I subscribed and purchased my data. What is next?

We want you to produce your mailing materials as soon as possible and put them in the mail.

Here are some steps to follow:
Because some Successors can own up to 10 properties, mail only ONE letter to the owner of all multiple properties. Our data gives you the exact number of properties that an individual might own in any state. Don’t be a surprised if you, as a Realtor or Investor, walked into a meeting and someone wants to sell five or six pieces of properties!
Look through your data for owners who own multiple properties and delete all the properties EXCEPT ONE, usually the one they live in it. We recommend you send one mailing to an individual. This is how it’s done:
Looking below, You see the successor who own two properties,  It is up to you which record to delete, but delete one. Some people say, “A successor is more likely to sell an investment property than the property he/she lives in. Again, it is up to you.” But for sure to send only one letter.
When you delete the record it ends up in your ” MY DATA (deleted)” , but you have access to it and it you wanted you can reinstate that record/s.
When you receive a call be sure to look at their information in “MY DATA (deleted)” file to see if they individual owns more than one property (this is for your information).
We always love to hear from our subscribers, who send a letter and got five listings.

 For more help please watch this video  “Let’s Get Started.” 

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