MTI Education offers higher education about probate Listings, Purchase or Sale? Community of Realtors and Investors is proud to present you with a more in depth learning about real estae probate process, listings and sale. I was really touched, when Mr. Brad Brinkman and Mr. Mike Torres to offer their probate course for those of you who want to learn more about probate process as a Realtor or Investor.

As you know 20% of the data we provide belong to the future probate cases. We want you to learn all you can about real estate and learn to master the moment. Knowledge is power.











Here is the Mr. Brad Brinkman’s story.

“Here is EXACTLY What I did  to make an extra $10,000 a month through Probate Property Seller Leads

How a BURNED OUT-15 Years in the business Realtor started over and

rebuilt his business through tapping into


that now gets him an average of $10,237 per month PART-TIME

in just 5 hours per week without EVER having to chase

and over pay for weak seller leads!!

I hear it at the time and I personally know how it feels to have the goblin of unpredictable income stalking you as a Realtor.  The worst is you get bombarded all the time when you see the best new guru’s coaching program, or the newest website that will get you great leads…and most of them are junk:(

You got into this business for Freedom, but it does it seem like no matter what you are saying or doing, you are left with long exhausting hours that leave you short of your income goals?

Aren’t you sick of slamming the steering wheel in frustration because after driving away from a sellers property who decided not to list with you?   (this is why the probate seller niche is for you!)

Doesn’t it make you mad to see other Realtors who do not seem to work half as much(or care as much about clients) as you do yet make double the income?  If it is tough now, don’t you agree that you could be in real trouble when the market changes again?

If so then I hope you re read this blog post about the way you can retake control of your business by owning the probate niche in your market… and then register for this Probate Seller Niche webinar that will change your business forever!

The Probate Market is too HOT to Handle for most agents because they know nothing about it!!!  So now is the best time to get in now before another market niche gets saturated!

Even if you are a new agent, this is your permission slip to take control of your business and get more listings!

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Hi, Successors Data Community of Realtors and Investors.

My name is Brad and I hate not having enough listings.  But what I really can not stand is all the real estate trainers, seminars and website lead providers who promise so much and deliver nothing.  There I said it! I hate wasting time, I’d rather not be working unless I know that I am going to get paid for the people that I help…..

You already know that nobody will do as good as a job as you to help sellers, now all you have to do is get enough sellers to know how great you are…enter the probate niche…this is the place where sellers really want and need your help!

Why not invest time and get educated on Probate today?  I guess you could go back to business as usual which has it’s high highs and low lows, but you do not have to!  I have a steady, stable and predictable income every month because of Probate Sellers… Do you hear what I am saying?  I am telling you this is a proven successful strategy that works! 


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Listen to the the best training for probate in the country that will help you get more listings today!


Brad Brinkman,

Author of The Probate Administrator’s and Executor’s Survival Guide:

And the Seven Most Costly Mistakes When Selling Properties in Probate

out now on Amazon and Kindle

PS You have always said there has to be a better way to get listings and feel truly fulfilled by your work here is your chance and now is the time to take action!

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