Ownership Correction Tool – Watch the video and Download the Tool

Ownership Correction tool video.

Here is why we created this tool.

At Successorsdata.com our “Ownership” information data field is usually in the following order:

Last Name,  First Name, Middle initial and Suffix

The second reason is, we post up to ten inheritance properties belonging the same heirs in the state they live. Therefore to send only one letter at any giving time to an estate is it easier for the tool does.

You also have the option of only correcting the name and to leave all your records intact.

Probate Leads


Here is how you download the “Ownership Correction & Duplicate Removal Tool.

Please note if your computer gives you a warning message disregard it, it is absolutely safe and the tool is virus FREE.


Just in a case you did not recognize the download button here is what you will see and need to click on the link to download.


One more tip, place the Ownership Correction Tool and your data in the same folder, the exported file will be generated and also placed in the same folder.

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