How Real Estate Uses Big Data to Track Clients

How Real Estate Uses Big Data to Track Clients

 Tech-savvy agents are teaming with data companies that use sources like obituaries and grocery purchases.

“Morry Eghbal, the founder of the website Successors Data, says the 3-year-old company, based in Rancho Cucamonga, Calif, is nearing 1,000 paid subscribers at $99 a month. The company scours title company records for estates of deceased homeowners that are likely to enter the probate-court process, or those that are sold through living trusts, as well as obituaries nationwide to find potentially motivated sellers.

Mr. Eghbal says the leads are worth pursuing, because relatively few agents are aware of the strategy, and many of these homes are paid in full. “There is a big difference between ‘I want to sell’ and ‘I have to sell.”

Published on Wall Street Journal.

How to use “Direct Mail” to get Probate and Trust listings?

Direct mail is still the best method of getting probate or trust inheritance property deals both for Realtors and Investors. It is because many of the properties are vacant and the heirs place a change of address at the post office to redirect the mail of the deceased to their own mailing address. That means you almost have to write a solicitation letter hoping it gets forwarded to the right person, as many do.

Here are a few suggestions for a successful mailing campaign:

When you contact the heirs, please never mention you know someone passed away, or  that you are a probate or estate specialist, and/or that of any designation that has to do with Probate or Estate Planning. Please do not do that…follow our example.

Send a letter that you can send to your neighbor without any reservation any day of the year. Heirs need realtors and investors and they are interested to know what their property is worth. If you enter from the right door, you’ll get a call like this.

“Hi Steve, I received a couple of letters about my father’s property at 12140 Desert Peak Rd in Boston from you. I don’t know if you know, but my father passed away a couple of months ago.  My family and I have decided to sell the property. I am in charge of the estate and the property is in a living trust. I am going to fly down there this weekend and I would appreciate it if you could tell us what we can get for the house? I take it you know the area very well from your letters.”

What would Steve say?

“Oh, I am sorry about your loss, sure I would be more than happy to help you with that, could you please tell me a little more about the property so I can prepare you a detailed market evaluation for our meeting…”

Probate prospecting letter

  Again, we show you how? But first, learn more about our data with this short video.

Probate Leads

If you believe in helping heirs to sell their just inherited properties easier and fastger, than is for you.

On the next blog post, I will share with you, how to manage your mailing list campaign for maximum results.

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