How To Contact The Heirs?

How to Contact the Heirs / Successors?

This short video will explain what is a Successor and it will make it easier for you to understand our data. Remember you can reach the heirs by phone or mail.

 There are about 500,000 properties a year that sell or transfer title as “inheritance properties”.  At, we refer to the inheritance property records in three categories: 


 In seconds, you can search, select your records, create your letter, mail merge and print them in your printer. See how simple this letter is.


If you have a stationary letterhead you can print the body of the letter only.


or you can write a letter like this. Notice the attention is on Real Estate, that is exactly what the heirs want to know, what they can get for the properties. 

Probate leads

You do not need to hand write the address on the envelope or use a mailing label. Use window #10 left envelope and the address will show up in the window of the envelope.

This short video will show you how our system works.


If you wish to contact the heirs by phone, here is a simple script, say it with a smile and memorize it by heart.

If you are an investor use this script.

Hi, my name is ___ I buy properties for CASH. Do you have a real estate property that you like to sell it for ALL CASH today?

Do you know of any one else who has a property and wants to sell it fast?

If you are Realtor use this script.

“Hi, my name is _____ I am in real estate. I’m calling around the neighborhood to see if anyone is interested in selling their property or would like to know what their property is worth? Are you folks in the market to sell your property or interested to know what your property is worth in today’s market?”

“You folks been there for a long time?”

“If you were to move, where would you move to next?”

“When would that be?”

Notice how simple is our approach. In the examples above, we never mention the word “Probate” or “I am a probate specialist”. Follow our instructions, refrain from divulging too much information. There is a myth out there among many so called “Real Estate Probate Trainer Specialist” that you should write a letter saying…”I would like to talk to the executor of the estate or the person who is in charge of the estate of xyz.” PLEASE DO NOT DO THAT. Write a letter that you can send it to ANYONE and ANY DAY!

Try our approach we have done it for 28 years and you will never get a bad phone call. 

 Every two weeks we provide new data and also remove the sold properties from our subscribers selected records.

We give you full support and answer any questions you might have. We tell you what works and what does not when you are trying to contact the heirs.

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