First American Title offers its real estate title services to SuccessorsData Community of Realtors and Investors.



SuccessorsData is please to have the Galli’s from First American Title to serve your title needs.

We have asked the First American Title co. to give us the honor of adding their entire directory of national Title Officers such as our Friends, the Galli’s, and their office location and information to our data base for our Community of Realtors and Investors.

Tim and Debra Galli have been married for 26 years and have been working together as a team in the title insurance industry for 24 years.  

Their primary focus is assisting agents, sellers and buyers in successfully closing their Real Estate transactions.  Through their time in the industry Tim and Debra have experience many different Real Estate cycles and have always quickly transitioned to be the leaders in their field.  This is done thru an incredible dedication to the business and to each and every client they serve. 

Their professionalism and service is highly respected in the office and in the field.  They have a tireless commitment to their clients and their transactions!   

For more than 120 years, First American has been committed to providing quality information backed by a guarantee of integrity and a confidence that First American would be there to stand behind its word. This commitment has given our policyholders the peace of mind they need to complete their valuable transactions.

Tim and Debras contact information can be found below:

Tim Galli     (909) 263-3800  [email protected]

Debra Galli (909) 282-2277   [email protected]




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