Burlin Elaine J Living Trust
5800 [SOLD] Goldstein Lisa J & Richard L 2617 GRANT AVE B REDONDO BEACH CA Schultz Jason
455243 [SOLD] Gulick Barbara J & Barbara J Gulick Trust 1007 S Catalina Ave 206 Redondo Beach CA Keenan Chris
457813 [SOLD] Logue Aloha M & V And M Logue Trust 535 Avenue B Redondo Beach CA J & P Lang Investments Llc
9732 [SOLD] Lopez Carlos A Carlos A Lopez Trust 2612 182Nd Pl Redondo Beach CA Navarro Lopez Trust
1090681 [SOLD] Marsee Sharon M 1232 S Helberta Ave Redondo Beach CA Koch Megan / Marsee Kevin
1088660 [SOLD] Marsee Sharon M & Sharon M Marsee Trust 1232 S Helberta Ave Redondo Beach CA Koch Megan / Marsee Kevin
796351 [SOLD] Mccall Kevin S & Lillian W, Mccall Family Trust 211 S Lucia Ave 5 Redondo Beach CA Mc Call Lillian W
21246 [SOLD] Mcfarland Shirley A Shirley A Mcfarland Trust 2910 Vail Ave Redondo Beach CA Solutions 2 Properties Llc
456369 [SOLD] Quintero Andrew H & Wolf Cristine L 2407 Harriman Ln B Redondo Beach CA Wolf Cristine L
7838 [SOLD] Reardon Barbara L R F And B L Reardon Trust 1806 ESPLANADE REDONDO BEACH CA Green Street Investments Llc
10723 [SOLD] Snowden David V 519 N Gertruda Ave Redondo Beach CA Tseng Jim J & Chu-Ning S Trust
459149 [SOLD] Stennett Ward E Jr & Stennett Family Trust 1320 S Gertruda Ave Redondo Beach CA Gianelli Sharon A / Mancini Susan K
460562 [SOLD] Swart Wayne A & Wayne A Swart Trust 2323 Hill Ln Redondo Beach CA Tran Loc P / Nguyen Ngocmai
459372 [SOLD] Tibbetts Mildred V & Tibbetts Trust 204 S Juanita Ave Redondo Beach CA Taylor Kathryn L
805744 [SOLD] Bidondo Gratien Tr 483 Denise Ln Redwood City CA Hao Na
2255 [SOLD] Evans Robert K Pacheco-Williams Christine 3712 BRANDY ROCK WAY REDWOOD CITY CA Pacheco-Williams Christine
462699 [SOLD] Hanson Carl B & Patricia A Trs 3601 Country Club Dr Redwood City CA Wasserman Michael & Courtney E
2257 [SOLD] Kreuzer Francis Andrew Tr 901 ROUND HILL RD REDWOOD CITY CA Stoertz Aaron / Barrett Meredith
2312 [SOLD] Luporini Giampiero Tr Luporini Laura Tr 83 ORCHARD AVE REDWOOD CITY CA Mellone Charles M & Donna
1167309 [SOLD] Merritt Elaine R 1765 Connecticut Dr Redwood City CA Mullen Jill L
1167308 [SOLD] Merritt Elaine R & Mullen Jill 1645 Anamor St Redwood City CA Mullen Jill
12019 [SOLD] Raffin Evelyn L Tr 1570 Hudson St Redwood City CA Kim Michael & Meichih
453243 [SOLD] Ritts Fern C L Tr 1032 Chesterton Ave Redwood City CA Casey William / Henry Eve
2314 [SOLD] Romano Gary R & Louis & Rose 249 E OAKWOOD BLVD REDWOOD CITY CA Higgy Amir M / Higgy Eman
2313 [SOLD] Romano Gary R & Louis & Rose 241 E OAKWOOD BLVD REDWOOD CITY CA Yamada Hiroyuki / Kubota-Yamada Heidi
2258 [SOLD] Smith Juanita R Tr Smith Talmadge William Tr 3738 FARM HILL BLVD REDWOOD CITY CA Bare Ventures Llc
22890 [SOLD] Solbeck Ada Tr Chaput Nancy L Tr 144 Central Ave Redwood City CA Pagan Nancy
2275 [SOLD] Stenholm Carol J Tr Stenholm David W Tr 1181 FAIRVIEW AVE REDWOOD CITY CA Paulazzo Stephen
2298 [SOLD] Taniguchi Flora Y Tr 2016 REDWOOD AVE REDWOOD CITY CA Noeth Theresa A
455671 [SOLD] Wong Arthur Douglas Tr & Wong Judith A Tr 1550 Valota Rd Redwood City CA Decou Robert / Jiampetti Jeena
18687 [SOLD] Hagopian Nubar Trustee 564 E Aspen Ct Reedley CA Lay Randy & Jana
5534 [SOLD] Islas Manuela Islas Daniel 1179 E PARLIER AVE REEDLEY CA Garibay Sergio & Yolanda
25910 [SOLD] Riffel Franklin 1227 L St Reedley CA Torres Javier
5561 [SOLD] Schaffer Charles L & Eileen M Trustees 155 ELM AVE REEDLEY CA
5536 [SOLD] Sills Edwin W & Sandra Y 1568 E CAROB AVE REEDLEY CA Serna Noe O
2149 [SOLD] Shoals J D & Mary Eliza 20873 S GRANTLAND AVE RIVERDALE CA Traylor Joann
460538 [SOLD] Vandewoestine Ron & Vandewoestine Diana 3722 Tibbetts St Riverside CA C3p Holdings Llc
4257 [SOLD] Schielke Marguerite Estate Of 5809 CLIFTON BLVD RIVERSIDE CA Dew & Sons Llc
4670 [SOLD] Doss Donald A 2315 MARY ST RIVERSIDE CA Ie Business Hills Llc
4814 [SOLD] Oslund Ernest D & Virginia I 1249 MELVILLE DR RIVERSIDE CA Backstrom Bryson N & Valerie L
801105 [SOLD] Oslund Ernest D & Virginia I 1249 Melville Dr Riverside CA Backstrom Bryson N & Valerie L
805467 [SOLD] Clark Merle D & Evelyn J 8777 Sorrento Dr Riverside CA Barlet Diana L
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Clark Merle D & Evelyn J 8777 Sorrento Dr Riverside CA Barlet Diana L
104092 [SOLD] Bifford Marion B 3545 Bandini Ave Riverside CA Bilton Jan B
455351 [SOLD] Richardson Albert & Bitner Leland 6543 Westview Dr Riverside CA Bitner Leland R Living Trust
19527 [SOLD] Jarman Raymond W 4581 Granada Ave Riverside CA Bounds Elsie M
4535 [SOLD] Lone Corinne L 2982 BERKELEY RD RIVERSIDE CA Buchanan Jessica S
12823 [SOLD] Fulton Glenn R Bush Fulton Else 5706 Babb Ave Riverside CA Bush-Fulton Else
12824 [SOLD] Fulton Glenn R Bush Fulton Else 6889 Olympia Dr Riverside CA Bush-Fulton Else
3908 [SOLD] Mello Louise J 4922 JONES AVE RIVERSIDE CA Cabral Adela
10188 [SOLD] Ruiz Clara P 5339 Paloma Rd Riverside CA Calvert Maria
799833 [SOLD] Adamek Eugene A & Jane H 1312 Shakespeare Dr Riverside CA Clark Andrea A
454400 [SOLD] Reynolds Helen R 17088 Wood Rd Riverside CA Davis Agnes A Living Trust
4256 [SOLD] Schielke Marguerite Estate Of 5774 MOUNTAIN VIEW AVE RIVERSIDE CA Dccm Investment Corp
4802 [SOLD] Boyon Julia N Dens Katherine L 3025 WENDELL WAY RIVERSIDE CA Dens Family 2014 Trust
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Laporte Ardyce M 6111 Avenue Juan Diaz Riverside CA Eygendaal Stefanie
10937 [SOLD] Hernandez Arthur R & Dolores P 5358 Scott Ave Riverside CA Federal Natl Mtg Assn Fnma
453357 [SOLD] Cantwell Thomas J & Billie Jean 5535 Intervale Dr Riverside CA Fields Courtney / Kleveno David J
3842 [SOLD] Vannoty Elwood Earl 5142 SIERRA VISTA AVE RIVERSIDE CA Gonzalez German M / Aranda Santa M
17062 [SOLD] Coughlin Margaret L 8515 Glencoe Dr Riverside CA Hegdahl Armando & Alma D
9422 [SOLD] Chaney Lawerence R & Betty Rose 2686 Wintertree Ct Riverside CA Ivonoff Louise E Trust
458254 [SOLD] Kneisley John W 3682 Valencia Hill Dr Riverside CA James Judith E
4279 [SOLD] Nimmo Joyce Ward Willis 4378 TOYON RD RIVERSIDE CA Jones Joyce
12914 [SOLD] Hall Vernon T & Grace M 5165 Hallwood Ave Riverside CA Kaiser Michael L & Pamela J
456295 [SOLD] Blackwelder Paul B Living Trust & Blackwelder Paul B 4259 Bandini Ave Riverside CA Liu Lan G / Guan Tony
460941 [SOLD] Cochran John T 5532 Carson Rd Riverside CA Lowe Debra A Living Trust
4149 [SOLD] Gonzalez Maria Elena 3046 AVALON ST RIVERSIDE CA Marquecho Eric V & Deanna G
459261 [SOLD] Herrmann Bernadette G 5213 Bushnell Ave Riverside CA Marquez Ubaldo & Martha A
12034 [SOLD] Powell Fairy Twyman 19981 Silvercrest Ln Riverside CA Marquez-Esparza Hector / Browne-Marquez Rosa P
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Laporte Ardyce M 7806 Green Crest Ct Riverside CA Mendez Steven L Ii & Rosemarie M
4569 [SOLD] Endeman Frances White Meyer Henry E 6591 LASSEN CT RIVERSIDE CA Meyer Judith A
4658 [SOLD] Casino Donald James Morgan Kerrie F 3166 LANDMARK CT RIVERSIDE CA Morgan Family Trust
4268 [SOLD] Schielke Marguerite Estate Of 8515 COLORADO AVE RIVERSIDE CA Nema Properties Inc
455808 [SOLD] Watts Raymond Wayne & Bonnie Mae 6874 Barcelona Way Riverside CA Newton Marilyn
4188 [SOLD] Fletcher Andrew Lansing 6509 VIA FLORENCIA RIVERSIDE CA Nguyen Sinh
4047 [SOLD] Marzolf Norma G 6464 COREY ST RIVERSIDE CA Oneill Brian P / Oneill Daniel J
4830 [SOLD] Hamilton Cleo L 5200 CHAPALA DR RIVERSIDE CA Ortiz Jeimy & Salvador / Ortiz Jeimy
4267 [SOLD] Schielke Marguerite Estate Of 8505 COLORADO AVE RIVERSIDE CA Perez Ernesto F
4832 [SOLD] Green Geraldine R 5645 VIA MENSABE RIVERSIDE CA Peters Daniel J & Donna R / Hurt Edward Iii & Donna G
5104 [SOLD] Campbell Henry R 20691 BAKAL DR RIVERSIDE CA Phillips Christine Trust
463874 [SOLD] Patton Meredith A & Patton Judith M 4793 Chadwick Pl Riverside CA Quiroz Santos G Q / Garcia Maria A V
4751 [SOLD] Whinna William 15555 RANCHO VIEJO DR RIVERSIDE CA Rana Farhan & Humera
456973 [SOLD] Filiar Heather J 9661 Hayes St Riverside CA Rpac
457701 [SOLD] Filiar Heather J 9661 Hayes St Riverside CA Rpac
461561 [SOLD] Romo Anita H & Sanchez Patricia 2158 9Th St Riverside CA Sanchez Patricia
10695 [SOLD] Rogers David M 758 Libby Dr Riverside CA Santhiveeran & Channey Trust
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Brand Charles W 5270 Kendall St Riverside CA Schroeder Tracy
4214 [SOLD] Orr Daniel Lee & Helga Rosemarie 7341 FONT AVE RIVERSIDE CA Scott Maria Dorothea
453850 [SOLD] Gracia Adrienne Denise 5140 Pearblossom Dr Riverside CA Segovia Dora C R
440 [SOLD] Williams Geraldine 15181 VAN BUREN BLVD #116 RIVERSIDE CA Shrader Mark
451829 [SOLD] Maness Howard & Vicki S 9415 Hawthorne Ave Riverside CA Sistos Raymond M & Karina
800475 [SOLD] Patino Shirley Aliene 6061 Vista Del Cazador Riverside CA Tiscareno Connie
12611 [SOLD] Gardner George M 4508 Ramona Dr Riverside CA Tranbarger Gary B & Janet
4387 [SOLD] Temple James & Zenaida C 3740 NUTTREE LN RIVERSIDE CA Tressler Patrick M
4258 [SOLD] Tyler Mildred G 6589 HILLSIDE AVE RIVERSIDE CA Us Bank Na Trust 2011-1
19278 [SOLD] Smith Leonard E & Rachel L 4715 Cover St Riverside CA Villanueva Armando
463191 [SOLD] Murray Theodore J & Murray Evelyn T 4346 Shelby Dr Riverside CA Von Barnau Sythoff Julie & F Eric
19194 [SOLD] Mcfadin Phillip Gene & Camille A 5681 Sheffield Ave Riverside CA Western Reserve Living Trust
460082 [SOLD] Jones Elden Daniels & Geneva Wantink 4381 Isabella St Riverside CA Worden Cody M & Emily C
22613 [SOLD] Bertram William J & Joyce M 4113 Stotts St Riverside CA Young Pamela J
793750 [SOLD] Allen Mildred V 6356 Coby Ct Riverside CA Keisling L W & P Family Trust
1165792 [SOLD] Bell Lucy J & Bell Donald D 5918 Intervale Dr Riverside CA Gore Jason R & Jessica L
1091867 [SOLD] Berenato Thomas & Berenato Helen 4356 Snowberry St Riverside CA Holloway Karen
104093 [SOLD] Bifford Marion B 2943 Gertrude St Riverside CA Crisanda Inc
1095134 [SOLD] Brodeur George A & Brodeur Mae R 6095 Moraga Ave Riverside CA Reyes Sandra Y / Castro Ervin A S
456114 [SOLD] Burke Frederick W Trust & Burke Frederick W 5237 La Cumbre Ave Riverside CA Gb Inland Properties Llc
1097526 [SOLD] Burns Robert G 5491 Mountain View Ave Riverside CA Brooks William D
1165023 [SOLD] Burns Robert G 5491 Mountain View Ave Riverside CA Brooks William D
794245 [SOLD] Hernandez Lucio P 6061 Stearns St Riverside CA Bank Of America
1090676 [SOLD] Kringel Ruth 10555 Arlington Ave Riverside CA Cervantes Jesus / Cervantes Mercedes
1090705 [SOLD] Mcconnell Ursula 16940 Calle Espuela Riverside CA Pairrett William P & Brianna
1098829 [SOLD] Riem Elise 8797 Maroon Peak Way Riverside CA Anne Daniel
1165312 [SOLD] Riem Elise 8797 Maroon Peak Way Riverside CA Anne Daniel
1085318 [SOLD] Robinson Beulah Mae 2518 Pleasant St Riverside CA Martinez Jesus & Maria
1090708 [SOLD] Shirilla John J & Shirilla Vivian N 5221 Sebring Dr Riverside CA Clinnin Kathleen M
4413 [SOLD] Weisz Sylvia Kleeman E Stanley 3016 KANSAS AVE RIVERSIDE CA Ima Family Trust
5367 [SOLD] Schielke Marguerite Mary Estate Of 28146 WATSON RD ROMOLAND CA Wasmund Dorothy L / Wasmund Robert Ii
6893 [SOLD] Brandstetter Melvin L 1601 DELTA AVE ROSEMEAD CA Vanderbok Kenneth W / Brandstetter Melvin L
457062 [SOLD] Jauregui Consuelo 3153 Gladys Ave Rosemead CA Voun Emily / Kuoch Hong
11795 [SOLD] Bollinger Eric G & Melinda R Trustees 1350 Mill Ave Salton City CA Hoffman Steven T
11796 [SOLD] Bollinger Eric G & Melinda R Trustees 1358 Mill Ave Salton City CA Hoffman Steven T
451707 [SOLD] Alvarado Louis L Revocable Liv Trus 3807 N Golden Ave San Bernardino CA Camacho Denise R
1241 [SOLD] Brammer Olga Rev Tr 8/11/2033 1545 SHERIDAN RD SAN BERNARDINO CA Canoglu Paylak
104358 [SOLD] Canaday C Wayne Trust 12/1/12 2315 Cedar St San Bernardino CA Copelin Dianna L & Leslie J
802 [SOLD] Radke Marlene J 3532 N GOLDEN AVE SAN BERNARDINO CA Cuevas Celeste
21116 [SOLD] Noon Scott A 1380 W 48Th St #39 San Bernardino CA Federal Natl Mtg Assn Fnma
777 [SOLD] GRIM BETTIE JANE LIV TR 2/25/05 3670 N G ST SAN BERNARDINO CA Hudson Calvin L & Karen E
15058 [SOLD] Beck Jamie & John W 2434 Christine St San Bernardino CA Inland Empire Investment Fund
102683 [SOLD] Bartleson Joseph Warren Trust 04/09 1389 E 35Th St San Bernardino CA Jimenez Gerardo
16685 [SOLD] Scheidecker Stanley L Tr & Luciana S Tr 2598 N State St San Bernardino CA Maneka Inc
24055 [SOLD] Balancio William M & Cadilla C 2526 SHADY GLEN LN SAN BERNARDINO CA Martinez Miguel A
456986 [SOLD] Doyle Helen P Living Trust 4-18-06 25768 Edgemont Dr San Bernardino CA Martinez Paola
757 [SOLD] May James M 2533 FREMONTIA DR SAN BERNARDINO CA Mercado Roberto L
1271 [SOLD] Busselle-Camblin Beatriz Rev Liv Tr 25225 FISHER ST SAN BERNARDINO CA Noland Clifford W
1272 [SOLD] Busselle-Camblin Beatriz Tr 25235 FISHER ST SAN BERNARDINO CA Noland Clifford W
756 [SOLD] Mitchiner Shirley J Trust (1/31/01) 2502 N LUGO AVE SAN BERNARDINO CA Palmer Michael V
815 [SOLD] Patterson Kenneth Rev Trust 9/29/03 1334 ANDREAS AVE SAN BERNARDINO CA Reed-Drake Sylvia D / Smith Henrietta J
21482 [SOLD] Salazar Paul Steven 2244 Serrano Rd San Bernardino CA Rivera Ana M
454072 [SOLD] Tonn Scott C Revocable Trust 2395 Blake St San Bernardino CA Sheenan Maureen P
453817 [SOLD] Chapman Virginia & Smith Jana 1267 N F St San Bernardino CA Smith Janae
27023 [SOLD] Giebeler James F & Susan S 3755 El Camino Dr San Bernardino CA White Jamie K Living Trust
818 [SOLD] Lewis William C Tr 2421 WILLOW DR SAN BERNARDINO CA Hamilton Steven D & Maria G
18874 [SOLD] Mcway Patricia J Trust 05-07-02 3351 India St San Diego CA 37Th Street Villas Group Llc
6024 [SOLD] Wilcoxson Virginia U Tr 837 JAMAICA CT SAN DIEGO CA Fmre Llc
6025 [SOLD] Wilcoxson Virginia U Tr 843 JAMAICA CT SAN DIEGO CA Fmre Llc
6954 [SOLD] Tanala Robustiano M & Bernice A 2003 Trust 11-10-03 1429 BANCROFT ST SAN DIEGO CA 1429 Bancroft Trust
807205 [SOLD] Cota Henry Jr Trust 1812 29Th St San Diego CA Ayala David R & Socorro C
797416 [SOLD] Eriksson Marguerite A Trust 1990 2316 Crescent Dr San Diego CA Bergener Brandon P & Danielle E
18524 [SOLD] Balistrieri Nellie G Living Trust 08-24-96 4616 C St San Diego CA C Street General Ptshp
459804 [SOLD] Flanagan Annie Z Tr 3942 Broadway San Diego CA California Real Estate Owned
6371 [SOLD] Moniz Mary N Tr 3919 BERNICE DR SAN DIEGO CA Cameron Christina
453128 [SOLD] Falkenstein Sheldon J 1727 Essex St #04 San Diego CA Cardillo Nicholas S
804102 [SOLD] Matthews Steven J 11369 Polaris Dr San Diego CA Chen Edward P & Shirley H Y L
11590 [SOLD] Boone Elbert J & Betty E Revocable Trust 12-16-96 4375 Loma Riviera Ct San Diego CA Choate Arthur F Ii / Choate-Knox Nora
6391 [SOLD] Wilcoxson Virginia U Tr 1432 ROBINSON AVE SAN DIEGO CA Coles George H / Coles Beverly S
22170 [SOLD] Yorgin Virginia C Revocable Trust 09-16-10 3762 Arnold Ave #06 San Diego CA De La Cruz Maria C
806804 [SOLD] Deluca Arthur F & Mary L Trs 5182 Roxbury Rd San Diego CA De Luca Family Trust
806803 [SOLD] Deluca Arthur F & Mary L Trs 2855 Adams Ave San Diego CA De Luca Mark
806800 [SOLD] Deluca Arthur F & Mary L Trs 4720 Kansas St San Diego CA De Luca Mary L
6289 [SOLD] Brockett Sheldon I & Helen E Marital Family Trust I 4522 TRIAS ST SAN DIEGO CA Deal Christopher J
15336 [SOLD] Linges Joseph A Family Trust 928 Madison Ave San Diego CA Dodt Michael A
801969 [SOLD] Wickstrom Mayrel E Trust 07-06-95 3109 Mckinley St San Diego CA Dohner Matthew W & Melissa T
7004 [SOLD] HICKS EVERS FAMILY TRUST 06-10-13 649 COTTON ST SAN DIEGO CA Duarte Miguel A / Velazquez Brenda
6394 [SOLD] Siegel Paula Trust 07-24-84 3161 1ST AVE #1S SAN DIEGO CA Dunn Brian R Trust
6395 [SOLD] Lankford Marjorie Tr & Farmer Donna L Tr 610 W MAPLE ST SAN DIEGO CA Farmer Family Trust
805705 [SOLD] Hovland Esther Inter Vivos Trust 01-22-05 10206 Black Mountain Rd #25 San Diego CA Fujii Kenji
27077 [SOLD] Mcleland Larry N & Yolanda L Horton Ave San Diego CA Hayes Samuel / Hayes Saralou
6992 [SOLD] Runnels Rosa L 3059 MARKET ST SAN DIEGO CA Jalal Ghassan F
18815 [SOLD] Vernon Patricia 1994 Family Trust 05-20-94 4052 Atascadero Dr San Diego CA Jmemorris Family Trust
6914 [SOLD] Hansen Palle G Tr Hansen Catherine D Tr 4414 MONACO ST SAN DIEGO CA Kautz Christine G
6023 [SOLD] Turner Beverly J Living Trust 06-08-04 3422 BAYONNE DR SAN DIEGO CA Kelly Joseph P Ii & Mia A
464618 [SOLD] Monzon Percival M & Fannie C Family Trust 10805 Camino Ruiz #42 San Diego CA Kishorilal Madanlal S
797750 [SOLD] Espinoza Francisco & Refugio M Trust Of 1993 8 24Th St San Diego CA Krasne Family Properties
27194 [SOLD] Koelling Kenneth E 5015 Cape May Ave #304 San Diego CA Lawler Michael
453235 [SOLD] Wilson Eddie C Trust 01-29-09 5041 Lise Ave San Diego CA Luke Leslie
453670 [SOLD] Wilson Eddie C Trust 01-29-09 5041 Lise Ave San Diego CA Luke Leslie
805084 [SOLD] Fornes Juan Trust 05-15-91 3535 1St Ave #3C San Diego CA Mackay Keith R
805681 [SOLD] Head Martha M 4677 Morrell St San Diego CA Mcmillin Patrick F & F M Trust
805870 [SOLD] Head Martha M 4677 Morrell St San Diego CA Mcmillin Patrick F & F M Trust
9897 [SOLD] Perretta Cecile L Trust 02-03-06 3352 33Rd St San Diego CA Miller Eva M / Miller John F
456763 [SOLD] Bent Andrew D 8380 Borealis Rd San Diego CA N32w117 Properties Inc
461931 [SOLD] Flynn F Dennis & Sharon C 4767 Ocean Blvd #111 San Diego CA Poling Alice J Trust
6396 [SOLD] Brosio Alma V Trust 06-17-97 2620 2ND AVE #9D SAN DIEGO CA Ravula-Lakshminara Pavan-Kumar / Ravula Rhea
6955 [SOLD] Tanala Robustiano M & Bernice A 2003 Trust 11-10-03 1428 BANCROFT ST SAN DIEGO CA Reig Asset Management Inc
454025 [SOLD] Black Maurice W & Vonda M Revocable Trust 11-13-80 3768 Louisiana St San Diego CA Rooney Jason P & Amanda J
454311 [SOLD] Black Maurice W & Vonda M Revocable Trust 11-13-80 3768 Louisiana St San Diego CA Rooney Jason P & Amanda J
6399 [SOLD] Hutchings Cynthia B Trust 3753 ARIZONA ST SAN DIEGO CA Sabino Art
454529 [SOLD] Fiore Vincent & Carmela Family Trust 01-06-92 3706 Grim Ave San Diego CA Seid Robert G / Seid Judith L
801905 [SOLD] Derby Francis A 5275 Middleton Rd San Diego CA Solis April C
800586 [SOLD] Kalebaugh Dorothy M Revocable Family Trust 05-17-99 11162 Kelowna Rd #43 San Diego CA Sousa Ronald
801197 [SOLD] Kalebaugh Dorothy M Revocable Family Trust 05-17-99 11162 Kelowna Rd #43 San Diego CA Sousa Ronald
6908 [SOLD] Luz Mary S Trust 05-14-04 1002 MOANA DR SAN DIEGO CA Stafford Jeanne M Trust
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Muntz Arlene E 1990 Revocable Living Trust 2965 Mission Blvd #4C San Diego CA Stevens David A
6405 [SOLD] Lenz Leonard L 1995 Trust 2919 33RD ST SAN DIEGO CA Watkins Scott / Ornelas Tricia L
807130 [SOLD] Atkins Anthony A Tr 2567 Mobley St San Diego CA Keenan Lisa M
807131 [SOLD] Atkins Anthony A Tr, Knight Suelene Trust 06-13-94 2396 Ron Way San Diego CA Keenan Lisa M
796275 [SOLD] Caldwell Alexander S Tr 3857 Wildwood Rd San Diego CA Jones Jane C
459695 [SOLD] Depew Richard L & Lillian F Family Trust 10-23-96 2542 Mobley St San Diego CA Ontiveros-Gutierre Fausto A / Ontiveros Rosa I
800921 [SOLD] Depew Richard L & Lillian F Family Trust 10-23-96 2542 Mobley St San Diego CA Ontiveros-Gutierre Fausto A / Ontiveros Rosa I
12140 [SOLD] Hicks Frances M Est Of 8902 Polland Ave San Diego CA Rasmussen Michael J Trust
12638 [SOLD] Jackson George R 1995 Revocable Trust 9235 Ronda Ave San Diego CA Taylor Karen J
12641 [SOLD] Jackson George R 1995 Revocable Trust 9235 Ronda Ave San Diego CA Taylor Karen J
6117 [SOLD] Kobayashi Ida H Revocable Trust 08-30-13 2472 MELBOURNE DR SAN DIEGO CA Saracino Janissa K
1085578 [SOLD] Lang Aileen Living Trust 2841 Murray Ridge Rd San Diego CA Nelson Kristen L
464544 [SOLD] Madden Thomas Trust 11-08-95 3041 Larkin Pl San Diego CA Byrne Michael & Megan
807023 [SOLD] Mazzone Walter F Tr 5156 Pacifica Dr San Diego CA Clark David
795712 [SOLD] Mitchell Kenneth D 3776 Alabama St #207 San Diego CA Antoon Linda S M
6119 [SOLD] Nadeau Ernest M Tr (Dcsd) 9380 RONDA AVE SAN DIEGO CA Oh Jung H / Cha Yoo J
796295 [SOLD] Naidus David J Trust 10-15-08 5035 Litchfield Rd San Diego CA Jones Matthew C
1092886 [SOLD] Roos Carl R & Roos Bergit M 3236 Juniper St San Diego CA Johnston Tracey C / Johnston Robert H & Dorothy C
1095319 [SOLD] Roos Carl R & Roos Bergit M 3236 Juniper St San Diego CA Johnston Tracey C / Johnston Robert H & Dorothy C
5990 [SOLD] Stuart Frank & Alene Family Trust 07-31-91 3531 MILAGROS ST SAN DIEGO CA Malins James M / Motooka Lori-Beth
796280 [SOLD] Tilotta Antonina Tr 1421 Torrance St San Diego CA Mercer Olen W & Barbara A
8018 [SOLD] Blatherwick Doris Blatherwick Family Trust 1114 CALLE ARCANO SAN DIMAS CA All Asif
8017 [SOLD] Iida Gary Y Gary Y Iida Trust 751 VIA LOS SANTOS SAN DIMAS CA Steinke Tyler S
851913 [SOLD] Ambrose J & Anita S Mares Trus 68 DE Long St San Francisco CA Mares Ambrose J / Mares Anita S
20644 [SOLD] Moskowitz Ronald D 1994 Lvg Tr 1064 Dolores St San Francisco CA 1064 Dolores I1 Llc
798982 [SOLD] Lombardi Stephen D & Barbara A 1600 Jackson St San Francisco CA 1600 Jackson 24 Llc / 1600 Jackson 24 Llc
798983 [SOLD] Lombardi Stephen Jr & Bette 1616 Jackson St San Francisco CA 1616 Jackson Llc / 1600 Jackson 24 Llc
8658 [SOLD] Bratt Anna C 2008 Revoc Lvg Tr 1783 Noe St San Francisco CA 1783 Noe Street Llc
11925 [SOLD] Sabalvaro Estrella 964 Noe St San Francisco CA 2119-21 Pierce Street Llc
4957 [SOLD] Fegan Jacqueline C 1995 Trust 4540 19TH ST SAN FRANCISCO CA Clover Heights Investments Llc
7141 [SOLD] Hilda Castillo 3942 FOLSOM ST SAN FRANCISCO CA Growth Equity Partners Llc
13165 [SOLD] Marks Helen Revoc Trust 2250 34Th Ave San Francisco CA Growth Equity Partners Llc
15431 [SOLD] Gonzalez Joseph M & Josephine A 228 3Rd Ave San Francisco CA March 81 Llc
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Minero Alfonso & Transita Tr 1358 12Th Ave San Francisco CA P & K Consolidated Holdings Llc
16162 [SOLD] Lawrence James Less & Leslie R T 140 9Th Ave San Francisco CA P A A Property Llc A Ca Llc
452854 [SOLD] Euphrat Susan H 1995 Trust The 2590 Pacific Ave San Francisco CA Tfnp Llc
2185 [SOLD] Andrus Charles H Jr Revoc Lvg 1848 GREEN ST SAN FRANCISCO CA 1848 Green & Laguna Partners
1.00E+06 [SOLD] 1200 California Corp & 8C Lloyd Harriet Lloyd 1200 California St #8C San Francisco CA 8C Lloyd Harriet / 1200 California Corp
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Angelo Zara Survivors Trust 2062 Revere Ave San Francisco CA Abadilla Monique A
7112 [SOLD] Watarai Clyde 3640 FOLSOM ST SAN FRANCISCO CA Adams Allison J Trust
22283 [SOLD] Teague Walter C 1993 Revocable 1607 Diamond St San Francisco CA Albert Charles
807318 [SOLD] Ver Anastacio & Beatrice Revoc 1250 12Th Ave San Francisco CA Anastacio Ver / Anastacio Beatrice
803665 [SOLD] Dolores I Cunningham 2003 Trus 208 Warren Dr San Francisco CA Andersen Erin L / Keil Ericka
104014 [SOLD] Spillman Frank J 4096 17Th St #104 San Francisco CA Andreoli Marc-Antoine
802439 [SOLD] Purvis Thomas A & Joyce L 1578 8Th Ave San Francisco CA Archer Adam & Lillian B
803800 [SOLD] Chin Arnold & Nanci 736 Brazil Ave San Francisco CA Arnold Chin / Arnold Nanci
803798 [SOLD] Chin Arnold & Chin Nanci E 941 Vermont St San Francisco CA Arnold Chin / Chin Nanci E
803799 [SOLD] Chin Arnold & Chin Nanci E 943 Vermont St San Francisco CA Arnold Chin / Chin Nanci E
12484 [SOLD] Demott George & Joyceann 301 Mission St #11G San Francisco CA Atwood Thomas G
18642 [SOLD] Norma Jeanne Bagala Revoc Tr 1137 Potrero Ave San Francisco CA Bagala Norma Jeanne
18644 [SOLD] Norma Jeanne Bagala Revoc Tr 435 Laidley St San Francisco CA Bagala Norma Jeanne
7044 [SOLD] Rancatore Barbara Trust 3277 FOLSOM ST SAN FRANCISCO CA Balabanian Mark S & Kristin J
14436 [SOLD] Bertani Joan M Trust 68 Clairview Ct San Francisco CA Ball Boyd J & Laura A
806588 [SOLD] Cusenza Maria 380 Paris St San Francisco CA Bank Of America
21855 [SOLD] Galante Thomas N Living Trust 1777 Quesada Ave San Francisco CA Barkman Daniel P
800597 [SOLD] Aaron O & Willie J Barnes Revo 375 Vernon St San Francisco CA Barnes Aaron O & W J Trust
457562 [SOLD] Marina Amundson Lvg Tr 2002 349 Winfield St San Francisco CA Barr Arlene / Amundson Roy
3790 [SOLD] Ferdon Patrick J & Marie L 620 LAKE ST SAN FRANCISCO CA Behr Emily C
460373 [SOLD] Rayford Clayton Reddell 1770 Pacific Ave #203 San Francisco CA Bhansali Sanjay & Vinita D
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Jones Crayton W & Jones Sandra J & Crayton W 38 Bryant St #904 San Francisco CA Boroujerdi Sahar
798728 [SOLD] Patricia Bowler Revoc Tr 945 Corbett Ave #305 San Francisco CA Bowler Patricia
23102 [SOLD] Galanti Marie E Revoc Tr 103 ASHBURY ST SAN FRANCISCO CA Bragiel Daniel
464576 [SOLD] Karen Burke-Hill & Robert Hill 349 27Th St San Francisco CA Burke-Hill Karen / Hill Robert
4950 [SOLD] Leite August R Survivors 543 OAK PARK DR SAN FRANCISCO CA Byers Phoebe / Green Geoffrey
800596 [SOLD] Francis B Syme Tr 600 20Th St San Francisco CA Bypass Chun Yan / Pui Wah Yan (Te)
457940 [SOLD] Ramon R & Elizabet A Caluen 511 16Th Ave San Francisco CA Caluen Family Trust
18497 [SOLD] Friscia Carl I & Natalie G 1770 N Point St San Francisco CA Carl I / Natalie G Friscia 197
462055 [SOLD] Anthony & Nancy Catena 2006 Re 333 Congo St San Francisco CA Catena Anthony & N 2006 Trust
7855 [SOLD] Walsh Thomas D 80 ORA WAY #307G SAN FRANCISCO CA Cecchin Silvana L
15737 [SOLD] Faraci Karen L 8100 Oceanview Ter #318 San Francisco CA Chen Alvin G / Yang Xiaoping
456472 [SOLD] Giannini Fiore J & Florence M Tr 146 Shawnee Ave San Francisco CA Chen Wen Y / Zheng Shao L
16349 [SOLD] Kalis Lilli 601 Van Ness Ave #851 San Francisco CA Chew David N / Tran Trang T T
9534 [SOLD] Bobbie Jo Banks Trust 2961 26Th St San Francisco CA Cleary Thomas / Cleary Susan
103046 [SOLD] Baldwin Eva Trust 2270 29Th Ave San Francisco CA Coakley Patrick N & Anne C
7543 [SOLD] Vidosh Kathryn C 2007 Revoc Lv 2609 DIAMOND ST SAN FRANCISCO CA Cooper Nathaniel R / Puig-Cooper Maria A
4125 [SOLD] Daluz Daniel & Leonardo 2922 IRVING ST SAN FRANCISCO CA Da Luz Leonardo
4996 [SOLD] Conrad Susa Family Trust 433 EUREKA ST SAN FRANCISCO CA Dakka Tong Family Trust
11599 [SOLD] T Dale H & Eldora K Hannum Lvg 759 28Th Ave San Francisco CA Dale H / Hannum Dale H
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Marian A Daly Family Trust 432 Dewey Blvd San Francisco CA Daly Marian A
5523 [SOLD] Bessie Anglim Trust 3526 22ND ST SAN FRANCISCO CA Daniels Valerie A
7538 [SOLD] Bessie Anglim Trust 150 COLLEGE AVE SAN FRANCISCO CA Daniels Valerie A
7539 [SOLD] Bessie Anglim Trust 154 COLLEGE AVE SAN FRANCISCO CA Daniels Valerie A
4284 [SOLD] Hoenisch Margaret M 2011 Revoc 432 MORAGA ST SAN FRANCISCO CA De Alva J Jorge K Living Trust
1.00E+06 [SOLD] David K & Gail P Deceoursty Tr 112 Prentiss St San Francisco CA Deceoursty David K & G P Trust
1.00E+06 [SOLD] David K & Gail P Deceoursty Tr 118 Prentiss St San Francisco CA Deceoursty David K & G P Trust
803862 [SOLD] Laura M Delcampo Family Tr 1601 Shrader St San Francisco CA Delcampo Laura M / Delcampo Margarit
3106 [SOLD] Pofcher Greta R Revocable Trus 2714 PACIFIC AVE SAN FRANCISCO CA Deneve Paul
19441 [SOLD] Ray Dolby 2009 S F Qprt 3340 Jackson St San Francisco CA Dolby Dagmar Family Trust
19474 [SOLD] Ray Dolby 2009 S F Qprt 3340 Jackson St San Francisco CA Dolby Dagmar Family Trust
10357 [SOLD] R Dahir & Mickilina Dudum 1999 1201 Taraval St San Francisco CA Dudum Dahir & George Trust
10360 [SOLD] Revo Dahir & Mickilina S Dudum 625 Shrader St San Francisco CA Dudum Dahir & George Trust / Dudum Mickilina Trust
10358 [SOLD] R Dahir & Mickilina Dudum 1999 25 States St San Francisco CA Dudum Mickilina Trust
458011 [SOLD] Gunter & Vicki Ehrich 2007 Lvg 1607 31St Ave San Francisco CA Ehrich G & V Living 2007 Trust
4206 [SOLD] Zorn Jeffrey L & Ann H Schwalben 1455 12TH AVE SAN FRANCISCO CA Eigner Luongo Family Trust
21233 [SOLD] Sheva Eisenberger Revoc Tr 2845 Noriega St San Francisco CA Eisengerger Carol L Trust
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Angelo Zara Survivors Trust 2060 Revere Ave San Francisco CA English-Zara Family Trust
7479 [SOLD] Kiger Linda J 200 SAN JOSE AVE SAN FRANCISCO CA Ennis Jonathan / Klatte Arline
5163 [SOLD] Dailey Farless & Evelyn 525 MELROSE AVE SAN FRANCISCO CA Farless Dailey / Farless Evelyn
14963 [SOLD] Smalley John P & Beatrice 2546 Mcallister St San Francisco CA Farrell John T & Claudette
22113 [SOLD] Jr Vincent P & Anne L Finigan 90 Lansdale Ave San Francisco CA Finigan Vincent P Jr / Finigan Anne L
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Sara Foerder Living Trust The 2170 43Rd Ave San Francisco CA Foerder Vivian A
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Barbara A Foy Lvg Tr 3624 Folsom St San Francisco CA Foy Barbara A
454669 [SOLD] Houston Hasan A & Felicia A 2655 Hyde St #106#W San Francisco CA Franklin Carl G / Franklin Ortrun
8690 [SOLD] Reisman Anne S Revoc Trust 2760 19Th Ave #3 San Francisco CA Fung Frank / Wong Teresa
8703 [SOLD] Reisman Anne S Revoc Trust 2760 19Th Ave #3 San Francisco CA Fung Frank / Wong Teresa
12826 [SOLD] Buzolich Glenn T Trust 1991 1650 44Th Ave San Francisco CA Gadayan Diane F 1991 Trust
3346 [SOLD] Dong John & Maizie J Revoc Tr 54 STANYAN ST SAN FRANCISCO CA Gantan Regina R
3974 [SOLD] Dong John & Maizie Revoc Trust 1130 ANZA ST SAN FRANCISCO CA Gantan Regina R
3978 [SOLD] Dong John & Maizie J Revoc Tr 718 BALBOA ST SAN FRANCISCO CA Gantan Regina R
4102 [SOLD] Dong John & Maizie J 820 48TH AVE SAN FRANCISCO CA Gantan Regina R
4192 [SOLD] Dong John & Maizie J Revoc Tr 1454 24TH AVE SAN FRANCISCO CA Gantan Regina R
798970 [SOLD] Hummel Ronald A & Gadner Willi 150 DE Soto St San Francisco CA Gardner W L & Wilson M W Trust
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Lemm Marilyn & Lemm Jerry 441 Mason St #931 San Francisco CA Garrity Daniel / Garrity Mary
460059 [SOLD] David C Barnard 2011 Revoc Tr 3561 Mission St San Francisco CA Geneson Silas Living Trust
3092 [SOLD] Jr George H & Anne M Pfau 2706 UNION ST SAN FRANCISCO CA George H Jr / Anne M Pfau 1992
18312 [SOLD] Milene Giobetti Survivors Trust 29 Cotter St San Francisco CA Giobetti A J & L 2014 Trust
151 [SOLD] George Markell Trust 460 FRANCISCO ST #303 SAN FRANCISCO CA Goo Matthew / Goo Garret & S Living Trust
2334 [SOLD] Laub Arnold & Alicia Anne 2040 FRANKLIN ST #1101 SAN FRANCISCO CA Graham Christina R / Graham Family 1990 Trust
461448 [SOLD] Janet T Geraty 2003 Revoc Tr 33 Atalaya Ter San Francisco CA Griffith Millen Vi & Wheeler E S
799888 [SOLD] Dalenberg Vera Haile 753 44Th Ave San Francisco CA Haile Dalenberg Vera
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Grey Harold E & Grey Jacqueline & Harold E 1586 34Th Ave San Francisco CA Harold E / Grey Harold E
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Minero Alfonso & Transita Tr 1359 12Th Ave San Francisco CA Hernandez Luis M / Carlton Victoria E
797534 [SOLD] Hoff Irwin S & Agatha 882 27Th Ave San Francisco CA Holleran-Gonzalez Kathryn M / Gonzalez Luis A
451718 [SOLD] Harlan Robert D Living Trust 550 Davis St #36 San Francisco CA Howell Howard S & Kathleen C
20645 [SOLD] Moskowitz Ronald D 1999 Amende 450 Liberty St San Francisco CA Hsiao Tommy C / Billerbeck Martin
4342 [SOLD] Revo Andrew P & Melba R Pilara 1746 23RD AVE SAN FRANCISCO CA Hu & Ku Family Trust
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Mei Situ Zhong & Hui Guan Jian 2674 45Th Ave San Francisco CA Hui Guan Jian / Mei Situ Zhong
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Levi Irit 51 Mirabel Ave San Francisco CA Irit Levi
4276 [SOLD] Krug Lotte M 1615 FUNSTON AVE SAN FRANCISCO CA Jam Cyrus & Bekki H
1067 [SOLD] F JAMES G & LILY M C CHOY 1999 1475 WASHINGTON ST SAN FRANCISCO CA James G / Lily M C Choy 1999 F
16438 [SOLD] Linda L Molina Dclrtn Of Tr 36 Carl St San Francisco CA James Gui Jun Xiao / Shao Y / Xiao
18892 [SOLD] Quinn John C & Patricia M 2431 27Th Ave San Francisco CA Jang Trust
798785 [SOLD] Mason Thomas B & Diane 79 Cragmont Ave San Francisco CA Jeanson Matthieu / Lin-Jeanson Stacy
6564 [SOLD] Taylor Jimmy L & Lillie Mae 1335 SHAFTER AVE SAN FRANCISCO CA Jimmy L / Lee Jimmy
802848 [SOLD] Frank M Robinson Revoc Lvg Tru 4100 20Th St San Francisco CA Kamps Brian
799883 [SOLD] Georgette M Beainy Trust 1177 California St #430 San Francisco CA Kelly Catherine B / Herrera Linda
801183 [SOLD] Georgette M Beainy Trust 1177 California St #430 San Francisco CA Kelly Catherine B / Herrera Linda
4992 [SOLD] Baker Jonathan E 243 ROMAIN ST SAN FRANCISCO CA Kessler Patrick
456562 [SOLD] Sagatelyan Migirdic & Alis Trs 111 Clearfield Dr San Francisco CA Kitsis Vadim D / Nadkarni Sudipta S
15781 [SOLD] Breen Kathleen B Revocable Tru 1120 Anza St San Francisco CA Kramer Mark C / Kramer Mike
462912 [SOLD] Mostny Andrea 139 Baden St San Francisco CA Lara Peter F & Monica C / Moscoso Cecilia
2239 [SOLD] Cuetara Joaquin J Revoc Tr 2447 VALLEJO ST #1 SAN FRANCISCO CA Lardenoit Rosa
11756 [SOLD] Tiedemann Emily R Rev Trust 19 2858 Vallejo St San Francisco CA Larsen Jeannette Trust
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Nora Ortiz Mullaney Rev Tr 320 Highland Ave San Francisco CA Leach Patricia
13074 [SOLD] Wong Harold F Revoc Tr 1895 Funston Ave San Francisco CA Lee Stephen F Trust
16163 [SOLD] Lawrence James Less & Leslie R T 2932 Jackson St San Francisco CA Less Lawrence James / Less Leslie R T
9637 [SOLD] Smith Bruce S Trust 345 Church St #3E San Francisco CA Levin Nancy
103311 [SOLD] Petersen Eve L 56 Seal Rock Dr San Francisco CA Levy Neil R & Shannon N
799910 [SOLD] Benjamin E Poggi Tr 2486 42Nd Ave San Francisco CA Li Dahua / Li Xiao L
801125 [SOLD] Benjamin E Poggi Tr 2486 42Nd Ave San Francisco CA Li Dahua / Li Xiao L
463462 [SOLD] Madfes Evelyn C Succ Trustee 75 Country Club Dr San Francisco CA Li Elizabeth
464092 [SOLD] Madfes Evelyn C Succ Trustee 75 Country Club Dr San Francisco CA Li Elizabeth
800925 [SOLD] Alice M Palnacou Carrozzi Revo 529 Brussels St San Francisco CA Li Jingwen / Liang Yanqing
11379 [SOLD] Otto Edith M Revoc Lvg Tr 458 Brunswick St San Francisco CA Li Manuel / Lin Alice F Y
15645 [SOLD] Wong Julian S Survivors 704 19Th Ave San Francisco CA Li Wing K & Elaine Y W Trust
5221 [SOLD] Connell Dorothy C Living Trust 50 NORTHWOOD DR SAN FRANCISCO CA Lin Donna / Hodnett Jeff
7334 [SOLD] Chan Margaret P Rev Lvg Trust 201 DELTA ST SAN FRANCISCO CA Lin Xiuting
18643 [SOLD] Norma Jeanne Bagala Revoc Tr 219 Paris St San Francisco CA Liu Ben Y B / Huang Caihong
4685 [SOLD] Lillian May Toy Revoc Lvg Trus 2383 45TH AVE SAN FRANCISCO CA Liu Simon S / Liu Faye H C
16527 [SOLD] Williams Lois G 2013 Revoc Tr 874 Douglass St San Francisco CA Lois G Williams 2013 Revoc Tr / Williams Lois G
22698 [SOLD] William Robert Loney Revoc Lvg 139 S Lake Merced Hl #1B San Francisco CA Loney Catherine A Living Trust / Loney Michael P Living Trust
6922 [SOLD] Lola Mae Dotson 2006 Revoc Tr 1614 QUESADA AVE SAN FRANCISCO CA Longmaid David N
803538 [SOLD] Ray Z & Mary A Lopez Rev Lvg T 226 Hanover St San Francisco CA Lopez Mary A
463347 [SOLD] Go Quan Yung 2127 Larkin St San Francisco CA Loster Alice
16648 [SOLD] Fml Louis & Alma Armanino 2006 3627 17Th St San Francisco CA Louis / Alma Armanino 2006 Fml
16649 [SOLD] Fml Louis & Alma Armanino 2006 3658 17Th St San Francisco CA Louis / Armanino Louis (Te)
453069 [SOLD] Karl H &Else Hartmann 90 Trust 973 Chenery St San Francisco CA Low Johnnie G & Karin Trust
19110 [SOLD] Rosatto Peter D 2007 Trust 886 Dartmouth St San Francisco CA Lu Xi H / Zhen Yingyue
457845 [SOLD] Hom Doo Lung & Ma Christina Xi 90 Tioga Ave San Francisco CA Lung Hom Doo / Xi Christina
18710 [SOLD] Bonitz Olga O 1992 Revoc Trust 2259 31St Ave San Francisco CA Ma Xuejin
798338 [SOLD] Richard A Dorval 1999 Revoc Tr 27 Warren Dr San Francisco CA Mahmood Tanveer
16003 [SOLD] Ikenaga Frank Y & Kiyoko 610 Masonic Ave San Francisco CA Makras Spiro G & Callie
3278 [SOLD] Mahoney John & Jennifer Revoc 58 PALM AVE SAN FRANCISCO CA Martin Richard P / Anat Peponi
4451 [SOLD] Klung Mary J 2004 Trust 2126 QUINTARA ST SAN FRANCISCO CA Mary J Klung 2004 Trust / Klung John R
8992 [SOLD] Wilson James A & Audrey 2655 Hyde St #107 San Francisco CA Mcdaniel H Marc
10804 [SOLD] Deering Denis & Patricia A 487 29Th St San Francisco CA Mcdougal L S & M B Trust
799074 [SOLD] Ruth A Wilkerson 1990 Trust 2071 45Th Ave San Francisco CA Mcgoldrick Cassandra C & Jamie N
7716 [SOLD] Charlotte Stern Survivors 2980 22ND AVE SAN FRANCISCO CA Miller Matthew F & Tanya G
23980 [SOLD] Bette Mosias Trust 2375 12TH AVE SAN FRANCISCO CA Morris Randal G
3632 [SOLD] Myers Dorothy S 1994 Trust 223 DIVISADERO ST SAN FRANCISCO CA Natarajan Viswanathan V / Subramaniam Suguna
27323 [SOLD] Merjano James & Helen 1992 Sur 183 Mount Vernon Ave San Francisco CA Nazer Daniel K
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Chau Ket Hong N & Ng Terence Helman & Ng Cheng Kai 250 Geneva Ave San Francisco CA Ng Cheng Kai / Chau Ket Hong N
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Yuet Lan & Ng Kai Cheung 2325 17Th Ave San Francisco CA Ng Kai Cheung / Yuet Lan
9810 [SOLD] Grenfell Carol H Revoc 34 Rockridge Dr San Francisco CA Ng William & Peeranuch / Sriprasom Issara & Songla
457895 [SOLD] Kathryn Peck Erickson 2006 Tru 112 Ellsworth St San Francisco CA Nguyen Joshua / Duong Christen
103025 [SOLD] Soffilos Nicholas M 2008 Revoc 2235 31St Ave San Francisco CA Nicholas M Soffilos 2008 Revoc / Soffilos Nicholas M (Te)
19097 [SOLD] Garcia Pete V Trust 223 Edinburgh St San Francisco CA Nie Xing Q
18604 [SOLD] Hanyu Noboru & Yaeko 1000 Pine St #22C San Francisco CA Noboru Hanyu (Te) / Noboru Yaeko (Te)
18486 [SOLD] Bypass Earl & Nanette Obrien 160 Eastwood Dr San Francisco CA Obrien Earl & Nanette Trust
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Teresita R Barellano Lvg Trust 176 Trumbull St San Francisco CA Odermatt Melinda / Fichou Gloria R
4716 [SOLD] Barden Joyce R Trust 2559 25TH AVE SAN FRANCISCO CA Oriordan Paola M & John
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Deasy David K 2014 Trust 175 Beverly St San Francisco CA Ota Tetsuji & Miwako
462937 [SOLD] Schmidt Mary J Rev Liv Tr 151 Molimo Dr San Francisco CA Pandolfi-Mcgovern C M Trust
1.00E+06 [SOLD] George & Ann Papadakis Revoc L 340 Gold Mine Dr San Francisco CA Papadakis George
7137 [SOLD] Blair Catherine 415 PRENTISS ST SAN FRANCISCO CA Parshall David W
5036 [SOLD] Lucille Doggett Revoc Tr 315 PANORAMA DR SAN FRANCISCO CA Paul Molly C / Schindler Michael J H
24685 [SOLD] F PETER & LINDA BERNSTEIN 2000 461 GOLD MINE DR SAN FRANCISCO CA Peter / Linda Bernstein 2000 F
104171 [SOLD] Timbrell Carey H Revocable Tru 312 Locust St San Francisco CA Phelan Trust
452903 [SOLD] Robert V Loforti Trust 35 Manzanita Ave San Francisco CA Prabhakara Vishwas S & Avantika B
458020 [SOLD] Reed Holly I 157 Marview Way San Francisco CA Rabinovich Andrew / Strigo Irina
4726 [SOLD] Andrus Charles H Jr Revoc Lvg 2531 33RD AVE SAN FRANCISCO CA Reed Andrew / Mui Justa
5488 [SOLD] Manuel Sr & Polly Rivas Trust 52 DORLAND ST SAN FRANCISCO CA Rivas Manuel Sr / Rivas Polly
20354 [SOLD] B Robert J & Beatrice S Viguie 1839 22Nd Ave San Francisco CA Robert J / Beatrice S Viguie B
20353 [SOLD] Viguie Robert & Beatrice 167 Dorantes Ave San Francisco CA Robert J / Beatrice S Viguie T
10877 [SOLD] Martinez Roger J & Diane K Rev Tr 116 Alpine Ter San Francisco CA Roger J / Martinez Roger J (Te)
10880 [SOLD] Martinez Roger J & Diane K Rev Tr 2416 Market St San Francisco CA Roger J / Martinez Roger J (Te)
798814 [SOLD] Isaiah & Agnes Rothblatt 1999 151 Alice B Toklas Pl #610 San Francisco CA Rothblatt I & A 1999 Trust
798815 [SOLD] Isaiah & Agnes Rothblatt 1999 1255 7Th Ave San Francisco CA Rothblatt I & A 1999 Trust
798816 [SOLD] Isaiah & Agnes Rothblatt 1999 2486 15Th Ave San Francisco CA Rothblatt I & A 1999 Trust
798817 [SOLD] Isaiah & Agnes Rothblatt 1999 567 27Th St #1 San Francisco CA Rothblatt I & A 1999 Trust
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Washington Etta M Living Trust 506 Los Palmos Dr San Francisco CA Roy Shelly N
798642 [SOLD] Joseph And Fortunee Salem Trus 1638 33Rd Ave San Francisco CA Salem Joseph / Salem Fortunee
802299 [SOLD] Hannah G Samuels Living Tr 3880 Jackson St San Francisco CA Samuels Hannah G / Samuels Hannah G N (Te)
11143 [SOLD] Dora Sato Living Trust 1922 Pine St San Francisco CA Sato Dennis Y / Sato Kenneth K
13363 [SOLD] Shida Hiroko Living Trust 1243 Grove St San Francisco CA Sato Family Living Trust
3589 [SOLD] Ruby Evelyn Scott Revoc Tr 1275 HAYES ST SAN FRANCISCO CA Scott Barbara / Scott Rosalind E
7281 [SOLD] Butcher Miles I & Mary C 186 PRAGUE ST SAN FRANCISCO CA Shaw Mairead D
454030 [SOLD] Butcher Miles I & Mary C Trs 186 Prague St San Francisco CA Shaw Mairead D
20620 [SOLD] Romilda Lauro 2009 Revoc Lvg T 224 Bowdoin St San Francisco CA Shawn Luna / Shawn Elizabeth
805483 [SOLD] Kenneth G Hughes & Elizabeth S 19 Costa St San Francisco CA Sinclair Elizabeth
19011 [SOLD] Paul Singer & Diana Cohen Trust 670 Elizabeth St San Francisco CA Singer P & Cohen D Trust
4017 [SOLD] Roberson Whitney W 641 47TH AVE SAN FRANCISCO CA Smartt Timothy M & Leslie D
13466 [SOLD] Igor Smirnov Separate Prpty 638 42Nd Ave San Francisco CA Smirnov Mark I
13464 [SOLD] Igor Smirnov Separate Prpty 630 42Nd Ave San Francisco CA Smirnov Michael I
2518 [SOLD] Stuart Michael Smith Lvg Tr 1452 BUSH ST #5 SAN FRANCISCO CA Smith Stuart Michael
5715 [SOLD] Mykola Sorokolit Revoc Lvg Tr 269 CONNECTICUT ST SAN FRANCISCO CA Sorokolit Mykola / Gregson Irene S
22853 [SOLD] Yukiko Sorrell Trust 2274 39Th Ave San Francisco CA Sorrell Yukiko
801746 [SOLD] Justin H Spatz Revoc Trust 1 Daniel Burnham Ct #713 San Francisco CA Spatz Justin H Trust
801374 [SOLD] Wixon Richard & Carlotta 2655 Hyde St #301#W San Francisco CA Steele Craig L Kathleen
1.00E+06 [SOLD] H Thomas Stein T & Stein Madlyn & Madlyn W & Stein H Thomas 1450 Post St #1016 San Francisco CA Stein H Thomas / Stein Madlyn
2961 [SOLD] Milton Leon Funchess Trust 3 LAUSSAT ST SAN FRANCISCO CA Stenkamp Kilby E Trust
4023 [SOLD] Jung Margo W Sep Prpt Trust 714 44TH AVE SAN FRANCISCO CA Stern Claudia J Living Trust
5530 [SOLD] Charles Stewart & Saiko Matsum 3936 23RD ST SAN FRANCISCO CA Stewart Charles / Matsum Saiko
463344 [SOLD] Delodovici Mary A Trustee 612 Arlington St San Francisco CA Stratton Katie B & Dermot
455022 [SOLD] Thude Betty M Trustee 35 Eastwood Dr San Francisco CA Sundar Linda / Holeman Judy
806684 [SOLD] John F & Phyllis M Syme Revoc 60 Clairview Ct San Francisco CA Syme John F / Syme Phyllis M
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Kapaona Joseph H K (Te) 2940 Clement St San Francisco CA Tampos Roberto A
81 [SOLD] Souza Frank & Virginia 2655 HYDE ST #207 SAN FRANCISCO CA Tejad Vicki A / Tejada Peter M
4287 [SOLD] Lehane Thomas J & Evelyn D 1616 8TH AVE SAN FRANCISCO CA Thomas J / Lehane Evelyn D (Te)
3153 [SOLD] Vivienne Maule Living Trust 2770 JACKSON ST SAN FRANCISCO CA Tiger Trust
807093 [SOLD] Guido & Joan Biancalana Revoc 20 Sylvan Dr San Francisco CA Toy Arlene / Jin Jesse
8380 [SOLD] Alice Fiumara Revoc Lvg Trust 1275 34Th Ave San Francisco CA Trust Alice Fiumara
7636 [SOLD] Guerrero Victor & Kathryn 235 JULES AVE SAN FRANCISCO CA Victor / Guer Victor J
21409 [SOLD] Pincson Stephanie 1845 Leavenworth St #201 San Francisco CA Viscarra Jason
12849 [SOLD] May Gloria Revocable Trust 41 Lagunitas Dr San Francisco CA Voeller Thomas R
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Philip S & Diane Kraft Ward & Ward 1612 Baker St San Francisco CA Ward / Philip S
7853 [SOLD] Tobey Herbert 300 GOLD MINE DR SAN FRANCISCO CA Weil Laura R
17386 [SOLD] Gobidas Marie 240 Tingley St San Francisco CA Wesoky Brett & Jessica Trust
4797 [SOLD] Maddan Michael P & Lynn 2725 34TH AVE SAN FRANCISCO CA White Hendrick
102924 [SOLD] Deady Joan E 1999 Revoc Lvg Tr 617 Peralta Ave San Francisco CA Wilcox Catherine D
4016 [SOLD] Jung William Jr & Margo W 4424 BALBOA ST SAN FRANCISCO CA William Jung Jr / William Margo W
3944 [SOLD] Kayano Grace K Revocable Trust 575 42ND AVE SAN FRANCISCO CA Won Linda T & Mark R
457262 [SOLD] Dong Alice Trust 1626 34Th Ave San Francisco CA Wong Family Trust
4718 [SOLD] Kluger Sidney & Mildred Lvg Tr 2587 28TH AVE SAN FRANCISCO CA Wong Kelvin I H
24667 [SOLD] Swezy Stella K Revoc Tr 45 FOREST KNOLLS DR SAN FRANCISCO CA Wong Mabel / Wong Albert
801185 [SOLD] Tyler Y & Helen L Woo Trust 941 Jones St San Francisco CA Woo Tyler Y / Woo Helen L
9277 [SOLD] Grantz Bernice B 2844 Ulloa St San Francisco CA Wu Daniel
17886 [SOLD] Mary Lewis 1995 Trust 146 Victoria St San Francisco CA Xu Bing N / Wu Xiu M
804489 [SOLD] Daniel J Dundas Trust 1738 40Th Ave San Francisco CA Yan Li
458535 [SOLD] Minkin Jean D 1992 Trust The 2919 Pacheco St San Francisco CA Yee Paula P F & Thomas
549 [SOLD] Zem Ping Dong Trust 46 VARENNES ST SAN FRANCISCO CA Yousefzadeh Babak / Yousefzadeh Mojgan
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Fung Lan 1993 R & Yu Ching Shu 735 Sweeny St San Francisco CA Yu Ching Shu / Fung Lan 1993 R
455483 [SOLD] Patricia Hurley Life Estate 2507 Polk St San Francisco CA Yue David L / Craddock Victor
463346 [SOLD] Go Quan Yung 2514 Polk St San Francisco CA Yung Go Quan / Go Anthony
102551 [SOLD] Schumann Dolores A Survivors T 122 Granville Way San Francisco CA Zarr Jennifer A / Rally Melinda D
807357 [SOLD] Kim Harry W 25 Corona St San Francisco CA Zhang Guo W
12778 [SOLD] Berton Gina M 1055 Cayuga Ave San Francisco CA Zichosch M B Living 2014 Trust
802926 [SOLD] Norma B Campbell Trust 620 Junipero Serra Blvd San Francisco CA Zoffman George A
7840 [SOLD] Schwalbenberg Ann H & Zorn Jef 135 RED ROCK WAY #306L SAN FRANCISCO CA Zorn Jeffrey L / Schwalb Ann H
796272 [SOLD] Alan & Barbara Stoff Trust 711 Leavenworth St San Francisco CA Stoff Allan & Barbara Trust
794799 [SOLD] Barbara Jane Land 2009 Trust 1434 Lake St San Francisco CA Moore Frances A Trust
796135 [SOLD] Carroll Douglas C Trustee 7 Upper Ter San Francisco CA
464834 [SOLD] Cody William Craig & Michelle 1616 Golden Gate Ave San Francisco CA Craig Cody William / Craig Michelle
795119 [SOLD] Dedes Art 4220422 Moraga St San Francisco CA Eva Zagalu 2014 Revoc Trust / Zagalu Eva (Te)
805482 [SOLD] Frediani Angelina L Trustee 160 Paraiso Pl San Francisco CA Stefanelli Virginia
796156 [SOLD] Greeley Helen A Liv Tr 550 El Camino Del Mar San Francisco CA Tawaraya Llc
796320 [SOLD] Greeley Helen A Liv Tr 550 El Camino Del Mar San Francisco CA Tawaraya Llc
7632 [SOLD] Harrington Richard R & Rita M 66 BORICA ST SAN FRANCISCO CA Hegarty Conor / Cun Charlene M
796155 [SOLD] Helen Anne Greeley Lvg Tr 24 Scenic Way San Francisco CA Recinos Helen G
796319 [SOLD] Helen Anne Greeley Lvg Tr 24 Scenic Way San Francisco CA Recinos Helen G
465674 [SOLD] Ho Walter S T & Clara S 99 Rev 541 10Th Ave San Francisco CA Webb Barbara H
796158 [SOLD] Howard W Browne Jr Trust 37 Stanley St San Francisco CA He Chen
800926 [SOLD] James & Lilia C Louie Rvc Trus 79 Forest Knolls Dr San Francisco CA Louie James & L C 2012 Trust
1095699 [SOLD] Pujolar Ralph J & Pujolar Ralph F & Pujolar Ralph P S 3080 24Th Ave San Francisco CA Liu Family Trust
7236 [SOLD] Ramirez Arthur J & Gloria B 281 MADISON ST SAN FRANCISCO CA Donegan Kimberly E / Gonzales Eric J
796239 [SOLD] Roberta F Foster 2013 Revoc Lv 60 Southwood Dr San Francisco CA Chen Ling
796560 [SOLD] Roland Pauline 2200 46Th Ave San Francisco CA Pauline Roland
456561 [SOLD] Sagatelyan Migirdic & Alis Trs 3027 Rivera St San Francisco CA Jang Arnold Trust
795653 [SOLD] Wallace Elaine Oneill 141 Idora Ave San Francisco CA Oneill Wallace Elaine / Wallace Thomas Anthony
464835 [SOLD] William C & Michelle Cody Fami 1725 Turk St San Francisco CA Fami William C / Fami Michelle Cody
464836 [SOLD] William C & Michelle Cody Fami 1671 Hayes St San Francisco CA Fami William C / Fami Michelle Cody
464833 [SOLD] William C & Michelle Cody Fmly 1700 Golden Gate Ave San Francisco CA Fmly William C / Fmly Michelle Cody
464837 [SOLD] William C & Michelle Cody Fmly 1814 Fell St San Francisco CA Fmly William C / Fmly Michelle Cody
6941 [SOLD] Gamba Ruby G Gamba Family Trust 205 W GLENDON WAY SAN GABRIEL CA Hong Longfa / Hory Material Corp
454695 [SOLD] Takeuchi Ruth C & Ruth C Takeuchi Trust 8220 Somerset Pl San Gabriel CA Kuwashima Brent & Kathy Trust
6208 [SOLD] Gum Richard Russ & Debbie Renfrow Kenneth Hugh & Betty J 1215 S BUENA VISTA ST #H SAN JACINTO CA Renfrow Betty J
6237 [SOLD] Dooley Robin M 851 ALISON WAY SAN JACINTO CA Salinas Jorge
15609 [SOLD] Peterson Judith J 521 Reposo St San Jacinto CA Stahlheber Charles R Jr
15451 [SOLD] Foley Josephine M Tr 22527 S Sixth St San Joaquin Cty CA
5861 [SOLD] Burnett Clement E Jr & Patricia L Trs 934 HACIENDA AVE SAN LORENZO CA Mendonca Judith L / Mendonca Nickels P A
462177 [SOLD] Dailey Robert E Tr 1787 Via Buena Vis San Lorenzo CA Huang Jian Z
25564 [SOLD] Davis Earle W Tr 15936 Via Alamitos San Lorenzo CA Tang Yu H & Yanli
21616 [SOLD] Debrusselasse Sylvia H Tr 1648 Via Sarita San Lorenzo CA Martinez Racquel E A Trust
25568 [SOLD] Drew Gunhild O & Jin Diane Trs 17412 Via La Jolla San Lorenzo CA Huang Jin Y / Huang Jin B
13471 [SOLD] Gassoway Ilo B 17261 Via San Ardo San Lorenzo CA Sumerlin Christopher L
13325 [SOLD] Green Herbert C Tr 16012 Via Arroyo San Lorenzo CA Centoni Linda M Trust
104139 [SOLD] Lindborg Jay A Tr 49 Paseo Grande D San Lorenzo CA Ngan Yeeman Y
5869 [SOLD] Mccain Beth M Tr 35 VIA LINARES SAN LORENZO CA Taboas Peggy
16884 [SOLD] Nelson Madonna M Tr 523 Doane St San Lorenzo CA Wong Marina L
5862 [SOLD] Rodgers Harold J & Bacarodgers Mary L 17132 VIA ANACAPA SAN LORENZO CA Baca-Rodgers Mary Living Trust
797235 [SOLD] Roesch Gary A & Claire C Trs 16473 Kent Ave San Lorenzo CA Jagoda Family Trust
5851 [SOLD] Skrable Darrell C & Wanda A Trs 1754 VIA NATAL SAN LORENZO CA Lau Augusto C & Veronica
5848 [SOLD] Steinwandt Carl Tr 16177 VIA HARRIET SAN LORENZO CA Ensor Living Trust
5864 [SOLD] Tennant Doris M & Blackman Gerald J 1102 VIA CORALLA SAN LORENZO CA Blackman Gerald J
805314 [SOLD] Zajec Emery Tr 771 Bockman Rd San Lorenzo CA Lopez Marilou
18309 [SOLD] Zarubica Mildred M Mildred M Zarubica Trust 1360 Belhaven Rd San Marino CA Zl Properties Llc
1.00E+06 [SOLD] K B & B T Galpin & Galpin Barbara T 699 S Santa Anita Ave San Marino CA Galpin Barbara T / K B
453629 [SOLD] Peery Richard & Natalia & Peery Family Trust 1490 Bellwood Rd San Marino CA Ssc Capital Corp
6928 [SOLD] Macintosh Barbara G 2793 GAINSBOROUGH DR SAN MARINO CA Wonder Investment Management U
454882 [SOLD] Bartels Ronald L Tr & Bartels Marguerite Tr 1570 Seneca Ln San Mateo CA Zarboulas Philip & Lei Y
12833 [SOLD] Bianchi Aldo & Gloria Trs 3201 Hacienda St San Mateo CA Wu Michael C & Lauren E
1087108 [SOLD] Bonner Leslie 3222 Glendora Dr #111 San Mateo CA Jardarian Brian
1084874 [SOLD] Bracciotti Aldo V & C M Trs & Tognetti Marino & Ebe E Trs 438 24Th Ave San Mateo CA Tognetti Trust
801143 [SOLD] Bracciotti Aldo V & C M Trs, Tognetti Marino & Ebe E Trs 438 24Th Ave San Mateo CA Tognetti Trust
9874 [SOLD] Bray John W Tr Bray Catherine J Tr Est Of 521 Georgetown Ave San Mateo CA Munsayac Adolfo R D / Li Jasmine Y
1085886 [SOLD] Guerin Anne Tr & Guerin Anne 2000 Trust 3040 Del Ray St San Mateo CA Shah Mrudul R & Khushboo M
27427 [SOLD] Molinelli John S & L F Trs 1712 Parrott Dr San Mateo CA Javid Touran Living Trust
804795 [SOLD] Simontacchi Maria M Tr 3700 Lola St San Mateo CA Yu Robert W / Lam Jeannie F
803826 [SOLD] Stine Natalia A Trs, Stine Trust 414 Aragon Blvd San Mateo CA Lurline Assets Group Llc
10151 [SOLD] Stubbs Christine W Tr Stubbs Jessie L Tr 1461 Cherrywood Dr San Mateo CA Khoshnevisan Reza / Ghobadi Mahnoush
1741 [SOLD] Todd Virginia Z Tr 3985 PASADENA DR SAN MATEO CA Romersa Matthew L & Lisa M C
455046 [SOLD] Williams Beverly F Tr 2017 Ginnever St San Mateo CA Wong Clement J & Anna M
1692 [SOLD] Wyatt James C Tr 843 OVERLOOK CT SAN MATEO CA Anant Venkatesh / Gupta Prachi
466391 [SOLD] Kampling Robert J Tr & Leona M Tr 23914 Zurich Dr San Moritz CA
5378 [SOLD] Barnes Kathleen Kuhl Patra A 165 TROUT LAKE DR SANGER CA Kuhl Patra A
25147 [SOLD] Baxter Robert B 79 N FRANKWOOD AVE SANGER CA Hansen E Jane (Te)
18017 [SOLD] Beasley Thomas H & Maydean 2255 S Lewis Ln Sanger CA Bustos Pedro
25849 [SOLD] Garcia Manuel G Sr Life Estate 11740 E Belmont Ave Sanger CA Heidari Mostafa
18343 [SOLD] Jamison Minnie Trustee 526 Hawley Ave #101 Sanger CA Muccianti Linda Trust
458827 [SOLD] Mahr Dorothy R Life Estate 4125 N Greenwood Ave Sanger CA Neufeld Edward J Trust / Neufeld Margaret Trust
10305 [SOLD] Moltzen Craig K Trustee 619 Lyon Ave Sanger CA Rocha Gregory C Jr
5285 [SOLD] Russell Webber W Trustee 2535 SANTA MARIA AVE SANGER CA Zabalza Daniel F Jr
5203 [SOLD] Vang Chai Yee & Dao Lee-Vang 10238 VALLEY FORGE AVE SANGER CA Netzley William M & Denise E
452174 [SOLD] Allitto Frances C Tr 2202 Tamy Ln Santa Ana CA Andrade Michael A & Angela M
3229 [SOLD] Barker Bette Lou Tr Barker Family Tr 2106 LAIRD CIR SANTA ANA CA Lopez Raul S
19416 [SOLD] Benitez Raul 2122 Orange Ave Santa Ana CA Barbers Trust
19417 [SOLD] Benitez Raul 2141 Halladay St Santa Ana CA Barbers Trust
19418 [SOLD] Benitez Raul & Ophelia 2522 Oakmont Ave Santa Ana CA Barbers Trust
15361 [SOLD] Blizzard Joseph E Tr 18572 Newton Ave Santa Ana CA Eden Real Props Of Orange Cnty Ll
3091 [SOLD] Brewster Basil Walter Tr 12832 WHEELER PL SANTA ANA CA Young Stephanie
802052 [SOLD] Center Alice J Tr 1638 E 15Th St Santa Ana CA Reeves Carole A Living Trust
3364 [SOLD] Cordrey Lawrence Erwin 1344 S DOUGLAS ST SANTA ANA CA Guerra Geraldine M
460753 [SOLD] Coult George E Tr 18971 Newton Ave Santa Ana CA Kelsey Warren H
5796 [SOLD] Davis Alecia A Tr 1915 S BAMDAL ST SANTA ANA CA Bahena Francisco / Mendoza Bertha
104081 [SOLD] Davis Harry L Tr 406 S Birch St Santa Ana CA Kianfard Naser / Hariri Marjan
103740 [SOLD] Donatelle Helen M Tr 1241 Bradcliff Dr Santa Ana CA Thibault Mary D
452046 [SOLD] Doty Richard G & Marie Mayfield 2710 W Segerstrom Ave D Santa Ana CA Mayfield-Doty Marie Trust
5694 [SOLD] Estelle Charles H Tr 2114 N WRIGHT ST SANTA ANA CA Vasquez Manuel / Vasquez Manuel & Esperanza
454801 [SOLD] Ferguson Winifred S Tr 1101 S Austin St Santa Ana CA Arica Llc
15802 [SOLD] Foster Victor J & Kathleen M 2208 N Broadway St 33 Santa Ana CA
803090 [SOLD] Gomez Mary B 201 S Newhope St Santa Ana CA Owner Record
16287 [SOLD] Gonzalez Leonila 1618 Freeman St Santa Ana CA Trekk Property Investments Llc
8261 [SOLD] Grace Terrence P 333 E 9TH ST 403 SANTA ANA CA Marco Star Llc
8277 [SOLD] Green Robert Clayton Tr 1010 W MACARTHUR BLVD 123 SANTA ANA CA
5707 [SOLD] Gresowski Karl Tr 2207 N VICTORIA DR SANTA ANA CA Abeyta Michael & Margarette H
5770 [SOLD] Harper Katherine L Tr 1505 N ROSEWOOD AVE SANTA ANA CA Trammell Lillian & Andrew
798777 [SOLD] Kosinski Kevin F Tr 1654 Se Skyline Dr Santa Ana CA Ubl Larry
802658 [SOLD] Kressin Catherine V Tr 2623 N Linwood Ave Santa Ana CA Rowe James & Genevieve
5710 [SOLD] Laster Frances M Tr 2052 E WELLINGTON AVE SANTA ANA CA Rankin Cathy L / Bennett Linda M
519 [SOLD] Mc Morris Patrick A Guerrero Lucy E 727 HICKORY ST SANTA ANA CA Mcmorris Patrick A
5695 [SOLD] Nesbit Gray A Tr 910 E 20TH ST SANTA ANA CA Posada Fernando E & Silvia
459879 [SOLD] Pratt George B & Robertson Sydney 3229 S Lowell St Santa Ana CA Noe Clinton J & Phyllis E Trust
3343 [SOLD] Ramirez Charles & Linda H 5101 W LEHNHARDT AVE SANTA ANA CA Luu Vivian Q / Luu Trinh
1090894 [SOLD] Ricer Olive B 13061 Fairmont Way Santa Ana CA Mullen Denise K / Dougherty Patricia A
1095196 [SOLD] Scott Carole S 2025 N Williams St Santa Ana CA Choi Thomas C & Jane
3266 [SOLD] Simmet Anthony & Barbara L Tr 1392 GWEN AVE SANTA ANA CA Sandra J Zimmerman & Freehold
712 [SOLD] Sisk Charles S Tr Tr A Of Sisk Family Tr 502 E WILSHIRE AVE SANTA ANA CA Mcdaniel Roger / Frausto Jeannie
17662 [SOLD] Stout Mary 1615 E 6Th St Santa Ana CA Alvarez Manuel
103923 [SOLD] Thompson Kevin  Thompson Collette 2034 E Santa Clara Ave Santa Ana CA Gsell Thom
454149 [SOLD] Thomson Grace M 2702 N Flower St Santa Ana CA Figueroa Eric A / Gonzalez Griselda
796055 [SOLD] Vasquez Hope H Tr 12561 Barrett Ln Santa Ana CA Myers Wilber L & Joanne M / Mccormack Nancy A V
5697 [SOLD] Woodyard Herbert P Tr 1421 CHERRY ST SANTA ANA CA Mccoy Janice L
5015 [SOLD] Rompal Sandra L Sandra L Rompal Trust 23802 SPINNAKER CT SANTA CLARITA CA Bayard Michael J & Randy J
5049 [SOLD] Fulbright Jane Fulbright Trust 23515 LYONS AVE 158 SANTA CLARITA CA Irwin Michael C / Irwin Shawn M
104072 [SOLD] Glover James L 23804 Brescia Dr Santa Clarita CA Gravelle Douglas A / Kim Stephanie
23494 [SOLD] Robinson Donald W Co Tr Robinson Family Trust 14705 RAMLI DR SANTA CLARITA CA Morton Edward A & Gayle S
6093 [SOLD] Purwin Pauline A Pauline A Purwin Trust 618 15TH ST SANTA MONICA CA 618 15Th St Property Llc
19954 [SOLD] Braslau Robert Braslau Family Trust 9 Sea Colony Dr Santa Monica CA Chebil Karl
6094 [SOLD] Ware Willis H Willis And Floy Ware Trust 1115 GEORGINA AVE SANTA MONICA CA Lebowitz A & A Family Trust
12538 [SOLD] Tigner George A Tigner Trust 1133 19Th St Santa Monica CA Obrien-Tigner Family Trust
26306 [SOLD] Houlihan John J John J Houlihan Trust 515 Ocean Ave 603S Santa Monica CA Stern Loraine M
23458 [SOLD] Young Mary E Glenn And Mary Young Trust 1418 GRANT ST SANTA MONICA CA Sullivan Charles T & Peggy S
804987 [SOLD] Leland David L & Ann T, David L And Ann T Leland Trust 3019 3Rd St 304 Santa Monica CA Woolf Steven / Diaz-Woolf Zadi
805105 [SOLD] Leland David L & Ann T, David L And Ann T Leland Trust 3019 3Rd St 304 Santa Monica CA Woolf Steven / Diaz-Woolf Zadi
6090 [SOLD] Mueller Betty S Betty S Mueller Trust 2012 CALIFORNIA AVE SANTA MONICA CA Zimmerman Aaron
8912 [SOLD] Brusilovskiy Arkadiy & Eleanora 2624 Kansas Ave 5 Santa Monica CA Sosa & Chang Living Trust
6105 [SOLD] Quinn Beatrice Beatrice Quinn Trust 1042 BAY ST SANTA MONICA CA Sanjay Berkeley / Vasisht Brinda
459948 [SOLD] Vanslyke Nadine L & Vanslyke Trust 1440 23Rd St 317 Santa Monica CA Batista Daniel J
4477 [SOLD] Lee Mary B 3631 VIOLET ST SEAL BEACH CA Ryan Garner E & Maria A
463370 [SOLD] Sheedy Star Tr 4689 Fir Ave Seal Beach CA Dautremont Abigail L
21632 [SOLD] Culwell Teddy L & Patricia J 12592 E Dinuba Ave Selma CA Contreras Jose A
21635 [SOLD] Culwell Teddy L & Patricia J 12592 E Dinuba Ave Selma CA Contreras Jose A
5499 [SOLD] Davis Peter R 2611 NELSON BLVD SELMA CA Lfs Amzg Llc
5490 [SOLD] Garcia Frances 1519 ASPEN ST SELMA CA Almanza Tommy
25845 [SOLD] Geistlinger Harold Geistlinger Phyllis J 2561 Stillman St Selma CA R K Ltd
25857 [SOLD] Geistlinger Harold Geistlinger Phyllis J 2561 Stillman St Selma CA R K Ltd
458985 [SOLD] Hernandez Faviola & Almendarez Luis & Olga 8614 E Dinuba Ave Selma CA Almendarez Luis / Hernandez Cecilia V
23480 [SOLD] JAMES DONALD H & MARGARET 1448 ASPEN ST SELMA CA Klair Joginder Trust
5445 [SOLD] Mittie Ronald G & Margaret A 8661 E KHAN ST SELMA CA Kliewer Jerry
5503 [SOLD] Richardson Denise R 1250 TAMMY ST SELMA CA Baronian Gregory & Tonya
5664 [SOLD] Thomas Irvin E & Grayce E Trustees 2009 MERCED ST SELMA CA Flores Rudy
7787 [SOLD] Tygart Winogene 2334 WHITSON ST SELMA CA Fowler C J (Te)
4589 [SOLD] Margoles Sherman B Margoles Family Trust 4401 SEPULVEDA BLVD 202 SHERMAN OAKS CA Cohen Bonnie J Trust
805791 [SOLD] Hession Anna M, Hession Family Trust 91 E Bonita Ave Sierra Madre CA Mur-Sol Real Estate Llc
17032 [SOLD] Smith Margaret A Margaret Alice Smith Trust 277 E Sierra Madre Blvd 16C Sierra Madre CA Cordano R W & F G Family Trust
103755 [SOLD] Brown Donna L  Donna L Brown Trust 5167 Duncan Way South Gate CA Castro Johnny
18738 [SOLD] Gutierrez Oscar 9754 California Ave South Gate CA Nostra Cosa Realty Investment
7336 [SOLD] Sink Daniel P & Elinor J Sink Trust 8621 CALIFORNIA AVE SOUTH GATE CA Eakin Curtis R & Ernalee P
456767 [SOLD] Brice Donald J & Evaline & Donald And Evaline Brice Trust 1750 Via Del Rey South Pasadena CA Wong Kenneth & Esther
4495 [SOLD] Penwell Donald L & Maryann 38685 BALCH PARK RD SPRINGVILLE CA Page Gene Raymond (Te) / Page Violet F (Te)
4261 [SOLD] Bonillas Elodia G 45160 SAND CREEK RD SQUAW VALLEY CA Leon Beatrice
15020 [SOLD] Cooper John S & Vicky 33022 Antelope Ln Squaw Valley CA Davis Lynette Y / Davis Scott H
4259 [SOLD] Ingersoll Thomas C Jr Stout L Angie 37657 CARDINAL LN SQUAW VALLEY CA
4027 [SOLD] Nay Theron D Sockler William E 36988 DUNLAP RD SQUAW VALLEY CA Key Dianne / Cohn Cynthia
453310 [SOLD] Fanelli Philip & Kristine M 20670 W Fourth Ave Stevinson CA Mccabe Brian L
1224 [SOLD] Horn Joanne H 20287 MULBERRY ST STRATFORD CA Herrera Charles R
800316 [SOLD] Plinski Arthur Edward 29730 Pebble Beach Dr Sun City CA Ayer Family Trust
460232 [SOLD] Barkley Cynthia 25821 Plum Hollow Dr Sun City CA Firtha Gizella T
801910 [SOLD] Hecht Gladys D 28261 Winged Foot Dr Sun City CA Frodsham Darlynn
21891 [SOLD] Franco Rito Hernandez & Tillie Yanez 29384 Dorsey St Sun City CA Hud-Housing Of Urban Dev
5408 [SOLD] Garcia Rudy J & Ardith M 29051 HOGAN DR SUN CITY CA Martin Linda
5405 [SOLD] Mccue Robert D 26859 AUGUSTA DR SUN CITY CA Narducci M Family 1992 Trust
5394 [SOLD] Mcneil Charles W 27416 RIO VISTA DR SUN CITY CA Smith Sean N & Jessica M
17724 [SOLD] Jackson Mary C 27049 Rangewood St Sun City CA Weldon Gayla J
452314 [SOLD] Jost Mary Ellen 27058 Rangewood St Sun City CA Westover Yvonne L
5385 [SOLD] Kafoury John Ellis 26096 GERMANTOWN DR SUN CITY CA Woods Timothy L & Layne A
17767 [SOLD] Rowley Mary Ellen 27212 Comwell St Sun City CA Zuccaro Kim L & Steven M
5178 [SOLD] Bond Larry COR PALMDALE(PAV)/110TH SUN VILLAGE CA Le Tina M / Phuong Tiena
102631 [SOLD] Garza Carlos M & Peggy J 33179 Corte Yaca Temecula CA Fresh Start Real Estate Llc
804575 [SOLD] Roach Martin Earl & Deanna Lee 32110 Camino Guarda Temecula CA Sherman Properties Llc
8239 [SOLD] Saunders John R & Phyllis R 29711 WAYNEWOOD DR TEMECULA CA Arrington Marc G
8354 [SOLD] Johnson Alfred E & Marie 30922 Loma Linda Rd Temecula CA Coffman Helen B
103502 [SOLD] Baber Carl & Adrienne E 41880 Cascades Ct Temecula CA Ground Cheryl L
453575 [SOLD] Lamph Richard M 30855 Brassie Ln Temecula CA Lilley Richard J & Jean C
455777 [SOLD] Demattia Diana 39817 Golden Rod Rd Temecula CA Mullins Jonda B
104308 [SOLD] Collins Richard M & Rosemary L 31978 Calle Ballentine Temecula CA Nuernberger Andrew W & Sara E
8338 [SOLD] Powers Peggy A 31318 OTTER CREEK CIR TEMECULA CA Russo Frankie & Patricia A
24414 [SOLD] BIRON ROGER G 35645 LAKE SUMMIT DR TEMECULA CA Westby Todd & Debbie
802728 [SOLD] Mcmillan Jessie M, Naron Daniel L 44614 La Paz Rd Temecula CA Naron Daniel L & Denise A
799737 [SOLD] Winglovitz Gary A, Stewart Amy M 33830 Sattui St Temecula CA Stewart Amy M
22648 [SOLD] Grainger William K 9231 Wedgewood St Temple City CA Banks Nicholas M & Shawna L
26088 [SOLD] Rasic Walter A & Zlata 5609 Welland Ave Temple City CA Bc Welland Llc
11724 [SOLD] Hall Elodia Gonzalez Living Trust Hall Elodia 83056 Laurence Dr Thermal CA Arredondo Jesus A M
11995 [SOLD] Buby Evangeline R 35616 Sand Rock Rd Thousand Palms CA Dejong Debra D
7637 [SOLD] Merica Forest B & Marilyn A 34996 TIOGA THOUSAND PALMS CA Hilgenfeldt Family Trust
19565 [SOLD] Israel Rhoda 74910 Reins Rd Thousand Palms CA Hollo Joseph J Jr
21281 [SOLD] Jamieson Shirley M 33630 Acapulco Trl Thousand Palms CA Hubbard Buddy R & B A Trust
7635 [SOLD] Fleishman Grace D 73826 WHITE SANDS DR THOUSAND PALMS CA Federal Natl Mtg Assn Fnma
21982 [SOLD] Peterson Velma F 45169 Sierra King Dr Three Rivers CA Mendez Eduardo & Maria H
10698 [SOLD] Smalley David Matthew 41011 Meadow Dr Three Rivers CA Lamoureux David / Quintero Amber / Silveira Dori / Smalley Camille
10702 [SOLD] Smalley David Matthew 41011 Meadow Dr Three Rivers CA Lamoureux David / Quintero Amber / Silveira Dori / Smalley Camille
23721 [SOLD] Alexander Donald W 18808 VAN NESS AVE TORRANCE CA James Judith C / James Stacy N
7864 [SOLD] Arnold Pauline L Pauline L Arnold Trust 3898 NEWTON ST TORRANCE CA Stagner Family Trust
15910 [SOLD] Barber Kenneth O Kenneth O Barber Trust 19213 Ronald Ave Torrance CA Jensen Devin / Jensen Daniel & Sheryl
452605 [SOLD] Beer Elfriede & Elfriede Beer Trust 4005 Mesa St Torrance CA Paris Karen D
803942 [SOLD] Burchell Sandra R, Sandra R Burchell Trust 4123 W 184Th Pl Torrance CA An Sung S / Na Ju E
24092 [SOLD] Chandler Bobby J Chandler Family Trust 2609 BRIAN AVE TORRANCE CA Swerissen Andrew & Julie
802690 [SOLD] Coffin Frederick W, Frederick W Coffin Trust 22113 Linda Dr Torrance CA Deak Stacey
22850 [SOLD] Cordova Ysabel 22202 Redbeam Ave Torrance CA Matsuda Mark
104330 [SOLD] Cowan Laverne M  Cowan Trust 3201 W 181St St Torrance CA Sumida Family Trust
7862 [SOLD] Dees Robert W & Edith S Dees Trust 5014 VIA EL SERENO TORRANCE CA Rajasubramanian Sathya & Jayanthi
26421 [SOLD] Duckworth Stanley G & Shirley 20565 Hawthorne Blvd Sp 53 Torrance CA Cake Corp
5808 [SOLD] Dupont Betty A Betty A Dupont Trust 3817 W 183RD ST TORRANCE CA Pati Family Trust
26334 [SOLD] Dyson Howell B Dyson Trust 20103 Tomlee Ave Torrance CA Coomans Peggy D / Magnabosco Elizabeth L
460808 [SOLD] Echols Carl C & J Margaret & Echols Family Trust 20532 Eastwood Ave Torrance CA Zhang Yi / Xu Ming
456800 [SOLD] Gefvert Donald R & Donald And Doris Gefvert Trust 21810 Paul Ave Torrance CA Kendall Family Trust
12697 [SOLD] Geier Gerald J & Janet M Geier Family Trust 22706 Fonthill Ave Torrance CA Htein Sandy & Kyaw K
13933 [SOLD] Hampson James H Hampson Family Trust 4613 Paseo De Las Tortugas Torrance CA Katnik Corp
23704 [SOLD] Hampton Joan L Hampton Trust 18411 GLENBURN AVE TORRANCE CA Haroldson Scott A & Deborah
454204 [SOLD] Hanzel Mary A & Mary A Hanzel Trust 16819 Glenburn Ave Torrance CA Chiu Desmond B & Francine V
5817 [SOLD] Hibbert Clairabell Clairabell Hibbert Trust 17503 CERISE AVE TORRANCE CA Bailey Family Trust
5807 [SOLD] Hoff Donald & Verna M Donald And Verna M Hoff Trust 3855 W 172ND ST TORRANCE CA Richer Terri A / Sabzerou Victor S
461858 [SOLD] Holloway Kenneth S & K S Holloway Trust 3412 Del Amo Blvd #S6 Torrance CA Cho Christine H / Cho Jong W
12494 [SOLD] Huntling George L Co Tr Hutining Family Trust 23032 Kent Ave Torrance CA Parmar Aniketh & Mansi
1096429 [SOLD] Hutton Margaret E 1604 Flower Ave Torrance CA Rikimaru Monica
1098875 [SOLD] Hutton Margaret E 1604 Flower Ave Torrance CA Rikimaru Monica
14923 [SOLD] Ince John M 24427 Winlock Dr Torrance CA Darama Huseyin / Iwasawa Naoko
1086231 [SOLD] Keenan John R & Keenan Family Trust 21345 Hawthorne Blvd 303 Torrance CA Mcclean Shirley E / Keenan Investment Co
802630 [SOLD] Mcdaniel Sharon B, William D Mcdaniel Trust 3530 W 187Th St Torrance CA Bates Sharon Trust
800678 [SOLD] Meisel Dorothy E, Meisel Family Trust 22916 Nadine Cir 306/17 Torrance CA Fukuchi Saburo & Sumi
456221 [SOLD] Mejia Rachel P & Rachel P Mejia Trust 26033 Matfield Dr Torrance CA Fitzer Mark E & Tina R
800480 [SOLD] Miekosz Sonya L, Sonya L Miekosz Trust 21230 Grant Ave Torrance CA Reid Toni L Trust / Fugelsang Tina M Trust
457866 [SOLD] Nakada Grace M & Grace M Nakada Family Trust 23108 Greenwood Ave Torrance CA Mukai Chomchay & Mark
452782 [SOLD] Reischel Robert A 3121 Singingwood Dr Torrance CA Jmm Investments Llc
7839 [SOLD] Roettger Margaret T Roettger Family Trust 23043 DORIS WAY TORRANCE CA Lofstrom Gary & Holly
803574 [SOLD] Simmonds Martin E, Martin E Simmonds Trust 1961 W 185Th St Torrance CA An Dae Y & Kelly / Koga Kristine
802049 [SOLD] Smith Albert A & Thelma L, A E And T L Smith Trust 18035 Ermanita Ave Torrance CA Patrick Ellen
459397 [SOLD] Stephens Jerrell & Leta & Stephens Trust 18808 Cerise Ave Torrance CA Kowan Robert A & Christina M
1088084 [SOLD] Stevens Floyd R & Stevens Trust 17025 Atkinson Ave Torrance CA Rowland Kathy R
1100502 [SOLD] T L Smith & Smith Thelma L Te & A E & Smith Albert A Te 18035 Ermanita Ave Torrance CA Patrick Ellen
26318 [SOLD] Taualii June C J C Taualii Trust 2311 W 164Th St Torrance CA Gonzalez Suyapa B
1099748 [SOLD] Toai Dianne A & Weber Peggy A & Toia Dianne A 18915 Roselle Ave Torrance CA Toia Dianne A / Toai Dianne A
1165411 [SOLD] Toai Dianne A & Weber Peggy A & Toia Dianne A 18915 Roselle Ave Torrance CA Toia Dianne A / Toai Dianne A
5814 [SOLD] Wall June M Wall Trust 18713 FONTHILL AVE TORRANCE CA Milton Street Residential Acqu
15808 [SOLD] Walsh Kathleen M Walsh Trust 3832 W 170Th St Torrance CA De La Cruz Juan C & Rebeca / Campos Karla J
1086411 [SOLD] Wood Ralph E & Dorothy B & Wood Family Trust 4605 Reese Rd Torrance CA Poling Scotty A & Sharon L
7843 [SOLD] Zutz Barbara B Co Tr Zutz Family Trust 4816 WHITE CT TORRANCE CA Wardwell Family Trust
102644 [SOLD] Cabral Gaylen 338 N Dayton St Tulare CA Solorio Juvenal R
23758 [SOLD] Cain Caryn L 195 OAKS CT TULARE CA Souza Robert E
4116 [SOLD] Dennis Martha 1127 N GEM ST TULARE CA Laxman Jayraj / Fernandez Katrina B
458126 [SOLD] Haney Charlotte 14086 Rd 224 Tulare CA
15636 [SOLD] Hefton Julian A 605 N Beatrice Dr Tulare CA Davis Jeanette
8227 [SOLD] Jolley Sherry 560 W PLEASANT AVE #28 TULARE CA Knott Lloyd
4111 [SOLD] Lovell Janet M 1217 PALO ALTO ST TULARE CA Fernandez Sonia G
456609 [SOLD] Ruminer Billie R 707 W Owens Ave Tulare CA Serrato Lena & Florentino
4122 [SOLD] Santos Marc P 231 N CANBY ST TULARE CA Castro Andres / Castro Cecelia
22747 [SOLD] Smith William W & Cynthia G 161 S Salida Pl Tulare CA Warren Tammy / Warran Thomas
6646 [SOLD] Courtney Robert A 1291 LEAR LN TUSTIN CA Murphy Barbara C
26703 [SOLD] Endicott Ann E Tr 14752 Bridgeport Rd Tustin CA Nguyen Brandon & Huong Y
5719 [SOLD] Jardon Herbert 17691 AMAGANSET WAY TUSTIN CA Hudson Kristianne / Hudson Charles V Iii
18682 [SOLD] Manning Norman R Tr 17226 Nisson Rd C Tustin CA Bell Sheri Lee Norman R Manning Trust
18668 [SOLD] Mules Norman A Tr 2366 Burnham Dr Tustin CA Spears Linda
454518 [SOLD] Oneill Anna Tr 1522 Kalua Ln Tustin CA Pd Property Investments Llc
103014 [SOLD] Rinaldi Jeanne Palmer Tr 13431 White Sand Dr Tustin CA Palmer James E Iii Trust
451681 [SOLD] Sterling John P Tr 14112 Raintree Rd Tustin CA Currier Family Trust
5728 [SOLD] Tunila Lorene P Tr 18171 LUCERO WAY TUSTIN CA Tran Peter K / Tran Linh T
8260 [SOLD] Yoon Young Sook Kim 13342 VERONA TUSTIN CA Kim Sung M
1519 [SOLD] Maiorino Paul 867 LAKE VIEW LN TWIN PEAKS CA Hernandez Lucy
12224 [SOLD] Minano Frank Tr & Violet Tr 1251 N Euclid Ave Upland CA Autry Leticia
3291 [SOLD] Ammannito Helen G Tr 546 5TH AVE UPLAND CA Garcia Joel / Jimenez Viviana
3289 [SOLD] Condino Henry A & Donna J 1779 N SAN ANTONIO AVE UPLAND CA Goins Paul M & Crystal G
453969 [SOLD] Pasma Richard T Tr & Frances E Tr 1801 Albright Way Upland CA Harris Richard
3204 [SOLD] Zimmermann Emery & Tommie Jo 1439 W ARROW HWY UPLAND CA Inland Valley Recovery Service
453319 [SOLD] Meister Robert E Living Trust 1-14 1515 N Laurel Ave Upland CA Johnson Paul W & Connie E
3292 [SOLD] Bartell Tracy M Tr 531 E D ST UPLAND CA Logan Stephanie L
23414 [SOLD] Todd Larry G & Connie M 1336 EDGEFIELD ST UPLAND CA Meyers Daniel P & Harriet L
27034 [SOLD] Allen Fred M & Mary E 1478 N Ukiah Way Upland CA Ohara Ryan & Tammy J
24860 [SOLD] JEFFERIES EMILY M REV TRUST (9-19-0 560 E MERRIMAC CT UPLAND CA Soltero Richard & Susan
1034 [SOLD] Britton Herchell Sr Living Tr 11-26 1505 RED HILL NORTH DR UPLAND CA Ho Pak-Kuen B & Melinda G
635 [SOLD] Clements Paris D 392 BERRYESSA DR VACAVILLE CA Diprima Barrie T
796268 [SOLD] Foster Gerald W & Martha A 768 Yellowstone Dr Vacaville CA Cefaratti Constance S / Lewis Peggy A
672 [SOLD] Kappmeyer Eugene L 336 TRELLIS LN VACAVILLE CA Littlefield Family Trust
17961 [SOLD] Kidby Matthew W & Catherine 86 Sunset Dr Vacaville CA
1086255 [SOLD] Neves Myron J 166 Bryce Way Vacaville CA Gregory Hardy A & Bettye S
1100656 [SOLD] Richards Guy E Jr 161 Bounty Ln Vacaville CA Litov Gayle A
463980 [SOLD] Roach William T & Gail H 861 Arbor Oaks Dr Vacaville CA Orzel Aaron M / Tislerics Shelly S
797120 [SOLD] Ronda Colleen 249 Millbrook Way Vacaville CA Romo Shannon & Francisco J Jr
795679 [SOLD] Spicer Houston J 418 Yellowstone Dr Vacaville CA Slope Nadine
452382 [SOLD] Stein Carol J 355 Trellis Ln Vacaville CA Corrington Family Trust
452807 [SOLD] Stein Carol J 355 Trellis Ln Vacaville CA Corrington Family Trust
452959 [SOLD] Stein Carol J 355 Trellis Ln Vacaville CA Corrington Family Trust
674 [SOLD] Ward Ilena 184 WOODBURY CIR VACAVILLE CA Maro Family Trust
22799 [SOLD] Williams Johnnie L & Yasue 650 Rialto Dr Vacaville CA Adams Denise
805127 [SOLD] Cordes Susan E 174 California St Vallejo CA Miranda Marcello R
225 [SOLD] Hart Donald R & Denise L 129 VENTURA ST VALLEJO CA Loera Jose & Juana M
10775 [SOLD] Jimenez Della H 1308 Redwood St Vallejo CA Collier Frank
19112 [SOLD] Lofas Peter G & Jean 1672 Broadway St Vallejo CA Neal Robert D
22470 [SOLD] Rennison William F 1425 Minahan Way Vallejo CA Kardach James / Kardach Cathy
220 [SOLD] Stephenson Wilma L 345 ARKANSAS ST VALLEJO CA Protectors Of Humanity Inc
213 [SOLD] Thacker Dorothy L 215 VIEWMONT AVE VALLEJO CA Domgaard Justin M
8797 [SOLD] Verducci Anthony J 1 Short St Vallejo CA Dixon Billy / Dixon Rose A
212 [SOLD] Weaver Marshall A & E M 216 CLAREMONT AVE VALLEJO CA Osman Marsha W / Weaver Eleanor M
214 [SOLD] Weaver Marshall A & E M 1420 ENSIGN AVE VALLEJO CA Osman Marsha W / Weaver Eleanor M
1553 [SOLD] Alonge Frances A Revocable Tr 7-26 385 REDWOOD LN VALLEY OF ENCHANTMENT CA Paine Anthony E
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Amparo Alcala & Alcala Amparo Te & Amparo Nestor & Alcala Nestor Te 704 Woodlawn Ave Venice CA Alcala Nestor (Te) / Alcala Amparo (Te)
11607 [SOLD] Bruce Eleanor D 13360 First Ave Victorville CA Davis Jeffrey A / Rowe Sharilynn
12089 [SOLD] Pardella Edward & Florelen Rev Trus 13866 Driftwood Dr Victorville CA Federal Natl Mtg Assn Fnma
1965 [SOLD] Railton Carolyn G Tr 3/27/92 -Est O Donatto Grace M Tr (Fbo) G 13760 DRIFTWOOD DR VICTORVILLE CA Flores Cesar O & Denise
1712 [SOLD] Hunnell Jeannette Y Hunnell Jim L 14143 BURNING TREE DR VICTORVILLE CA Ng Wing C
5197 [SOLD] Sally A Pontious Trust 13393 MARIPOSA RD SP 278 VICTORVILLE CA Pontious Sally A
13660 [SOLD] Gillette Jack S Trust 9/30/99 11000 Braceo St Victorville CA Salazar David
459309 [SOLD] Wilson Robert V Tr & Barbara C Tr 15920 Nassau Dr Victorville CA Upland Furniture Auction
5206 [SOLD] Adkins Steve V & Jerry L 12656 PETALUMA RD VICTORVILLE CA Valle Tony & Cornelia R
457832 [SOLD] Baker Clinton Briggs Tr 18402 Santiago Blvd Villa Park CA Mora Alejandro & Adriana
3260 [SOLD] Alves Harry V & Ethel L 145 S CRUMAL ST VISALIA CA Harke Llc
3093 [SOLD] Anna  Kaloustian 830 S REDWOOD DR VISALIA CA Stowell Susan
2973 [SOLD] Arnold Pat M 4740 W MYRTLE AVE VISALIA CA Riverview Trust 2007-2
17105 [SOLD] Baxley Margie M 4611 S Verde Vista St Visalia CA Federal Natl Mtg Assn Fnma
453684 [SOLD] Brown Jewel G 2400 Mid Valley Ave #O8 Visalia CA R F Group
13783 [SOLD] Camp James A Jr & Myrtle M 745 N Rinaldi St Visalia CA Cardoza Mary L
10442 [SOLD] Chastain Daniel J 4000 E Cambridge Ave Visalia CA Haggstrom Jon R / Blackburn Pamela G
24762 [SOLD] Dailey-Hilley Elsie R 5014 W HILLSDALE AVE VISALIA CA Aldinger Gordon & Lon / Harmse Jacobus & Patti
17551 [SOLD] Davis Marlin R & Doris M 2401 E Hillcrest Ct Visalia CA Chavez Johnny Sr & Esther / Chavez Johnny Jr
24949 [SOLD] Dorado Lydia T 618 E CYPRESS AVE VISALIA CA Herrera Rafael Jr
22413 [SOLD] Essex Wilfrid L Jr 5138 W Dartmouth Ave Visalia CA Salazar Josue E
3403 [SOLD] Gayden Bert W & Rosalyn J 18823 LORT DR VISALIA CA White Bryn D & Melanie R
2982 [SOLD] Gouveia William M 1649 S DEMAREE ST VISALIA CA Jack Tabitha / Lopresi Steve Jr
463387 [SOLD] Gurule Angelina (Tr) 4102 E Meadow Ave Visalia CA Green Martha
23706 [SOLD] Henzler John D & Ellen H 1847 S MASELLI ST VISALIA CA Mason Michael & Alisha
3082 [SOLD] Julien Robert A 1319 W GOSHEN AVE VISALIA CA Bastogne Holdings Llc
3610 [SOLD] Kelly Robert Gene 1421 W WALNUT AVE VISALIA CA Roden Jeninne E
3612 [SOLD] Kelm Earl W & Pauline L 949 W EVERGREEN AVE VISALIA CA Warford Scott
24605 [SOLD] Kersten Robert J 4222 W WHITENDALE AVE VISALIA CA Nunez Andrew
8453 [SOLD] Krug Alvin H & Evelyn W 2549 S Encina St Visalia CA Keller Sheryl L
11657 [SOLD] Lamantia Elizabeth B 5240 W Lakewood Dr Visalia CA Dieken Cami M
11659 [SOLD] Lamantia Elizabeth B 5240 W Lakewood Dr Visalia CA Dieken Cami M
3030 [SOLD] Mahne Jack H & Alice L 1402 N PARK CIR VISALIA CA Rs Ventures Llc
2985 [SOLD] Miller James W 1938 S LINWOOD AVE VISALIA CA Federal Natl Mtg Assn Fnma
2992 [SOLD] Milliken Marjorie 5411 W JUDY AVE VISALIA CA Fiala Jerrilyn
12358 [SOLD] Mitchell Fred R & Linda A 2728 S Chinowth Rd Visalia CA Hillman Cindy
3386 [SOLD] Morcom Jean W & Joyce 16401 AVE 320 VISALIA CA Dennis Coult G & Amy / Gress Richard D Jr & Kathryn L
20581 [SOLD] Morgan Rodney L & Carolyn L 1626 S Tommy St Visalia CA Leyendekker Nonning & Diana A
19171 [SOLD] Posson Philip G 515 N Encina St Visalia CA Parry Susan
2786 [SOLD] Quinn Michael C 4310 W PROSPECT AVE VISALIA CA Tamayo Juan C S / Mosquera Claudia S
3216 [SOLD] Raus Charles Fred 4127 E SUE AVE VISALIA CA Weber Kathryn C & Ralph W
3166 [SOLD] Ribeiro Vernon Michael 2729 E SWEET AVE VISALIA CA Santiago Juan C
3099 [SOLD] Simmons Emilia R 2420 W BLACKMON LN VISALIA CA Carmel Pacific Realty Inc
16471 [SOLD] Smith Llewyne K & Pearl J 2815 S Memory Ln Visalia CA Chavez John A & Eileen D
27878 [SOLD] Smith Steven D & Stella 2431 S Elverta St Visalia CA Martin Suzanne A
3167 [SOLD] Sparks Stephen A 2008 N BEN MADDOX WAY VISALIA CA Bardone Steven S / Bardone Rebecca
3074 [SOLD] Sparks Stephen A & Ann M 818 N DIVISADERO ST VISALIA CA Taing-Be Family Trust
20068 [SOLD] Tiemens Robert E & Thelma J 1332 E Laura Ct Visalia CA Merrill Curtis A & Meghan W
452593 [SOLD] Wallis Daisy C 1435 W Walnut Ave Visalia CA Mortgage Equity Trust 2011-1
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Manocchio Tony A Co Tr & Manocchio Family Trust 20421 Seton Hill Dr Walnut CA Cheng Mark L M / Hsieh Tina
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Manocchio Tony A (Te) 20421 Seton Hill Dr Walnut CA Cheng Mark L M / Hsieh Tina
12092 [SOLD] Colbert Florence E Colbert Family Trust 621 Wrede Way West Covina CA W Squared Partners Llc
11609 [SOLD] Mantoen Eleanor J Eleanor J Mantoen Trust 433 S Dancove Dr West Covina CA Chan Charles C
22854 [SOLD] Hingst Yvette 309 N Willow Ave West Covina CA Chang Grace Family Trust
26160 [SOLD] Tucker Barbara H C R And B H Tucker Trust 1458 S Meeker Ave West Covina CA Cuperus Diane L / Medina Karen J
8040 [SOLD] Dworken Donald B & Patricia A 3331 E WHITEBIRCH DR WEST COVINA CA Ge Ying
8045 [SOLD] Delgado Manuel & Teresita Delgado Trust 2015 E AROMA DR WEST COVINA CA Gimenez Dwight S / Gimenez Jennifer D
804296 [SOLD] Houlihan Donald J & Linda L 3439 E Hilltonia Dr West Covina CA Moore Lynann / Houlihan Louise-Ann
8042 [SOLD] Porter Joanne M Porter Family Trust 1039 S SILVERBIRCH PL WEST COVINA CA Quach Thai C
16448 [SOLD] Castillo Salvador R & Linda 650 E Alwood St West Covina CA Reyes Henry Jr
9977 [SOLD] Shoaf Charles & Mary V Charles And Mary Shoaf Trust 1316 E Harvest Moon St West Covina CA Van Blake-Shoaf Mary C
10470 [SOLD] Wojcik Daniel W Wojcik Trust 1135 S Walnut Ave West Covina CA Wood Daniel A
454513 [SOLD] Dakay Venus D & Dakay Trust 1366 Parkside Dr West Covina CA Xiong Wei D
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Defeniks Ine M & Ine De Feniks 1107 W Pine St West Covina CA Yan Hong F
24105 [SOLD] Browning Gordon M & Betty J Browning Family Trust 2621 E CHARLINDA ST WEST COVINA CA Ness R W & G K Family Trust
1169279 [SOLD] Carbajal Stella C 1418 S Sandia Ave West Covina CA Cirilo Jessica H
796298 [SOLD] Wood Donald C, Taylor Linda L 1639 E Shamwood St West Covina CA Taylor Linda L & Lesley D
26443 [SOLD] Saltman Gloria Gloria Saltman Trust 8960 Cynthia St Cl4 West Hollywood CA Del Santo Joan E / Del Santo Family Trust
7952 [SOLD] Marquardt Melvin F & Zo D Marquardt Family Trust 8360 SARGENT AVE C WHITTIER CA Rdbh Llc
24816 [SOLD] Gusiff Margie Margie Gusiff Trust 5303 ADELE AVE WHITTIER CA Arias Adriana S
451621 [SOLD] Bonfiglio Hazel A & Bonfiglio Family Trust 10816 Townley Dr Whittier CA Ayala Julio M / Viramontes Virginia
7991 [SOLD] Thune Joy M Joy Family Trust 15504 LODOSA DR WHITTIER CA Blake Kenneth G / Gozali Jojok
7981 [SOLD] Shultz Raymond E Jr Raymond E Shultz Jr Trust 15030 CERECITA DR WHITTIER CA Bonner Michael A / Shultz Christine L
453512 [SOLD] Brown Frances A & Frances A Brown Trust 13093 Thoroughbred Way Whittier CA Cardona Jennifer
8939 [SOLD] Davila Armida M Armida M Davila Trust 5421 Ben Alder Ave Whittier CA Flores Jose D & Veronica A
12013 [SOLD] Janusz Frank C & Evelyn G Janusz Family Trust 15827 Sharonhill Dr Whittier CA Garcia Perla V
9295 [SOLD] Ulrich Bertram R Ulrich Trust 10109 Rosin Ave Whittier CA Gaston Jennifer J
7949 [SOLD] Glaze Lyman Jr & Constance Glaze Family Trust 14125 BRONTE DR WHITTIER CA Hernandez Fernando & Aracely
453461 [SOLD] Messersmith Ruby B & Ruby M Messersmith Trust 14351 Emory Dr Whittier CA Herrera Miguel Sr & Maria D L P / Herrera Miguel Jr
23578 [SOLD] Hammond Cloe C & John C 15919 NORCREST DR WHITTIER CA Kobel Michael & Christina
801232 [SOLD] Spiegl Terry, Terry Spiegl Trust 10539 El Rancho Dr Whittier CA Larkin Heidi A
7904 [SOLD] Kalcevich Emma B Emma B Kalcevich Trust 15827 OCEAN AVE WHITTIER CA Liu Yu-Hsiu
7942 [SOLD] Polder Jacob H Polder Trust 5494 CADBURY RD WHITTIER CA Lopez Jenny C
8982 [SOLD] Roque Arturo & Candelaria 6103 Pioneer Blvd Whittier CA Lopez Salvador
17416 [SOLD] Felix Leonard G & Marie T Felix Family Living Trust 7118 Norwalk Blvd Whittier CA Lopez Veronica & Guillermo
16703 [SOLD] Franco Lucy Franco Family Trust 15319 Dittmar Dr Whittier CA Luevano Karina
103988 [SOLD] Jovanovic Waselina   Waselina Jovanovic Trust 8403 Painter Ave Whittier CA Pautassi Vera
7980 [SOLD] Dier Marvine 9968 MEMPHIS AVE WHITTIER CA Sullivan Patrick R & Jeanett
1.00E+06 [SOLD] Jane George & Jane Tenopir & Tenopir George K 13706 Walnut St Whittier CA Tenopir George K / Jane George
7955 [SOLD] Castillo Frances V Castillo Family Trust 14025 TRUMBALL ST WHITTIER CA Valdez Alfredo R / Cho Yoon K
7939 [SOLD] Armendariz John & Margaret Armendariz Family Trust 13268 ANKERTON ST WHITTIER CA Valdez Louise M
7941 [SOLD] COLLAZO JESS T & LISA A 10249 SHERRILL ST WHITTIER CA Vanegas Oscar / Cervantes Christina
801201 [SOLD] Clark Gregory R & Nereida 6212 Roundhill Dr Whittier CA Walsh Luz D / Clark Nereida
7954 [SOLD] Dustin Dent Dustin Family Trust 8607 LA ENTRADA AVE WHITTIER CA Flores Daniel Family Trust
1092642 [SOLD] Scripper Andrew H & Scripper Lillian N & Lassiter Marian E 14145 Christine Dr Whittier CA Lassiter Mark E & Marian E / Lassiter Andrea
14245 [SOLD] Shively Jeffrey J 23098 Catt Rd Wildomar CA Alvarado Edgardo L & Mayra A
454124 [SOLD] Rodarme Edyth E & Robert 35295 Billie Ann Rd Wildomar CA Demichow Wasily A / Rodriguez Valerie A
804394 [SOLD] Poole Richard A & Mary A 35505 Country Park Dr Wildomar CA Hager Robert R
24342 [SOLD] Hassley Richrd W & Eila M Hassley Family Trust 328 W Q ST WILMINGTON CA Herrera Laura M
7800 [SOLD] Nares Miguel P Miguel P Nares Trust 725 W D ST WILMINGTON CA Martinez Ricardo / Contreras Sonia
12401 [SOLD] Harris Gardiner & Frances 370 N Pepper St Woodlake CA Topete Alvaro S / De Soto Maria D M
12406 [SOLD] Harris Gardiner & Frances 370 N Pepper St Woodlake CA Topete Alvaro S / De Soto Maria D M
12402 [SOLD] Harris Gardiner D & Frances H 689 Wutchumna Rd Woodlake CA Ruvalcaba Jose
12407 [SOLD] Harris Gardiner D & Frances H 689 Wutchumna Rd Woodlake CA Ruvalcaba Jose
2369 [SOLD] Lambert Marvin D 758 N PALM ST WOODLAKE CA Villalobos Cristal & Juan
25007 [SOLD] Cole Latisha Ann Tr 6567 SHADY GATE LN 23 YORBA LINDA CA
8744 [SOLD] Frisco Anthony Tr 18165 Sharon Cir Yorba Linda CA Lee Shen-Yi / Tien Chih-Ying
26711 [SOLD] Fry Frederick R & Deborah K 6025 Ave Barcelona Yorba Linda CA Rourke Mary Ellen
5463 [SOLD] Horstmeyer Richard T Tr Revocable Tr 24200 POMEGRANATE RD YORBA LINDA CA Paramo Leslie
462300 [SOLD] Hovey Archie Tr 17962 Oak Leaf Ln Yorba Linda CA Yang Jiwen
5381 [SOLD] Mead George J Tr 4661 WOODHAVEN DR YORBA LINDA CA Le Cindy
456355 [SOLD] Monte Anita C Tr 19142 Stonecrest Ln Yorba Linda CA Johnson Jared & Jamie
8117 [SOLD] Prentiss Thelma C 3668 LAKE CREST DR 39 YORBA LINDA CA
9464 [SOLD] Reed Beverly J Tr 3444 Caraway Ln Yorba Linda CA Coppock Family Trust
1086524 [SOLD] Ruiz Rosemary L Tr 6048 Calle Entrada Yorba Linda CA Eadington George / Albo Joe A
10660 [SOLD] Sheeler David K & Mary J 3745 Black Pine Cir Yorba Linda CA Garcia Janeth L R
857345 [SOLD] Ballou Nancy L & Major Dorothy M 11925 W 66Th Pl #A Arvada CO Blue Trust
627238 [SOLD] Daniels Herbert G & Larsen Natasha 8070 Iris St Arvada CO Larsen Natasha
627268 [SOLD] Daniels Herbert G & Larsen Natasha 8070 Iris St Arvada CO Larsen Natasha
910846 [SOLD] Golesh Richard P & Golesh Eileen 13764 W 61St Cir Arvada CO Meng Steven H & Catherine H
854995 [SOLD] Harmon Donald L & Harmon Joann I & Paul Joseph Demott 7780 W 87Th Dr #C Arvada CO Paul Joseph Demott / Harmon Donald L
858094 [SOLD] Harrison Mabel H 11420 W 80Th Ave Arvada CO Gilbert 2010 Trust
857255 [SOLD] Hladik Leo C & Hladik Gertrude E 6027 Routt Ct Arvada CO Norton Rory J & Shannon D
626968 [SOLD] Ingersoll Betty R & Ingersoll Herbert L 13033 W 82Nd Ave Arvada CO Rold Trent M
814382 [SOLD] Lagrone Mark L & Lagrone Sherryl A 16498 W 67Th Cir Arvada CO Hestera Aimee / Labrone Chris & Sherryl
814423 [SOLD] Lagrone Mark L & Lagrone Sherryl A 16498 W 67Th Cir Arvada CO Hestera Aimee / Labrone Chris & Sherryl
700064 [SOLD] Mauck John A 6471 Marshall St Arvada CO Ojeda Dwayne A
857819 [SOLD] Mcclean Fredrick & Mcclean Yvonne 12336 W 81St Dr Arvada CO Bastiaans Shelbie M
856617 [SOLD] Mcgrath Mark 8744 Garrison Ct Arvada CO Fuller Jodie
694599 [SOLD] Mielke Sandra K 6598 Cole Ct Arvada CO Hensler Ronald W & Mary K
697321 [SOLD] Nai Kwang Chang & Juey Dzu Chang 11801 W 77Th Dr Arvada CO Chang Nai-Kwang Trust
699993 [SOLD] Perko Rudy C 12039 W 52Nd Pl #3 Arvada CO Mcfarlane William R Trust / Mcfarlane Sharon A Trust
696893 [SOLD] Sharp John G & Sharp Robyn F 6056 Ammons St Arvada CO Gregory Sharp John & Ryan
814310 [SOLD] Winchell Marilyn K 6670 W 84Th Cir #107 Arvada CO Mcdermott Patrick W Jr & Lisa A
695106 [SOLD] Wyatt Bettina L & Zimmerman Jason W 12995 W 64Th Dr #C Arvada CO Kimball Jack D
695297 [SOLD] Wyatt Bettina L & Zimmerman Jason W 12995 W 64Th Dr #C Arvada CO Kimball Jack D
854541 [SOLD] Smith Shirley A & Smith Edward V 2402 S Scranton Way Aurora CO Abdel-Maksoud Mohamed G / Khalefa Abeer M
625366 [SOLD] Pelton Ellen M & Pelton George A 6689 S Piney Creek Cir Aurora CO Abdu Murtada M / Sedyame Souad
698690 [SOLD] Behringer Bruce A & Behringer Shirlee L 15675 E Atlantic Cir Aurora CO Budd-Davis Kimberly L
699372 [SOLD] Eynouf Jeanette G 13902 E Marina Dr #110 Aurora CO Dunlap Gary & Lucy
625628 [SOLD] Laman Gerritt A & Joyce M 13950 E Linvale Pl Aurora CO Gerritt A Laman
694173 [SOLD] Lingk Charles O & Lingk Joann 16994 E Bethany Pl Aurora CO Joann Lingk
696924 [SOLD] Sexton Sharon 13800 E Marina Dr #111 Aurora CO Kinczel Joseph A
627697 [SOLD] Helm Lealan D & Rebecca S Trust 4216 S Tempe Ct Aurora CO Lealan Dale Helm / Rebecca Sue Helm
694670 [SOLD] Mccarroll Leslie & Mccarroll Sue Ann 18634 E Tanforan Pl Aurora CO Leslie Mccarroll
856911 [SOLD] Beisner Gail E 1420 S Joplin St Aurora CO Lindsey Gary & Kathleen
626053 [SOLD] Artzberger James & Artzberger Martha 17367 E Asbury Cir Aurora CO Martha Artzberger
695067 [SOLD] Failyer James R 12652 E Warren Dr #B Aurora CO Moreno John E Jr
855466 [SOLD] Overley Everett W & Overley Nadine V 7963 S Addison Way Aurora CO Orourke Krista L & Brian G
815021 [SOLD] Dickerson Inis A 14152 E Linvale Pl #112 Aurora CO Schachte Charles E & Louise M
856386 [SOLD] Barnes Mildred E 14300 E Marina Dr #602 Aurora CO Spohr William C & Darlene J
694285 [SOLD] Lassen Janet T 4521 S Crystal Way #G291 Aurora CO Wang Run F
694306 [SOLD] Lassen Janet T 4521 S Crystal Way #G291 Aurora CO Wang Run F
856467 [SOLD] Henderson Eilene Trust 3906 S Kalispell St Aurora CO Weber Britta G H
858123 [SOLD] Enno Lee A Living Trust 16654 E Kent Dr Aurora CO Zinth Virginia & William
857142 [SOLD] Carns Walter J 2220 S Vaughn Way #203 Aurora CO Kuecker Michelle L
696630 [SOLD] Collins Lavern J & Rowe Linda A & Collins Stanley H 1490 S Oakland St Aurora CO Espineli Lauren
696486 [SOLD] Collins Stanley H & Collins La Vern J & Rowe Linda A 1490 S Oakland St Aurora CO Espineli Lauren
627967 [SOLD] Geneva Schaal & Troutt John B 11886 E Carolina Pl Aurora CO Troutt John B / Geneva Schaal
696948 [SOLD] Johnson Barbara Jo & Johnson Charlene A 11975 E Virginia Pl Aurora CO Barbara Jo Johnson
814790 [SOLD] Zettel Kyoko 1498 S Lansing St Aurora CO Robles-Araujo Omar / De Barajas Maria T P
813936 [SOLD] Lanette Harwell & Of Don M Harwell 205 Bear Paw #B305 Avon CO Of Don M Harwell / Lanette Harwell
696634 [SOLD] Macdonald Charlotte E 116 Tucker Ln Basalt CO Schuhmacher Katherine H Trust
948006 [SOLD] Charlesworth Lillian L 12565 Sheridan Blvd #204 Broomfield CO Pohl Joyce M
625312 [SOLD] Edwards Christine Te & Edwards & Edwards Harold G Te 1182 Dexter St Broomfield CO Lawson Michelle H & Aubrey G / Lawson Justin G
857146 [SOLD] Majercik Lisa L & Majercik Donn E 1606 Redwing Ln Broomfield CO Ferrari Joseph A & Sara K
910688 [SOLD] Richards Donald & Richards Dolores W 12662 Grove Ct Broomfield CO Wagner Matthew & Kourtney
625679 [SOLD] Cerise Virginia R 129 Dakota Meadows Dr Carbondale CO Larkspur Mountain Llc
624610 [SOLD] Patricia Oneil & Fender William Omer 505 Graceland Dr Carbondale CO Fender William Omer / Patricia O Neil
855312 [SOLD] Patricia Oneil & Fender William Omer 505 Graceland Dr Carbondale CO Fender William Omer / Patricia O Neil
694997 [SOLD] Robinson Janet I 918 Garfield Ave Carbondale CO Strecker Gretchen
625333 [SOLD] Burdick Dennis S Trust & Burdick Penny M Living Trust 105 Wilcox St Castle Rock CO Archer David E / Archer Lareen E
858733 [SOLD] Cousins Norma L 1440 Columbine Dr Castle Rock CO Anderson Spencer J & Jessica L
858217 [SOLD] Dejulis Walter Trust & Dejulis Dorothy Trust 930 E Plum Creek Pkwy #105 Castle Rock CO Davis Richard B & Marla J
697070 [SOLD] Marsik Robert W & Carlotta R 2858 Dreamcatcher Loop Castle Rock CO Montoya Christopher P / Sibley Anaika B
627616 [SOLD] Doi Amiko & Doi Peter I 1899 York St Denver CO 1899 York Llc
627665 [SOLD] Doi Amiko & Doi Peter I 1899 York St Denver CO 1899 York Llc
695157 [SOLD] Merrell Carla R 2835 S Gaylord St Denver CO 2835 S Gaylord Llc
696760 [SOLD] Talmage David W 290 S Fairfax St Denver CO 290 S Fairfax Llc
694401 [SOLD] Groetken Mary E & Groetken Richard L 4321 Race St Denver CO 4321 Race St Llc
695327 [SOLD] Groetken Mary E & Groetken Richard L 4321 Race St Denver CO 4321 Race St Llc
854729 [SOLD] Ervin William A Sr 4915 W 36Th Ave Denver CO Ak Holdings Llc
626528 [SOLD] Barr Neva N & Barr Bruce A & Barr Edwin O 1020 15Th St #8G Denver CO Asbury Holdings Llc
813275 [SOLD] Shinault Marva J 2931 Cherry St Denver CO At Dawn Llc
624885 [SOLD] Mccroskey Jack 527 S Pennsylvania St Denver CO Cellarius Dev Llc
910650 [SOLD] Johnson Celine M & Johnson Wayne M 6462 E Bethany Pl Denver CO Charstin Properties Llc
813943 [SOLD] Anderson Martine Mary 7525 Montview Blvd Denver CO Cherokee In Baker Llc
695881 [SOLD] Mcdowell Joseph O 55 Corona St Denver CO Corona Envoy Llc
695882 [SOLD] Mcdowell Joseph O 59 Corona St Denver CO Corona Envoy Llc
696198 [SOLD] Mcdowell Joseph O 55 Corona St Denver CO Corona Envoy Llc
696199 [SOLD] Mcdowell Joseph O 59 Corona St Denver CO Corona Envoy Llc
814783 [SOLD] Weber Mark K 7665 E Eastman Ave #A203 Denver CO Devo 1 Llc
910609 [SOLD] Slattery Robert J 1622 Clermont St Denver CO Elkquist Capital Llc
624216 [SOLD] Shindelman Arnold 690 S Alton Way #3B Denver CO Emwg Llc
858431 [SOLD] Elder Donald R & Elder Mildred P 321 S Ogden St Denver CO Five Mile Llc
625221 [SOLD] Palizzi Mary 3051 W Scott Pl Denver CO Gilpin Properties 3051 Llc
694671 [SOLD] Schaff Robert Neill 5990 W 2Nd Ave Denver CO Irving Estates Llc
814715 [SOLD] Solano Mark D 895 S Logan St Denver CO Jona Holdings Llc
814757 [SOLD] Solano Mark D 895 S Logan St Denver CO Jona Holdings Llc
696558 [SOLD] Gayer Gwendol May & Gayer Cecil P 6780 Irving St Denver CO Jonke Investment Group Llc
625471 [SOLD] Brandon Noble 3510 Olive St Denver CO Karat Investments Llc
855088 [SOLD] Valdez Lillie M 4795 Gaylord St Denver CO Lillie M Valdez Residence Llc
626970 [SOLD] Ingersoll Betty R & Ingersoll Herbert L 5230 Raleigh St Denver CO Ralstreet Llc
627006 [SOLD] Ingersoll Betty R & Ingersoll Herbert L 5230 Raleigh St Denver CO Ralstreet Llc
699094 [SOLD] Allinger John David & Allinger Elsie Louise 5593 W Columbia Pl Denver CO Rehabilitation Properties Llc
626151 [SOLD] Alterman Neil Z & Alterman Lois S 693 S Ivy Way Denver CO Turning Pointe Investments Llc
627678 [SOLD] Latimer Ralph S & Latimer Elaine R 7900 E Dartmouth Ave #45 Denver CO Unique Home Dzines Llc
627746 [SOLD] Latimer Ralph S & Latimer Elaine R 7900 E Dartmouth Ave #45 Denver CO Unique Home Dzines Llc
695883 [SOLD] Mcdowell Joseph O 2800 S University Blvd #97 Denver CO University 97 Llc
696200 [SOLD] Mcdowell Joseph O 2800 S University Blvd #97 Denver CO University 97 Llc
857222 [SOLD] Wall Fern E 1401 S Steele St Denver CO Weekley Homes Llc
856027 [SOLD] Gerlits Edward F 1540 Routt St Denver CO 1447 Residential Trust
856521 [SOLD] Jones Willie C 2692 Clermont St Denver CO 2692 Clermont Street Trust
815022 [SOLD] Lamb Jacqueline A & Lamb Corinne A & Lamb Alan K 130 Pearl St #1603 Denver CO Ablin Corinne L & Yury
813647 [SOLD] Eichberg Marion T 2552 E Alameda Ave #106 Denver CO Anderson Margaret
814689 [SOLD] Peta Marjorie T 7665 E Eastman Ave #C306 Denver CO Anderson Molly
626673 [SOLD] Kalogeropoulos Pareklis P & Andrianakos Anna G 4400 S Quebec St #A203 Denver CO Andrianakos Anna G / Kalogeropoulos Pareklis P
626669 [SOLD] Andrianakos Anna & Andrianakos Evangelos 10001 E Evans Ave #45D Denver CO Anna Andrianakos
814714 [SOLD] Solano Mark D 842 S Franklin St Denver CO Appel Joel A
814756 [SOLD] Solano Mark D 842 S Franklin St Denver CO Appel Joel A
696361 [SOLD] Karr William & Karr Beulah M 2712 S Otis St Denver CO Bacon Samuel M / Atchley Neisha
699765 [SOLD] Endean Judith Alice 645 S Alton Way #4D Denver CO Baker Lucy A
698010 [SOLD] Hess Charles E Iii 1833 S Reed St Denver CO Barber Leslie M
696234 [SOLD] Mccurdy Carolyn F & Mccurdy Robert E 500 S Garfield St Denver CO Barry Cullin L & Katie S Trust
694341 [SOLD] Budraitis Rose M 2473 S Carr Ct Denver CO Basila David C
910640 [SOLD] Graff Frances M 4801 Golden Ct Denver CO Baulsir Stefanie A & Jan
698513 [SOLD] Bonham James R & Bonham Sonja A 465 Niagara St Denver CO Becker Patricia L / Leepitsch Mathias J
855152 [SOLD] Thompson Donald C 2481 Ranch Reserve Rdg Denver CO Berger Michael A
627356 [SOLD] Thompson Laurette R 10350 E Jewell Ave #89 Denver CO Bergman Patti K
814674 [SOLD] Thompson Laurette R 10350 E Jewell Ave #89 Denver CO Bergman Patti K
858590 [SOLD] Ballou Michael J 420 S Marion Pkwy #303 Denver CO Bowles Jack E / Crabtree James L
699561 [SOLD] Ibold Catherine R 1030 W 112Th Ave #202 Denver CO Brandt Janet
814300 [SOLD] Mura Masao Trust 2601 Dexter St Denver CO Breaux Amy / Gerst Eric A
627882 [SOLD] Berens Helen Laurene 9300 E Center Ave #2A Denver CO Brown Peggy
693941 [SOLD] Martinez James R 1742 S Trenton St #4 Denver CO Bush Elizabeth
623511 [SOLD] Day Ina C & Stettner 8300 Fairmount Dr #L101 Denver CO Bush Joann E / Beckley William H
627462 [SOLD] Stumpf Irvin L & Stumpf Dorothy M 3093 S Oak Way Denver CO Byrd Donald A & Deborah A Trust
694293 [SOLD] Wolf Barbara D & Cambray Roger A 4153 W Kenyon Ave Denver CO Cambray Roger A / Wolf Barbara D
627828 [SOLD] Lira James R 1703 S Alcott St Denver CO Carver Sarah
699958 [SOLD] Lira James R 1703 S Alcott St Denver CO Carver Sarah
857331 [SOLD] Giardini Doris T 7220 E 12Th Ave Denver CO Cb & R Properties
857343 [SOLD] Giardini Doris T 7220 E 12Th Ave Denver CO Cb & R Properties
694767 [SOLD] Watkins Joseph M & F C Trust 442 S Carr St Denver CO Chase Jadwiga
695723 [SOLD] Middleton Jeffrey Todd 9354 E Evans Way Denver CO Cohen Richard H & Joanne
695737 [SOLD] Middleton Jeffrey Todd 9354 E Evans Way Denver CO Cohen Richard H & Joanne
627023 [SOLD] Walker Robert T Jr & Walker Janet R 4115 W Floyd Ave Denver CO Coleman John S & Joslyn B
698578 [SOLD] Walker Robert T Jr & Walker Janet R 4115 W Floyd Ave Denver CO Coleman John S & Joslyn B
699401 [SOLD] Spray Rosina Anna 5955 E 10Th Ave #602 Denver CO Corbin Scott R
623608 [SOLD] Axley Francesca J 2309 S Perry St Denver CO Corporate Properties Inc
625773 [SOLD] Bremmer Mark H 145 Garland St Denver CO Daniels Craig
814090 [SOLD] Bremmer Mark H 145 Garland St Denver CO Daniels Craig
855693 [SOLD] Green Elsie D & Green Philip L Jr 3640 S Hillcrest Dr Denver CO Department Of Transportation
857773 [SOLD] Maxwell Erika L 1641 S Jackson St Denver CO Dimeo Blake
700114 [SOLD] Jensen Jean A 7476 E Arkansas Ave #214 Denver CO Druchkiv Sergiy
910451 [SOLD] Prutch Tony 5545 Zuni St Denver CO Duran Anthony A & Joann A
697536 [SOLD] Jackson Jennifer Ann 9640 W Cornell Pl Denver CO Dvorak Lori L
624159 [SOLD] Williams Jackie M & Efferson Theresa Elizabeth 3030 Locust St Denver CO Efferson Theresa Elizabeth / Williams Jackie M
857512 [SOLD] Parker Elizabeth L & Parker Bruce Jr 605 S Alton Way #9B Denver CO Fletcher Kevin
627926 [SOLD] Pauley Aileen E & Pauley Richard R & Young Bonnie 2717 S Raleigh St Denver CO Foglesong Robert
910825 [SOLD] Pauley Aileen E & Pauley Richard R & Young Bonnie 2717 S Raleigh St Denver CO Foglesong Robert
624744 [SOLD] Cuda Patricia A 1811 S Quebec Way #252 Denver CO Franks James & Judith
857223 [SOLD] Sewald Freda 3755 Newton St Denver CO Fulbright Nicole & Scott
626399 [SOLD] Benavides Micaela Garcia De & Garcia Anthony J 4771 Vine St Denver CO Garcia Anthony J / Benavides Micaela Garcia De
697508 [SOLD] Wold Jean M 12058 W Arizona Ave Denver CO Garcia Cori & Julio
626815 [SOLD] Stofac Maurine & Stofac Frank J 4605 S Yosemite St #41 Denver CO Ginat Michael
627341 [SOLD] Abkes Geneva A 1785 S Gilpin St Denver CO Gopalani Anees & Sarah
627382 [SOLD] Abkes Geneva A 1785 S Gilpin St Denver CO Gopalani Anees & Sarah
699028 [SOLD] Elliston Charles E & Elliston Georgia Lewis 3365 Ash St Denver CO Green John & Kimberly
855957 [SOLD] Badgett Donald L 1250 S Depew St Denver CO Guy Kelly G & Chana S
699896 [SOLD] Morris Kevin N & Morris Judith A 1288 S Corona St Denver CO Harasaki Cara & Yasuaki
625053 [SOLD] Egan Kathleen & Hart Patrick F Ii 9490 W Colfax Ave Denver CO Hart Patrick F Ii / Egan Kathleen
858591 [SOLD] Wilde William A 175 S Franklin St Denver CO Hewitt Michael S & Victoria L B / Bevacqua-Hewitt Victoria L
910586 [SOLD] Wilde William A 175 S Franklin St Denver CO Hewitt Michael S & Victoria L B / Bevacqua-Hewitt Victoria L
814422 [SOLD] Rominger Doreen L & Hinders Diane 9625 E Center Ave #6B Denver CO Hinders Diane / Rominger Doreen L
858698 [SOLD] Barcelona Manuel C 4484 W Custer Pl Denver CO Horsford Jason D Trust
855643 [SOLD] Gross Dorothy M 140 Brentwood St Denver CO Huntley Deborah A / Huntley Frank W
695039 [SOLD] King Robin L & Johnson Benjamin B 2729 Milwaukee St Denver CO Johnson Benjamin B / King Robin L
623959 [SOLD] Washington Harold F 3061 Pontiac St Denver CO Johnson Frederick D & Sallie R
626444 [SOLD] Rocho Sabine & Johnson Harold 8277 Conifer Rd Denver CO Johnson Harold / Rocho Sabine
627847 [SOLD] Chaffee Michael B & Chaffee Karen D & Johnson Jessie M 2715 S Kendall Way Denver CO Johnson Jessie M / Chaffee Michael B
697135 [SOLD] Carol O Tr & Jones Clyde E 5525 E Bails Dr Denver CO Jones Clyde E / Carol O Tr
627517 [SOLD] Warwick Audrey B 8140 E Linvale Pl Denver CO Julius Jeff N
695958 [SOLD] Kennedy Sandra & Karas Matthew Jon 601 S Bryant St Denver CO Karas Matthew Jon / Kennedy Sandra
697756 [SOLD] Dussault Theresa E 2375 S Linden Ct #212 Denver CO Katsenelson Alexander
623878 [SOLD] Goldberg Seymour S & Goldberg Emily A 3304 S Oneida Way Denver CO Kester Cynthia A
693243 [SOLD] Goldberg Seymour S & Goldberg Emily A 3304 S Oneida Way Denver CO Kester Cynthia A
854645 [SOLD] Goldberg Seymour S & Goldberg Emily A 3304 S Oneida Way Denver CO Kester Cynthia A
855566 [SOLD] Kibbee Lela A 1318 S Alcott St Denver CO Kloempken Courtney
855597 [SOLD] Kibbee Lela A 1318 S Alcott St Denver CO Kloempken Courtney
626848 [SOLD] Sandmeier Alice Marie 7309 W Hampden Ave #4502 Denver CO Kropp Randal
626886 [SOLD] Sandmeier Alice Marie 7309 W Hampden Ave #4502 Denver CO Kropp Randal
855877 [SOLD] Ziverts Erika 9842 W 22Nd Pl Denver CO Lamb Richard L
625290 [SOLD] Overhardt Helen H 4505 S Yosemite St #373 Denver CO Layton Judith H & Robert G
627824 [SOLD] Adams Elizabeth A & Leonard Charles E 1242 S High St Denver CO Leonard Charles E / Adams Elizabeth A
696606 [SOLD] Adams Elizabeth A & Leonard Charles E 1242 S High St Denver CO Leonard Charles E / Adams Elizabeth A
948026 [SOLD] Frisch Marie F & Frisch Heinz Peter 316 S Magnolia St Denver CO Levitt Shannon L
694726 [SOLD] Ridgway Catherine A & Lopez Jorge A 2887 S Joslin Ct Denver CO Lopez Jorge A / Ridgway Catherine A
694727 [SOLD] Ridgway Catherine A & Lopez Jorge A 2790 W Mexico Ave Denver CO Lopez Jorge A / Ridgway Catherine A
910608 [SOLD] Gibson April B 1416 S Decatur St Denver CO Low Sally
624958 [SOLD] Cuplin Helen R & Cuplin Paul E 12198 W Ohio Dr Denver CO Lowther D Lynne
626017 [SOLD] Cuplin Helen R & Cuplin Paul E 12198 W Ohio Dr Denver CO Lowther D Lynne
693716 [SOLD] Kiefer Lucks Gail 1997 Decl & Lucks David A 1997 1277 S Gaylord St Denver CO Lucks David A 1997 / Kiefer Lucks Gail 1997 Decl
813937 [SOLD] Pierson Merle I 1485 S Urban Way Denver CO Lutz Kevin
910583 [SOLD] Gallegos Rose C 1092 S Newton St Denver CO Ma Daqiang / Li Xiuzhu
856961 [SOLD] Marshall Evelyn A & Mac L Marshall 35 Skyline Dr Denver CO Mac L Marshall / Marshall Evelyn A
626680 [SOLD] Koon Helen L 6175 W Harvard Dr Denver CO Mack Robert & Pam
855392 [SOLD] Tieken Nancy B 1510 E 10Th Ave #8E Denver CO Maulitz Robert M / Altman Devra L
855413 [SOLD] Tieken Nancy B 1510 E 10Th Ave #8E Denver CO Maulitz Robert M / Altman Devra L
623512 [SOLD] Lundquist Helen J 7311 Granada Rd Denver CO Mcgannon Timothy S
910597 [SOLD] Conrad Edward E Jr 825 S Dudley St Denver CO Mendel Dawn M
814547 [SOLD] Brack Deborah Jean 9897 W Oregon Pl Denver CO Metrailer William J Jr & Linda R
626063 [SOLD] Fontenot Carol K & Moore Alvin J 7021 E Wesley Ave Denver CO Moore Alvin J / Fontenot Carol K
699897 [SOLD] Gamble Mary & Maurier Joseph & Morris Judith A 1770 Miller St Denver CO Morris Judith A / Gamble Mary
624193 [SOLD] Pachello Angelo 1735 W 36Th Ave Denver CO Mullin Lara / Morgan Will
814999 [SOLD] Kirkland Judy K & Kirkland Frank 3290 Ivy St Denver CO Murphy Tonya J / Kirkland Judy K
910848 [SOLD] Kirkland Judy K & Kirkland Frank 3290 Ivy St Denver CO Murphy Tonya J / Kirkland Judy K
623516 [SOLD] Price Oscar D 2810 Forest St Denver CO Mx2 Properties Inc
626675 [SOLD] Cuellar Raul G & Cuellar Margaret M 1845 S Teller St Denver CO Obrien James & Elaine
624194 [SOLD] Slack Ben C Jr & Slack Evelyn Pachello & Pachello Angelo 1731 W 36Th Ave Denver CO Pachello Angelo / Slack Ben C Jr
696192 [SOLD] King Joan L 650 S Alton Way #12A Denver CO Parker Lorraine
624384 [SOLD] Thi Kimly & Perry Albert N 1390 S Osceola St Denver CO Perry Albert N / Thi Kimly
857338 [SOLD] Coone William G 9024 E Lehigh Ave Denver CO Powell Kathleen A Trust
626875 [SOLD] Ficco Mary E & Ficco Nicholas J Jr & Quinones Nicholas A 8671 E Duke Pl Denver CO Quinones Nicholas A / Ficco Mary E
857571 [SOLD] Flores Manuel D F & Ramirez-Loya Teresita 8266 Fox St Denver CO Ramirez Loya Teresita / Frescas Flores Manuel D
857323 [SOLD] Robinson Michaela King 7040 E Girard Ave #303 Denver CO Rojas Daniel E & Sao H
855095 [SOLD] Jugert Marian J 2853 S Quitman St Denver CO Romero Richard A / Maciel Raquel B
856126 [SOLD] Farland Adolf & Farland Elma Jean 5585 E Lehigh Ave Denver CO Rossick-Solis Jacqueline
696564 [SOLD] Depew Julia M 3051 W 54Th Ave Denver CO Rozales Victoria R / Scarpella Debra A
696566 [SOLD] Depew Julia M 3067 W 54Th Ave Denver CO Rozales Victoria R / Scarpella Debra A
699579 [SOLD] Miller James O 9335 E Center Ave #3B Denver CO Russell Jacqueline S
814789 [SOLD] Haugland Mary L 681 S Simms St Denver CO Sabina Erik E
858480 [SOLD] Burnham Eunice M 4735 Milwaukee St Denver CO Sanchez Kevin
854999 [SOLD] Sedbrook Tod A & Sander Lynn F 730 Saint Paul St Denver CO Sander Lynn F / Sedbrook Tod A
697643 [SOLD] Dillion Josephine L 1870 S Oneida St Denver CO Sanders Scott & Cheryl
699762 [SOLD] Kraft Albert C & Kraft Janna L 11051 Huron St #501 Denver CO Sanderson Dante
698209 [SOLD] Horn Clara Jean 2525 Cody Ct Denver CO Scheuermann Alyse M / Winisko Kaleb S
626513 [SOLD] Karger Nicholas J 1782 S Trenton St #10 Denver CO Scott Christy F
693969 [SOLD] Fields Marsha & Shapiro Sheldon 6975 E Girard Ave #B Denver CO Shapiro Sheldon / Fields Marsha
627180 [SOLD] Houlihan-Sherry Genevieve A & Sherry Jack E Jr 1117 S University Blvd Denver CO Sherry Jack E Jr / Houlihan-Sherry Genevieve A
625103 [SOLD] Torres Henrietta 2315 Quitman St Denver CO Shovlin Paul T
625137 [SOLD] Torres Henrietta 2315 Quitman St Denver CO Shovlin Paul T
858798 [SOLD] Jones Rosie B 2850 Fillmore St Denver CO Sirrag Real Properties Ltd
910766 [SOLD] Jones Rosie B 2850 Fillmore St Denver CO Sirrag Real Properties Ltd
697050 [SOLD] Barron Jay Robert 10001 E Evans Ave #81A Denver CO Smith Kuodruw M
698550 [SOLD] Rosborough Claudine 2991 Hudson St Denver CO Smith Ricky C Sr
626853 [SOLD] Emery Harding R 5643 W Iliff Dr Denver CO Smith Robert W & Joan
697719 [SOLD] Surber Robert J 350 S Clinton St #4A Denver CO Smith Shirley A
814949 [SOLD] Hein Elsie M 8239 W Virginia Ave Denver CO Speakman Lary L
910580 [SOLD] Hein Elsie M 8239 W Virginia Ave Denver CO Speakman Lary L
814503 [SOLD] Logsdon Mary F 263 Quitman St Denver CO Startz Mary A
855317 [SOLD] Gross Gary J 1022 Washington St #1 Denver CO Steveson Deborah A
854700 [SOLD] Billen Douglas R 2634 S Ingalls Ct Denver CO Sullivan Joseph B / Wilhelm Elizabeth A
695370 [SOLD] Wetterstrom Shirley M 3093 S Williams St Denver CO Tipton Dev Inc
693273 [SOLD] Corich-Trujillo Caroline M & Trujillo Joseph Moses 11203 W 18Th Ave #A Denver CO Trujillo Joseph Moses / Corich-Trujillo Caroline M
624084 [SOLD] Utsey Archie B & Utsey Minnie B 2648 Glencoe St Denver CO Westex Finl Inc
627182 [SOLD] Gargaro Nicholas & Gargaro Bernice F 4551 Hooker St Denver CO Wygant David Living Trust
854771 [SOLD] Bryant Eve Renee 3521 E 31St Ave Denver CO Tradewinds 57 Llc
623949 [SOLD] Bryant Eve Renee 3521 E 31St Ave Denver CO Tradewinds 57 Llc
624805 [SOLD] Cole Dorine L 1957 S Newton St Denver CO Reilly Michael & Annmarie
699332 [SOLD] Firby Ann & Firby Charles 1827 Grant St #204 Denver CO Equity Trust Company
696211 [SOLD] Henderson Dorothy L (Te) & Baird Claudean E 8791 W 10Th Ave Denver CO Baird Mike L
855938 [SOLD] Mattox Victoria Ann & Brizie Michael Jay 1299 Gilpin St #9E Denver CO Park Towers Condo Assn Inc
855143 [SOLD] Moore Malinda M 5001 Martin Luther King Blvd Denver CO Bank Of America
626953 [SOLD] Morris Helen G & Morris Albert P 130 Pearl St #1204 Denver CO Ambassador East Condominium
626954 [SOLD] Morris Helen G & Morris Albert P 130 Pearl St #1205 Denver CO Ambassador East Condominium
694441 [SOLD] Mullens Richard C & Mullens Roglenda M & Mullins Rc 3062 S Webster St Denver CO Martinez Jeff
855391 [SOLD] Schultz Earl R & Schultz Eileen M 1346 S Gaylord St Denver CO Gaylord Flip Llc
696759 [SOLD] Talmage Laveryn M & Talmage Carol Lynn & Talmage David W 1150 Ivanhoe St Denver CO Gray Christina T / Lebrun Jodi R
626232 [SOLD] Teska Thomas E & Teska Claire T 800 Pearl St #506 Denver CO Hyde Dean Ray
697091 [SOLD] Teska Thomas E & Teska Claire T 800 Pearl St #506 Denver CO Hyde Dean Ray
697129 [SOLD] Teska Thomas E & Teska Claire T 800 Pearl St #506 Denver CO Hyde Dean Ray
696899 [SOLD] Tita Joseph L & Tita Britt M 207 Cook St Denver CO Landon Kevin G & Edith A
697114 [SOLD] Sakin Craig 2189 Brush Creek Rd Eagle CO Shaw Ronald D & Kristin L
698712 [SOLD] Gatchis Ted G 3484 S Broadway Englewood CO Be More Specific Llc
627862 [SOLD] Gray Oliver M Jr 4446 S Logan St Englewood CO Creative Homes Colorado Llc
857344 [SOLD] Hines Elizabeth J 3225 W Chenango Ave Englewood CO Bobbet L Hines
626769 [SOLD] Hayes Albert L Jr & Margaret Vaughn 5000 S Fox St Englewood CO Erlinger John F
699934 [SOLD] Guy Jimmy Allen & Guy Darla Jo & Gaglia Brandon 3021 W Bellwood Dr Englewood CO Gaglia Brandon / Guy Jimmy Allen
697471 [SOLD] Gunst Julie Ann & Gunst Robert 3291 S Clay St Englewood CO Julie Ann Gunst
698069 [SOLD] Rogers Courtney L 4935 S Huron St Englewood CO Lucksinger Colleen M
699166 [SOLD] Ofallon Mary K & Martin J & Ofallon James P & Clark Ann M & Ofallon Kathleen R 7687 S Ivanhoe Way Englewood CO Mary Kathleen Ofallon
626854 [SOLD] Riedel Anna M 3861 S Sherman St Englewood CO Moore Michael J & Lauren K
626889 [SOLD] Riedel Anna M 3861 S Sherman St Englewood CO Moore Michael J & Lauren K
857125 [SOLD] Phillips Lorna S 3176 W Tufts Ave Englewood CO Peters Allison F
626577 [SOLD] Fukuhara James T & Fukuhara Ayako 4860 S Inca St Englewood CO Surner Jane
814381 [SOLD] Gates Kenneth S & Gates Velda M 4235 S Inca St Englewood CO Willingham Barbara J & Charles L
814395 [SOLD] Gates Kenneth S & Gates Velda M 4235 S Inca St Englewood CO Willingham Barbara J & Charles L
626758 [SOLD] Verwolf Paige M 4200 Cheyenne Dr Larkspur CO Werner Ryan / Sims Annie
857604 [SOLD] White Donna M 9401 Spruce Mountain Rd Larkspur CO Sieck Brenda M
857607 [SOLD] White Donna M 9401 Spruce Mountain Rd Larkspur CO Sieck Brenda M
856917 [SOLD] Kennedy Leila 10394 W Marlowe Pl Littleton CO Abw Reos Llc
625016 [SOLD] Tinkler Coles S & Tinkler Katie M 7844 W Friend Dr Littleton CO Hp Colorado I Llc
694356 [SOLD] Tinkler Katie M & Tinkler Coles S 7844 W Friend Dr Littleton CO Hp Colorado I Llc
813742 [SOLD] Machen James S & Machen Laura M 3153 E Weaver Pl Littleton CO Usonia Properties Llc
813814 [SOLD] Machen James S & Machen Laura M 3153 E Weaver Pl Littleton CO Usonia Properties Llc
697283 [SOLD] Knotts Clark C 3324 W Hialeah Ave Littleton CO Anderson Steven V & Kathleen C
814426 [SOLD] Mcmullen Marilyn 6246 S Harrison Dr Littleton CO Bosick Mark V & Jessica E
698046 [SOLD] Milligan Clyde E & Milligan 16 Club Ln Littleton CO Bradley Thomas I & Jill A
693437 [SOLD] Watson James R Jr & Watson Audrey Ann 3 Larkdale Dr Littleton CO Carden Audra J Living Trust
857554 [SOLD] Edwards Elizabeth M & Carl Edwards 5082 S Owens St Littleton CO Carl Edwards / Edwards Elizabeth M
857555 [SOLD] Edwards Elizabeth M & Carl Edwards 5072 S Owens St Littleton CO Carl Edwards / Edwards Elizabeth M
857556 [SOLD] Edwards Elizabeth M & Carl Edwards 11033 W Belleview Ave Littleton CO Carl Edwards / Edwards Elizabeth M
857841 [SOLD] Fearn Margaret R 399 W Caley Dr Littleton CO Carlson Cathy M
627963 [SOLD] Roberts Glenda F 12045 W Ida Dr Littleton CO Escher Rosemarie S
697752 [SOLD] Schneider Stephanie A 8480 S Estes St #C Littleton CO Heathman Morton A
855213 [SOLD] Kenna John E & Kenna Marcia J 4886 E Costilla Pl Littleton CO John E Kenna
857968 [SOLD] Prior Margaret F 9607 W Chatfield Ave #A Littleton CO Keller Tim L & Kristen A
694977 [SOLD] Blanton M V & Blanton Sandra J 4591 W Lake Cir Littleton CO M V Blanton
858534 [SOLD] Sims William R & Sims Frances A 6637 S Arapahoe Dr Littleton CO Mccarthy Jamee R
855806 [SOLD] Gamble Frederick M & Gamble Marian 6615 S Crocker Way Littleton CO Mcglone Eric S & Mary M
814994 [SOLD] Katherine J Enloe-Miller T & Miller Charles O 15 Bradbury Ln Littleton CO Miller Charles O / Katherine J Enloe-Miller T
624965 [SOLD] Taylor Sally A & Taylor Daniel G 5926 S Bemis St Littleton CO Sally A Taylor
627423 [SOLD] Kain Virginia A 6655 S Apache Dr Littleton CO Shwartz Patrick & Katherine / Shwartz Cyril D
858065 [SOLD] Kain Virginia A 6655 S Apache Dr Littleton CO Shwartz Patrick & Katherine / Shwartz Cyril D
698558 [SOLD] Hummel Joyce S & Hummel Eileen L & Hummel James R 12485 W Brandt Pl Littleton CO Smith Christopher L & Kathleen D
856883 [SOLD] Chapman Thomas Jr & Chapman Eileen M 7039 S Clay St Littleton CO Thomas M Chapman Jr
693903 [SOLD] Elynor Joyce & Mills Robert A 1450 E Easter Ave Littleton CO Vanryn Chelsea
625318 [SOLD] Dascher-Fazekas Cheryl L & Fazekas Albert Steve 805 Sage Sparrow Cir Littleton CO Fazekas Albert Steve / Dascher-Fazekas Cheryl L
627687 [SOLD] Jones Ivan R & Jones Audrey B 10727 N Chatfield Dr #D Littleton CO Elliott Franklin P & D J Trust
697535 [SOLD] Millhorn Rhett W & Cave Caroline E 9001 Forrest Dr Littleton CO Mcharg Samantha J & Colin C
910594 [SOLD] Steinmetz Edward L & Conrad Lori L 9609 Cordova Dr Littleton CO Conrad Lori L / Steinmetz Edward L
694357 [SOLD] Tinkler Karla Patricia & Tinkler John Coles 7548 Dawn Dr Littleton CO Morgan Max R
857152 [SOLD] Woodruff Kenneth O & Woodruff Dorothy J 8664 Maplewood Dr Littleton CO Bruneske James
694940 [SOLD] Plantz Keith A 849 Ridge Rd New Castle CO Federal Natl Mtg Assn Fnma
698865 [SOLD] Roger Lee & Roger Sandra A & Knox Dean M 440 N Parachute Ave Parachute CO Knox Roger Lee / Knox Sandra A
697969 [SOLD] Tix Steven J & Tix Nancy R 296 E Tamarack Cir Parachute CO Tipton Benny A & Sharyn A
624410 [SOLD] Brew Ronald D & Brew Karen L 22197 Pebble Brook Ln Parker CO Skalla Janet M & Matthew
694363 [SOLD] Brew Ronald D & Brew Karen L 22197 Pebble Brook Ln Parker CO Skalla Janet M & Matthew
697167 [SOLD] Neville Robert S 12465 Swansea Dr Parker CO Bergstrom Jeffrey & Barbara
695194 [SOLD] Wise Charles J 27653 Highway 6 #1109 Rifle CO Parades Elia / Lopez Due Alexis
697661 [SOLD] Cox Sarah A & Wilhelm James Scott 395 Owens Dr Silt CO Wilhelm James Scott / Cox Sarah A
856059 [SOLD] Lippman William J 35 Lower Woodbridge Rd #U173 Snowmass Village CO Day Isabel K & Ester T / Day Isabel K
699787 [SOLD] Keener Terry & Keener Diana 8902 Quigley St Westminster CO Morales Frank & Felipa
948054 [SOLD] Olson Dorothy M & Olson Leonard E 9221 Julian Way Westminster CO Layton Brandon & Rebekah
693765 [SOLD] Patten Thelma M 12386 W 34Th Pl Wheat Ridge CO Mindtree Llc
699597 [SOLD] Romola John E & Romola Roxie I 3850 Kendall St Wheat Ridge CO Hynes Krystal A / Knutson Eric J
699668 [SOLD] Romola John E & Romola Roxie I 3850 Kendall St Wheat Ridge CO Hynes Krystal A / Knutson Eric J
625158 [SOLD] Ziverts Erika 3685 Quay St Wheat Ridge CO Mckinny Mari / Rettelle Brian
694656 [SOLD] Gilmore Roxanne F & Newman Mark S 9630 W 37Th Ave Wheat Ridge CO Newman Mark S & Parker M
625687 [SOLD] Haertig Carol & Powley Jeffrey & Powley Jack 3505 Miller St Wheat Ridge CO Powley Jack / Haertig Carol
625724 [SOLD] Haertig Carol & Powley Jeffrey & Powley Jack 3505 Miller St Wheat Ridge CO Powley Jack / Haertig Carol
699852 [SOLD] Schoeninger John J 7345 W 34Th Ave Wheat Ridge CO Robb Kelsey
627664 [SOLD] Davis Velmer G & Mark A 3295 Harlan St Wheat Ridge CO Sheffel Jeffrey A / Hoezee Julie A
624342 [SOLD] Brookes Albert H 11635 W 37Th Ave Wheat Ridge CO Farmer Mark
188853 [SOLD] Felgenhauer John E (Te) & Felgenhauer B Jean (Te) 31502 Heron Cir Lewes DE Bowne Bette J F
201572 [SOLD] Perry Mary Catherine & Goodrick Michael J 307 Market St Lewes DE Christopher Mary M / Christopher Richard T
190341 [SOLD] Novak Margaret M 22915 Angola Rd Lewes DE Contarino Anthony J
172139 [SOLD] Trudel Betty H 33572 Westgate Cir #C4 Lewes DE Herrick Mabel Christine Doughty
167098 [SOLD] Riniker Catherine L (Te) 212 Savannah Rd Lewes DE Howlett Beth C / Howlett William M
184836 [SOLD] Ciconte Joanne & Ciconte Clarissa H 34867 Bookhammer Landing Rd Lewes DE Johnson Clarissa H
159538 [SOLD] Blank David R & Jarrad D 32 Shipcarpenter Sq Lewes DE Shomper James D Jr / Burdman Jennifer H
184742 [SOLD] Johnson Jean M 116 School Ln Lewes DE Wilkinson Lee A Trust
181812 [SOLD] Hopkins Evelyn R 125 Bangor Ln Milton DE Blayney Robert G / Zando Elizabeth A
128228 [SOLD] Ridler William J & Ridler Patricia B 107 Bangor Ln Milton DE Braswell William C & Linda G
161299 [SOLD] Elliott Ellen W & Wheatley Kay W 5015 Beverly Ln Milton DE Brittingham Barbara W / Wheatley Kay W
163114 [SOLD] Ethel Jean & Clifton William D 11000 Clifton Rd Milton DE Clifton William D
165338 [SOLD] Porter Anne M & Riley Denise M 10 N Carolina Ave Milton DE Fisher Richard L & Carol I
201708 [SOLD] Kirkpatrick Timothy A 30419 E Mill Run Milton DE Mckenna Frances
173493 [SOLD] Goldner Dixie L 16021 Pickering Dr Milton DE Smallwood George Robert
201696 [SOLD] Long Thomas C & Bond Constance A 31069 Bay Haven St Ocean View DE Bond Constance A
178470 [SOLD] Alexander Dorothy W 36079 Blackstone Dr Ocean View DE Goodwin Tilghman E & Suzanne G
172714 [SOLD] Mathewson Judith S & Mathewson Fredd O 31156 Brush Hook Rd Ocean View DE Gross Muriel B / Gross Richard D
175114 [SOLD] Tolley Eve V 3 Tingle St Ocean View DE Pearson Joseph T Iv & Jo M
161301 [SOLD] Wheatley Floris Kay & Elliott Ellen W 21043 Dodd Ave Rehoboth Beach DE Brittingham Barbara W / Wheatley Floris Kay
190479 [SOLD] Smith Wayne S (Te) & Smith Roxanna P (Te) 5 Michael Ct Rehoboth Beach DE Oneill Raymond R
180129 [SOLD] Moore William E & Moore Betty M 38261 Anna B St Rehoboth Beach DE Rishko John / Dolan Nelisa & Cornelius
182832 [SOLD] Condos Peter E & Condos Judy G 36109 Joseph Dr Rehoboth Beach DE Sinkus Lawrence Edward / Sinkus Patricia Ellen
149107 [SOLD] Catts Wilson B 19727 Norwood St Rehoboth Beach DE W & C Catts Family Limited Partnership
183245 [SOLD] Berner Teresa & Weber Guy G 28 W Side Dr Rehoboth Beach DE Weber Guy G / Berner Teresa
201700 [SOLD] Edwards Patricia S 13024 Hayes Ave Selbyville DE Booros Jeremy & Stacey
201687 [SOLD] Einstein Thomas S 38207 Roy Creek Ln Selbyville DE Harkum Leslie Sharon / Harkum William M
180759 [SOLD] Gray Lisa L & Hitchens Darrell W 37250 Hudson Rd Selbyville DE Hitchens Darrell W / Gray Lisa L
190186 [SOLD] Morgan Shirley M 38770 Yolanda St Selbyville DE Laricci Richard A / Garrette Pamela D
190210 [SOLD] Mcwilliams Margaret A 37790 E Pond Cir Selbyville DE Pavlosky Jeffrey R & Carmelita L
190301 [SOLD] Truskowski Nancy L 36991 Laws Point Rd Selbyville DE Puckett Sharon M / Truskowski Lisa M
201565 [SOLD] Samulewicz Thomas 37448 Oliver Dr Selbyville DE Wisniewski Joan
190455 [SOLD] Simpler Louis L 6 Duke Street Ext Selbyville DE Wolstenholme Saundra K
63467 [SOLD] Wright William A & Wright Florence P 977 Eagles Forrest Dr Apopka FL Freo Florida Llc
28109 [SOLD] Moskal Patsy D & Anglin Inez S 1543 Victor Dr Apopka FL Garrett Edsel & Linda K
29706 [SOLD] Carey Christine P & Hall Stephen L 2608 Plymouth Sorrento Rd Apopka FL Hall Stephen L / Carey Christine P
49552 [SOLD] Creech Itheria & Judy Ann Russell & Ronald Creech 919 Lake Dr Apopka FL Russell Judy Ann / Creech Ronald
89424 [SOLD] Hardee Annie M & Chris Dickerson & John Hardee 1444 Bethesda St Apopka FL Dickerson Chris / Hardee John
60494 [SOLD] Arlene F T & Robbins Dennis A 24616 State Road 40 Astor FL Robbins Dennis A / Arlene F T
150247 [SOLD] Bobroff Harold & Bobroff Ethel 20357 W Country Club Dr #TH20 Aventura FL Condovation Llc
65378 [SOLD] Brawner Marjorie Z 18151 Ne 31St Ct #915 Aventura FL Deringer Karen H
74447 [SOLD] Cooperman Sidney & Cooperman Lorraine 9350 W Bay Harbor Dr #4A Bay Harbor Islands FL Fontanills Lincoln / Diaz Damian
179600 [SOLD] Monti John D 1025 Ne 22Nd St Belle Glade FL H E Hill Foundation Inc
65648 [SOLD] Vocalis James C 820 E Palm Ave Boca Raton FL 820 Palm Avenue Llc
65718 [SOLD] Vocalis James C 820 E Palm Ave Boca Raton FL 820 Palm Avenue Llc
68951 [SOLD] Deppen Edna E 356 Cottonwood Ln Boca Raton FL Ph Real Estate Llc
69409 [SOLD] Deppen Edna E 356 Cottonwood Ln Boca Raton FL Ph Real Estate Llc
64243 [SOLD] Yarkin Leon Donald 7563 Imperial Dr #702 Boca Raton FL Robert Yarkin Llc
95092 [SOLD] Bluestein Sanfurd 2150 N Ocean Blvd #14 Boca Raton FL Tea Pea Llc
142072 [SOLD] Sherry Herbert & Sherry Rosalyn 6213 Island Walk #A Boca Raton FL 2426486 Ontario Inc
128623 [SOLD] Farnett Nicholas J & Farnett Sheila 2019 Cornwall A Boca Raton FL Baez Teresa
160758 [SOLD] Farnett Nicholas J & Farnett Sheila 2019 Cornwall A Boca Raton FL Baez Teresa
131963 [SOLD] Anna Barron & Barron Anna G 700 Ne Harbour Ter #130 Boca Raton FL Barron Anna G / Barron Anna
54836 [SOLD] Porfiri Carine & Bedell Robert L 1040 Nw 4Th St Boca Raton FL Bedell Robert L / Porfiri Carine
160036 [SOLD] Taragin Beatrice 1055 Wolverton C Boca Raton FL Cappell Francine / Taragin Marvin
93920 [SOLD] Schutjer Wayne & Schutjer Mable 899 Jeffery St #5090 Boca Raton FL Cline Jeffrey & Joan
118655 [SOLD] Halliwell Nancy & Halliwell Nancy W & Halliwell William H 5775 Ne Verde Cir Boca Raton FL Dauito Richard S
131390 [SOLD] Meltzer Shelley 20881 Springs Ter Boca Raton FL Estevez Gilberto & Sylvia
96811 [SOLD] Leon Devoe & Devoe Leon 2015 Cornwall A Boca Raton FL Federal Natl Mtg Assn
29035 [SOLD] Gittler Sunny 573 Sw 16Th St Boca Raton FL Feliciano Gwendolyn M & Kenneth
126899 [SOLD] Saber Lester E & Saber Judith 20040 Back Nine Dr Boca Raton FL Hackenberg Raymond & Lori
127036 [SOLD] Saber Lester E & Saber Judith 20040 Back Nine Dr Boca Raton FL Hackenberg Raymond & Lori
188447 [SOLD] Pollack Hortense 23445 Torre Cir Boca Raton FL Hahn Joshua H & Lisa B / Hahn Lisa B
141882 [SOLD] Cahn Robert F 19608 Planters Point Dr Boca Raton FL Hirsch Jody
178181 [SOLD] Priez Albert J Jr 12942 Clifton Dr Boca Raton FL Ih4 Property Florida Lp
139537 [SOLD] Siegel Minnie 198 Nw 67Th St #2060 Boca Raton FL Jeselnik Kerri
151066 [SOLD] Rivara John T & Rivara Linda S 22515 Sw 65Th Ter Boca Raton FL Jones Linda S
114950 [SOLD] Koshetz Bernard & Koshetz Bernard S & Koshetz Ruth 18891 La Costa Ln Boca Raton FL Letizia Angela & Peter
92420 [SOLD] Bernice Levy Titl Hldr & Levy Bernice Y & Levy Burton B 17226 Bridleway Trl Boca Raton FL Levy Burton B Trust / Levy Bernice Y Trust
29013 [SOLD] Crosby William F & Crosby Wanda E 1901 Juana Rd Boca Raton FL Lynn John P & Elizabeth G
50952 [SOLD] Lois B Magid & Magid Lois B & Magid David H 2340 Nw 29Th Rd Boca Raton FL Magid David H / Lois B Magid
69829 [SOLD] Leist Fred 20100 Boca West Dr #165 Boca Raton FL Maron Ruth Trust
38827 [SOLD] Clayman Phyllis 18940 Stewart Cir #5 Boca Raton FL Narvaez Fredy
38828 [SOLD] Clayman Phyllis 18940 Stewart Cir #5 Boca Raton FL Narvaez Fredy
114716 [SOLD] Boden Robert C 440 Nw 69Th St Boca Raton FL Nasser Monir & Majeda
115677 [SOLD] Boden Robert C 440 Nw 69Th St Boca Raton FL Nasser Monir & Majeda
137256 [SOLD] Karen Chisholm & Chisholm Karen M 335 Ne 7Th St Boca Raton FL Neuman Steven A / Pereira Ana P D V
61008 [SOLD] Hinterleiter R R & M K Trust & Hinterleiter Mary K 18101 Park Ter Boca Raton FL Owens Brian & Paulette
116096 [SOLD] Munson Robert L & Munson Diane L 7280 Nw 4Th Ave Boca Raton FL Panoch Gary R & Christine L
120070 [SOLD] Munson Robert L & Munson Diane L 7280 Nw 4Th Ave Boca Raton FL Panoch Gary R & Christine L
118648 [SOLD] Goodman Rachel 2078 Wolverton D Boca Raton FL Perelman Yecial Z & Gale D
184614 [SOLD] Selma Perper & Perper Selma 550 Se Mizner Blvd #B808 Boca Raton FL Perper Selma Trust
120117 [SOLD] Magers Henry A 18690 Cape Sable Dr Boca Raton FL Petersen Barbara A
145516 [SOLD] William Pryor & Pryor William J 6498 Las Flores Dr Boca Raton FL Pryor William J
150034 [SOLD] Dorothy J Segal S & Segal Dorothy J & Segal David P 2443 Nw 61St Diagonal Boca Raton FL Segal David P / Dorothy J Segal S
38634 [SOLD] Conlen Bette C & Critchley Elizabeth M & Conlen Richard A Jr 4545 N Ocean Blvd #8A Boca Raton FL Solari George T & Ivy N
117874 [SOLD] Siegel Sophia A 9288 Vista Del Lago #G Boca Raton FL Stillman David & Enid
140484 [SOLD] Siegel Sophia A 9288 Vista Del Lago #G Boca Raton FL Stillman David & Enid
68669 [SOLD] Adler Marion S 4301 N Ocean Blvd #1708 Boca Raton FL Tillem Alice
70659 [SOLD] Adler Marion S 4301 N Ocean Blvd #1708 Boca Raton FL Tillem Alice
116861 [SOLD] Smith Wendy S 701 Ne Harbour Ter #111 Boca Raton FL Ventimiglia Donald & Cynthia
28964 [SOLD] Noyes Marion D 6025 Balboa Cir #204 Boca Raton FL Wright Phyllis I Living Trust
108697 [SOLD] Genesio Edith C 621 Sw 1St St Boca Raton FL Crutchley Louise / Vizy Kenneth
108906 [SOLD] Genesio Edith C 621 Sw 1St St Boca Raton FL Crutchley Louise / Vizy Kenneth
57555 [SOLD] Guilbault Normand P & Miller Ralph S 1240 Walnut Ter Boca Raton FL Miller Ralph S
98313 [SOLD] Guilbault Normand P & Miller Ralph S 1240 Walnut Ter Boca Raton FL Miller Ralph S
28402 [SOLD] Mccrensky Harold G & Mccrensky Selma B 12210 Forest Greens Dr Boynton Beach FL Albergo Saverio
28402 [SOLD] Mccrensky Harold G & Mccrensky Selma B 12210 Forest Greens Dr Boynton Beach FL Albergo Saverio
148109 [SOLD] Konrad Henry R & Valente Beverly A & Konrad Dorothy C 149 Ocean Ct Boynton Beach FL Altaro Kathleen M
174085 [SOLD] Konrad Henry R & Valente Beverly A & Konrad Dorothy C 149 Ocean Ct Boynton Beach FL Altaro Kathleen M
68491 [SOLD] Glickman Adele 7705 Cherry Blossom St Boynton Beach FL Ambridge Robert R
136993 [SOLD] Welton Gisele M 38013 Frenchmans Bay Boynton Beach FL Baribeau Jean Pierre / Baribeau Diane Goyeche
60882 [SOLD] Burrows Alfred M 309 Circle Dr #104 Boynton Beach FL Barosi Robert P & Lynda D
28906 [SOLD] Saffer Arnold J 18 Brentwood Dr Boynton Beach FL Beckerman Perry & Andrea E
28925 [SOLD] Saffer Arnold J 18 Brentwood Dr Boynton Beach FL Beckerman Perry & Andrea E
178371 [SOLD] Hirsch Eleanor 5100 Pelican Cove Dr Boynton Beach FL Berenholtz Carl & Debra
115839 [SOLD] Sally Bernstein & Bernstein Sally 5797 Lakeview Mews Pl Boynton Beach FL Bernstein Sally / Sally Bernstein
27997 [SOLD] Teplitz Saul & Miriam Teplitz & Teplitz Miriam 7758 Via Grande Boynton Beach FL Bonderoff Jason & Glenna
38511 [SOLD] Valente Albert & Valente Ida 9 Colonial Club Dr #202 Boynton Beach FL Britton Patricia V
114218 [SOLD] Daskal Jordan H & Daskal Jewel M 5910 Royal Club Dr Boynton Beach FL Carrier Dana L / Carrier Cheryl L S
114219 [SOLD] Daskal Jordan H & Daskal Jewel M 5910 Royal Club Dr Boynton Beach FL Carrier Dana L / Carrier Cheryl L S
176636 [SOLD] Gebhardt Martin G & Cosenza Joanne 2388 Sw 11Th Ave Boynton Beach FL Cosenza Joanne
135797 [SOLD] Chaskin Julius & Degen Sylvia 7054 Vesuvio Pl Boynton Beach FL Degen Sylvia
73748 [SOLD] Ettipio Ann 9640 Pavarotti Ter #203 Boynton Beach FL Esposito Frank Sr
66710 [SOLD] Ciotto Joseph A 3008 Black Oak Ct #3008 Boynton Beach FL Federal Natl Mtg Assn
136175 [SOLD] Mishalow Mona & Mona Mishalow & Weinwurm Ann B 10773 Bahama Palm Way #101 Boynton Beach FL Follender Victor & Sharon
131964 [SOLD] Hannon Arthur 632 Snug Harbor Dr #D3 Boynton Beach FL Geary Thomas F
30695 [SOLD] Shapiro Felix 5805 Brook Bound Ln #B Boynton Beach FL Goldberg Susan
28225 [SOLD] Proctor Noel T & Wayne D 627 Sw 21St Cir Boynton Beach FL Hebert Alain / Hebert Serge
120364 [SOLD] Flynn Ida M 1008 Ocean Ave Boynton Beach FL Hirsch Sanford & Erni
125114 [SOLD] Edith Jacobs & Jacobs Edith 6051 Bay Isles Dr Boynton Beach FL Jacobs Edith
111205 [SOLD] Blum Barbara J & Jacobucci Marie E 1416 Oxford Ln Boynton Beach FL Jacobucci Marie E / Blum Barbara J
179583 [SOLD] Alma Julius & Julius Alma & Julius Ralph 9527 Honeybell Cir Boynton Beach FL Julius Alma / Alma Julius
38778 [SOLD] Stavis Gus 2021 Sw 17Th Ave Boynton Beach FL Kelland Raymond N & Holly A
28698 [SOLD] Cummins Jean M & Cummins Scott E & Lee A & Cummins George J Jr 1721 Sw 17Th St Boynton Beach FL Kleinhenz Gerald O
132617 [SOLD] Ryle James B 111 Se 7Th Ave Boynton Beach FL Knight Nico D
28920 [SOLD] Weintraub Irving & Irving Weintraub 9803 Lemonwood Dr Boynton Beach FL Krupa Patrice J Trust
127289 [SOLD] Rya Leeds & Leeds Rya T & Leeds Murray 5149 Palazzo Pl Boynton Beach FL Leeds Murray
122016 [SOLD] Wisner Martha 11093 Springbrook Cir Boynton Beach FL Leonard Mark
116392 [SOLD] Lang Catherine R 4600 Wildwood Tree Ln #B Boynton Beach FL Logan Genina
149076 [SOLD] Williams Nancy A & Melear Larry W 316 Live Oak Ln Boynton Beach FL Melear Larry W / Williams Nancy A
176501 [SOLD] Williams Nancy A & Melear Larry W 316 Live Oak Ln Boynton Beach FL Melear Larry W / Williams Nancy A
116218 [SOLD] Silverstein Seymour L & Silverstein Barbara L 9533 Sail Palm Ct Boynton Beach FL Ornstein Arnold & Carole
54397 [SOLD] Hyman Jerome & Arlene Hyman & Hyman Arlene 5282 Grey Birch Ln Boynton Beach FL Pitter Barry & Dalit
28064 [SOLD] Tokarz Teddy 230 Ne 26Th Ave #1140 Boynton Beach FL Sabourin Jacques / Boyer Louise
177448 [SOLD] Silverman Elsie & Silverman Norman 7966 Laina Ln #3 Boynton Beach FL Saipher Robert & Vanessa
132252 [SOLD] Stanczyk Julia F 2566 Sw 10Th Ct Boynton Beach FL Sayles Ernest R Iii
113141 [SOLD] Steiner Kenneth A 11752 Castellon Ct Boynton Beach FL Schechter Melvin F & R E Trust
172777 [SOLD] Nitzberg Priscilla & Nitzberg Brad & Herrick Raina 5114 Polly Park Ln Boynton Beach FL Silver Alice
123972 [SOLD] Myra Silverman S & Silverman Myra & Silverman Melvin 7159 Boscanni Dr Boynton Beach FL Silverman Melvin / Myra Silverman S
123973 [SOLD] Roslyn Silverman Titl Hldrs & Silverman Melvin S & Silverman Melvin J & Silverman Roslyn 9835 Harbour Lake Cir Boynton Beach FL Silverman Melvin J / Silverman Melvin S
141681 [SOLD] Rothschild Marilyn & Rothschild Marvin 12069 Aprilia Dr Boynton Beach FL Sokoloff Anne-Berry
128841 [SOLD] Judith Stein S & Stein Judith & Stein Stanley 9782 Harbour Lake Cir Boynton Beach FL Stein Stanley / Judith Stein S
135778 [SOLD] Bernstein Edwin S 5314 Angel Wing Dr Boynton Beach FL Stern Babs B
176845 [SOLD] Tibbetts Dorothy E Trust 1510 Sw 21St St Boynton Beach FL Wriston Sandra L
57588 [SOLD] Moynihan John V & Moynihan Jacqueline P 9748 Coronado Lake Dr Boynton Beach FL Zheng Chen H / Lin Dang
136478 [SOLD] Blomberg Karlyn & Blomberg Steven & Karen Blomberg 5518 Parkwalk Cir Boynton Beach FL Cottam Beverly B
54804 [SOLD] Cully Alice E & Alice Cully Titl Hldr 2542 S Federal Hwy #20 Boynton Beach FL Steuding Martha M / Steuding Robert F
138686 [SOLD] Doris M Gold & Gold Doris M & Gold Richard A 7291 Hearth Stone Ave Boynton Beach FL Gold Doris M
144021 [SOLD] Farren Robert J 3786 Coco Loba Ln Boynton Beach FL Finkel Jeffrey M & Lori J / Cantwell Robert & Joy
144022 [SOLD] Farren Robert J 3811 Silver Lace Ln Boynton Beach FL Kaunpoonphol Nataya / Tantisare Thongchai
142172 [SOLD] Freeman Ellen E 5782 Parkwalk Cir Boynton Beach FL Kewley James W & Judith M
51504 [SOLD] Greene Frieda 10166 41St Dr #10166 Boynton Beach FL
91190 [SOLD] Hall Metta L 5505 N Ocean Blvd #203 Boynton Beach FL
98344 [SOLD] Hyams Ruth & Ruth Hyams 8396 Horseshoe Bay Rd Boynton Beach FL Lofton Myron L
29518 [SOLD] Mcgowan Mary C 1309 Sw 21St St Boynton Beach FL Kemp Mary F
68955 [SOLD] Schmieder Eileen 48018 Jaruco Bay Boynton Beach FL Parent Gilles / Parent Claudette T
42378 [SOLD] Sheldon Gordon & Gordon Marilyn D 8206 Duomo Cir Boynton Beach FL Gordon Marilyn D
28391 [SOLD] Viscardi Dagmar F 760 E Ocean Ave #303 Boynton Beach FL Kaptein Andrew B & Pamela J
60145 [SOLD] Voelker George J 5885 Parkwalk Dr Boynton Beach FL Ezersky Isabel & Paul
60327 [SOLD] Voelker George J 5885 Parkwalk Dr Boynton Beach FL Ezersky Isabel & Paul
131391 [SOLD] Zaslow Stanley & Thelma Zaslow & Zaslow Thelma 11690 Caracas Blvd Boynton Beach FL Unger Alan & Helene
129585 [SOLD] Skiles Gay M 302 Watkins Way Brandon FL Frotman Francisco
126032 [SOLD] Easterwood Eldon Ray 1006 Norman Ct Brandon FL Rodriguez Danyer / Garces Yariela F
38615 [SOLD] Bellotti James A 1217 Thomas Jacobs Pl Brandon FL Seysock John J Sr & Sarah P
87388 [SOLD] Garcia Alejandrina & Garcia Celedonio 1061 Bridlewood Way Brandon FL Cabrera Hilda
72478 [SOLD] Kalousdian Barbara A (Te) & Harris Patricia Ann (Te) 122 Jeffrey Dr Brandon FL Szymanski Lisa
57542 [SOLD] Lilly Hershel O 1407 Valley Pl Brandon FL Federal Natl Mtg Assn
57543 [SOLD] Lilly Hershel O 1407 Valley Pl Brandon FL Federal Natl Mtg Assn
65840 [SOLD] Schnurr Conrad B (Te) 612 Fieldstone Dr Brandon FL Allen James O Iv & Heidi S
55916 [SOLD] Guynn Victoria E 2124 S State Road 349 Branford FL Hart Russell S & Cathy L
149785 [SOLD] Dees Redden J 5736 Se County Road 500 Branford FL Land Adrian L Sr & Melissa S
28148 [SOLD] Radford Cora 4113 288Th Ter Branford FL Richards Malinda / Bethea Melody
117385 [SOLD] Lawson Bobby G 210 Se County Road 480 Branford FL Logan Brooke Lawson / Lawson Lauren Ashley
129560 [SOLD] Stinson Glenda A & Stinson William Henry 3782 274Th St Branford FL Holland Marilyn Rebecca
129773 [SOLD] Stinson Glenda A & Stinson William Henry 3782 274Th St Branford FL Holland Marilyn Rebecca
114093 [SOLD] Heeth Margaret E & Benton Melinda 1030 Jeater Bend Dr Celebration FL Lawson Grant & Lorna W / Lawson Joanne L
36247 [SOLD] Stephens William A 15425 Lake Little Rd Clermont FL Benjamin Tanya M
31590 [SOLD] Mary C Life & Osteen James C 7833 Hoboh Ln Clermont FL Osteen James C / Mary C Life
31591 [SOLD] Mary C Life & Osteen James C 7909 Hoboh Ln Clermont FL Osteen James C / Mary C Life
141324 [SOLD] Dahlstrom William R Trust 16014 Chichester Ct Clermont FL Saunderlin Arthur L Iii / Pilgrim Jacquelyn
127311 [SOLD] Allison Robert E Jr 930 West Ave Clermont FL Wilkes Amanda L
92417 [SOLD] Bearman Adele 3502 Bimini Ln #O2 Coconut Creek FL Greis Jon B
142315 [SOLD] Cuthbert Frances S 2802 Victoria Way #C4 Coconut Creek FL Hanko Keith / Grieco Patricia
116141 [SOLD] Duda David 621 Palmetto Dr Coconut Creek FL 621 Palmetto Llc
109104 [SOLD] Golembo Theodore & Golembo F & Perez Alana Susan 1603 Abaco Dr #H2 Coconut Creek FL Paquet Gervais / Tremblay Odette
54882 [SOLD] Infeld Charles & Charles Infeld 3502 Bimini Ln #F3 Coconut Creek FL Green Lynda
156058 [SOLD] Karlin Fanny & Fanny Karlin 2905 Victoria Pl #K1 Coconut Creek FL Harari Edgard & Flora G
38712 [SOLD] Kaufman Lynne & Kaufman Gerald W 1901 Bermuda Cir #J4 Coconut Creek FL K & M Broward Llc
149415 [SOLD] Lida Henry & Lida Karp & Karp Lida 2101 Lucaya Bnd #J3 Coconut Creek FL Karp Lida / Lida Henry
28961 [SOLD] Razzeca Joseph B & Rosas Rosemarie 3100 Nw 42Nd Ave #D202 Coconut Creek FL Flagstar Bk Fsb
123906 [SOLD] Rosener Joan K & Stanke Ellen R 2638 Carambola Cir #1724 Coconut Creek FL Stanke Ellen R / Rosener Carol S
38720 [SOLD] Shepard Jewell B 5100 Sw 90Th Ave #110 Cooper City FL Gibson Phillip D & Lijuan
113123 [SOLD] Toritto Michael L & Toritto Maria A 9300 Sw 56Th St Cooper City FL Mantilla Richard A & Zurailli C
105512 [SOLD] Santeiro Gerardo J & Carson John 1403 Madrid St Coral Gables FL Carson John C
66875 [SOLD] Zapico Olga Nuno De & Rivero Maria De Lourdes 600 Biltmore Way #301 Coral Gables FL Olga Nuno De Zapico / Rivero Maria De Lourdes
57157 [SOLD] Hines Elizabeth Mary & Hines Patricia 35 Se 3Rd Pl Dania Beach FL Cotten Cathy E / Hines Patricia
38636 [SOLD] Maschio Michael 457 Se 14Th St Dania Beach FL Santiago Edward & Anna
153199 [SOLD] Williams Theresa M 301 Se 3Rd St #108 Dania Beach FL Wood Diane Gale / Williams Wayne Gregory
166665 [SOLD] Gressett-Chappin Mary & Chappin Cornal 235 Wynell Dr Davenport FL Chappin Cornal / Gressett-Chappin Mary
126315 [SOLD] Bass Sybail L 3100 Sanders Rd Davenport FL Fernando Homs Pa
92391 [SOLD] Mclamb Rochelle P & Gough Evelyn Mclamb 8039 Sw 20Th Ct Davie FL Gough Evelyn Mclamb
148979 [SOLD] Roberto Jacqueleen F & Thomas J & Thomas J F Roberto 9208 Arborwood Cir Davie FL Ih4 Property Florida Lp
65088 [SOLD] Courant Robert & Courant Patricia & Robert Courant 1975 Hollows Trl Deerfield Beach FL Fernandez Maria
67959 [SOLD] Hicks Thelma L & Thelma Louise Hicks 620 Ne 19Th Ave Deerfield Beach FL Wallace Madeline / Kerins Ellen M
150439 [SOLD] Jean Crown & Crown Jean 173 Prescott I Deerfield Beach FL Scherz Jeffrey & Maxine
108721 [SOLD] Kaplan Michael & Kaplan Samuelson D & Samuelson Phyllis 1016 Ashby C Deerfield Beach FL Samuelson Phyllis / Kaplan Michael
142030 [SOLD] Lichtenstein Irene S & Lichtenstein Irene 1017 Ashby C Deerfield Beach FL Fox Andrea (Te) / Lichtenstein Irene S
160000 [SOLD] Rothbart Paul & Rothbart Paul B 1525 Se 12Th St Deerfield Beach FL Grupp Kathryn
115562 [SOLD] Thornton Verna & Treadway Eston Eqle 180 Sw 6Th St Deerfield Beach FL
116060 [SOLD] Cletis M Hoage & Brunson Billy F Jr 42333 W Lake Rd Deland FL Brunson Billy F Jr / Cletis M Hoage
169497 [SOLD] Pierson Gordon W Jr 1033 Deerfoot Rd Deland FL Carey Vicki
108884 [SOLD] Hartleb Fredrick J 112 W Fiesta Key Loop Deland FL Federal Hm Ln Mtg Corp
110111 [SOLD] Frank Adair C 124 Stetson Park Dr Deland FL Manna Anthony J
64772 [SOLD] Life Anna F & Paiva Charles 430 N Marydell Ave Deland FL Paiva Charles / Life Anna F
65551 [SOLD] Nordman Helen D 300 S Boundary Ave Deland FL Sepe Mark A
129463 [SOLD] Godwin Carrol E 1026 Fatio Rd Deland FL Wallingford Craig & Gail
52648 [SOLD] Paque Marie D S & Paque Jeffery W 1212 Helen Dr Deland FL Wilson Mary K
127630 [SOLD] Jenkins Lillie M 404 W New Hampshire Ave Deland FL Ravenell Mildred
66473 [SOLD] Hutzler Robert A 2930 Florida Blvd Delray Beach FL 2930 Florida Llc
28365 [SOLD] Walder Jules D & Walder Fern R 15830 Loch Maree Ln #3103 Delray Beach FL Country Club Renovators Llc
113110 [SOLD] Baltzer James W 101 Se 7Th Ave Delray Beach FL Gregorski 15 Llc
187563 [SOLD] Miller Irma R & Miller Seymour 15346 Strathearn Dr #12401 Delray Beach FL Strathearn Drive Llc
138732 [SOLD] Spunt Emanuel 13189 Via Vesta Delray Beach FL Adelman Howard J & Anna P / Adelman Anna P Family Trust
39922 [SOLD] Friedman Joan L & Friedman Irving 2620 Riviera Dr Delray Beach FL Altman Gail D & Larry
110404 [SOLD] Alter Jean & Alter Harry 6027 La Palma Ln Delray Beach FL Arnold Betty J / Ferguson Judy
132786 [SOLD] Spaderna Walter & Spaderna Goldman Marjorie 5938 Los Alamos Ln Delray Beach FL Austin David & Mary E
179580 [SOLD] Berube Edna M 16473 Del Palacio Ct Delray Beach FL Brower Christine M
126646 [SOLD] Sonin Rose 257 Normandy F Delray Beach FL Ciccone Margaret / Ciccone Darren C
127056 [SOLD] Avrutin Rosalind & Siegel-Levine Arlene 14537 Shadow Wood Ln Delray Beach FL Creager Carolyn J
128452 [SOLD] Avrutin Rosalind & Siegel-Levine Arlene 14537 Shadow Wood Ln Delray Beach FL Creager Carolyn J
64435 [SOLD] Rosenberg Lillian & Rosenberg Morris 6387 Whispering Wind Way Delray Beach FL De Oliveira Jorge Francisco C & Karla V B
113111 [SOLD] Baltzer James W 2832 Sw 6Th St Delray Beach FL Espejo Martin / Vasquez Guillermo E
144944 [SOLD] Litwin Florence & Litwin S & Litwin Samuel & Florence Litwin 15331 Strathearn Dr #10702 Delray Beach FL Federal Natl Mtg Assn
95195 [SOLD] Goldman Ruth F & Goldman Susan L 6650 S Oriole Blvd #1050 Delray Beach FL Fritzshall Karen R
186284 [SOLD] Nemiroff Adele & Gart Marlene 7735 Monarch Ct Delray Beach FL Gart Marlene Living Trust
153485 [SOLD] Tepp Laurie & Geller Debra & Geller Elaine 15364 Lakes Of Delray Blvd #68 Delray Beach FL Geller Elaine / Tepp Laurie
111120 [SOLD] Shirley Goldberg & Goldberg Shirley 13717 Via Aurora #B Delray Beach FL Goldberg Shirley / Shirley Goldberg
128355 [SOLD] Simons Cheryl & Goldsmith Rose 567 Monaco L Delray Beach FL Goldsmith Rose / Simons Cheryl
58312 [SOLD] Colton Elaine 13142 Via Vesta Delray Beach FL Goldstein Sharon K Trust
94157 [SOLD] Zieky Paul 16864 Silver Oak Ct Delray Beach FL Green Nancy Z
109760 [SOLD] Zekowski Sherry & Gumbs Maurice A 2721 Sw 13Th St #104 Delray Beach FL Gumbs Maurice A / Zekowski Sherry
183514 [SOLD] Wooten James H & Hamilton Gernell 41 Sw 14Th Ave Delray Beach FL Hamilton Gernell
67824 [SOLD] Engle Eleanor 6388 Kings Gate Cir Delray Beach FL Harris Allen & Reesa
28430 [SOLD] Shaffron Bernyce & The Bernice Shaffron 5890 Sugar Palm Ct #D Delray Beach FL Klein Bruce F
69453 [SOLD] Chester Milton & Chester Florence 6071 Via Silvanus #B Delray Beach FL Krahe Holly B
110387 [SOLD] Wolff Marilyn S 370 Piedmont H Delray Beach FL Landazuri Juan
153771 [SOLD] Dachs Annabelle 7321 Amberly Ln #307 Delray Beach FL Landman Dianne
57212 [SOLD] Preller Rosalind & Preller Nancy & Fortgang Jeffrey & Preller David 6785 Moonlit Dr Delray Beach FL Malul Yehuda
57213 [SOLD] Preller Rosalind & Preller Nancy & Fortgang Jeffrey & Preller David 6785 Moonlit Dr Delray Beach FL Malul Yehuda
61886 [SOLD] Capano Sherry 1360 High Point Way #A Delray Beach FL Marc Hazan
54363 [SOLD] Critics C Martin 5550 Witney Dr #312 Delray Beach FL Masonson Leslie N & Marilyn F
149668 [SOLD] Woolfson Bernice H & Matesky Joel & Matesky Sherlynn 15011 Ashland Cir #13 Delray Beach FL Matesky Joel / Matesky Sherlynn
110915 [SOLD] Pageau Gary M & Pageau Joann M 4783 Lakeland Dr Delray Beach FL Miller Francis W & Kimberly S
117527 [SOLD] Weisenfluh F Allen 4475 N Ocean Blvd #47F Delray Beach FL Moore Beverly B
172753 [SOLD] Schlanger Gloria & Kravit Jean R 464 Capri J Delray Beach FL Muller Monica
120400 [SOLD] Estelle R Newman S & Newman Estelle R & Newman Harry 6667 Moonlit Dr Delray Beach FL Newman Estelle / Newman Estelle R
123637 [SOLD] Kasten Herman 7370 S Oriole Blvd #603 Delray Beach FL Ohl Robert S Trust / Ohl Carolyn S Trust
128961 [SOLD] Schalit Irwin R 398 Monaco I Delray Beach FL Onewest Bk
111395 [SOLD] Giarraputo Patricia 13805 Via Aurora #A Delray Beach FL Parker Richard K & Rochelle
149864 [SOLD] Brennan Dorothy M 13770 Oneida Dr #C2 Delray Beach FL Powell Rita C
128958 [SOLD] Tennyson Shirley W & Purcell James P 5554 Grande Palm Cir Delray Beach FL Purcell James P / Tennyson Shirley W
186760 [SOLD] Nieter Mark F & Ribon Rosa B 7766 Stirling Bridge Blvd Delray Beach FL Ribon Rosa B
51176 [SOLD] Kestner Phyllis 14604 Canalview Dr #A Delray Beach FL Rogerson William J Jr & Vicky L
128354 [SOLD] Donald North & North Donald & Goldsmith Rose 6347 Mill Pointe Cir Delray Beach FL Saban Family Trust
132000 [SOLD] Markowitz Hyman 762 Normandy P Delray Beach FL Shalver Nina / Zvonkin Bella
28352 [SOLD] Rosenfeld Solomon & Sherman Phyllis K & Phyllis K Sherman Hlr 6578 Via Trento Delray Beach FL Sherman Phyllis K Living Trust
148125 [SOLD] Rosenfeld Solomon & Sherman Phyllis K & Phyllis K Sherman Hlr 6578 Via Trento Delray Beach FL Sherman Phyllis K Living Trust
69443 [SOLD] Evelyn Weinstein & Weinstein Evelyn 5133 Lakefront Blvd #B Delray Beach FL Weinstein Evelyn / Evelyn Weinstein
115973 [SOLD] Steinlauf Edith 461 Piedmont J Delray Beach FL Worth Carol M & Neil J
111119 [SOLD] Shirley Goldberg & Goldberg Shirley 6650 S Oriole Blvd #4030 Delray Beach FL Yokavonis Kathy A & Joseph D
108558 [SOLD] Clay Lorraine N Trust 2 800 N Ocean Blvd #120 Delray Beach FL
32127 [SOLD] Greenberg Irwin 14369 Campanelli Dr Delray Beach FL Feigelis Gwen
29104 [SOLD] Lodico Peter 5606 Via Delray #D Delray Beach FL Walluck Mary
38695 [SOLD] Lodico Peter 5606 Via Delray #D Delray Beach FL Walluck Mary
29097 [SOLD] Nee Martin & Nee Marilyn 15035 Michelangelo Blvd #104 Delray Beach FL Izmery Raphael & Pascale
55299 [SOLD] Perri August A & Ultsch Arthur W Sr 14530 Candy Way Delray Beach FL Ultsch Arthur W Sr
65980 [SOLD] Stubbs Olive & Stubbs Maria & Stubbs Lloma 622 Sw 5Th Ave Delray Beach FL Walters Lloma / Stubbs Gloria
66098 [SOLD] Stubbs Olive & Stubbs Maria & Stubbs Lloma 622 Sw 5Th Ave Delray Beach FL Walters Lloma / Stubbs Gloria
41807 [SOLD] Porter Donald J Te 1911 Lake Eustis Dr Eustis FL Casselman Glenn B & Laura J
136189 [SOLD] Creasy Robert P 3001 Lakeview Ct Eustis FL Federal Natl Mtg Assn Fnma
40291 [SOLD] Harper Carolyn B & Harper William L 400 W Seminole Ave Eustis FL Gene Smith Properties Inc
145991 [SOLD] Harvey Grace I 602 Brookline Ave Eustis FL Lawson Adam C
130043 [SOLD] Mencarini Aldo J 32851 Mccall Dr Eustis FL Love Samuel B Jr / Love John H
136638 [SOLD] Freeman Anna Lee 318 E Lakeview Ave Eustis FL Sahyoun Frank
109408 [SOLD] Robinson Lucille M Trust 46 Pine St Eustis FL Showman Richard G Sr & Carol
114337 [SOLD] Mary Lee Hierh & Specht John E 845 Club Hills Dr Eustis FL Specht John E / Mary Lee Hierh
131489 [SOLD] Le Phyllis L Piccini & Pappas Suzanne Lee & Piccini Silvio D 1469 N Krome Ave Florida City FL Pappas Remsuzanne Lee / Piccini Phyllis L / Piccini Silvio D
131490 [SOLD] Piccini Phyllis L & Pappas Remsuzanne Lee & Piccini Silvio D 1469 N Krome Ave Florida City FL Pappas Remsuzanne Lee / Piccini Phyllis L / Piccini Silvio D
121026 [SOLD] Barton Andrew W Sr & Andrew W Barton Sr 2830 Ne 55Th St Fort Lauderdale FL Newman Kevin / Briggs-Price Richard
155597 [SOLD] Bass Ernest G Jr & Bass Jeanne D 721 Se 5Th Ct Fort Lauderdale FL Langer Jackie / John Jeffrey
89606 [SOLD] Billings Michele L & Leathers Patrick Wayne 917 Ne 16Th Ave #11 Fort Lauderdale FL Leathers Patrick Wayne
114467 [SOLD] Boyko Berniece & Cenko Mary S 3690 Sw 22Nd St Fort Lauderdale FL Cenko Joseph
53035 [SOLD] Cheezem Jan Carson Te & Land Trust 605 4020 Galt Ocean Dr #605 Fort Lauderdale FL Land Trust 605 / Cheezem Jan Carson (Te)
119923 [SOLD] Clark George V 511 Bayshore Dr #510 Fort Lauderdale FL Giugliano Joseph R Jr / Munafo Nicholas J Iii
156582 [SOLD] Duck Stepton & Carricato Robert W 328 Sw 12Th Ave Fort Lauderdale FL
74448 [SOLD] Edwards Thomas N & Edwards Nedra C 2500 E Las Olas Blvd #1506 Fort Lauderdale FL Patti Charles & Catherine
55764 [SOLD] Fay Ruth M 3519 Sw 15Th St Fort Lauderdale FL Federal Natl Mtg Assn Fnma
93712 [SOLD] Fehlhaber Robert F 127 Fiesta Way Fort Lauderdale FL 127 Fiesta Llc
93851 [SOLD] Fehlhaber Robert F 127 Fiesta Way Fort Lauderdale FL 127 Fiesta Llc
127111 [SOLD] Flemming Evelyn C 927 Se 13Th St #6 Fort Lauderdale FL Wright Gina R
127349 [SOLD] Flemming Evelyn C 927 Se 13Th St #6 Fort Lauderdale FL Wright Gina R
66723 [SOLD] Genduso Serafina & Serafina Salvatore & Serafina Genduso 610 Sw 28Th Dr Fort Lauderdale FL Demosthenes Ertzling & Sherly
64631 [SOLD] Goold Murray E & Smith Marilyn H 2161 Ne 68Th St #312 Fort Lauderdale FL Smith Marilyn H / Skaer Judy
108467 [SOLD] Hollywood Alma L & Alma L Hollywood 2200 S Ocean Ln #1105 Fort Lauderdale FL Sladek Lillian J
93508 [SOLD] Kauth Margaret H M & Margaret H M Kauth 500 Desota Dr Fort Lauderdale FL Margaret H M Kauth
132708 [SOLD] Kjellmark Eric W Jr & Palermo Salvatore 3300 Ne 36Th St #821 Fort Lauderdale FL Palermo Salvatore
145453 [SOLD] Lore Richard C 4010 Galt Ocean Dr #415 Fort Lauderdale FL Richard C Lore
145463 [SOLD] Mccormick Robert S 520 Coral Way Fort Lauderdale FL Odonnell John E
114749 [SOLD] Mcfarlane Gary G 2100 S Ocean Ln #2504 Fort Lauderdale FL Sunnybrooke Trust
131346 [SOLD] Naugle Lucinda M Trust 1600 Se 15Th St #405 Fort Lauderdale FL Burville Emily
245397 [SOLD] Pamela Paver & Barton Eric C 1731 Ne 40Th Ct Fort Lauderdale FL Barton Pamela Paver
74051 [SOLD] Rosenthal Joan W 333 Sunset Dr #202 Fort Lauderdale FL Barney Donald F Jr
174829 [SOLD] Ryan William G 519 Sw 7Th Ave #8 Fort Lauderdale FL Farkas Benjamin J / Farkas Lisa M
186854 [SOLD] Ryan William G 519 Sw 7Th Ave #8 Fort Lauderdale FL Farkas Benjamin J / Farkas Lisa M
142235 [SOLD] Scudder Carolyn K 1819 Se 17Th St #602 Fort Lauderdale FL Carol A Scudder-Hirsh (Te) / Scudder Carolyn K
121447 [SOLD] Smart Larry Regan & Larry Regan Smart 711 N Birch Rd #505 Fort Lauderdale FL Wallis Ronald & Dorothy Trust
136611 [SOLD] Sours Jean G & Powell J S Iii 936 Intracoastal Dr #5A Fort Lauderdale FL Powell J S Iii / Peck Dorothy P
137395 [SOLD] Sours Jean G & Powell J S Iii 936 Intracoastal Dr #5A Fort Lauderdale FL Powell J S Iii / Peck Dorothy P
54393 [SOLD] Stahl Jane 2012 Ne 29Th Ct Fort Lauderdale FL Bentley Michelle A
185315 [SOLD] Takach Thomas R 10402 Sunrise Lakes Blvd #209 Fort Lauderdale FL Sunrise Lakes Condo Phase 4 In
166526 [SOLD] Voisich Jean 8202 Nw 91St Ter Fort Lauderdale FL Lambert Jeannie F / Lambert Heather R
188763 [SOLD] Walmsley Merlyn S & Thompson Charles 2081 Sw 28Th Ter Fort Lauderdale FL Peetam Kevin
28597 [SOLD] Warren Edna K 1612 Sw 5Th St Fort Lauderdale FL Quaid Arthur E Iii
65495 [SOLD] Wilhelm Sally & Alshouse David 1101 River Reach Dr #306 Fort Lauderdale FL Alshouse David / Wilhelm Sally
132419 [SOLD] Boucher Claire T & Boucher 427 Raymond Ave Frostproof FL Parady Carroll E Sr & Rosalinda
58304 [SOLD] Schemanske George W & Schemanske Joyce Anne 3936 Citrus Cir Fruitland Park FL Dye Johnny M & Mickey J
35466 [SOLD] Cramer William C 34949 Cutoff Rd Fruitland Park FL Hunt Freddie W & Janie W
73713 [SOLD] Martin Harold R 707 Pennsylvania Ave Fruitland Park FL Lima Nelson A & Rosetta B
129156 [SOLD] Locken Kevin E & Jones-Locken Barbara J 9102 Aliso Ridge Rd Gotha FL Jones-Locken Barbara J
56422 [SOLD] Lantieri Salvatore & Marilyn 6413 Breckenridge Cir Greenacres FL Baldelomar Vladimir N & Ivette
42364 [SOLD] Shannon Mary M 6356 Summer Sky Ln Greenacres FL Interthal William J & Mary M
43606 [SOLD] Lakin Jean Trust 6219 Pond Tree Ct Greenacres FL Ledonne Ricardo A & Aracelis
39512 [SOLD] Delker Diane L & Lay Patricia A & Delker Erma I & Delker Charles L & Howard C Ii 3003 30Th Ln Greenacres FL Lobuono Francesco & Jennifer
52222 [SOLD] Delker Diane L & Lay Patricia A & Delker Erma I & Delker Charles L & Howard C Ii 3003 30Th Ln Greenacres FL Lobuono Francesco & Jennifer
88247 [SOLD] Simmons Audrey H & Simmons Richmond H 16701 Hunt Island Rd Groveland FL Carli Adrian & Gabriela
29308 [SOLD] Richardson Ralph & Lewellen Betty Ann & Tomlinson Bessie Mae 271 E Main St Haines City FL Jom Rentals Llc
137025 [SOLD] Powers Mary M & Powers Michael T 555 Harbourview Dr Haines City FL Conrad David D & Joyce R
132181 [SOLD] Whitfield Lillie M & Randall Claretha A 516 N 6Th St Haines City FL Randall Claretha A / Whitfield Lillie M
187557 [SOLD] Tsigonsky Naum 2097 S Ocean Dr #306 Hallandale FL Naum Tsigonsky
139711 [SOLD] Edelstein Thea & Edelstein Ronald 600 Three Islands Blvd #1502 Hallandale Beach FL Morapla Llc
38764 [SOLD] Potter Henry T Jr 415 Ne 2Nd St #102 Hallandale Beach FL Colborn James
90674 [SOLD] Krstec Josif & Krstec Brandusa & Grosin Savita 501 Ne 14Th Ave #302 Hallandale Beach FL Grosin Savita
40573 [SOLD] Jackson Jodi Jammel & Jammel George A 1358 W 69Th St Hialeah FL Brothers E & N Investments
40574 [SOLD] Jackson Jodi Jammel & Jammel George A 1358 W 69Th St Hialeah FL Brothers E & N Investments
166226 [SOLD] Legra Eleazar & Legra Maria R 7151 W 19Th Ct Hialeah FL Cusimano Investments Llc
113186 [SOLD] Mukaty Mohd & Mukaty Daisy & Duran Graciela 141 W 17Th St Hialeah FL Duran Graciela / Mukaty Mohd
105400 [SOLD] Rinaldi Ana 1950 W 54Th St #206 Hialeah FL Est Of Ana Rinaldi
106189 [SOLD] Rinaldi Ana 1950 W 54Th St #206 Hialeah FL Est Of Ana Rinaldi
127442 [SOLD] Thomas W Church & Darren T Church & Nancy Church 350 To To Lo Chee Dr Hialeah FL Nancy Church / Darren T Church
118116 [SOLD] Pensky Selma & Ziman Diane 2806 N 46Th Ave #D533 Hollywood FL Cutler Kenneth & Sharon / Cutler Adrienne
99686 [SOLD] Conway Beverly A & Conway Ronald H 2751 S Ocean Dr #1604S Hollywood FL Flowers Delores
69324 [SOLD] Anna R J & Anna G Zwick & Zwick Anna G 3521 Cleveland St Hollywood FL Jandebeur Patrick
117879 [SOLD] Ludwig Edward C 567 S Crescent Dr Hollywood FL Javenes Heather
113429 [SOLD] Schnettler Virginia F & Lauridia Bonnie L & Mott James R 2412 Dickens Cir #168 Hollywood FL Lauridia Bonnie L / Mott James R
168446 [SOLD] Schiff Ruby & Rubin Shari & Ragan Bradley D 2808 N 46Th Ave #E645 Hollywood FL Rubin Shari / Ragan Bradley D
114535 [SOLD] Oppenheimer Ruth & Ruth Oppenheimer 4350 Hillcrest Dr #215 Hollywood FL Ruth Oppenheimer Tr
115999 [SOLD] Rapp Indee L & Simons Barbara A & Rapp Leonard B & Simons Jerome A 5809 Hollywood Blvd Hollywood FL Simons Barbara A / Rapp Leonard B
116001 [SOLD] Rapp Indee L & Simons Barbara A & Rapp Leonard B & Simons Jerome A 5801 Hollywood Blvd Hollywood FL Simons Jerome A / Simons Barbara A
179586 [SOLD] Kass Rosalind M 2810 N 46Th Ave #F455 Hollywood FL Tracte Janet V Trust
135761 [SOLD] Suppa Mary Lou 5000 Grant St Hollywood FL Young Frances / Young Anthony
71024 [SOLD] Ball Donna M & Ball Roger A 2703 Fillmore St Hollywood FL Singer Justin
71025 [SOLD] Ball Donna M & Ball Roger A 2703 Fillmore St Hollywood FL Singer Justin
71023 [SOLD] Ball Donna M & Ball Roger A 2648 Fillmore St Hollywood FL Hanescu Victor / Chirileanu Vladimir
153561 [SOLD] Fitzsimmons Patsy R 100 Berkley Rd #104 Hollywood FL Bassoff Family Trust
65895 [SOLD] Horney David F & Horney Dorothy L 2427 Lee St Hollywood FL Leyva Elizabeth V
93812 [SOLD] Phillips Genevieve 2801 Arthur St Hollywood FL 2801 Arthur Llc
123360 [SOLD] Backers Stevan & Backers Urmia M 26061 Sw 138Th Ct Homestead FL
114330 [SOLD] Ben Linda C Robinson & Robinson Linda C Te & Ben Larry & Robinson Larry Te 12244 Sw 263Rd Ter Homestead FL Robinson Larry (Te) / Robinson Linda C (Te)
137500 [SOLD] Ben Linda C Robinson & Robinson Linda C Te & Ben Larry & Robinson Larry Te 12244 Sw 263Rd Ter Homestead FL Robinson Larry (Te) / Robinson Linda C (Te)
140141 [SOLD] Hawley Irene & Warner Donald 35250 Sw 177Th Ct #28 Homestead FL Warner Donald
73980 [SOLD] Morden Donald R (Te) & Morden Sara M (Te) 1415 Nw 19Th St Homestead FL Andrade Rolando Jr
124328 [SOLD] Voorhees Joan H Te 9504 San Fernando Ct Howey In The FL
104977 [SOLD] Weil Richard C & Weil Suanne 404 Camino Real Howey In The FL
73845 [SOLD] Nothhelfer Margarete H & Guttuso Maria 8146 Ambach Way #7D Hypoluxo FL Coleman Kevin
33228 [SOLD] Gilbertson Linda K & Gilbertson Charles F 6381 Fort Myers Dr Indian Lake Estates FL Citizens Bk & Trust
38638 [SOLD] Holmes William R & Holmes Barbara K 420 Celestial Way #206 Juno Beach FL Daddono John W & Stefanie C
29039 [SOLD] Bergsma Randall S & Christy J 204 River Park Dr Jupiter FL Sherman William P & Mary A
57338 [SOLD] Ketcham Alan C 3059 30Th Ct Jupiter FL Tenacity Properties Llc
73774 [SOLD] Staiman Ruth W 120 Tim Mara Dr Jupiter FL Bymel William / Staiman Philip B
29567 [SOLD] Smith Kathleen H & Smith Kip A 2537 Jasmine Trace Dr Kissimmee FL American Residential Leasing C
108571 [SOLD] Williams Walter C & Williams Hilder A 212 Garden St Kissimmee FL Bell Renaldo
154194 [SOLD] Martinez Orpha & Figueroa Jose J 2579 Jasmine Trace Dr Kissimmee FL Figueroa Jose J
121996 [SOLD] Rogers Glenn M & Williamson Linda R & Rogers Agnes R Rle & Moore Nancy R 311 E Monument Ave Kissimmee FL Holladay Dan W & Julia A
150549 [SOLD] Fellowes Charles H & Fellowes Jill M 1080 Jennie Ridge Trl Kissimmee FL Kisch Mark S Jr / Ducharme Michelle R
49418 [SOLD] Bauersfeld Edith C 82 Alameda Dr Kissimmee FL Lorenzo Antoinette
39765 [SOLD] England Marie A & England Donald R 2996 Foxy Ln Kissimmee FL Pilweski Lynn A / Williams Karen M
67206 [SOLD] Stine Gerald E & Mary Jane Li 520 Valencia Pl Lady Lake FL Allmond Eugene D / Jones Karen E
137296 [SOLD] Easterlin Lila S 1017 San Remo Ln Lady Lake FL Bedford John R
60861 [SOLD] Bolduc Donna & Bolduc Edward D 614 Ray St Lady Lake FL Branch Bkng & Trust Co
30671 [SOLD] Walker Charlene A 5228 Grove Mnr Lady Lake FL Habjan Rudolph J Living Trust
139108 [SOLD] Stroud Jean F Te 1543 W Schwartz Blvd Lady Lake FL Hill Marlin A & Judith A
160753 [SOLD] Grimm Noel F & Bessie B Life 510 Torres Pl Lady Lake FL Horseman Donald A & June E
139789 [SOLD] Parenteau Gerald W & Parenteau Joann M 1845 W Schwartz Blvd Lady Lake FL Kerkela Calvin D & Carolyn L
128634 [SOLD] Boudreau Roger R 548 Saint Andrews Blvd Lady Lake FL Knight Earl V Jr & Lorraine D
65191 [SOLD] Kennard Gwenda E Trust 617 Jason Dr Lady Lake FL Mahaffey James E & Gloria J
139094 [SOLD] Nesz Henry & Stoughton Karen L Hen (Te) 1314 Magana Pl Lady Lake FL Silvis Dora L & Bell P E Trust
69243 [SOLD] Gagnon Delores A & Gagnon Robert E 1930 Sue Ct Lake Alfred FL Adye Sandra L
112163 [SOLD] Chancey Rita Jean & Chancey Mason 460 W Pierce St Lake Alfred FL Ison Jerry D
71232 [SOLD] Wahlert Stanley D & Wahlert Mildred C & Agreement 4612 Turnberry Ln Lake Wales FL Agreement / Wahlert Stanley D
33044 [SOLD] Maclean Robert & Maclean Anne & Maclean Anne E 4194 Cannes Ave Lake Wales FL Carmona Carlo & Mary
143705 [SOLD] Meyer Charles C Sr 8727 Oak Ridge Dr Lake Wales FL Grace Mark W
113601 [SOLD] Drabik Donald J & Drabik Joann G 340 Lake Suzanne Dr Lake Wales FL Howard Robert A Living Trust / Howard Marjorie Living Trust
155379 [SOLD] Powell Virgil Gilbert 718 Osceola Ave Lake Wales FL Huggins Raymond H & Alexis A
43554 [SOLD] Marra Helen J & Marra John L Jr 2511 Huggins Rd Lake Wales FL Johnson Roger
129218 [SOLD] Ferguson Cheryl E & Kriston Edward L 1527 Poe Rd Lake Wales FL Kriston Edward L / Ferguson Cheryl E
172486 [SOLD] Bachelder Dwight & Bachelder Barbara A 1017 Highview Dr Lake Wales FL Lawson Tanya / Frye Ronald
168164 [SOLD] Chapel William I & Chapel William E & Chapel Michael & Chapel Patrick L 3022 Walden Shores Blvd Lake Wales FL Mcmanamay Charles T & Patsy F
106147 [SOLD] Burger Catherine B 10516 Lynnwood Ave Lake Wales FL Midflorida Fcu
29107 [SOLD] Odom Merle C & Dill Dale Odom & Polk Shirley Odom & Odom Ouida J 130 Wild Flower Dr Lake Wales FL Polk Charles C
43749 [SOLD] Glenn Harold Ernest 42 W Johnson Ave Lake Wales FL Ramos Raul
30584 [SOLD] Elliott Patricia A & Elliott Daniel R 3918 Lazy Ln Lake Wales FL Russell James E Jr & Overia J
153193 [SOLD] Williams Felicia D & Walker Rubye H 310 S 2Nd St Lake Wales FL Walker Rubye H / Williams Felicia D
184608 [SOLD] Baumgartner Laverne A & Baumgartner Frederick C 5675 Saddlebag Lake Rd Lake Wales FL Rigg Charles S & Patricia M
176428 [SOLD] Calise Albert C & Calise Cindie B 7675 Cedar Hurst Ct Lake Worth FL Blue Mountain Homes Llc
155651 [SOLD] Luccarelli Marie 4820 Lucerne Lakes Blvd #102 Lake Worth FL Amsler Horacio & Silvia
112997 [SOLD] Lantieri Salvatore & Marilyn 6413 Breckenridge Cir Lake Worth FL Baldelomar Vladimir N & Ivette
60129 [SOLD] Merrit Edith & Edith Merrit 7506 Ace Rd Lake Worth FL Farfan Mariela C
142372 [SOLD] Sentner Molly D & Venoff Irene R & Ferrugio Debra B 4657 Fountains Dr #104 Lake Worth FL Ferrugio Debra B / Venoff Irene R
66528 [SOLD] Rosenberg Harold & Rosenberg Rose 4354 Fountains Dr #4354 Lake Worth FL Fleissig Amy / Miller Russell
179830 [SOLD] Weitz Jack 3871 Via Poinciana #105 Lake Worth FL Hilaire Josephine
28804 [SOLD] Grossmann Gretel L & Grossmann Walter & Grossmann Gretel 5178 Prairie Dunes Village Cir Lake Worth FL Idiaquez John & Melita
28194 [SOLD] Jones Nola K & Myerson Cynthia & Crickenberger Dianna 305 Cape Cod Cir #B Lake Worth FL Johansen Lillian
28212 [SOLD] Moncelli William V & Moncelli Olympia S & Moncelli W V & Moncelli Olympia 8225 Whitewood Cv Lake Worth FL Keller Cynthia K
38528 [SOLD] Moncelli William V & Moncelli Olympia S & Moncelli W V & Moncelli Olympia 8225 Whitewood Cv Lake Worth FL Keller Cynthia K
165811 [SOLD] Manewitz Thomas A & Manewitz Virginia L & Manewitz Mark T 6284 Floridian Cir Lake Worth FL Ledbetter Thomas L & S E Trust
149251 [SOLD] Shim Harry 9112 Yearling Dr Lake Worth FL Lee Robert E / Lee J Carol
178309 [SOLD] Frances Weinstein & Weinstein Frances 6768 10Th Ave #304 Lake Worth FL Mahmoudi Ezzat
66532 [SOLD] Marilyn Rosenberg & Rosenberg Marilyn & Rosenberg Harold 8231 Abalone Point Blvd Lake Worth FL Rosenberg Harold / Marilyn Rosenberg
60869 [SOLD] Rassiga Barbara J 351 Covered Bridge Blvd #B Lake Worth FL Russo Kathryn J
60886 [SOLD] Rassiga Barbara J 351 Covered Bridge Blvd #B Lake Worth FL Russo Kathryn J
136178 [SOLD] Albores Rosemary A & Rosemary Ralph & Rosemary Albores 702 N Federal Hwy #B2 Lake Worth FL Palar Michael F / Palar Venus M
65172 [SOLD] Dovey Robert E & Dovey Valerie B 1711 High Ridge Rd Lake Worth FL Smith Larry D
112999 [SOLD] Lougheed Margaret 4254 Deste Ct #101 Lake Worth FL Mackenzie Susan L / Sally Guy
137170 [SOLD] Rhoades Victoria A & Mullan James P 810 N Lakeside Dr Lake Worth FL Mullan James P / Rhoades Victoria A
116567 [SOLD] Sendker Francis T & Sendker Francis & Yvette C Sendker S & Sendker Yvette C 6850 10Th Ave #401 Lake Worth FL Selkowe Rebecca E
149077 [SOLD] Williams Nancy A & Melear Larry W 4821 Waverly Woods Ter Lake Worth FL Merrell John R Trust / Merrell Shari B Trust
176502 [SOLD] Williams Nancy A & Melear Larry W 4821 Waverly Woods Ter Lake Worth FL Merrell John R Trust / Merrell Shari B Trust
131916 [SOLD] Wood Helena N 140 Vassar Dr Lake Worth FL Lance James E / Andreacchio Richard C
95402 [SOLD] Lloyd Marshall H 1202 Sea Oats Cir Lakeland FL Boucher Kimberly A & Eugene J
149411 [SOLD] Warren Charles H & Warren Deena L 4926 Hidden Hills Dr Lakeland FL Carter Miranda L
149168 [SOLD] Cifala Peter J & Cifala Jennie D & Cifala Brandi Jennie D 4117 Bougainvilla Dr #215 Lauderdale By The FL
118135 [SOLD] Diane C Simpson & Simpson Diane C & Diane John A & Simpson John A 4050 N Ocean Dr #1101 Lauderdale By The FL
118837 [SOLD] Diane C Simpson & Simpson Diane C & Diane John A & Simpson John A 4050 N Ocean Dr #1101 Lauderdale By The FL
87361 [SOLD] Burbank Linda Sue 118 E Main St Leesburg FL Beacon College Inc
65846 [SOLD] Larkin Judith A 102 Cascade Cv Leesburg FL Dodge Robert E & Nancy E
130605 [SOLD] Walsh Audrey R 78 Aberdeen Ct Leesburg FL Federal Natl Mtg Assn Fnma
109571 [SOLD] Dewey Doris J Te 5913 Bag Pipe Pl Leesburg FL Freeze Steven E & Pamela J
69492 [SOLD] Kyle J Thomas & Hardy Jay K 11605 Missouri St Leesburg FL Hardy Jay K / Kyle J Thomas
155628 [SOLD] Yancey John T Jr (Te) 82 Westwood Dr Leesburg FL Iverson Brian D & Melissa M
154813 [SOLD] Byrne Patrick T & Byrne Irene W 148 Azalea Trl Leesburg FL Kittle Keith J & Canadice
99492 [SOLD] Pirkle Flavis L & Pirkle Dolores 1609 Selkirk Dr Leesburg FL Manning Stephen D & Madeline F
70166 [SOLD] Thacker Willard D 8608 Silver Trl Leesburg FL Marshall Larry H
122030 [SOLD] Filippini Carl J & Filippini Carol A 10248 Patrick Dr Leesburg FL Moorefield Matthew L
65896 [SOLD] Holst Edward F Jr & Holst Margie Li 33320 Somerset Dr Leesburg FL Rich Martha E
129551 [SOLD] Hutchison Cotus E 913 Willow Dr Leesburg FL Rupert Jordan & Myra
105465 [SOLD] Meeves Darrel E & Meeves Marilyn J 2278 Lake Pointe Cir Leesburg FL Sanson Basil E & Linda J
122063 [SOLD] Rausch Ida Mae (Te) 5525 Clay Ct Leesburg FL Shaw Barbara L
29221 [SOLD] Falco Debra H & Westfall Diane H & Thomas Donna H 102 S Kaolin St Leesburg FL Thomas Donna H / Falco Debra H
65504 [SOLD] Entwistle Janet & Entwistle William J Sr 12 Brigadoon Cir Leesburg FL Us Bank Na Trust 2011-1
163212 [SOLD] Jones Sammie John & Jones Albertha W 504 Cooke St Leesburg FL Wiggins Sammie J
146137 [SOLD] Monthony Clayton S & Monthony Shirley J 1716 Orkney Dr Leesburg FL Badgero John A & Pamela
160754 [SOLD] Letendre Irene G 2240 Ne 34Th St Lighthouse Point FL Varga Ferenc
185227 [SOLD] Agullo Rodolfo S & Agullo Rodolfo & Toro Hortensia 17859 88Th Rd Loxahatchee FL Toro Hortensia
179925 [SOLD] Bottiglieri Christian D & Bottiglieri Karen R 17394 Murcott Blvd Loxahatchee FL Stewart Christopher D & Angela G
151759 [SOLD] Lewis Leonard S 14828 82Nd St Loxahatchee FL Ott Anthony S Jr & Mindy
71274 [SOLD] Pastor Robert M 18353 42Nd Rd Loxahatchee FL Discovery Quest Inc
105316 [SOLD] Reed Richard L 17286 40Th Run Loxahatchee FL Viau Sean M & Chelsea L
74123 [SOLD] Warman Richard B 15223 Collecting Canal Rd Loxahatchee FL Richard Warman
54321 [SOLD] Bonesteel Don W 1290 Winston Rd Maitland FL Carreiro Kinsey L & Jesse L
115870 [SOLD] Stonecliffe Carol E 380 White Oak Cir Maitland FL Pengelly Joanne J & Richard K
108582 [SOLD] Easterling Catheryn M 2345 Falmouth Rd Maitland FL Schoen Steven W / Allen Lawrence A
153856 [SOLD] Sain Lois N & Sain Julius W 2464 Hunterfield Rd Maitland FL Wheeler Kaleigh E
48273 [SOLD] Barbara Laporta & Laporta Barbara & Barbara Samuel & Laporta Samuel 7460 Nw 18Th St #102 Margate FL Laporta Barbara / Barbara Samuel
105141 [SOLD] Cruz Elizabeth L & Cruz Edwin R 248 Nw 78Th Ave Margate FL Jazbrowhomes Llc
141664 [SOLD] Demino Elvira 3175 Holiday Springs Blvd #34 Margate FL Kreps Kathleen / Prezzemolo Elaine
169455 [SOLD] Schuler Dennis V 2161 Nw 69Th Ter Margate FL Lagomazini Joseph M & Katherine / Lagomazini Katherine
156878 [SOLD] Venero Julie & Mancini Mary Susan 5935 Coral Lake Dr #311 Margate FL De Serna Nancy Calderon / Serna Jairo Enrique
28335 [SOLD] Zafarana Alphonse & A & H Zafarana No 1 6600 Royal Palm Blvd #102B Margate FL Guiliano Michael
72172 [SOLD] Rothman Steve 11111 Biscayne Blvd #1056 Miami FL Foreclosure Assets Llc
128614 [SOLD] Goodman Walter F & Flanders Robert A 720 Ne 69Th St #5N Miami FL Flanders Robert A
166674 [SOLD] Leeman Peter & Flores Gabriel 1900 N Bayshore Dr #801 Miami FL Flores Gabriel / Leeman Peter
111494 [SOLD] Clark Lydia S 2333 Brickell Ave #305 Miami FL Greystones Real Estate Corp
111773 [SOLD] Clark Lydia S 2333 Brickell Ave #305 Miami FL Greystones Real Estate Corp
131353 [SOLD] Clark Lydia S 2333 Brickell Ave #305 Miami FL Greystones Real Estate Corp
30502 [SOLD] Tuiran Jaime A & Paternina Maria V & Paternina Judith & Santiago Diana M 31 Se 5Th St #2001 Miami FL Paternina Judith / Paternina Maria V
30523 [SOLD] Tuiran Jaime A & Paternina Maria V & Paternina Judith & Santiago Diana M 31 Se 5Th St #2001 Miami FL Paternina Judith / Paternina Maria V
28223 [SOLD] Merrick Richard L & Merrick Mildred 4235 Lennox Dr Miami FL Russell Paul H
117354 [SOLD] Winston Nicole S & Winston Vivian 4000 Towerside Ter #310 Miami FL Sultan Daniel
124533 [SOLD] Acha Dulce M & Newmeyer Rosa M 13321 Sw 88Th Ter #A Miami FL Newmeyer Rosa M
30662 [SOLD] Acosta Marta & Lopez Juana F 1800 Sw 98Th Ct Miami FL Lopez Juana F / Acosta Marta
49433 [SOLD] Aja Manuel E & Aja Rosalia 6712 Sw 28Th St Miami FL Boveda Tania R / Aja Carlos M
58184 [SOLD] Barrenechea-Sebate Esperanza A & Estefan Roberto V 6381 Sw 20Th St Miami FL E A Barrenechea-Sebate
29802 [SOLD] Ben Esther Yagoda & Yagoda Esther Te 9525 Sw 73Rd Ave Miami FL Armando Perez Roura / Roura Ana T Perez
106144 [SOLD] Bravo Blanca 335 S Biscayne Blvd #3002 Miami FL Chen Chih S / Huang Tze-Chi
149823 [SOLD] Bridgemahon Heather Ann 11261 N Kendall Dr #H208 Miami FL Dominguez Jose C & Enoilda
111557 [SOLD] Carr Ralph J & Carr Aida M 8320 Sw 102Nd St Miami FL Cacciatore Fabrizio & Micheline
59331 [SOLD] Chase Kathleen K & Howe Stephanie & Howe Alexandra 9921 Sw 97Th Ct Miami FL Howe Stephanie / Howe Alexandra
39135 [SOLD] Chisholm Jacqueline A & Rasco Jose I Iii 6840 Sw 45Th Ln #258 Miami FL Rasco Jose I Iii / Chisholm Jacqueline A
58186 [SOLD] Clavero Juan & Clavero Olivia 2631 Nw 23Rd Ct #33 Miami FL
95551 [SOLD] Cordoves Maria J & Cordoves Arsenio Oscar 1040 Nw 18Th Ave Miami FL Arsenio Oscar Cordoves
113773 [SOLD] Coulbourn William Keith 1634 Sw 15Th St Miami FL Nkw-Ebg Homes Llc
119375 [SOLD] Deleonardo Karen & Deleonardo Joseph 14911 Sw 139Th Pl Miami FL Valdez Nancy
112044 [SOLD] Duarte Pedro 601 Ne 36Th St #3109 Miami FL Kordova Investments Llc
130541 [SOLD] Duhaney Joyce H 12333 Sw 104Th Ln Miami FL Est Of Joyce H Duhaney
130577 [SOLD] Duhaney Joyce H 12333 Sw 104Th Ln Miami FL Est Of Joyce H Duhaney
186756 [SOLD] Falco Joseph H 21121 Sw 85Th Ave #215 Miami FL Mendez Jeffrey
56679 [SOLD] Ferro Maria L & Escuza Pablo 6263 Sw 165Th Ave Miami FL Escuza Pablo / Ferro Maria L
51909 [SOLD] Fonseca Emiliana & Jimenez Jessica Maria 6461 Sw 27Th St Miami FL Jimenez Jessica Maria
51870 [SOLD] Garcia Olga J & Garcia Jose 6701 Sw 21St St Miami FL D Castle Llc
142774 [SOLD] Gilmour Sidney & Vorce Dara 9404 Sw 77Th Ave #M2 Miami FL Vorce Dara
167788 [SOLD] Goldenblank Carol & Ashbel Susan 8975 Sw 86Th St Miami FL Ashbel Susan
149337 [SOLD] Graves Lucinda A M & Graves Taylor 5801 Sw 112Th Ct Miami FL Lucinda A M Graves / Taylor
73532 [SOLD] Hernandez William & Ruiz Martha & Gisbert Obdulia 301 Sw 71St Ave Miami FL Gisbert Obdulia / Hernandez William
139149 [SOLD] Hinz Lisette & Perdomo Teresa 14778 Sw 175Th St Miami FL Perdomo Teresa / Hinz Lisette
29084 [SOLD] Hodge Nedra A 12024 Nw 3Rd Ave Miami FL Reyes Yaritza E
126242 [SOLD] Holewinski Rodney M 14400 Ne 4Th Ave Miami FL Romero Javier
49581 [SOLD] Jomarron Raquel 13453 Sw 62Nd St #70 Miami FL Morales Danis
153605 [SOLD] Joseph Ulda 506 Ne 199Th Ln #6R Miami FL Ulda Joseph
64430 [SOLD] Kaplan Jodie & Jtrs Jeffrey Lewis Kaplan & Jtrs Robin Sue Friedman 4000 Towerside Ter #905 Miami FL Greystones Real Estate Corp
55660 [SOLD] Kissoon Marie E & Kissoon Renton Orlando 1201 Nw 118Th St Miami FL Ravi Kisson (Te)
28359 [SOLD] Kreider Anna H 4920 Sw 93Rd Ct Miami FL Zapata Eric V & Gisel M
65746 [SOLD] Lodenquai Annette & Lee Pearl B & Lee Vincent E & Lee Steve 13411 Sw 111Th Ter Miami FL Lee Vincent E / Lee Pearl B
69479 [SOLD] Lopez Hilda & Alba Teresita & Pino Hilda E 6513 Sw 136Th Ct #D Miami FL Alba Teresita & Elio J
28150 [SOLD] Maisonet Julio Cesar & Maisonet Lucia 2611 Nw 33Rd St #13 Miami FL
165540 [SOLD] Maldonado Isel F 6101 Sw 29Th St Miami FL Madariaga John Paul / Madariaga Hisamarie Kurenuma
132253 [SOLD] Manes Luis F 9021 Sw 94Th St #307 Miami FL Zelonker Gabriel / Zelonker Daniel
30857 [SOLD] Martinez Wazol & Rivero Manuel A 14035 Sw 151St Ave Miami FL Rivero Manuel A / Martinez Wazol
124816 [SOLD] Matheson Finlay L 3898 Shipping Ave Miami FL Finlay Matheson & John Matheson & Michael Matheson (Te)
124817 [SOLD] Matheson Finlay L Finlay & Northern The (Te) 4940 Sunset Dr Miami FL Morabito Paula / Yip Maria M
52253 [SOLD] Maturo Joan D 4029 Sw 13Th St Miami FL Corner Investment Group Llc
115897 [SOLD] Merle L Blecha & Mary A & Robert Blecha 6010 Sw 92Nd Ave Miami FL Blecha Merle L / Blecha Robert
127234 [SOLD] Morales Mayda & Morales Eumelia 5830 Sw 2Nd Ter Miami FL Cove Unisex Salon Corp
129596 [SOLD] Moss Bernard 235 Nw 34Th Ave Miami FL Est Of Bernard Moss
30929 [SOLD] Nieto Rosa L & Romero Lucia J & Nieto Raul A & Romero William J 10040 Sw 44Th St Miami FL Romero William J / Romero Lucia J
138962 [SOLD] Nieto Rosa L & Romero Lucia J & Nieto Raul A & Romero William J 10040 Sw 44Th St Miami FL Romero William J / Romero Lucia J
139014 [SOLD] Obrien Magdalena M & Pressey Teresa A & Obrien Russell W Sr 11295 Sw 43Rd Ter Miami FL Rendon Juan F & Gloria L
131496 [SOLD] Pavloff Michael E Trust 12250 Sw 69Th Ct Miami FL Cfh Investors Llc
51862 [SOLD] Ramos Jocelyn Barjon & Ramos Clark G 16121 Sw 102Nd Ave Miami FL Jocelyn Barjon Ramos
52214 [SOLD] Ramos Jocelyn Barjon & Ramos Clark G 16121 Sw 102Nd Ave Miami FL Jocelyn Barjon Ramos
60522 [SOLD] Reidy Marian J & Valkema Denise 14919 Sw 90Th Ter Miami FL Valkema Denise
169499 [SOLD] Schornstein D W (Te) & Ben Dave W Schornstein 6746 Sw 89Th Ter Miami FL Nauyoks Walter H / Mcguire David S
112047 [SOLD] Sequeira Maria S & Duarte Pedro J Sequeira Jr 11201 Sw 64Th Ln Miami FL Pedro J Sequeira Duarte Jr / Sequeira Maria S
152208 [SOLD] Siso Francisco De La & Siso Isabel & Siso Maria Del Carmen 13939 Sw 44Th Lane Cir #521 Miami FL Francisco De La Siso / Siso Isabel
29629 [SOLD] Solis Hector F 222 Nw 49Th Ave Miami FL Almarales Jose L & Markelyne
70777 [SOLD] Tew Mamie O 1334 Sw 17Th Ter Miami FL Janulionis Victor J & Pilar R
119119 [SOLD] Todd Velda Christine & Todd James P 275 Ne 156Th St Miami FL Velda Christine Todd
117567 [SOLD] Wheeler Lynn & Wheeler Charles B 7435 Sw 54Th Ave Miami FL Luc Marc Lefebvre D Argence
146143 [SOLD] White Utha F & Dawkins Debra R 1840 Nw 49Th St Miami FL Dawkins Debra R
64967 [SOLD] Schindler Leslie P Living Trust 5860 N Bay Rd Miami Beach FL Ambassa Holdings Inc
53031 [SOLD] Cheezem Jan C Te 800 S Pointe Dr #1203 Miami Beach FL Cox Jonathan
69422 [SOLD] Baron Edna 1000 Venetian Way #501 Miami Beach FL Jose Garcia Pedrosa
91134 [SOLD] Block Carol J & Block Mason J 875 71St St Miami Beach FL Sunshine Gasoline Distributors
54390 [SOLD] Schwitzman Irene Trust 5 Island Ave #5E Miami Beach FL Wilke Christoph / Karlock Madison K
72538 [SOLD] Dominguez Juana M Ruiz & Diaz Raul 17915 Nw 48Th Ct Miami Gardens FL Diaz Raul / Dominguez Juana M Ruiz
73460 [SOLD] Dominguez Juana M Ruiz & Diaz Raul 17915 Nw 48Th Ct Miami Gardens FL Diaz Raul / Dominguez Juana M Ruiz
116445 [SOLD] Boza Ramon A 9525 Biscayne Blvd Miami Shores FL Osborne Ellington
112416 [SOLD] Groh Carl F Jr (Te) & Groh Florene E (Te) & Groh Carl F Jr 1140 Raven Ave Miami Springs FL Toro Adam S & Tanya N
160887 [SOLD] Mika Susan Elizabeth 5041 Greenbriar Trl Mount Dora FL Carter Thomas L & Rebecca O
136380 [SOLD] Giebell Elberta M 31541 Sunrise St Mount Dora FL Hoffman Robert & Shelia
110368 [SOLD] Boardman Crager J Sr & Boardman Jean A 2135 Brookside Dr Mount Dora FL Hosler Kenneth M Sr & Donna L
30180 [SOLD] Harris Annie H & Harris Nathaniel & Harris Charlie Jr 6707 N Orange Blosso Mount Dora FL
125295 [SOLD] Howe Leila M 1814 Kings Lake Blvd #203 Naples FL Weiss Lee G
66105 [SOLD] Kolchins Stanley 4455 Botanical Place Cir #106 Naples FL
184660 [SOLD] Marx William C 2005 Pine Isle Ln Naples FL Unger Thomas C
124430 [SOLD] Pardue Robert N 94 Enchanting Blvd Naples FL Noe Dennis E & Sharon A
124615 [SOLD] Pardue Robert N 94 Enchanting Blvd Naples FL Noe Dennis E & Sharon A
127431 [SOLD] Perrett Thomas T 5625 Greenwood Cir Naples FL Gatzow Raymond H
148363 [SOLD] Rasmusen Kenneth H & Rasmusen Elinor A 1 Cannes Dr Naples FL Tatman Family Trust
65348 [SOLD] Yorty Antoinette R 3440 Frosty Way #5108 Naples FL Brickman Alan & Arlene
142916 [SOLD] Lichtman Lauraine 2255 Ne 120Th St North Miami FL Gallagher Paul C / Webb Jacklyn D
28616 [SOLD] Joelson Ruth J 2150 Sans Souci Blvd #D1 North Miami FL Russo Ignacio R / Wagener Rosario
74446 [SOLD] Joelson Ruth J 2150 Sans Souci Blvd #D1 North Miami FL Russo Ignacio R / Wagener Rosario
111641 [SOLD] Cerny Leonard B & Cerny Anna M 1365 Ne 140Th St North Miami FL Federal Natl Mtg Assn
111502 [SOLD] Perry Howard V 1355 Ne 167Th St #107 North Miami Beach FL Bherer Daniel / Gesselin Lucy
154375 [SOLD] Brown Jane Lee & Brown John B 100 Lakeshore Dr #957 North Palm Beach FL Masone Gregory Living Trust
172798 [SOLD] Covert Stephen 100 Paradise Harbour Blvd #506 North Palm Beach FL Swietkoski Staci L
150254 [SOLD] Eyerman John R & Reynolds Ethel D 1208 Marine Way #402 North Palm Beach FL Reynolds Ethel D
28571 [SOLD] Lucas Faye C 28 Yacht Club Dr #403 North Palm Beach FL Comeaux John M / Comeaux Michelle D
38795 [SOLD] Patton Shirley O Living Trust 1614 Juno Isles Blvd North Palm Beach FL Simko Melanie M
42582 [SOLD] Starman A E & Starman Lillian L 126 Lakeshore Dr #1125 North Palm Beach FL Basteiro Richard / Basteiro Lisa M
95071 [SOLD] Tonkery Mary J 2050 N Palm Cir North Palm Beach FL Fisher Cynthia V
123167 [SOLD] Tonkery Mary J 2050 N Palm Cir North Palm Beach FL Fisher Cynthia V
169970 [SOLD] Jencks Louis F & Jencks Lois 1411 Lukay St Ocoee FL Skydome Devs Llc
52177 [SOLD] Dimillo Gesidio & Dimillo Rona I & Dimillo Irma 2460 Tall Maple Loop Ocoee FL Deutsche Bank 2006-R1
115052 [SOLD] Jantz Kenneth Norman 4938 Casa Vista Dr Orlando FL Ariel Investments Fl Llc
70411 [SOLD] Clifford Gloria J & Clifford Donald E 8153 Caraway Dr Orlando FL F & C United Usa Llc
125287 [SOLD] Mackall Gerald L 3307 Basie Pl Orlando FL Summit Equity Holdings Llc
122789 [SOLD] Hardiman Michael C 11729 Pine St Orlando FL 11729 Pine Street Land Trust
42742 [SOLD] Timothy Ayers & Ayers Marilyn W 8321 Reveille Rd Orlando FL Ayers Marilyn W / Timothy Ayers
105114 [SOLD] Crockett Ardis Margaret 4700 Buggy Whip Ln #90 Orlando FL Barton Barbara / Ashworth Jessica B
105659 [SOLD] Finlayson Jeanette A & Cannamela Audrey F 2927 Castle Oak Ave Orlando FL Bernardi Ana P
89614 [SOLD] Gautcher Margarete I & Bond Richard R 2563 Runyon Cir Orlando FL Bond Richard R / Gautcher Margarete I
50501 [SOLD] Froelich Laurie J 10561 Wyndcliff Dr Orlando FL Del Rio Walter & Margarita
135040 [SOLD] Rusch Edna 3617 Cherry Hill Dr Orlando FL Drapeau Ronald F & Judith A
177185 [SOLD] Mobley Sara I 400 E Colonial Dr #10 Orlando FL Engles Scott M
69300 [SOLD] Sikes Wilbur F & Johnson Gayle E 4721 Haylock Dr Orlando FL Evans Darrell S
112952 [SOLD] Nelson-Gelinas Delight D & Gelinas Daniel A 11142 Bugenhagen Dr Orlando FL Gelinas Daniel A / Nelson-Gelinas Delight D
29218 [SOLD] Long Ralph D 4304 Yorketowne Rd Orlando FL Haire Samuel K & Allison C
117435 [SOLD] Charles Allen Hendricks & Alice Marie Niecewanger & Strickland Eloise B 2109 Valencia Rd Orlando FL Hendricks Charles Allen / Niecewanger Alice Marie
175931 [SOLD] Belnap Bruce E & Belnap Phyllis K 8127 Wellsmere Cir Orlando FL Hill Keith T & Lisa A
64265 [SOLD] Reid Sara Gail & Hollingsworth Gary D 4 Broadway Ct Orlando FL Hollingsworth Gary D / Reid Sara Gail
122653 [SOLD] Usher Marilyn 11619 Swift Water Cir Orlando FL Hsbc Bank Na Series 2007-Ab-1
28496 [SOLD] Bose Subir K & Bose Shubha 8542 Sidon St Orlando FL Hurst Carlos J & Jennifer E
93791 [SOLD] Phillips Constance M Pruitt & Phillips David F 9052 Great Heron Cir Orlando FL Iqbal Mohammad Z / Yousuf Huma
111328 [SOLD] Hoefer Delores S 7704 Meadowglen Dr Orlando FL Ireland Dawn R
71290 [SOLD] Linkous Stephen M & Linkous Hazel J 6118 Huckleberry Ave Orlando FL Kramer Shoshana & Menachem / Kramer Gershon & Miriam
176206 [SOLD] Bojko Carl & Bojko Deborah S 3512 Flagan Ave Orlando FL Lewis Diane
73921 [SOLD] Bowan Pete & Bowan Jeanette N & Bowan Revocable Li 909 Governors Ave Orlando FL Marti Monica
36609 [SOLD] Chandler Doris L 7819 Tennyson St Orlando FL Martinez Hesban A / Rolly Cynthia
142920 [SOLD] Risher Mary E & Risher John L 1527 Crestline St Orlando FL Mary Elizabeth Risher
141850 [SOLD] Riley Francis E & Riley Margaret B 4219 Yorketowne Rd Orlando FL Nelson Theodore & Gloria R
35054 [SOLD] Vazquez Carmen R & Vazquez Roberto 9313 Larette Dr Orlando FL Nguyen Vu
158964 [SOLD] Cope Gerald B & Cope Euna M 7603 Clementine Way Orlando FL Ortiz Oscar T & Marian
141886 [SOLD] Smith Joseph G & Smith Deborah & Penny Kelly 13420 Kitty Fork Rd Orlando FL Penny Kelly / Smith Joseph G
179281 [SOLD] Castiglione Louis J & Castiglione Constance M 3900 Southpointe Dr #61 Orlando FL Pimpan Ann / Pimpan Prapaporn
112048 [SOLD] Samuels Judith Ann & Podvin Robert 6608 Andrea Rose Dr Orlando FL Podvin Robert / Samuels Judith Ann
55709 [SOLD] Collins Lillian & Pratt Rosa Lee 2047 W Gore St Orlando FL Pratt Rosa Lee / Collins Lillian
163546 [SOLD] Bailey Sara J Murray & Murray Sara J 1121 Country Ln Orlando FL Sara J Murray
139195 [SOLD] Bourne-Schmid Helen & Schmid Paul B 470 N Semoran Blvd Orlando FL Schmid Paul B / Bourne-Schmid Helen
112560 [SOLD] Bivens Kristine L & Bivens Clarence E 523 Parrish Ave Orlando FL Singh Lakhvir / Kaur Kuljit
96887 [SOLD] Rowe Marie B & Rowe Kerns E 6547 Cherry Grove Cir Orlando FL Stefancic Danielle L
28809 [SOLD] Melton S Charles 5645 Minaret Ct Orlando FL Thomas Michael S
60133 [SOLD] Berry Ruth E 625 Albertson Pl Orlando FL Tompkins William A / Ashington-Pickett Claire
131593 [SOLD] Vines-Wilkinson Gloria & Wilkinson Benjamin 13331 Briar Forest Ct Orlando FL Wilkinson Benjamin / Vines-Wilkinson Gloria
131594 [SOLD] Siles Carlos & Siles Michelle & Wilkinson Gloria 4740 Capri Pl #215 Orlando FL Wilkinson Gloria / Siles Carlos
132293 [SOLD] Carter Arthur J 3813 Columbia St Orlando FL Zion Hill Missionary Baptist C
132294 [SOLD] Carter Arthur J 3811 Columbia St Orlando FL Zion Hill Missionary Baptist C
176208 [SOLD] Ellingsworth Edward C & Ellingsworth Sherri A 7850 Altavan Ave Orlando FL Zureinch Cristian S H
136346 [SOLD] Judge Donald & Judge Carleen & Tondryk Peter C 2622 Virginia Dr Orlando FL Zydowicz Sara
111825 [SOLD] Bermudez Manuel J Martinez & Maldonado Esther Cortes 919 W Oak Ridge Rd #903 Orlando FL Martinez Bermudez Manuel J
116847 [SOLD] Bogard James R 6535 Vineland Rd Orlando FL Sanchez-Bogard Lula Mae
124503 [SOLD] Finlayson Jeanette A & Cannamela Audrey F 2927 Castle Oak Ave Orlando FL Bernardi Ana P
66700 [SOLD] Graham Annis M 1160 Kirk St Orlando FL Federal Natl Mtg Assn Fnma
113125 [SOLD] Horn James & Horn Bettye 7313 Judd Way Orlando FL Haces Mario R C / Gonzalez Mariela D
74279 [SOLD] Jordan Alnetta & Gray Rennay & Jordan Charley Jr 3336 Mahalia Pl Orlando FL Gray Rennay / Jordan Charley Jr
70204 [SOLD] Long Ralph D 4304 Yorketowne Rd Orlando FL Haire Samuel K & Allison C
95583 [SOLD] Montgomery Anthony S & Gazaway Rita 10527 Stradford Row Orlando FL Gazaway Rita
100358 [SOLD] Poppleton Leah M & Berrios Rita M 112 Fairlane Ave Orlando FL Berrios Rita M
117021 [SOLD] Rowe Marie B & Rowe Kerns E 6547 Cherry Grove Cir Orlando FL Stefancic Danielle L
69659 [SOLD] Sikes Wilbur F & Johnson Gayle E 4721 Haylock Dr Orlando FL Evans Darrell S
158968 [SOLD] Timothy Ayers & Ayers Marilyn W 8321 Reveille Rd Orlando FL Ayers Timothy
116059 [SOLD] Brunson Billy F 24526 Polar Bear Rd Paisley FL Evans Christa
150560 [SOLD] Edward Abramczyk & Abramczyk Edward 3605 S Ocean Blvd #319 Palm Beach FL Abramczyk
173732 [SOLD] Goldsmith Janet F & Goldsmith Henry 44 Cocoanut Row #417A Palm Beach FL Roemmers Alfredo P & Cathrine M
28534 [SOLD] Kramer Harold & Kramer Adeline 150 Bradley Pl #311 Palm Beach FL Glass Beth J
28535 [SOLD] Kramer Harold & Kramer Adeline 150 Bradley Pl #311 Palm Beach FL Glass Beth J
154178 [SOLD] Labbett John D R & Wendy E Trust 302 Via Linda Palm Beach FL Sculley Carol L
69789 [SOLD] Pettie Ellen L 235 Sunrise Ave #MZD Palm Beach FL Frank Donald S / Bertling-Frank Janet
69788 [SOLD] Pettie Ellen L 235 Sunrise Ave #MZ Palm Beach FL Talbot Sharon
69790 [SOLD] Pettie Ellen L 235 Sunrise Ave #STG23 Palm Beach FL Talbot Sharon
160022 [SOLD] Sparks Traci L & Rodriguez Mildred 3601 S Ocean Blvd #303 Palm Beach FL Eli Community Partners Lp
38802 [SOLD] Escott Sally V 10002 Chapman Oak Ct Palm Beach Gardens FL Onewest Bk
40465 [SOLD] Holly Carol & Holly Stephen 2401 Pga Blvd #56 Palm Beach Gardens FL
131504 [SOLD] Mccord Barbara H & Barbara Mccord 9926 Daisy Ave Palm Beach Gardens FL Mumme Kristen C
134414 [SOLD] Mccord Barbara H & Barbara Mccord 9926 Daisy Ave Palm Beach Gardens FL Mumme Kristen C
58019 [SOLD] Miller Dawn K Trust & Miller Dawn K 1 Saint Giles Rd Palm Beach Gardens FL Panaggio Guillermo H
132684 [SOLD] Schrimsher Michael J & Damico Joseph M & Damico Elizabeth M & Slate Suzanne 8108 Needles Dr Palm Beach Gardens FL Damico Joseph M
95116 [SOLD] Franklin Linda & Degnon William R 200 Bravado Ln Palm Beach Shores FL Degnon William R / Franklin Linda
156772 [SOLD] Elder Joyce A & Elder Philip S 316 Riverdale Rd Palm Springs FL Cortez Marcia I
154195 [SOLD] Elder Philip S & Elder Joyce A 316 Riverdale Rd Palm Springs FL Cortez Marcia I
138959 [SOLD] Tomasetti John R (Te) & Tomasetti Patricia A (Te) 6785 Sw 146Th St Palmetto Bay FL Tracy Sean M & Gladys L
68728 [SOLD] Weisberg Phyllis & Barry Michael V & Barry Joani W 13450 Sw 3Rd St #106D Pembroke Pines FL Espinoza Aurora J
118353 [SOLD] Bernice Zimmerman & Zimmerman Bernice 950 Sw 138Th Ave #406B Pembroke Pines FL Federal Natl Mtg Assn Fnma
64690 [SOLD] Lopez Myrna M & Lopez Luis O 15541 Nw 12Th Ct Pembroke Pines FL Ih4 Property Florida Lp
60309 [SOLD] Waxman Ruby & Kushnick Karen & Waxman Debra 12650 Sw 6Th St #111K Pembroke Pines FL Perez Raul / Perez Yolanda
114666 [SOLD] Nevins Gladys & Solaway Jessica 650 Sw 124Th Ter #104P Pembroke Pines FL Solaway Jessica
132835 [SOLD] Card Doris M 320 Nw 92Nd Ave Pembroke Pines FL Garcia Alain G
95686 [SOLD] Garner Theodore Roosevelt & Williams Sylvia D 1381 Sw 104Th Ave Pembroke Pines FL Williams Sylvia D
38731 [SOLD] Gray Muriel I & Levenhagen Rebecca 7401 Pines Blvd #118 Pembroke Pines FL Cardenas Juna E / Romero Mailen L
118496 [SOLD] Shechtel R Maxine & Shechtel S & Shechtel B 281 S Hollybrook Dr #305 Pembroke Pines FL Roy Claude / Hamel Joann
113229 [SOLD] Aliff Betty J 6655 W Broward Blvd #402 Plantation FL Premier Future Investments Llc
129170 [SOLD] Angel Constance J & Angel Betty J 6750 Sw 16Th St Plantation FL Payne Charles Jr & Myriam
48387 [SOLD] Berger Annette 710 E Coco Plum Cir #4 Plantation FL Winer David A & March L
168790 [SOLD] Eaton Pauline Anna 1 Jacaranda Dr #101 Plantation FL Johnson Helen V
149414 [SOLD] Henry Karp & Karp Henry 10930 Nw 3Rd St Plantation FL Karp Joan Living Trust
176045 [SOLD] Ingram David M & Ingram Barbara R 406 Nw 68Th Ave #209 Plantation FL Gaitan Luis E / Rosero Sandra F
105985 [SOLD] Jose Glenn C 408 Nw 68Th Ave #505 Plantation FL Fennell Stacey
106129 [SOLD] Jose Glenn C 408 Nw 68Th Ave #505 Plantation FL Fennell Stacey
136171 [SOLD] Kramer Robert N & Kramer Selma 1410 Nw 87Th Ln Plantation FL Scudo Robert & Denise
28742 [SOLD] Mcknight David F & Mcknight Martha Ann 9821 Sw 3Rd Ct Plantation FL Bryant Martha A / Mcknight David F
37398 [SOLD] Mcknight David F & Mcknight Martha Ann 9821 Sw 3Rd Ct Plantation FL Bryant Martha A / Mcknight David F
73920 [SOLD] Donohoe John T & Donohoe Anne C & Teeter Laura L 430 Gannet Ct Poinciana FL Teeter Laura L / Donohoe John T
149875 [SOLD] Wilson Freda C & Leslie F & Leslie F C Wilson 3801 Ne 18Th Ave Pompano Beach FL Sherrow Janet E
28994 [SOLD] Nanosky Frances & Frances Nanosky 4100 Crystal Lake Dr #209 Pompano Beach FL Yeomans Thomas D & Charlotte A
149120 [SOLD] Betty Mayer & Mayer Betty 625 Oaks Dr #205 Pompano Beach FL Gilbert Andre & Pauline
134971 [SOLD] Blitzer Charles 3095 N Course Dr #103 Pompano Beach FL Cofler Arnaldo
38696 [SOLD] Cross Ingeborg B 1010 S Ocean Blvd #1004 Pompano Beach FL Teas Susan J Trust / Teas Family Trust
166498 [SOLD] Duffy William F & Ghoreishi Anushe 1000 S Ocean Blvd #9K Pompano Beach FL Reilly Joseph P / Schroeder Gilda
136036 [SOLD] Fishman Phyllis & Fishman Alan R 2770 Ne 23Rd St Pompano Beach FL Byron George Haseotes Jr / Haseotes Byron George Jr (Te)
104952 [SOLD] Fosdick Allan P & Mary Allan P & Mary Ann Fosdick 1620 S Ocean Blvd #8B Pompano Beach FL Schwarz William & Anne F
28640 [SOLD] Galanter Beverly F & Yale Galanter 565 Oaks Ln #512 Pompano Beach FL Roy Guy / Bolduc Marie-Andree
137396 [SOLD] Gulla Frank & Gulla Maria & Gulla Anthony 621 Sw 1St Ave Pompano Beach FL Ocwen Ln Servicing Llc
40595 [SOLD] Janet Gerald J & Janet H Burke & Burke Janet H 1130 Ne 27Th Ave Pompano Beach FL Burke Janet H / Burke Gerald J
65044 [SOLD] Metz Elaine 4015 W Palm Aire Dr #905 Pompano Beach FL Fortier Patrick / Thomassin Suzette
87586 [SOLD] Perrine Ethel G 2600 Ne 8Th Ct Pompano Beach FL Alayon Llc
87587 [SOLD] Perrine Ethel G 1633 Se 1St St Pompano Beach FL Gronert June
129759 [SOLD] Priebe Lincoln E & Priebe Ted A 1370 S Ocean Blvd #2601 Pompano Beach FL 9110496 Canada Inc
143463 [SOLD] Rodrigue Annette 2232 N Cypress Bend Dr #706 Pompano Beach FL Elaprolu Mukhesh / Kolli Udhghatri
93484 [SOLD] Santoianni Kenneth R & Santoianni Joyce L 405 N Ocean Blvd #1424 Pompano Beach FL Chartier Daniel & Danielle B
117839 [SOLD] Scheerer Stanley J 3800 Oaks Clubhouse Dr #409 Pompano Beach FL Foltz Donald J & Marily N
117973 [SOLD] Scheerer Stanley J 3800 Oaks Clubhouse Dr #409 Pompano Beach FL Foltz Donald J & Marily N
73076 [SOLD] Vidmich Steve & Paul Claire & Teper Susan & Teper Deckerhoff D 2731 Ne 14Th Street Cswy #524 Pompano Beach FL Paul Claire / Teper Susan
172869 [SOLD] Cappiello Donato & Cappiello Giuseppina 105 Brook Woode Ave Royal Palm Beach FL Gossman David C & Eva A
176085 [SOLD] North Mary C 1771 Annandale Cir Royal Palm Beach FL Mcgregor Nicole / Luna Alexis
176086 [SOLD] North Mary C & North Robert S 115 Sunshine Blvd Royal Palm Beach FL Hanes James R & Catherine
28334 [SOLD] Vasser Ella M 106 Prado St Royal Palm Beach FL Johnson Jeanette & Donald E
117247 [SOLD] Herkel Barbara L 9 Fountain Of Youth Blvd #A Saint Augustine FL Shw Holdings Group Llc
41790 [SOLD] Pirkle Kristan Marie 6938 Sea Place Ave Saint Augustine FL Anderson Gary L / Parker Julie D
42341 [SOLD] Schmid Josef 529 Moultrie Wells Rd Saint Augustine FL Bissell David C & Debra L
129520 [SOLD] Dodd Jennifer Anne & Dodd Michael K 140 Cacique Dr Saint Augustine FL Briggs Mikel D & Angela D
28142 [SOLD] Rogero Marian W Family Trust 49 Sylvan Dr Saint Augustine FL Brown J E & C K Family Trust
28903 [SOLD] Layfield William E & Layfield Mildred R 104 Alcazar St Saint Augustine FL Burkhardt Daniel & Barbara
93569 [SOLD] Stoll Albert T & Diane R 501 Raintree Trl Saint Augustine FL Call Robert M / Norbraten Gail
58478 [SOLD] Hyatt Diane B & Hyatt Richard A 1920 River Lagoon Trce Saint Augustine FL Ford Brendan T / Calloway Jessica
92474 [SOLD] Portale Delores B & Portale Charles A 605 Felix Ct Saint Augustine FL Gratz Benjamin Jr & Jane P
121685 [SOLD] Portale Delores B & Portale Charles A 605 Felix Ct Saint Augustine FL Gratz Benjamin Jr & Jane P
121979 [SOLD] Portale Delores B & Portale Charles A 605 Felix Ct Saint Augustine FL Gratz Benjamin Jr & Jane P
122238 [SOLD] Portale Delores B & Portale Charles A 605 Felix Ct Saint Augustine FL Gratz Benjamin Jr & Jane P
116509 [SOLD] Smith Faith K & Smith H Wesley 7442 A1a Saint Augustine FL Greene Linda P & Bruce D
117296 [SOLD] Richards Joseph H 1181 Cherry Tree Rd Saint Augustine FL Kemp Shane A
156903 [SOLD] Westcott Alice C & Westcott Robert M 12 Willow Dr Saint Augustine FL Lawson Fred & Alice C
113287 [SOLD] Drago Ruth A 329 San Nicolas Way Saint Augustine FL Lobert John C & Pamela B
119102 [SOLD] Shelton Sarah L 112 Laurel Wood Way #105 Saint Augustine FL Macdonald Andrea
29085 [SOLD] Palmer Theodore G 144 Tanager Rd Saint Augustine FL Seng William J Jr
124748 [SOLD] Czarnecki Tecarie M 3527 Garibaldi Way Saint Augustine FL Shaver Kristin M & Ralph N Iii
163010 [SOLD] Damiani James A 430 Gentian Rd Saint Augustine FL Stackpole Joseph M & Carmella
124749 [SOLD] Czarnecki Tecarie M 320 Ryder Cup Cir #304 Saint Augustine FL Vystar Cu
137730 [SOLD] Wanda Acina & Wilson William Gerald 449 Old Spanish Trl Saint Augustine FL Wilson William Gerald / Wanda Acina
73015 [SOLD] Kelso Jean M 1428 Stockbridge Ln Saint Augustine FL Noble Martha A Trust
50000 [SOLD] Ward Jacqueline B 509 19Th St Saint Augustine FL Leary Patrick
145429 [SOLD] Downey Norma Jean 1101 Lakeshore Blvd Saint Cloud FL Basna Sarah
50726 [SOLD] Slingerland Alice 1500 Virginia Ave Saint Cloud FL Burleigh Helen & Gary
164180 [SOLD] Rodriguez Isidore & Leaf-Rodriguez Karen J 1721 E Clinton Dr Saint Cloud FL Core Charles J / Core Barbara S
173918 [SOLD] Mclane Margaret A & Fagan John E 1615 Dakota Ave Saint Cloud FL Fagan John E / Mclane Margaret A
139914 [SOLD] Egitto Larry 2001 Aladdin Ct Saint Cloud FL Jones Janice A
141980 [SOLD] Borgovini John R & Makuszewski Mary 5826 Guenevere Ct Saint Cloud FL Makuszewski Mary
87306 [SOLD] Jennings James E 427 Alabama Ave Saint Cloud FL Tidmore Bonnie L Jennings / Jennings Robert D
70873 [SOLD] Davis Nora L 1251 Pine Ln Saint Cloud FL Hardee Jason K / Campochao Cintia N M
142276 [SOLD] Brown Altansas L & Brown Fannie Mae 6270 Sw 62Nd Pl South Miami FL Mae Fannie / Brown Altansas L
124836 [SOLD] Kienzle Kathy E & Kienzle Gary R 18901 Sw 59Th St Southwest Ranches FL Garykat Ent Inc
174095 [SOLD] Birken Herbert & Birken Estelle 7407 Corkwood Cir Tamarac FL Campbell Pauline M
28121 [SOLD] Gormezano Louis & Louis Gormezano 7281 Ashmont Cir #310 Tamarac FL Villarroel Sergio A / Zuleta Luz Maria
114577 [SOLD] Arriaga Maria C & Colon Luis E 6005 Rosewood Dr Tampa FL Colon Luis E / Arriaga Maria C
110680 [SOLD] Artlip Juanita G Te & Artlip William J Te 10111 N Ola Ave Tampa FL Brady Sherry A
110682 [SOLD] Artlip William J Te 10112 N Dartmouth Ave Tampa FL Estepa Carlos E
64611 [SOLD] Barco Sandra D 13146 Village Chase Cir Tampa FL Cobian Heather
115908 [SOLD] Bellaflores Aitza C & Perez Aitza C 16222 Fantasia Dr Tampa FL Perez Aitza C
48435 [SOLD] Booth Robert C & Booth Vivian M 14524 N Nebraska Ave Tampa FL Scalise Patricia G (Te)
70452 [SOLD] Brown Jean F & Brown John A Jr & Brown Janice K & Silverstein Eileen 7537 Tamarind Ave Tampa FL Johnson Eric S
133720 [SOLD] Clothier Lucile S (Te) 906 W Meadowbrook Ave Tampa FL Duffy Jeremy E
162152 [SOLD] Curto Mark 908 Justice Dr Tampa FL Greene Cathryn
73598 [SOLD] Firsdon Michael G 5107 Gateway Dr Tampa FL Perez Yakelin P / Segura Eduardo M
136416 [SOLD] French Richard H Jr & French Bobbie S 13804 Supreme Pl Tampa FL Mutunhu Wendolyn L
126475 [SOLD] Germain John G 13104 N Oregon Ave Tampa FL Fha Attorney Services Llc
126588 [SOLD] Germain John G 13104 N Oregon Ave Tampa FL Fha Attorney Services Llc
51897 [SOLD] Gilder Eleanor 3817 Shoreside Cir Tampa FL Gonzalez Teodolinda Living Trust
126328 [SOLD] Gordon Joseph A Jr & Snowden-Gordon Mary L 14102 Hollingfare Pl Tampa FL Snowden-Gordon Mary L
74190 [SOLD] Jernigan John A 15320 Winding Creek Dr Tampa FL Plahs Michael
30080 [SOLD] Knapp Martha K 308 Hoffman Blvd Tampa FL Linares Mario
118455 [SOLD] Kotsenko Inna & Kotsenko Igor 8501 Bramwell Way Tampa FL Jz Investments Proeprties Llc
118737 [SOLD] Kotsenko Inna & Kotsenko Igor 8501 Bramwell Way Tampa FL Jz Investments Proeprties Llc
139113 [SOLD] Landsberg Lee 14172 Fennsbury Dr Tampa FL Joseph Donna C
68688 [SOLD] Lane Mary Ellen 7307 Almark St Tampa FL Garcia Servando N / Diaz-Perez Enisleydi
109026 [SOLD] Lupton Isabelle W 14806 Marjo St Tampa FL Nationstar Mtg Llc
154409 [SOLD] Monce Lydia D & Slack Linda D 6606 Seafairer Dr Tampa FL Slack Linda D
51739 [SOLD] Montalbano Richard Sr & Montalbano Diana P 1108 Parrilla De Avila Tampa FL Farrell Sean W
139134 [SOLD] Pomponio Ray & Pomponio Peter & Mary 7501 W Henry Ave Tampa FL Marimar Realty Corp
41917 [SOLD] Reedy Melissa Q & Mason Mary Ann Reedy 11906 Lake Ridge Rd Tampa FL Mason Mary Ann Reedy
137234 [SOLD] Rouse Robert L & Rouse Cheryl A 10927 N Annette Ave Tampa FL Ramnath Kawal / Ramnath Tulawatie
116206 [SOLD] Spoto Rosemarie & Wise Rosemarie & Spoto Marshall D & Wise Robert L Jr 6404 Monterey Blvd Tampa FL Wise Robert L Jr / Wise Rosemarie
184570 [SOLD] Stanfill Margaret E 2136 W Rambla St Tampa FL Las Casas Inc
95528 [SOLD] Vasquez Mirna & Escobar Julio C 6011 Murray Hill Dr Tampa FL Escobar Julio C / Vasquez Mirna
140446 [SOLD] Wargo Marcella & Wargo Sheree & Stone James E 1515 E 99Th Ave Tampa FL Stone James Eugene / Wargo Marcella
52079 [SOLD] Wollman Lawrence W 10911 Orange Grove Dr Tampa FL Wilwant Jennifer E & Eric C
73267 [SOLD] Rowe Danny C 1134 Rue DE Dore Tavares FL Center Charles E & Marceia B
116475 [SOLD] Nelson Karen & Vance Kathy & Vance Robert E 26620 Bermuda Dr Tavares FL Fife Kevin M
73666 [SOLD] Tidmore William A Te 708 W Burleigh Blvd Tavares FL Freeze O Dianne
74000 [SOLD] Carey Michael F 3400 Flagship Ave Tavares FL Kennedy Gordon W & Sue P
68492 [SOLD] Sheppard Agnes D 718 Landry Ln Tavares FL Neely Jim & Bonnie
126398 [SOLD] Luebbers John T & Luebbers Deborah P 5739 Bounty Cir Tavares FL Doms Richard
60834 [SOLD] Walker Jean R 1917 Cordero Ct The Villages FL Calder Family Trust / Calder Family Trust
172553 [SOLD] Direnzo Anthony A & Direnzo Linda J 620 San Pedro Dr The Villages FL Dell Rodney J
116686 [SOLD] Claborn Family Trust 1701 Carrera Dr The Villages FL Isom Holly M & Mark A
141667 [SOLD] Hair Alexander M (Te) & Hair Georgina M (Te) 1450 San Clemente Ct The Villages FL Jones Warner L
71312 [SOLD] Chapman Charles C Te 1713 Francisco St The Villages FL Stevenson Brian L & Susan L
176375 [SOLD] Rice Yvonne E 18849 Twin Ponds Rd Umatilla FL Foley Nadine D
121602 [SOLD] Shirley M Lif & White Harry E 37215 Oak Ln Umatilla FL Franklin Karen B
153546 [SOLD] Albert Marie T & Albert Clarence H 792 N Kentucky Ave Umatilla FL Pastrana Francisco & Belen
162493 [SOLD] Lanizzani Peggy M 37046 Oak Ln Umatilla FL Yanez Roberto M / Luna Efigenia P
57759 [SOLD] Brooks Ray & Choate Tresa Brooks 407 Gordon Ave Waverly FL Christiana Trust Series 2013-4
131515 [SOLD] Stossell George F & Stossell Sandra J 8661 Via Grande Wellington FL Voelk Robert L & Brigitte A
105716 [SOLD] Weitzman Alan H & Milne Paul R 2707 Yarmouth Dr Wellington FL Fuller John / Widry Larissa
142251 [SOLD] Bouyer Elayne S & Polay Rose L 71 Sheffield C West Palm Beach FL Nankervis Robert
117531 [SOLD] Braley Thomas M & Braley Dorothy M 2346 Saratoga Bay Dr West Palm Beach FL Mills Ernest & Greta
70658 [SOLD] Brod Marian 85 Kent F West Palm Beach FL Hansen Peter W
142719 [SOLD] Clark Myrtle Lee 3670 Alder Dr #F1 West Palm Beach FL Schrader Dennise L
143342 [SOLD] Clark Myrtle Lee 3670 Alder Dr #F1 West Palm Beach FL Schrader Dennise L
142252 [SOLD] Diehl Margaret & Polay Rose L 200 Waltham I West Palm Beach FL Amato Peter & Marcia
151561 [SOLD] Edington Tina M 1701 S Flagler Dr #1707 West Palm Beach FL Tarter Depp Trust
184564 [SOLD] Ekroth Rolande P 7604 76Th Way West Palm Beach FL Burkhart Shirley A / Brown Brenda M
72867 [SOLD] Glenn Morton B 1297 Breakers West Blvd West Palm Beach FL Rosenthal Louis & Susan M
71278 [SOLD] Goldenstar Susan 844 Kanuga Dr West Palm Beach FL Albury Edna J / Angelini Mary E
108554 [SOLD] Gropen Leanore & Leanore Gropen 303 Golden River Dr West Palm Beach FL Seabrooks Marie C W
121570 [SOLD] Heselton Jean & Jean Heselton 2650 Boundbrook Blvd #107 West Palm Beach FL Inglot Mark J
95285 [SOLD] Jones Barbara T & Jones William D Jr 2570 Barkley Dr #B West Palm Beach FL Del Sordo Luigi & Emilio
105711 [SOLD] Jones Barbara T & Jones William D Jr 2570 Barkley Dr #B West Palm Beach FL Del Sordo Luigi & Emilio
67936 [SOLD] Jova Henri V & Rinehart David 5501 S Flagler Dr West Palm Beach FL Rinehart David / Jova Henri V
96812 [SOLD] Lautner Paul R & Lautner Myrtle E & Lautner Roman G 1040 Summit Place Cir #C West Palm Beach FL R U Of Palm Beach Llc
28825 [SOLD] Lomanno Francis 203 Sussex K #2030 West Palm Beach FL Boursiquot Jean & Veronite
109447 [SOLD] Moorhead Gernie & Thorstad Janice L 203 Pine St West Palm Beach FL Thorstad Janice L / Moorhead Gernie
168216 [SOLD] Mora Josefina 2580 Meadow Rd West Palm Beach FL Sardina Juan E / Sardinas Enrique D
34437 [SOLD] Murphy Lucille 5780 Fernley Dr #94 West Palm Beach FL Bowser James
114925 [SOLD] Paquette Marie & Blanchette John 2700 Emory Dr #D West Palm Beach FL Blanchette John / Paquette Marie
180144 [SOLD] Pickering Donald A 529 S Flagler Dr #18H West Palm Beach FL Appleman Ann M Trust
42327 [SOLD] Savarese Charles & Savarese Susanna 15647 83Rd Way West Palm Beach FL Gordon Matthew / Hatfield Hayley
112441 [SOLD] Schor Esther F & Hershkoff Deta 202 Wellington A West Palm Beach FL Wesolowski Frank E
38774 [SOLD] Taub Pauline & Taub Howard 281 Wellington K West Palm Beach FL Ronis Michael D / Wesolowski Vincent A
132223 [SOLD] Thomas C Graves S & Gordon Laura Graves & Graves Thomas C 8101 Pine Tree Ln West Palm Beach FL Graves Thomas C / Graves Gordon Laura
109449 [SOLD] Thorstad Janice L & Moorhead Gernie H 1911 N Flagler Dr West Palm Beach FL Moorhead Gernie H / Thorstad Janice L
111298 [SOLD] Vetter Carol P & Hufty John A 1152 Lake Clarke Dr West Palm Beach FL Hufty John A Trust
111096 [SOLD] Wolliston Joyce C & Wolliston Nathaniel 1563 W Elaine Cir West Palm Beach FL Kelly Louvena A
165924 [SOLD] Wurtz Joan C 9415 Bridgeport Dr West Palm Beach FL Vinacco Bruce & Lynn
137169 [SOLD] Rhoades Victoria A & Mullan James P 201 Lytton Ct #A West Palm Beach FL Mullan James P / Rhoades Victoria A
145434 [SOLD] Rizzo Peter A Jr & Peter A Rizzo Jr 1312 Camellia Cir Weston FL Peter A Rizzo Jr / Staple Roseann (Te)
174061 [SOLD] Zadik Caryn J 1069 Twin Branch Ln Weston FL Caryn J Zadik
124471 [SOLD] Morrison Alfrederick & Morrison Leann 15336 Firelight Dr Winter Garden FL Apostolides Nancy
152199 [SOLD] Velez Paul & Velez Patricia J 14220 Tilden Rd Winter Garden FL Arocha George & Melissa
146567 [SOLD] Pine Jonathan Scott & Pine Bridget Kay 12737 Grovehurst Ave Winter Garden FL Not Avail From County
53147 [SOLD] Mckinney Charles D 14650 Whittridge Dr Winter Garden FL White Amanda C
38852 [SOLD] Floridino Gavino 1737 Avenue C Winter Haven FL Mnsf Tampa Llc
70342 [SOLD] Gay Frances W 1776 6Th St #604B Winter Haven FL Ammons Robert
184667 [SOLD] Bruce Norma L 3 Chase Ct Winter Haven FL Davis Dedrick & Ashley
64159 [SOLD] Reighard Betty Z 3150 Beauchamp Ct Winter Haven FL Futch William A & Allison
131505 [SOLD] Noll Ellen H 728 Avenue A Winter Haven FL Gill Gordon L Jr & Linda S
153085 [SOLD] Hurst Sally Annette & Hurst Darrell Oneal 21 Lake Ave Winter Haven FL Gipson George D
28646 [SOLD] Viertel Gladys B & Viertel Robert M 4280 Stafford Dr Winter Haven FL Keene David
64470 [SOLD] Witmer Norman N 224 Paine Dr Winter Haven FL Kibbee Gregory A
163571 [SOLD] Stetler George H & Stetler Margaret & Williams Susan E 115 3Rd Jpv St #JPV Winter Haven FL Lyons Charles M / Baker Ann L
168396 [SOLD] Nichols Linda M & Shorb Roy J 1204 12Th Ct Winter Haven FL Matieux Fresnel / Matieu Evelyne C
143353 [SOLD] Varn William L 1524 Oakview Cir Winter Haven FL Morrison John D & Joanne
72193 [SOLD] Holt William F 122 Odin Dr Winter Haven FL Murphy Lisa B
151434 [SOLD] Coleman Sharon & Purdy Evelyn 9 Morton Rd Winter Haven FL Purdy Evelyn / Coleman Sharon
36285 [SOLD] Grizzard R Harold & Sargeant Carol Ann Grizzard 114 Lake Otis Rd Winter Haven FL Sargeant Carol Ann Grizzard / Grizzard R Harold
148836 [SOLD] Case Helen B & Case Paul & Turner Linda & Bally Donna 803 Eagle Pond Dr Winter Haven FL Stavres T Michael & Charlotte P
108167 [SOLD] Pojmann Donald E 1043 Sunshine Way Winter Haven FL Velez Elvin
87249 [SOLD] Mullin Phyllis B 456 Sandestin Dr Winter Haven FL Wood John G
95009 [SOLD] Riley Roy C 103 8Th Eloise St Winter Haven FL Yebra Adolfo
129595 [SOLD] Barber Leonard W & Barber Doris J 1925 Strathaven Rd Winter Park FL Jbb Holdings Llc
62559 [SOLD] Michael Wilbur Dale 2715 Wright Ave Winter Park FL Weekley Homes Llc
60062 [SOLD] Leavell Perry R 517 Roughbeard Rd Winter Park FL Amalino Matthew V / Dunkle Devon L
183408 [SOLD] Rumberger Mary B 1234 Palmer Ave Winter Park FL Beaman Marvin L Jr & Charlene A
115867 [SOLD] Ritter & Ritter Kathleen M 7026 Green Needle Dr Winter Park FL Chen Kurt
111828 [SOLD] Flanagan Gerald P & Flanagan Veronica M 3700 Jonquil Ln Winter Park FL Gaabucayan Josephine / Gaabucayan Edgardo
119732 [SOLD] Hodgin Barbara A & Hodgin Frederick A 2425 Middleton Ave Winter Park FL Gutierrez Valerie
29495 [SOLD] Lillian C Moncrief Li & Moncrief Lillian C 2351 Banchory Rd Winter Park FL Lee Michael G & Laura C
117160 [SOLD] Ammon Terri M & Mcdaniel Steven T & Mcdaniel Betty B 929 Mead Ave Winter Park FL Mcdaniel Betty B / Ammon Terri M
112025 [SOLD] Grimm Katherine M & Grimm Living Trust & Grimm Gordon R 200 Saint Andrews Blvd #60 Winter Park FL Mims Larry A & Ann H
179308 [SOLD] Sain Lois N & Sain Julius W 2522 Leeward Way Winter Park FL Neely Cynthia L Per Rep For / Est Of Julius W Sain
116988 [SOLD] Renfro Nancy G Te & Renfro Julian C Te 665 Randy Ln Winter Park FL Randy 665 Trust
124616 [SOLD] Patterson Harley D & Patterson Tollis B 1408 Pelican Bay Trl Winter Park FL Stein Lawrence D
116566 [SOLD] Parrish Randall Scott & Parrish Loretta L 2712 Ambergate Rd Winter Park FL Hutchinson Robert L & Beck A
32653 [SOLD] Betty J Life & Scott Lewis E 19 Oak St Yalaha FL Scott Lewis E / Betty J Life
62642 [SOLD] Tynes Ronald B 5620 King Ave Zellwood FL Russell Kevin R
161037 [SOLD] Abbatangelo Clara M 65 Fleming St Dedham MA Golden Kathleen A
187871 [SOLD] Aldo E Savi & Savi Barbara A 85 Sanderson Ave Dedham MA Hernandez Rafael
171784 [SOLD] Fogarty Richard J Jr 154 Greenlodge St Dedham MA Quilter Michael & Meghan
182068 [SOLD] Fogarty Richard J Jr 154 Greenlodge St Dedham MA Quilter Michael & Meghan
205357 [SOLD] Heffernan John J & Hefferman Lorraine T 100 Carol Dr Dedham MA Macdougall Stephen M & Allison J
182629 [SOLD] Mckenzie Jean L 16 Heritage Hl Dedham MA Stone John N
192257 [SOLD] Mckernan John P 8 Lynch Ave Dedham MA Andrada Jeffrey / Rockwell-Andrada Dorothy
187924 [SOLD] Patterson Leota E 11 Massachusetts Ave Dedham MA Gately James & Karen M
170005 [SOLD] Ricci Anthony C 47 Corbett Ave Dedham MA Lipton Steven B / Lipton Jacob D
191003 [SOLD] Dolan Jonathan P & Dolan Mary E 29 Granite St Medfield MA Jonathan P Dolan Tenants By Entirety / Dolan Mary E
181112 [SOLD] Robinson T & Robinson Mary E 29 West St Medfield MA Jordan Stephen W & Dorothy D
165096 [SOLD] Bond Robert D & Bond Sharon L 81 Adams St Medfield MA Sonnendecker Scott
169024 [SOLD] Fahey Richard D & Fahey Elizabeth F 120 Cottage St Natick MA 120 Cottage Street Llc
207240 [SOLD] Chapin John W /Tr & 15 Shattuck St 15 Shattuck St Natick MA 15 Shattuck St Rt /Trust / Chapin John W
189034 [SOLD] 21 Algonquian Dr & Tierney Janice A /Tr 21 Algonquian Dr Natick MA Algonquian 21 / Tierney Janice A
169562 [SOLD] Ordway Albert L Jr 28 Franconia Ave Natick MA Donovan Evan / Donovan Rebecca A
178847 [SOLD] Keating James P 23 East St Natick MA Farley Kathleen J / Davis Sharyn
191873 [SOLD] Hill Marguerite G & Hill Christopher B 29 Travis Rd Natick MA Morrissette Jason & Jaime
207428 [SOLD] Coplan Myron J 38 Silver Hill Ln #8 Natick MA Myron J Coplan T / Coplan Myron J
183251 [SOLD] Mahoney Walter D & Mahoney Bernice 306 N Main St Natick MA Rowley John F & Maureen E
166153 [SOLD] Crowley Joseph A & Crowley Katherine H 63 Forest Avenue Ext Natick MA Ustsinenka Yuliya
190931 [SOLD] Kowal Walter J & Kowal Mary A 122 Hartford St Natick MA Ward Tracy & Jeff F
191682 [SOLD] Bolender Brenda R 622 Neponset St Norwood MA Brothers David P / Wolfe Patricia E
191695 [SOLD] Fallon John J & Fallon Bridget P 477 Nahatan St Norwood MA Wood Barry P / Caron Andrea L
160816 [SOLD] Holland Lawrence R & Holland Mary C 39 E Cross St Norwood MA Cahoon Glenn R & Cheryl A
163792 [SOLD] Kodis Ann J 46 Tremont St Norwood MA Laham Simon
161736 [SOLD] Mackey James H 50 Tamworth Rd Norwood MA Mancuso Jennifer
159886 [SOLD] Mcdonough Faye 195 Prospect St Norwood MA Brosnan Conor D & Siobhan G
165312 [SOLD] Nader Ernest S & Begin Patricia 59 Robinwood Rd Norwood MA Begin Robert L & Patricia M
172241 [SOLD] Nashawaty Fred F & Nashawaty Catherine H 9 Lynwood Dr Norwood MA Harnett Jose
184235 [SOLD] Ruboy George M & Ruboy Janet M 19 Dorset St Norwood MA Davey Francis J & Yvonne M
171446 [SOLD] Wight Clement W & Wight Rita J 365 Washington St #16 Norwood MA Khramova Antonina
1268006 [SOLD] Evenson Earleen J & Evenson Roland P 17630 Dayton River Rd Dayton MN Brown Ted A
1048032 [SOLD] Ahmed F & Muhammad Farhan 8449 Crane Dance Trl Eden Prairie MN Muhammad Farhan / Ahmed F
1049362 [SOLD] Cotten David J Te 16295 Terracewood Dr Eden Prairie MN Elko Michael N Iii & Katherine M
1051337 [SOLD] Schuller Bonnie L 9763 Dorset Ln Eden Prairie MN Tall Andrea
1050104 [SOLD] Sheady Margaret I 9633 Hampshire Ln Eden Prairie MN Federal Natl Mtg Assn
1052366 [SOLD] Graham Florence M 750 Mainstreet #322 Hopkins MN Carlson Bruce P & Marcia K
1047507 [SOLD] Haynes Janet W 9703 Ann Ln Hopkins MN Siemens Scott & Jessica / Haynes Janet W
1048336 [SOLD] Petrosky Honor & Petrosky Bernard 10613 Crestridge Dr Hopkins MN Norton Homes Llc
1050274 [SOLD] Ginthner Marshall R 1705 Highsted Dr Maple Plain MN Horn-Ginthner Kristine K
1049278 [SOLD] Anderson Lorraine M 4517 Columbus Ave Minneapolis MN Preble Maianne L / Anderson Lorraine M
1128663 [SOLD] Bains Herman H Trust 6101 Tracy Ave Minneapolis MN Push Properties Llc
1047878 [SOLD] Baker James M 8416 27Th Pl N Minneapolis MN Sutherland James R
1043071 [SOLD] Barrett Darryl D & Backes Rebecca A 433 S 7Th St #2325 Minneapolis MN Backes Kristina A
1043070 [SOLD] Barrett Darryl D & Baumer Debra A 433 S 7Th St #1602 Minneapolis MN Baumer Debra A / Barrett Darryl D
1125785 [SOLD] Beaman Emily C & Lee John R 1431 4Th St Ne Minneapolis MN Powell Lucas S / Burke Jodi L
1132035 [SOLD] Bear Howard A & Bear Theresa 10222 Wentworth Cir Minneapolis MN Hagen Daniel
1133036 [SOLD] Bertram J & Press Truen B 5000 Halifax Ave S #303 Minneapolis MN Dorn Ernest F Iii & Mary L
1050066 [SOLD] Blomquist Marianne 4360 Brookside Ct #310 Minneapolis MN Toso Karol M
1127394 [SOLD] Brown Donald O 1408 Independence Ave N Minneapolis MN Porter Albert C / Brown Donald O
1053505 [SOLD] Buchkosky David H 3522 Harriet Ave #103 Minneapolis MN Onewest Bk
1127276 [SOLD] Byrne Paul H 7007 Humboldt Ave N Minneapolis MN Traore Assa
1048226 [SOLD] Carlson Elaine N 5740 23Rd Ave S Minneapolis MN Noko 23 Llc
1182365 [SOLD] Cosgrove Yvonne M 4001 Wentworth Ave Minneapolis MN Ms Relocation Services Inc / Cosgrove Yvonne M
1131666 [SOLD] Cramer Sharon I 5019 11Th Ave S Minneapolis MN Eichten Edward R / Cramer Sharon I
1122485 [SOLD] Culhane Patricia M 8161 33Rd Ave S #908 Minneapolis MN Gandara Ruth C
1118980 [SOLD] Edwardson Grace L 5430 Camden Ave N Minneapolis MN Hall Mary L
1127429 [SOLD] Emanuelson George A (Te) 8014 Russell Ave S Minneapolis MN Olson Bruce R
1054787 [SOLD] Evans Carmen & Steuck Daron 3422 Morgan Ave N Minneapolis MN Steuck Carmen E
1124822 [SOLD] Foss Helen V 2700 64Th Ave N Minneapolis MN Douglas Richard W Jr & Pauline M / Foss Helen V
1052277 [SOLD] Frankosky Frank G Jr (Te) 5656 Logan Ave S Minneapolis MN Sales Kimberly D
1048535 [SOLD] Gleason Arlene B 3815 Queen Ave N Minneapolis MN Doherty Mary E
1047529 [SOLD] Gomsrud Lowell R 1425 Orkla Dr Minneapolis MN Veterans Admn
1050275 [SOLD] Green Marianne J & Green Eugene L 3229 20Th Ave S Minneapolis MN Kavanagh Co Llc / Harrington Real Properties Inc
1268961 [SOLD] Gumm R D & Englund Mary Lou 6332 Zealand Ave N Minneapolis MN Englund Mary Lou / Gumm R D
1053912 [SOLD] Haberkorn Mary Ann 2533 29Th Ave S Minneapolis MN Evergreen Investments Llc
1132541 [SOLD] Halls Karen H 3200 W Calhoun Pkwy #402 Minneapolis MN Scott Robert H & Claire B / Halls Karen H
1052981 [SOLD] Hannon James T Trust 4339 Blaisdell Ave Minneapolis MN Gardner Robert & Gerald
1132453 [SOLD] Hanson Dolores R (Te) 8324 18Th Ave S Minneapolis MN Bray Rachel A / Moreau James D
1127761 [SOLD] Hartzberg Michael P 3645 36Th Ave S Minneapolis MN 3645 36Th Ave Llc
1054488 [SOLD] Hogg Gail V Trust 186 Bank St Se Minneapolis MN Hawn Van Zandt & Elizabeth T
1267456 [SOLD] Hollenbeck S C & Armagost Helen J 8900 Crestwood Rd Minneapolis MN Armagost Helen J / Hollenbeck S C
1129142 [SOLD] Hopp Robert E 3501 72Nd Ave N Minneapolis MN Cosco Property I Llc / Hopp Robert E
1127962 [SOLD] Hymes Stanford I 7710 Cedar Lake Rd S Minneapolis MN Kauffman Mallory / Hymes Stanford I
1131952 [SOLD] Johnson Keith W 8550 Bryant Ave S Minneapolis MN Myhre Donald R / Johnson Keith W
1044644 [SOLD] Johnson Vicki S & Hoeppner William C 3515 Humboldt Ave S #1 Minneapolis MN Hoeppner William C & Vicki I / Johnson Evylin S
1043869 [SOLD] Kelley Caron A 4235 Minnehaha Ave Minneapolis MN Wellik Daniel F
1132572 [SOLD] Kerkow Richard L 4100 Standish Ave Minneapolis MN Inside & Out Restoration
1132033 [SOLD] Kingery T & Halvorson Harland P 4021 Dupont Ave S Minneapolis MN Halvorson Harland P / Kingery T
1132034 [SOLD] Kingery T & Halvorson Harland P 5217 Halifax Ave S Minneapolis MN Noonan Edward M
1129786 [SOLD] Koenig Gregory R (Te) & Mullaney S (Te) 1630 Hillsboro Ave N Minneapolis MN Anderson Geoffrey R
1043272 [SOLD] Koll James M 2724 Hayes St Ne Minneapolis MN Riley-Koll H Jane
1049452 [SOLD] Larsen Bruce A 4101 W 110Th St Minneapolis MN Tompkins Charles P
1268542 [SOLD] Lehrke Walter J & Lehrke Alice 6120 Crescent Dr Minneapolis MN Schmidt Eric J & Andrea D
1053375 [SOLD] Maland Marie E 4535 Bryant Ave S Minneapolis MN 17Th Ave Llc / Maland Marie E
1045475 [SOLD] Manning Mary & Oman John 4706 Northrop Dr Minneapolis MN Oman John / Manning Mary
1129330 [SOLD] Marquit Doris G & Marquit E 3512 W 22Nd St Minneapolis MN Stedman John P / Koepke Marta E
1181516 [SOLD] Martin Virginia L 6983 Langford Ct #33 Minneapolis MN Vulcan Recoveries Llc
1049536 [SOLD] Mcdaniels Richard C 1525 Louisiana Ave N Minneapolis MN Krueger Eric W / Mcdaniels Richard C
1125922 [SOLD] Mcgregor Donna M Te 3800 Abbott Ave S Minneapolis MN Smock Gregory W & Amanda J
1122083 [SOLD] Milbradt Paul A 5315 45Th Ave S Minneapolis MN Endres Custom Homes Inc
1124094 [SOLD] Moe Mary Lou A 8441 Irwin Rd #207 Minneapolis MN Weiss Patricia S & Joseph F / Moe Mary L
1132530 [SOLD] Morgan Mona Gayle 5839 Hampshire Ave N Minneapolis MN Moore Allen P
1042947 [SOLD] Moser Ervin D & Moser Barbara E 4050 Emerson Ave N Minneapolis MN Louis Nigel R
1050520 [SOLD] Northfield Clifford & Northfield Carlette 9600 Portland Ave S #320 Minneapolis MN Zoellmer Roberta M Trust
1125927 [SOLD] Peacock Rosemary 1200 Nicollet Mall #205 Minneapolis MN Khori Salemi
1122165 [SOLD] Perfecto Trina 1606 E 88Th St Minneapolis MN Corrigan Spencer / Bartley Jennifer
1043549 [SOLD] Phelps Cleo Mary 4144 Ottawa Ave S Minneapolis MN Stanberry Paula J
1126630 [SOLD] Pilger Kenneth J 7544 Garfield Ave Minneapolis MN Smoczyk Eric E / Pilger Kenneth J
1268129 [SOLD] Renlund Bruce G & Renlund Kathleen M 9306 Nesbitt Rd Minneapolis MN Parrish Robert R & Caryn J
1050085 [SOLD] Rudolph Jeffrey M 5041 N 6Th St Minneapolis MN Us Bk National Assn
1131437 [SOLD] Ryan Dennis J 5954 Grass Lake Ter Minneapolis MN Peterson Leif & Megan
1130089 [SOLD] Saari Judith T & Saari Dennis W 8912 Vincent Pl Minneapolis MN Balighi Behzad & Carrie A
1049482 [SOLD] Scheibel Helen 3517 42Nd Ave S Minneapolis MN Anderson Emily L & Daniel S / Scheibel Helen
1125942 [SOLD] Schwendemann Donna M 6517 38Th Ave N Minneapolis MN Wells Fargo Bk Na
1050242 [SOLD] Scott B J & Beaudreau Lillian L 6730 Vernon Ave S #113 Minneapolis MN Beaudreau Lillian L / Scott B J
1130613 [SOLD] Senior John L Jr 6100 York Ave S Minneapolis MN Homepride Inc / Senior John L Jr
1132369 [SOLD] Seurer Thomas R 1815 44Th Ave N Minneapolis MN Yurch Robb / Seurer Thomas R
1042690 [SOLD] Simon Jacques G Sr 1019 Main St Ne Minneapolis MN Us Bank Na Trust 2004-6
1044130 [SOLD] Songstad Elaine E 7325 Bryant Ave S Minneapolis MN Evans Richard S & Nancey C / Songstad Elaine E
1048356 [SOLD] Stedman James J 4230 Minnehaha Ave Minneapolis MN Jp Morgan Chase Bk Na
1120278 [SOLD] Steinert Laura J 4712 Quail Ave N Minneapolis MN Tcf Natl Bk
1132743 [SOLD] Sweeney J E & Udulutch Michael J 313 W 48Th St Minneapolis MN Udulutch Michael J / Sweeney J E
1131467 [SOLD] Tidemann Paul A 6051 Laurel Ave #113 Minneapolis MN Harrington Bruce & Mary K / Tidemann Paul A
1269137 [SOLD] Turbak Douglas M 4820 Park Commons Dr #132 Minneapolis MN Luepke Shannon
1049273 [SOLD] Wagner Carol E & Hilmer M 2210 Quebec Ave S Minneapolis MN Hilmer M / Wagner Carol E
1125035 [SOLD] Weikleenget Sally 5246 Girard Ave S Minneapolis MN Osa Benjamin J
1130896 [SOLD] Westin George A 2801 Flag Ave N #309 Minneapolis MN Cheema Joginder & Shan S / Westin George A
1126499 [SOLD] Wolf Paul A 157 W 104Th St Minneapolis MN Burnham Eric & Michelle / Wolf Paul A
1130358 [SOLD] Worel Sunny L 4030 Xerxes Ave N Minneapolis MN Fox Thomas C
1051774 [SOLD] Fredericksen Carol A 4660 Caribou Dr Minnetonka MN Mcguire Juli C
1118985 [SOLD] Sorenson Lorraine & Sorenson Leland S 14401 Atrium Way #133 Minnetonka MN Panchyshyn Timothy S & Jean M
1130352 [SOLD] Snodgrass Michael D 4865 Minneapolis Ave Mound MN Noble Endeavors Llc
1124231 [SOLD] Bartsch Eric M & Bartsch Kimberly A 17104 Weaver Lake Dr Osseo MN
1118771 [SOLD] Boesen Mona A & Boesen Mark G 8615 Shadow Creek Dr Osseo MN
1129538 [SOLD] Cross Kathleen K (Te) 10974 106Th Ave N Osseo MN Osmondson Erica
1182436 [SOLD] Daman William & Daman Nancy 7642 Shadyview Ln N Osseo MN
1125249 [SOLD] Edelstein Harvey & Edelstein Lois 17832 82Nd Ave N Osseo MN
1124489 [SOLD] Erickson Carole J & Erickson Vernon J 7445 Vinewood Way Osseo MN
1264900 [SOLD] Fixsen Gerald W & Fixsen M 19220 81St Pl N Osseo MN
1132529 [SOLD] Fjelstad Per E & Fjelstad Lois Ann 9451 Winslow Chase Osseo MN
1127820 [SOLD] Fraser Donald R Te 14713 77Th Pl N Osseo MN
1049709 [SOLD] Gilbertson Cheryl & Gilbertson David L 12025 91St Ave N Osseo MN Midgarden Jason & Lisa
1121392 [SOLD] Grice Gladys 16500 92Nd Ave N Osseo MN
1182117 [SOLD] Hallstead William J & Hallstead M A 18448 98Th Pl N Osseo MN
1131934 [SOLD] Howe Richard A (Te) 13726 74Th Ave N Osseo MN
1131204 [SOLD] Kingman Paul G 9789 Zinnia Ln N Osseo MN Sigafus Robert A & Catherine M
1267104 [SOLD] Lombardi Victor M & Lombardi Dolores L 7429 Vinewood Way Osseo MN
1124185 [SOLD] Longfors Melinda R 18229 69Th Pl N Osseo MN
1132128 [SOLD] Mackey Patrick C & Mackey Judith L 8126 Archer Ln N Osseo MN
1124430 [SOLD] Mcalpin Michael J 6802 Cottonwood Ln N Osseo MN Bank Of America
1129648 [SOLD] Oconnor Virginia & Oconnor George 540 2Nd Ave Ne Osseo MN Wells Fargo Bk Na
1120212 [SOLD] Perron Troy A & Perron Stephanie J 13869 78Th Ave N Osseo MN
1268282 [SOLD] Perry Margaret 9288 Merrimac Ln N Osseo MN
1123966 [SOLD] Steinkraus Pamela A & Steinkraus Kim H 6605 Yucca Ln N Osseo MN
1129666 [SOLD] Thompson Maureen E 7569 Wedgewood Way Osseo MN
1042616 [SOLD] Wadell Larry & Rogers Joann E 7676 Mariner Dr Osseo MN
1127316 [SOLD] Williams Harvey Leo 10421 Yorktown Ln N Osseo MN Schuh Richard P & Barbara A
1131440 [SOLD] Meder David C & Meder Diane R 2637 Arcola Ln Wayzata MN Menzel Keith A
172529 [SOLD] Batte William A Jr 12 Main St Brookline NH 12 Main St Brookline Llc
172528 [SOLD] Batte William A Jr 29 Flint Meadow Dr Brookline NH William A J Batte
161906 [SOLD] Whittier Rev Trst Of 2007 Wilfred H & Whittier Wilfred H (Te) 40 Shirley Park Rd Goffstown NH Buber Lisa K / Coulombe Edward V
163904 [SOLD] Orleans Susan D 7 Evergreen Dr Goffstown NH Gooden Michael J
172926 [SOLD] Dillon Edward F & Dillon Vivian G 57 Winter Rd Hillsborough NH Hud-Housing Of Urban Dev
179443 [SOLD] Thompson Daniel B & Saunders Alice A 5 Terrell Ln Hollis NH Daley & Trust / Daley Joan E
171256 [SOLD] Leyden William & Leyden Victoria L 23 Parkhurst Dr