Living Trust, Joint Tenancy or Possible Probate?

There are three different categories of successors that we can identify in our data.

Please look at the image below in “My Data” this would be the place were your data will be stored, so lets review the “Ownership”.

Collins Jimmy W Tr Collins Wanda I Tr means one spouse is remaining and is in-charge of the property. In this case the successor would be the trustee and has full authority to sell or transfer the property. What does it mean for you? This would be a standard sale, and the remaining spouse can sell ASAP.

Allen Lois E, even though there is no mention of the word Trust,  this person could have a living trust in place that would control the property and we estimate as much as 80% of this category ends up in Probate Courts.

Solari Albert J & Kathleen A & Solariwelch G Etal. There is no mention of the word Trust, however, we know “Etal” refers to a husband and wife relationship, most probably there is Joint Tenancy in place and you can learn about that by looking at the Deed. You can get a copy of the Deed from a title company or recorders office.

There is one more abbreviation is being used in the “Ownership filed” it is “Te” it stands for trustee, indicating there is a living trust in place.

Imagine, only the probate properties add up to be trillions of dollars worth of sales transfer and we are the only online service that post the other 80% that combines Living Trust and Joint Tenancy.

Finally remember, “As you know we search the name of the successors statewide to inform you how many properties an individual owns. We suggest that you only send one letter per recipient.”


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